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  1. Stuart McCaul

    v7 update timeframe

    I was disappointed last Thursday when I discovered software v7 wasn't available to my car yet. I guess the UK has not started receiving the update. Is that a fair assumption? Does anyone know when we can expect it? I did did write to the service centre to ask but haven't heard back yet.
  2. Stuart McCaul

    Tesla in Ireland

    Cool! I'm going next week. Just got my charging access card. Delighted that charging points are so plentiful and free of charge! I hope you had a great time in Ireland.
  3. Stuart McCaul

    Insurance quotes for the Tesla MS in the UK.

    The only decent quote we got was with Admiral through compare the meerkat. The others were terrible. I got one that was over £32k and several around £6/7k. Admiral was £1400. This is our first car in 5 years, so no NCD.
  4. Stuart McCaul

    TFL Congestion Charging Penalty Charge Notice

    TFL call centre just told me that they will issue a Penalty Charge Notice every time I drive in a congestion charging zone in my electric vehicle and, being exempt, do to pay the congestion charge. Each time, they said, I will have to call up to highlight the fact the car is electric and ask for...
  5. Stuart McCaul

    Tesla in Ireland

    @arg I must look out for those "clubhouse" meetings. I haven't heard of that before. Thanks for the advice and info. @smac great to hear your confidence in the car. I'm a bit windy because I haven't had a new car before, so I'm used to breaking down. I have a CHAdeMO sorted but O haven't got a...
  6. Stuart McCaul

    Tesla in Ireland

    Thanks for the link. Good to know Tesla is generally on track. I hadn't thought of NI. I guess you're saying NI would be covered for a call out because it is in UK... Great idea, I'll ask my delivery specialist. - - - Updated - - - @Chuq I meant to respond directly to your comment there ^ *noob
  7. Stuart McCaul

    Tesla in Ireland

    Hi folks, I've just ordered mine and it's due for delivery in July. As I'm Irish, I'm looking forward to taking the ferry home for a visit. Dad is desperate to drive it. I have a few questions about running a Tesla Model S in Ireland. Can you advise me, please? 1. Are there any mechanics in...