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    Will you lost FSD beta if you upgrade from 2021.36.5.3 to 2021.36.8?

    Yes. Until they release the fsd build on that branch. You shouldn't get the option for the update though if you already have fsd
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    Any Plaid owners in Vegas?

    We are in Vegas for a conference till Saturday, any of you live here with a Plaid that would be willing to give us a test ride in exchange for a lunch? 😀😀
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    FSD Beta & Hands On The Wheel

    I get your complaint, but I've also found that you can have it fairly loose. You definitely want your hands over the wheel though to break out if it is doing something stupid. On NoA or AP, I can see the camera monitoring being sufficient and being able to go hands-free, definitely not with...
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    FSD beta testers, is your Safety Score gone from the app?

    Yes. It's gone for us beta testers. I'd assume they're using the cabin camera and telemetry to monitor how we are doing with the beta. The safety score was used to show situational awareness.
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    I don't have any videos, but I did about 40 miles with it setting different locations to drive to. Overall it's amazing, few things I've noticed: 1. On a few country roads without markings it wanted to go under 30. Probably for visibility at night. 2. On a couple of the country roads, it...
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    Safety Score

    I've been at 100 overall the whole time, I did have one 99 day. Definitely not perfect every day.
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    Safety Score

    Did you Uninstall and reinstall the app? That's what worked for a friend of mine.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    He's Elon's oldest son. Lol
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    Snippiness 2.0

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    Safety Score

    Cedar point for me
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    Safety Score

    Cedar point for me
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    Safety Score

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    Safety Score

    Exactly my thoughts.
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    Safety Score

    I remembered that he liked this tweet and it makes more sense. By doing this now, and then continuing to monitor with the cabin camera after it is deployed, I think they can have a very successful rollout. If you don't care, or aren't patient enough to jump through the hoops needed, then it is...
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    Safety Score

    Now I know why my wife has been asking me if my life insurance policy is paid up for the last 2 weeks
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    Poll: current safety score

    Just to be safe, assume they're using the data until you have it downloaded. I really hope they hold the existing beta testers to the same standard as the new ones.
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    There was never a plan

    I agree with everything you said. MBA types will always hate Elon and people like Elon because he will never fit their mold. He gets it done and lets the engineers do the best engineering work they can. I believe that's why SpaceX and Tesla are the top 2 most attractive employers for...
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    Its been over 7 days since the FSD button appeared. Has anyone gotten FSD beta?

    If they had a PR department we wouldn't need to. Why even speculate then? Just wait and see what happens..
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    Its been over 7 days since the FSD button appeared. Has anyone gotten FSD beta?

    Maybe, just maybe... they'll release it based on score starting at 100 and going down... since he literally stated that. I will be as shocked as anyone if it start rolling out on time, but I think WHEN they do it they'll use the scores.
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    Understanding The Decline In Tesla’s FSD Take Rate

    I'm in the same boat. I bought FSD because I want to access the features as soon as humanly possible., I'll do submit to whatever requirements they have for users to gain access (camera monitoring, etc) and ensure that I'm paying attention. What is unacceptable is that they have this software...
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    Suggested self driving "nudge mode"

    I'm making the assumption that you are talking about hi-way driving and you want to change to an adjacent lane but have autopilot stay engaged or re-engage automatically? If you have FSD, why not just use the turn signal and let the car do it for you? If say there is some debris on the road...
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    Would Safety score produce better training data?

    I just had a thought on my home tonight and slowing down from a 55 to a 35. Obviously trying to get a great score, I've been doing it gradual. With a ton of people driving this way, would that actually lead to better data to train the AI?
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    Safety Scores and Miles Driven in TeslaFi

    I judt noticed your username on here. Are you N1 on Teslafi??
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    Safety Scores and Miles Driven in TeslaFi

    I need to go for like a 50 mile drive tonight. Def not catching N1 lol
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    Safety Scores and Miles Driven in TeslaFi

    That's pretty cool. I'm currently number 4 😍😍😍
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    Will EAP benefit from FSD AI learnings?

    It would depend on if they move the stacks to cover everything else. Nobody knows except for them, and I doubt even they have a plan yet. I would guess eventually it will, but that could be 6 months, it could be 4 years....
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    Poll: current safety score

    I'm still in the running. Waiting for someone to pull out in front of me to ruin it all....
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    Has Tesla even applied for a permit to test driverless cars?

    He said they're not working on it, he didn't say they aren't advertising it.
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    FSD Timeline Promises (summary)

    While this is true and I'm glad youre happy, everyone makes purchases for different reasons. I am not very happy that I'm not running FSD beta in my car yet. My whole reason for buying the car and FSD was to be part of the the transition to Autonomy.
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    Safety Score

    That is blasphemy.
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    Blog Musk Gives Details on FSD 10.2 Beta Release

    Have we heard anything on when the rating cutoff is? I see a lot of people referencing this Saturday, but I was assuming that it was going on ratings at the time of release which now appears to be next Saturday. I guess maybe it would make sense to use the data for this week as the cuttoff...
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    Poll: What is your safety score at end of day, September 29th?

    I thought the consensus was that it is measuring until next week when they release 10.2
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    Safety Score

    Elon liked this tweet. I'm assuming that he agrees with the statement, and its just as much a test of willingness to put in the extra effort. I just realized that TESLA is his pet company, and Neuralink is his primary focus, everything he does at Tesla is just a mental test for Neurolink and...
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    There was never a plan

    I wish you weren't right, but I know you are.
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    FSD Arbitration.

    I think the biggest thing for me was the fact that they did start rolling it out to certain individuals who by the way were not in the early access program as far as I've seen prior to FSD Beta. The only correlation for non employees seems to be social media for most of them (of course if...
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    FSD Beta for MCU1 cars

    I really feel bad for the MCU1 folks. I'd imagine it will be quite a long time before they are able to allocate the resources to rewrite the code needed to be able to roll out FSD with the limited visuals. Maybe that's what is behind them working with John Carmack.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    I think they will use cameras only monitoring soonish if it's reliable. They'll definitely want to beat the OEMs to market before the "hands free" features get rolled out to more mainstream cars within the Ford and GM fleets. I think this will solve the issue that kaffine brought up with...
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    There was never a plan

    I think all techies/engineers can relate somewhat to Elon's timeline issues. We've all made those promises about solving a problem or doing something based on thinking "I should be able to do it by then". It's the nature of the beast. Until now, this hasn't been a problem for Tesla...
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    FSD Arbitration.

    Very true. Yea. I was reading through the purchase agreement. I'm screwed. "Your Vehicle is priced and configured based on features and options available at the time of order and you can confirm availability with a Tesla representative"