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  1. FullThrottleDv

    Trunk Compartment/Storage Space Velcro

    Get a magnetic one...
  2. FullThrottleDv

    First is was Phantom Draining, now it's....

    And the car may just be topping up for a minute or two for cabin overheat protection or something...
  3. FullThrottleDv

    First is was Phantom Draining, now it's....

    Tesla triggered storm watch for customers with solar and powerwall's to charge up while there was grid electricity available. I wondered if that applied to cars in the affected area. I could not tell if you were in that area, but apparently not...
  4. FullThrottleDv

    First is was Phantom Draining, now it's....

    Is it trying to protect you from power outages planned for PG&E customers?
  5. FullThrottleDv

    Rocket Fuel at Cordes Lakes AZ SC stop

    There are pills that help you pee faster....
  6. FullThrottleDv

    Strange Navigation

    I imagine he used the send directions to the car feature and it sent the directions to both since it might not be able to differentiate between them.. .
  7. FullThrottleDv

    Regen Braking with Brakes

    Tesla doesn't try to mix regen with braking at all. Regen starts when you fully release the accelerator, and the bar turns green whether you press the brakes or not The brake pedal adds friction to the regen, slowing you down faster
  8. FullThrottleDv

    Sto 'n Sho Aftermarket Front Plate Holder Install (+ pics)

    I have ordered one as well, based on your review and looking at some of the other methods.. Thanks
  9. FullThrottleDv

    My M3 vs my MS...the revolution is underway

    By the way, the heated rear seats have been activated in the software update AFAIK! But there is no hardware in the steering wheel to activate, so that won't happen without hardware changes..
  10. FullThrottleDv

    Gap between lease end and delivery. Need suggestions.

    I asked around at work, and somebody's Mom had a 2000 Buick LeSabre sitting in her driveway unused. I am renting it for $200/mo until my Model 3 is ready. My mileage varies...yours will too..
  11. FullThrottleDv

    Nifty tool for calculating your monthly Model 3 payments

    1) Oregon recently passed a measure similar to California, giving a 2,500 rebates (not tax credits) for EV purchases. 2) You should also allow the selection of the Premium package to be figured into the calculation for 5,000...
  12. FullThrottleDv

    Model 3 Insurance

    Talked to my State Farm agent today and they estimated based on the price of the car. Wasn't much different...
  13. FullThrottleDv

    What information would you want to know about Model 3?

    I'd be interested to hear your take on the seating materials as far as comfort and durability. What are the other surfaces covered in (door panels, arm rests dash board, etc)? What color is these materials and are there any choices?
  14. FullThrottleDv

    EVSE with Charging Timer

    As a matter of fact, I dis-assembled my Blink Charger this weekend and re-used the cable in the OpenEvse Deluxe Kit linked above and it was pretty easy. I'm handy, but no engineer or anything. I had to drill/expand the hole for the Blink Plug Cable to fit but everything else fit just fine and...