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  1. Kurt Foster

    Countdown Timer to Model 3 Reveal!

    Ya’ll may not believe this. After I graduated in 2018 with an Industrial Automation degree from a community college, Tesla hired me! So far it’s been my only full-time job—taking my obsession to a whole other level hahaha.
  2. Kurt Foster

    Steering Column Display in Model 3

    From what I have gathered about Tesla, is that they are trying to make the car as "digitized" as possible to increase the futuristic feel and make it seem like a timeless car. With that said, the air vents will go across the entire dashboard (I believe Elon made a tweet that said this) in which...
  3. Kurt Foster

    Tesla Motors Club hats?

    You can go to staples store or online and find a "do-it-yourself" print stamp method of t-shirt making. For a solid $5, you could be the first in the world with a custom TMC shirt.
  4. Kurt Foster

    Countdown Timer to Model 3 Reveal!

    I have gotten to the point where every time I see a tesla, I yell tesla at the top of my lungs, and point at it wildly... my family does not approve.
  5. Kurt Foster

    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    Interesting light selection for this car, looks kind of like EV1 lights...
  6. Kurt Foster

    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    This legitimately scared me. Im on my phone, so the page loaded instantly and there it is, a freakin BRUCY!!!!!
  7. Kurt Foster

    random chitchat

    I like to chit chat, whay too much time on me hands......
  8. Kurt Foster

    Hello, my name is Ray, and I'm a Teslaholic

    Welcome to the Club! :)
  9. Kurt Foster

    Hello from Cleveland.

    You can definatly learn a lot from this forum. Welcome to the Club! :)
  10. Kurt Foster

    Greetings from Toronto

    Very nice! Welcome to the Club! :)
  11. Kurt Foster

    How to create signature

    Welcome to the Club! :)
  12. Kurt Foster

    Hello from Vancouver Island!

    Welcome to the Club! :)
  13. Kurt Foster

    Hello from Illinois

    Welcome to the Club! :)
  14. Kurt Foster

    Hello from Southern California

    Welcome to the Club! :)
  15. Kurt Foster

    Hello from IL

    Welcome to the Club! :)
  16. Kurt Foster

    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    Lol, i tried:p
  17. Kurt Foster

    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    Thats seriously the best comparison ive heard of. Those things cost $78K new, and yet the tesla 3 looks better
  18. Kurt Foster

    Photoshop mod - model 3 as shooting-brake wagon

    Lol for fun
  19. Kurt Foster

    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    Thank god for haulshousan.. I thibk
  20. Kurt Foster

    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    As fun and interesting as this may be (especially the shark sticker) the majority of the designs are not thought out and render the front looking like it has a grill. Its an electric car, not a gas car. It sounds like a jet, and well, ultimatly should resemble one - no grill in the front!! I...
  21. Kurt Foster

    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    It does seem a little far out, but I hope it doesnt compromise drag coefficent. 0.21 is a pretty beastly stat for a main stream car. To tell the truth, if you look on wikipidea, there were some concepts that looked like a car (and not just bullet shaped like the 0.07 drag cars have) but hardly...
  22. Kurt Foster

    Media stop comparing Bolt to Model 3

    The Comparison is fairly simple: Chevy Bolt 200 Miles 0-60 under 7 seconds GM killed the electric car before... need i say more?
  23. Kurt Foster

    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    What would be the point of this unless tesla has the long term goal of creating SUSTAINABLE Transportation. The superchargers are powered off of solar, so they make 1 million, each with 12 slots... There you go, solar powered cars! Tesla will get enough money as it is from selling the battery...
  24. Kurt Foster

    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    HAVE WE FORGOTTEN WHAT THE FRONT END LOOKS LIKE ALREADY!? In my opinion, this looks flippin sick (in a good way). They should tweak it so it doesnt look as good. :( This thing seriously looks like a bullet compared to the Model S.
  25. Kurt Foster

    Tesla Confirms 325.000 reservations by now !

    That makes total sence, the electric car still has a bit of work to do to get fundementally cheaper than gas cars and go more range. I see that future as in possibly the next 5 years. I say that because of the gigafactory obviously... What I think is happening right now is Tesla has finally...
  26. Kurt Foster

    Tesla Confirms 325.000 reservations by now !

    The tesla employees are specifically told to NOT ask you if you are buying the car. Most employees dont own teslas, and so they obviously want to ride in one!! Plus they're not worried because its the safest car on the road.
  27. Kurt Foster

    Tesla Confirms 325.000 reservations by now !

    Remember, there is NO other car that has this range and looks this good. Tesla has literally bought up more than half of the "cheap" luxury sedan market of united states and possibly Europe. With that said, I do not find it suprising to see posts like the kind you have here... You still think...
  28. Kurt Foster

    (250 Mile Range @ $35K) BYD e6

    I find it impressive to have an electric bus company, thats pretty important considering the amount if people that use those things everyday. They run constantly though, I bet buses could use the battery swap more so than any other vehicle
  29. Kurt Foster

    (250 Mile Range @ $35K) BYD e6

    Thats a lot of battery for such little range. Just goes to show how density technology sure adds up!
  30. Kurt Foster

    EV1 Ad from 2009!?

    I'm suprised no one has asked about the image. Oh well, worth a shot! The image is out of a newspaper published in 2009. The catch is that the newspaper is about everything that people hate gets fixed... like ending the iraq war, making college free and so on. And one of the ads in the paper...
  31. Kurt Foster

    (250 Mile Range @ $35K) BYD e6

    This WAS the goal of a company a little while back, i'm not sure what they were thinking, could have they really had that much range for so little cost and do it without a gigafactory? Heres the wikipidea article about them if you are interested: BYD e6 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  32. Kurt Foster

    50 Powerpack scenario

    H Heck if rolling blackouts were more often worldwide, we would evolve to use solar panels... I think
  33. Kurt Foster

    Most people over-estimating cost per kWh

    Of course its proprietary, so they can make huge statements at unveals to blow everyone away. I seriously cannot wait for the cost per kWh to reach below $100 usd, once it gets to that point, it will be fundementally cheaper to buy an electric vehicle because not only is the range going to be...
  34. Kurt Foster

    Musk: "Version two of the Powerwall probably around July, August this year"

    This reminds me of smartphones, because battery technology is starting to boom right now, so I wouldnt be suprised to see them crank out at least 3 versions of this stuff before 2020.
  35. Kurt Foster

    One fifth of Western Australia homes have PV

    Wow, this is amazing, i never thought of australlia to be that much of a solar producer. Very intersting, thanks for this.
  36. Kurt Foster

    Tesla Powerwall for the Philippines

    Shipping things places is far easier today than it was a while ago. Im sure you can find something to ship it there!
  37. Kurt Foster

    Hello from Möhlin, Switzerland

    Welcome to the forum, if you have any questions, please ask!!
  38. Kurt Foster

    Hello from Alameda, CA!

    I I like your jurisdiction and idea. The hardware you would pay upfront, the. Software you would just pay for and then they would just download the information through the internet
  39. Kurt Foster

    Hi from Lafayette, Indiana

    I I recommend a model 3, but considering how much time has passed since 2012, i best figure you would know this... Welcome to the forum anyways!!
  40. Kurt Foster

    Hello! RayK from San Jose, CA (M3 reserved)

    Wow, nice introduction, welcome to the forum!!
  41. Kurt Foster

    adding an avatar

    Yeah, pretty much. well, you might not really be able to tell.
  42. Kurt Foster


    I am confused on what the L stands for.