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    Fronts Windscreen keeps steaming up

    I leave the AC permanently on, even when heating up the cabin. Having said that, it’s the rear window that tends to steam up on my car and the rear demister takes ages.
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    Model Y suspension on UK LR AWD models

    Was the Ride comfort improved when Tesla removed the USS? I believe earlier Y’s got the USS so the 2022 models and 2023 Q1 got the improved suspension
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    Free supercharging transfer

    I assume the FSD transfer offer has expired and it’s just the free supercharger transfer on offer or is it both?
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    Octopus intelligent reconnecting the car

    I had something similar when I moved away from IO and then went back a few months later. It eventually worked, you just have to ignore the error message as I have an Ohme charger which controlled the charging anyway.
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    Transfer of free supercharging now in UK

    Good deal for those hanging onto an older S or X. It will also help alleviate the superchargers where a new model can charge in 20-30 mins whereas an older S 85 will take 60+ mins.
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    Someone just pulled up at my house expecting to be able to charge - because of google?

    Check Zap Map too as I know you can filter on home chargers too
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    Slap in the face by Tesla - Trade-in value £20k less than I paid Tesla just 18 months ago.

    I don’t think a p90D 2016 is worth £30k privately, maybe £25k tops. All EVs have come down in value, even the Ioniq 5 with the 77kWh battery can be had for around 27-30k and they were 55k 18 months ago.
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    How is my LFP battery holding up after 2 years?

    Nov-21 SR+ here with 60kwh LFP battery. Lifetime average is 210 wh/mile across 13k miles. A little concerned as my 100% charge has gone from 272 to 258 miles.
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    20” Induction disaster

    Hmmm quoting me £280 for 36 months cover……is that an annual price or for the full term?
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    S90D when to finally let go and sell it .. before warranty runs out

    Free supercharging? I would keep it, keep a slush fund of £1k per year for any repairs. Buying a new car will simply cost you depreciation. Even a new Lotus EV will still drop £20k in the first year.
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    Hankook Ventus Prime 4 K135 on M3 anyone?

    Please post your comments on how you get on with the tyres later? 🙏
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    So… Highland is out…

    Would all models have the additional speakers? Currently the RWD doesn’t have the full suite of speakers and sub.
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    V4 Supercharger -UK

    I wonder how many Tesla owners will move to a different car brand knowing they still have access to Tesla’s number 1 USP.
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    Tesla Model 3 RWD 2023 - Audio Upgrade

    How easy would it be to simply change out the original speakers for better ones, without installing the Harness or subs? Would I notice a worthwhile improvement in sound?
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    Model Y UK Windscreen Replacement Cost

    Is the insurance replacement just as good? I assume there’s nothing special about the Tesla version?
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    Youtuber Ratarossa buys a Tesla Model S for £7000

    I’m getting fed up of extended family, friends, down the pub etc of all the EV bashing. Well I didn’t ask their opinion or bring the conversation up.
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    Model 3 headlight flickering on and off

    Yes you can control under Lighting on the screen. Are you sure you haven’t accidentally pushed the left hand stalk forwards?
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    LV insurance hike - quick sense check

    Similar to above 71 plate SR+ went up from £350 to £650 with renewal from Direct Line. Price comparison websites wanted 700-900 and that’s the basic cover; I noticed many of them don’t offer driving abroad anymore to keep the price “low”.
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    I'm starting to think OTA updates aren't such a good thing

    Is there still an option to have the OTA pushed through on a standard basis rather than advanced? The latter is probably more buggy
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    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    Improved range, ride comfort and potentially cheaper rubber for the 18”
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    Parking and charging in Brighton?

    There are flakey Podpoint chargers at the Railway station carpark, upper deck.
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    Banning EV's from multi-storeys *sigh*

    EQV at almost 3 tonnes!? Will need a 3.5t lorry licence!
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    clearcoat scratches

    Is it a black car?
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    Who is buying a LHD Refresh M S/X?

    Not a bad idea because when the Mrs gets to the car first and wants to drive, she’ll be jumping straight into the passenger seat 😂
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    Caught out by auto seat adjustment 😭

    yes: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275487371799?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=ECXhSZdpRda&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=Su1LjdU4Tsq&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
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    Show me your MY in Blue!

    I definitely prefer these wheel trims then the originals. Although I have seen some originals sprayed in black.
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    UK M3P with LFP yet?

    No. I think the LFP takes up more space per Kwh so the Standard RWD vehicles have the space in the chassis to accommodate a 60kwh battery and not 75 / 82 kwh as found in the the LR and P cars.
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    High mileage Model S owners

    Lots of stories of high mileage Tesla’s in the UK and internationally.
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    Octopus tracker tripled

    Yes just an error. Now showing as the normal 5p ish for gas.
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    Can we still get chrome trim on Model 3?

    If you’re after an M3, then do a swap with someone with a pre facelift car? Or source the chrome trim from eBay.
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    UK: buying from Tesla used inventory.

    That’s a real bargain
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    Looking for best spoiler for model 3 under £100?

    Sometimes genuine used items appear in the classified or a famous auction site.
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    [UK] Price cuts

    Can you place a new/inventory order and then request a trade in afterwards or does the trade in need to happen first?
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    [UK] Price cuts

    Well someone must have thought they were a bargain, both now gone.
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    [UK] Price cuts

    36k in red if you prefer
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    [UK] Price cuts

    2023 RWD used models for £35k now. And with Enhanced autopilot! Bargain.
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    [UK] Price cuts

    You might want to blank out your order number & VIN.
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    [UK] Price cuts

    Usually price cuts in the UK follow the day after the US.
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    Sentry mode going into panic mode with a passenger in the car. Help!

    I half click the drivers door shut (but not fully closed). This is enough to prevent the door being blown open vs dummying the car into thinking the door is still open.
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    Used M3 LR 21 - good value?

    Yes agreed. Cracking price for a LR.
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    2 Year Checkup

    Ah okay so they didn’t remove the wheels and brake pins to clean and re-grease. But that’s a good price you paid.
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    2 Year Checkup

    what did the £69.60 cover?
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    M3P - 2019. Best Charging Scenario and 100% Indicated Range

    You can charge to 90% daily. It’s not necessary to drain to 20%. ABC = always be charging!
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    35cm crack in rear windscreen

    I wouldn’t argue with £176 if they are replacing it with a new one. Knowing my luck, they’d call the manager for a second opinion and he/she would say that it wasn’t a valid warranty claim and present a bill of £1000+
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    For Octopus customers

    Yep I did the change via twitter. They had me switched across on the same day. Very impressed.
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    UK Supercharger Prices

    It can only mean one thing, free supercharging 😂
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    Model 3 LR Tyres - Michelin E PRIMACY XL, PILOT SPORT 4 T0 or Others

    Did costco have the pucks or you supplied your own?
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    Idiots in Carparks (why we can't have nice things)

    Did she look over her shoulder to see if anyone was in your car or was she doing this as she was performing a reverse manoeuvre?
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    Idiots in Carparks (why we can't have nice things)

    Such a shame. Did you get a video of her number plate as you pulled in?
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    P90d pricing