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    Software update for 2021 Model S Plaid

    Thanks for the email. I’ll definitely try to contact them! I’m unclear on why the 2022 LR S wouldn’t have been in the “beta” because I had paid for FSD for it and opted in on the main autopilot options in the car for FSD (Beta). Either way, I’d happily get off BETA just to eliminate the...
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    Software update for 2021 Model S Plaid

    I have an August 2021 Model S plaid with software version 2021.44.30.21. The service center is telling me the software is up to date for my VIN. I contacted them to see if they could push the 2022 version that I had on a 2022 LR S I just sold. I could be mistaken, but I was hoping that update...
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    Tesla Vision's Autopilot speed limit reduction from 90 -> 80 MPH has been a pain roadtripping across the country.

    How did you opt out of FSD program? I tried to toggle off it in the car, but it didn’t change it back to my 90 mph for AP. I just picked up a 2021 Plaid and have been disappointed that the “vision” FSD isn’t what I’d hoped. Not having 90 mph really made for a long 1400 mile road trip when I went...
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    2014 Model S Rhino Roof rack for sale $350

    I had a 2014 P85D and sold it last year. I kept the roof rack for my bikes thinking if I bought another S. I ended up getting a 2015 P90D a few months ago and am not surprised to see that Tesla changed the size bolt the later year. I tried to use a Thule roof mount kit to see if I could make it...
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    Roof rack and automatic garage door opener for sale. Delivered from Tesl in December, never opened.

    I had a Y on order late 2020, but changed my mind in January before delivery. I have an unopened Model Y Roof rack and automatic garage opener Id like to sell. Tesla pricing is $450 for the rack, $300 for the AG opener. I’d sell the rack separately for $400 and I’ll cover shipping. The AG...
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    Model S: Alarm system and dimming mirrors?

    #1 I am pretty sure it would alarm, #2 yes for sure. It's hard to explain, but I really like this feature, especially in the side mirrors on the MS