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    Washington DC area Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall Battery Storage

    I might be a little too far away for you (I'm in Leesburg) but am happy to talk with you about my solar roof (no powerwalls) that was installed in December 2020. Here is a forum post that has a youtube link to a time lapse video of my install: Time Lapse Video of Virginia Solar Roof Install...
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    Tesla Solar Roof Local API

    What I've noticed for longer connection outage periods (e.g. a few days) is that the production total gets evenly distributed across the outage period. So I'm guessing the total-since-last-store is cached but not more detail.
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    Pennsylvania Solar Roof and Powerwall Canceled

    I don't want to rehash the tax debate in this thread, but I disagree with @GregBallantyne that: You can find more discussion about that in these threads if you are interested: New Solar Roof owners - how much can we write off in taxes? Master Thread: Energy products and Tax discussions
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    Tesla Solar Roof Local API

    I no longer have a Delta inverter for my solar roof, but when I did I never figured out if it was possible to tap into the mechanism(s) Tesla used to communicate with it. If I remember correctly, there is a Zigbee connection in addition to the near-field bluetooth connection the M-Professional...
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    Tesla replaced my MCI units because of poor production in the winter, but now it's much worse.

    @Thomias - sorry that it has been so difficult to get things sorted. Assuming that you (or a friend) don't have the electrical expertise to safely debug as @wwhitney suggests above, I think you are stuck for a while. The best you can do is compare production results over longer periods (maybe...
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    Tesla replaced my MCI units because of poor production in the winter, but now it's much worse.

    I rarely (if ever) had any success communicating with Tesla reps via email. My guess is you are going to need to call. I'm also guessing that if daily production is not dramatically low (e.g. < 50%) and there isn't an obvious component failure, they may not listen to you until you have month(s)...
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    Tesla replaced my MCI units because of poor production in the winter, but now it's much worse.

    @Thomias - just wanted to offer some encouragement: It has been 6 months since Tesla replaced the inverter and MCIs for my solar roof and I've seen a 25% increase in my roof's production since the replacement. I'm still curious to see how well it does in the summer months, but things look good...
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    My 11.2kW Tesla Solar Project - Portland, OR

    @pdx_m3s - I've followed a similar process and recently noticed a discrepancy between the downloaded daily total and the total reported in the Tesla app ( see bug with Tesla app energy totals (or user error)? ). Curious if your recent downloaded daily totals match the app?
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    bug with Tesla app energy totals (or user error)?

    I use this python lib to pull energy stats for my solar roof on a weekly basis and noticed that recently the solar totals I've pulled are slightly lower than what I see summarized in the IOS Tesla app. Thinking I might have bug in my process, I clicked the 'Download My Data' button in the app...
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    My utility bills went up after installing solar panels and home energy usage is doubled based on Tesla app

    I have the same utility as the OP (Dominion) and can explain the bill ... Dominion never reduces the meter reading on the bill, keeping a "high-water" mark on it. The max reading on the bill will remain unchanged as long as you produce more than you use. The meter should still reverse if you...
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    Tesla Solar inverter data

    I believe Tesla views inverter connections as a setup-only thing since I have only been able to connect to Tesla's inverter after it has been powered-up (the wifi endpoint seems to stay active for around 15 minutes). If you want to cycle your inverter, here's how to connect...
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    Substancial under performance with solar roof

    I also have a 2-year-old solar roof that has underperformed by 25% in the past year after Tesla tried to address even worse production I had in the roof's first year. Tesla changed wiring connections after the first year which boosted production a bit and then this past October switched my...
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    Solar Roof Underlayment

    You can find more discussion and pictures here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/solar-roof-underlayment-change.208936/
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    Solar Roof Underlayment

    This info on FT Cobalt underlayment states "UV Resistance" is 6 months which I believe is the main concern with leaving the underlayment exposed: https://www.ftsyn.com/cobalt-ultra-2/ The underlayment for my solar roof was branded as Tesla but the delivery boxes were labelled as FT Cobalt. I'm...
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    Are there an issues related to Tesla Solar Roof and Open Cell Attic

    I have a truss attic with blown insulation on the floor - one of the "dumb ways" your video guy mentions (interesting video by-the-way). So no foam, but I thought it might help for you to see how Tesla ran the string connections from the solar roof to the inverter through my attic: If you...
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    Question about the size of the installed Tesla Solar shingles

    This post (and the entire thread) might offer some useful information about solar roof gutters: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/solar-roof-gutter-replacement.208626/#post-5243808
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    How much has your solar production varied year to year?

    The reason I asked (and why it maters to me) is because my system has had a "moderate" production problem since its installation 2 years ago that has been difficult to confirm. It is relatively easy to know you have a problem when an inverter completely fails or if you see a recurring pattern...
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    How much has your solar production varied year to year?

    Thanks! If/as others post, I'll add to a spreadsheet like this: My use case is/was to get a sense whether production for newer (one or two year old) installs is far enough below the target annual estimate to be confident you have a production problem. Comparing the min divided by estimate...
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    How much has your solar production varied year to year?

    While dealing with my Tesla solar roof's production issues, I wondered how much annual variability people experience with their roofs/panels. It would be interesting to see min, max, and median annual kWh values for folks who have had solar for a while (more than a couple years). As a bonus...
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    bollards on garage side wall in Riverside county, ca?

    I came across this article yesterday about a World Bollard Association account on twitter: https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2022/10/09/bollards-twitter-account/ I thought some of you bollard fans might get a chuckle out of it.
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    concerned inverter change won't solve production problem

    My repair project is almost done - hopefully, just one more day of work from the crew early next week. Even though there is one missing string of tiles at the moment, the crew kindly enabled the other strings and the new Tesla inverter so I would get some production over the weekend. This...
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    Tesla replaced my MCI units because of poor production in the winter, but now it's much worse.

    I have no idea about the differing utility codes. It will be interesting to see if fixing your inverters will involve replacement with Delta or Tesla inverters. Based upon discussions with the crew currently working on my roof, I would not be surprised if they opted to switch to Tesla...
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    Tesla replaced my MCI units because of poor production in the winter, but now it's much worse.

    Oh - sorry I thought you already had Tesla inverters. As @dareed1 states, you can use the M Professional app to access your Delta inverter. Once you're connected and logged-in, click Menu (upper right) and Stats or History (can't remember). I could only get the stat charts to populate if I...
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    Tesla replaced my MCI units because of poor production in the winter, but now it's much worse.

    I agree - have you connected to your inverter to start debugging the source of the problem? Connecting to Tesla Solar Inverter | Tesla Support Tesla inverter viewing string data
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    Tesla replaced my MCI units because of poor production in the winter, but now it's much worse.

    Yes - I have had a similar experience and have written about here: concerned inverter change won't solve production problem It is interesting that you mention the possibility of shading from your neighbor's house as something Tesla might have missed in their original design/production estimate...
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    concerned inverter change won't solve production problem

    The Tesla maintenance crew arrived a couple days ago to try to fix my production issues. I now know a little more about their plan and the rationale behind it. The plan is to replace my 8kW Delta inverter and Mid-Circuit Interrupters (MCIs) with a 7.6kW Tesla inverter and Tesla MCIs...
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    Question About Dips in Energy Graph

    I have not had this kind of issue but have had production issues. If you post a little more information on your setup (e.g. what inverter(s) you have, what is the size of your system, ...), others might be able to offer some suggestions. I would say the good news for you is that the issue is...
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    concerned inverter change won't solve production problem

    Yeah - that makes sense to me. Thanks for puzzling through it all! I'm left wondering what the original (pre-August 2021) wiring was, since the current arrangement, while flawed, is still 20% better than the original. From the beginning, I was always bothered that the tiles were not placed...
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    concerned inverter change won't solve production problem

    Thanks Wayne - very helpful to see. I may have PV1 and PV2 backwards - still not sure - but there is shading on the 28 tile east string in the morning. This is a picture of the shading on June 23, 2021 (so the times will differ in September) but it shows how the peak of my neighbors' roof...
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    concerned inverter change won't solve production problem

    Hmmm ... maybe I have PV1 and PV2 backwards where PV2 is the 36+36 all south and PV1 is the the 28 south + 28 east. The east facing tiles on my garage could be shaded by my neighbors' (very close) house in the earlier morning hours. I think the PV3 drops are caused by either my other...
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    concerned inverter change won't solve production problem

    Interesting, because production definitely increased after the August 2021 fix (by about 20%). You've focused on voltages - do the the differences in current/amps reveal anything useful?
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    concerned inverter change won't solve production problem

    Thanks Wayne! You are correct: V_mp for my tiles is 10.99. It is interesting that you suggest PV1 is behaving like a 27 tile string because that sounds like the problem Tesla "fixed" in August 2021. I think you are saying that paired string peak voltages should be proportional to the number...
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    concerned inverter change won't solve production problem

    I'm hoping some the folks here can weigh in on whether they think Tesla's recent suggestion to swap my Delta inverter to improve my solar roof's production makes sense. Apologies for the long-winded description ... I have a 9.94 kW Tesla solar roof with a Delta M8-TL-US 8kW inverter that was...
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    Solar Roof Questions - Can you mix roof types? Is $250 deposit required to get an exact quote? Gutter size?

    Unfortunately, Tesla no longer includes gutter installation for solar roofs - you need to coordinate that with a separate contractor. See Solar Roof Gutter Replacement
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    Tesla now keeps all the SRECs [SREC = Solar Renewable Energy Credits]

    Thanks @MKurzdorfer for alerting me that SRECs are now an option for Virginians. Earlier this morning I tried to start the process for registering my solar roof with SREC Dashboard . A question for the Marylanders @willow_hiller and @wjgjr who have been doing this: do you have to give your...
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    Faded Tiles on Front of Home

    It is hard for me to tell, but it looks like you have some white painted wood trim that is flaking/rotting just above the tiles. Any chance that paint color is washing off onto the tiles below?
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    Neurio Power Monitor

    I have a Neurio that Tesla installed along with my solar roof and no powerwalls. In the Tesla app, I'm able to see home/grid consumption along with solar generation coming from my Delta inverter. However, my install was done in December 2020 before Tesla switched to their own inverters and...
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    Master Thread: Energy products and Tax discussions

    My opinion is that only the solar PV tiles ($23502 in your case) are deductible - others disagree. You can find more discussion about it here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/new-solar-roof-owners-how-much-can-we-write-off-in-taxes.215327/ That being said, if you ever get a definitive...
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    Solar Roof Showing 0kW Output on App

    If your gateway is having trouble, I believe you should be able to get a replacement. I think we have the same black gateway box. Tesla contacted me a few months ago saying they wanted to replace my gateway box because they weren't getting all of the data they expected back at the mothership...
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    Grid outage, Powerwall drops loads for minutes

    l would recommend calling the existing customer support number (725-867-6182), talk to a customer rep, and then ask them for their email address so that you can send supporting information. The rep can then copy your email details into their system. My experience has been that if you just send...
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    Solar planning considerations - Solar Roof, new roof+solar, Tesla or ?

    Not to be a party-pooper but as far as I know, there is no IRS ruling on whether you can deduct the cost of the non-PV shingles (if there is, please post a reference). You can find more discussion about solar roof deductions here: New Solar Roof owners - how much can we write off in taxes?
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    Tesla switched inverter to Delta (no optimizers) from promised solaredge (with optimizers)

    This also happens to me intermittently and I have yet to figure out why. I seem to have most success if I connect in the first hour or two after the sun has come up - maybe give that a try?
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    Master Thread: Energy products and Tax discussions

    On my 2020 solar roof contract, Tesla did have separate line items for PV tiles and for non-PV tiles.
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    Tesla Solar Roof in Virginia

    I called Tesla early on (first month) and was told to wait until there was more data available. I'm pretty sure they figured I was like many others who obsess over production right after install - which I was. I just ended up having a valid concern. After six months, it was clear production...
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    Tesla Solar Roof in Virginia

    The problem I had was very difficult to identify since everything worked, just sub-optimally. I was suspicious of a production problem from the beginning ( see incorrectly placed solar tiles thread ) but because there were so many variables (weather, multiple roof planes with different slopes...
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    Tesla Solar Roof Warranty Claim

    I have not had any leak problems with my solar roof, but I did have Tesla address a production issue that ended up being a wiring problem. I would recommend you call the Tesla Customer Care number for existing customers (725-867-6182) and talk to someone in addition to whatever you submitted...
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    Tesla Solar Roof in Virginia

    Hi @Joesmoe3 - I only have a solar roof and do not have any powerwalls. I simply continued under Dominion's basic residential rate with 1:1 net metering. I wasn't previously aware of Dominion's other rate plans - your post prompted me to take a look (thanks). Without storage, my current plan...
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    Another gutter issue thread.

    The tear-off sub-contractors for my solar roof accidentally damaged/chipped some vinyl siding with a ladder. They told me about the issue and I included it in my clean-up "punch list" for Tesla. Tesla sent a repair crew out 3 weeks after my install completed. That crew replaced the vinyl...
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    Shocked from gutters after Solar Roof activated

    Did you notice this while the Tesla electrician was still there (and if so, could he or she explain why)? That's interesting. For my solar roof, the bottom row of tiles (adjacent to gutters) are not PV so the wiring connecting PV tiles is further away. I wonder if @chucklesn has PV tiles in...
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    Arizona Powerwall Installs

    This thread might interest you: anyone shade their south-facing inverters from the sun?