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    Canada Waiting Room

    LFP in the RWD Model Y. NMC in the LR.
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    2021 Model Y SR Range Loss (or lack thereof)

    Interesting, my range estimate at 100% is 230 miles. I have 34175 miles on the car in nearly 3 years. I have short drives mostly, and keep the battery nominally around 50%. Typically I charge to 50 or 60% daily. I've charged quite alot higher though, if needed...but for the most part unless...
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    2021 Model Y SR Range Loss (or lack thereof)

    My battery is not LFP. I have the 2021 SR Model Y.
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    2021 88xxx MY, purchased 12/26, Windshield wiper rubbing on hood

    I have a January/2021 MY and I don't have this issue, so it looks like it was only some cars affected. Maybe some bad batches of wiper arms or different shape/tolerance to the frunk lid.
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    September/October waiting room

    Quite the roller coaster ride! Keep us updated on what happens and post some photos! With my own delivery it was delayed twice...it's sort of par for the course! But worth the wait!
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    Brake Lights on Infotainment Screen not Showing anymore when Braking

    I think it's working on my car now as well after the update...but I installed a Hansshow display which shows braking much more clearly so I look at that now :)
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    Canada Waiting Room

    I was at Tesla Kitchener today and they have a full lot of vehicles. I was there all morning and I saw no deliveries. A couple people came in inquiring, one did a test drive. But it was pretty quiet while I waited for my service to be completed.
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    MY 2021 owner - test drove MY 2023

    Hey all, just wanted to post my opinion of my Model Y 2023 test drive today. I have a Model Y 2021 SR from Freemont. I was in at Tesla Service to get a very small issue fixed, and while I was waiting they offered me to test drive the 2023 Model Y RWD. Of course I said "Yes", as this is...
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    Brake Lights on Infotainment Screen not Showing anymore when Braking

    Just an update: My brake light is still intermittant on the screen, Model Y software version 2023.20.9. I scheduled Tesla Service and let them know and they asked me to bring in the car....they said they have to check the "circuit" and possibly replace the rear glass!
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    2021 Model Y SR Range Loss (or lack thereof)

    Thanks for the responses. Since I typically don't need the range I'll continue to keep the battery 30-70%, and charge to a higher % when needed. So far that seems to be the best advice for longevity.
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    2021 Model Y SR Range Loss (or lack thereof)

    Hi! I have a 2021 Model Y SR. Purchased March 6, 2021. So it's 2 years 2 months old, thereabouts. And I have 45300 km (28100) miles on it. I signed up for TeslaFi a week after I got it, and I have been monitoring the estimated range. Starting in November of 2022 my range slowly started to...
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    Should the MYLR be charged to 50% only?

    For me planning to keep my MYSR (original SR) for a long time I am tending to only charge up to what I need. That means 50-60% daily. If I anticipate needing more charge I will charge higher, even to 100% right before a long trip. I have noticed that if you are charging in a narrow range (eg...
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    Brake Lights on Infotainment Screen not Showing anymore when Braking

    Same here. It flickers on and off intermittantly. Here I am stopped at a red light and it is NOT showing brakes are on, even though they are and I am in HOLD. (The Faint yellow circle is me circling where it should be a red line showing the brakes are on). Wondering if I should submit this...
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    2023 Model Y Custom Order Wait Time

    Certainly possible. Do a thorough inspection and report any issues via the app within the first 100 miles.
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    Just panic ordered a MYAWD. Change it?

    Yeah, keep in mind most people rarely charge to 100%, and within the first 2 years you can expect probably 5-10% degradation. So that 269 miles quickly goes down.
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    Help with buying Model Y new(2023) vs old

    I highly doubt it. I wouldn't hold your breath for HD radar or newer cameras, it could be a long wait.
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    Pricing strategy for 2023?

    Agreed. Tesla is selling a CPO (certified Pre-Owned) 2019 Model 3 SR+ in Canada with 74000kms on it for 57 CAD. That is crazy. Less than 2 years ago I bought my brand new 2021 Model Y SR for less. Prices need to come back to early 2021 levels. They aren't there yet, in the new or used...
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    Should I pull the trigger? Canadian MYP Demo

    The thing I hate most about my 2021 is the crap rough suspension....so you have my opinion:)
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    Canada $5,000 Referral Credit?!

    Even with the $5000 credit they are still far too expensive IMHO. Not to mention if you plan on financing you will be paying rates north of 6% which will add thousands more to the cost. Not a good time to buy.
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    Canada $5,000 Referral Credit?!

    So you get $5000 off if you refer someone?
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    May 2022 Orders - when is your delivery?

    Honestly that is not bad for Tesla, all things considered. They can adjust it if you are worried about it.
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    Finally got the update. Installing now! 2022.44.25.2. Model Y original Standard Range, Ontario, Canada.
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    Lucky you - I'm still waiting for it in my Model Y. Did you get cards back?
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    Holiday update? what can we expect?

    Did anyone get the Holiday update yet? I am still waiting...can you confirm cards are back?
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    Is now the worst time in history to order a Model Y?

    Personally I would wait if you can, but be prepared to wait a potential long time, for example for HW4, it might be awhile. If you need the car now then go for it, you will get the AMD chip and comfort suspension and the parcel shelf, all nice upgrades! I wish I had the comfort suspension on...
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    MYLR Delivery day - Front Door needs to be slammed to shut

    Drivers door would seriously annoy me. Maybe service can adjust it.
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    Holiday update? what can we expect?

    If cards actually come back I will be extremely happy!
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    MYLR Delivery day - Front Door needs to be slammed to shut

    I know many people say this, including my SA and Tesla Service people, but after 1.5 years my doors all close slightly differently and the seals never loosened up. They behave the exact same as they did the day I took delivery. My driver's side door closes the best, the but front passenger door...
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    A simple fix for the User Interface

    Good suggestion. I miss the cards the most in V11. They brought back most of the other "missing" things from V10, but the cards are still absent. For us Model 3/Y owners we now basically have a single tasking system. Cards allowed you to see multiple pieces of info at once - tire pressure...
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    Canada Waiting Room

    Mine only scrape on larger speed bumps. And it's a soft flexible rubbery material anyway...Having them a bit lower/longer gives more protection.
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    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    IMHO the Radio/Music interface could be much nicer. what they have for Radio displaying the stations is extremely boring. They could make it look way cooler by copying some WinAmp skin and putting some equalizers that move on it....and give more space for the RDS text.
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    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Last year at this time I got 2.49% with Scotia thru Tesla. Some others got a bit lower. It really sucks that rates are going up, and it's just the start of it :(
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    2022.12 looks promising!

    Now they need to bring back the cards and enlarge some of the fonts. From what I see people have been asking for larger (or adjustable) font sizes for years, yet the trend is for Tesla to introduce smaller fonts and even make the colour of the fonts grey - harder to read. I hope for a...
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    Sentry mode viewer takes forever to load

    I noticed it got slow after the V11 update. Before that it was much faster.
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    Still hate v11

    I don't mind changes as long as they make sense. Many of them in V11 just don't. It's a step backwards in terms of usability and functionality.
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    Still hate v11

    It's designed by 20'something year olds that don't actually drive a Tesla or maybe even own a car. They were probably told to "simplify" and "de-clutter" the interface and that is what they came up with, without living in reality, doing any usability testing or anything else. "Oh it looks...
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    Garage Door Closed on Trunk of my Y right after software update.

    Yep that Cold Weather tip is a stupid idea - the fact that it comes up EVERY TIME with no way to prevent it from turning on again. What, so 7 months of the year I have to deal with this now? It's something I would have expected from a legacy automaker, not Tesla.
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    V11 questions

    Agreed. This just reinforces that they just made changes for changes sake. Maybe the Management said the goal was to "de-clutter" the GUI. So the software guys just say, "hey we can remove these buttons and put them all in a single screen". They did not THINK about these changes and the...
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    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    Here is my take...I agree with many this in many critical ways is a step backwards: 1) Controls should be customizable on the bottom, just like Apps are. You should be able to place front/rear defrost, heated seat control, etc, on the bottom row. Removing them to a secondary menu when there is...
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    Here is my take on the GUI. Nice update, but for sure room for improvement. 1) Controls should be customizable on the bottom, just like Apps are. You should be able to place front/rear defrost, heated seat control, etc, on the bottom row. Removing them to a secondary menu when there is ample...
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    Request for "Delay Air Conditioning Start for 30 seconds"

    Yes well it would depend on your situations. I have a busy family life with kids and you would be surprised (or not maybe) how busy you can get, thus the need to get things from the car unexpectedly (or not). I'm not saying it's every day.
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    Request for "Delay Air Conditioning Start for 30 seconds"

    I was wondering what anyone else things of this or if this happens to them. I park my Model Y in my garage every evening. It may so be the case that for various reasons I have to go to the car to get something. I forgot my wallet. I forgot my glasses. I forgot XYZ. Or you need to quickly...
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    Ceramic coating interior white seats

    Well mine started to get the stretch marks after only a few months...but it's only in that specific location. So likely due to wear and tear. But for the life of me I cannot find a seating position to get out of the Model Y without hitting that part of the seat every time. I've tried...
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    Ceramic coating interior white seats

    I don't think anything can fix the "stretch" marks though... :(
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    Ceramic coating interior white seats

    I have white seats in my Model Y. I notice I am constantly rubbing/hitting the part of the seat closest to you as you get in the driver's side. I have to push with my right foot "up" a bit to lift myself out of the car. I have not found a seating position yet that makes it super easy for me...
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    MCU & Screen reboot while driving

    I have a 2021 Y with about 3000 miles on it so far...never had my screen reboot. I'd have the car checked with Tesla Service.
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    2021 Quarter 2 Model Y Delivery Experience Discussion

    Let us know if your new car has the PPF and mud-flaps pre-installed. Some CDN deliveries in the last days have had both of those installed/included.
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    Standard Range in Existing Inventory all over U.S.

    Yes I guess hilly/mountainous terrain would make a big difference. Where I live it's mostly flat. We do get alot of snow, however. But many people drive without AWD and just have good snow tires.