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  1. Adopado

    Model Y RWD test drive

    I find that regen is so variable, depending on battery percentage and temperature, that though it would be interesting to know the differences it would be extremely difficult to compare in a straightforward test. I suppose Bjorn is used to going to the lengths needed so maybe he could manage...
  2. Adopado

    EV servicing costs

    I live on a road that is salted every day throughout the winter, it seems. The road is nicely clear of ice but the cars suffer. Ironically we’ve barely had any snow this year so far in the middle of the Southern Uplands. When I first noticed the surface corrosion I made a point of reducing regen...
  3. Adopado

    EV servicing costs

    The MOT will not fail on surface corrosion. So long as the discs are structurally sound and the brakes apply the necessary retardation they pass. Mine has had surface corrosion for 2 MOTs (and no… once you’ve got it I’m afraid you can apply all the frequent use you like and it doesn’t remove it.)
  4. Adopado

    First winter. Wh/mi ouch.

    I suspect that the new Highland M3 will have an increased spread of range figures for the very reason it is more efficient over all. For example the car is not going to be able to take advantage of its fabulous aero during a howling rainstorm and will likely be dragged back to a similar...
  5. Adopado

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Abington was always 6 stalls ... looks like no changes.
  6. Adopado

    Screw in tyre - have I been ‘lucky’?!

    To answer the question of the thread title ... I reckon 70/30 in your favour that it isn't punctured ... do let us know!
  7. Adopado

    Home charging dropping to 16A

    The "resting voltage" is less significant than the drop when demand rises. You will find that the voltage varies when the car is pulling the full 32amps. You can see the voltage in the Tesla app if you watch the charge in real time. An app like Tessie or Teslafi will graph the voltage over the...
  8. Adopado

    Charging habits

    Off topic but ... what software do/did you use to put a limit on MacBook charging?
  9. Adopado

    Charging habits

    As already explained above a cycle isn't a single charge! However, if aiming for optimum battery longevity charging smaller amounts to maintain your mid range percentage is better than fewer deep charges. In my own circumstances I can mostly operate between 50% and 75% if I plug in every day ...
  10. Adopado

    Fronts Windscreen keeps steaming up

    It’s good to give the car a 10 minute warm up via the app before setting off… not had steamed windows so far. I leave the hvac on auto …
  11. Adopado

    [UK] 2023.44

    If you want to directly see the Teslafi fleet info at any time (as shown in the post above) you don't need to be subscribed to Teslafi, just click on TeslaFi.com Firmware Tracker
  12. Adopado

    Is this frunk going to cost me?

    Unless it's WD40 silicone spray of course. (WD40 comes in many different flavours these days ...)
  13. Adopado

    Winter wheels and tyres for Model 3 and Model Y

    I seem to remember a few years ago someone on the forum organised some group buying of imported wheels for significantly reduced cost. That's another option for people to check out if there are others interested.
  14. Adopado

    MYLR all season tyres

    I’ve never had an issue with ordering from Blackcircles with the fitting taking place at a local garage. Has something changed recently?
  15. Adopado

    DC Charging Unavailable

    I would be surprised if rain is an issue … mine is now entering its 5th winter and it is plugged in every night in rain, snow and “named” storms. If there was a weather related weakness in the design I think I would have found it by now!
  16. Adopado

    Wales to introduce 20mph default speed limit

    Yes, definitely "horses for courses" ... but ...having said that ... people with manual cars come to certain areas of Scotland (from other areas of the UK) especially for the driving enjoyment that can be had in a manual sports car.
  17. Adopado

    Wales to introduce 20mph default speed limit

    The 20mph issue really depends on the implementation. We have lots of 20mph limits around the Scottish Borders but I would say where they appear justified. I haven't seen any speed cameras installed that are associated with the 20mph limits. People do reduce their speed accordingly but do drive...
  18. Adopado

    About to leave warranty - any recommendations? Should I get a service?

    You’re out of warranty after four years. year so a bit late for worrying now!
  19. Adopado

    Auto Defogger - how to turn it off ?

    I would presume by applying a combination of moisture removal, air flow and temperature to the areas that are sensed as being too wet/fogged. The faster this happens the better in terms of the air that is sucked through the filters.
  20. Adopado

    Auto Defogger - how to turn it off ?

    I strongly suspect that auto defogging has a lot do with helping to keep your air filters fresh. Unless the de-fogging is very obviously happening excessively ( it may be appropriate even when there’s no visible misting) it could be a good idea to just let it do its thing.
  21. Adopado

    Most requested features list

    AFAIK this already happens. The contribution of the front motor is increased or reduced as necessary. Also, it’s not a simple saving. Delivering 50kW split between two motors at 80%/20% is not necessarily less efficient than 50kW to a single motor. I think it’s reasonable to assume that Tesla...
  22. Adopado

    Home charging speed

    @TomL65 … this post gives you the answer… no need to look anywhere else … your car is charging correctly at full speed. (This is an easy confusion to make … yup, I did myself a few years ago)
  23. Adopado

    Wiper blade replacement

    Yes, somewhat bizarrely, my wipers are also good and am now entering my 5th winter! This all the more surprising given that some people reported the early death of their blades within their first year.
  24. Adopado

    Germany - Collection

    The Just In Time mantra has been seriously challenged in recent years. Like most things there are pros and cons. (Unfortunately when someone has a "good idea" that clearly shows some benefits in one area we tend to then start trying to apply it everywhere.) For Tesla they realised that it would...
  25. Adopado

    Vendor Official Tessie app talk

    The car is always awake during charging. Tessie won't know whether your car is asleep or has simply lost connectivity (see your own screen shot).
  26. Adopado

    My experience taking Tesla to court about FSD

    Being on the same connector is just one step ... all rapid chargers in the UK are on the same type of connector (including Tesla) and we are still in the situation of Tesla Superchargers working 99% of the time and others ... em, not so much!
  27. Adopado

    What do you do (admin and members if they know) when a forum member passes away?

    I agree with this approach. It shouldn't be up to the forum to do anything special. The forum could then simply have an auto delete of any account that hasn't been active for 12 months or whatever period suits.
  28. Adopado

    Less updates for older cars?

    This gives you an idea of how quickly or otherwise the up dates are coming out: Tesla Software Updates & Release Notes - Latest Tesla Updates or TeslaFi.com Firmware Tracker
  29. Adopado

    Tesla TV Web App

    You can watch iPlayer and other channels full screen if you use the browser to access via teslatv.com ... go fullscreen from there ... this has been a reliable solution for a few years now ... EDIT: Obviously add it as a favourite to access routinely.
  30. Adopado

    So… Highland is out…

    Yes, it definitely used to be the case that there was no sales link to test drives and subsequent orders but it may well have changed in more recent years.
  31. Adopado

    Model Y Demo Drive in US

    Morning commute into work some years ago ... ended up lying on the road holding my damaged leg after motorbike incident ... I already realised I had serious multiple fractures (at least "closed") ... sirens in the distance ... I was picked up, taken to hospital, assessed and x-rayed ... waited...
  32. Adopado

    Tesla just called me to say they will have Highland in next week.

    A clarification just to put this issue to bed. Here are some stats ... for England 2002 to 2018. This is likely to be the same for the whole of the UK. Most car journeys are undertaken with only the driver: "There has been almost no change in car and van occupancy over this period with either...
  33. Adopado

    My experience taking Tesla to court about FSD

    Well @edb49 ... I spotted your Christmas present for this year ... ;) :)
  34. Adopado

    My experience taking Tesla to court about FSD

    They knew for sure that they were going to lose in court. It's probably a small advantage to Tesla be able to say they haven't lost the case in court.
  35. Adopado

    My experience taking Tesla to court about FSD

    This an important point. It applies to any "negotiation" with a non human entity. If a person sets out on the process expecting a huge publicly-quoted company to respond in the manner of a reasonable human being they are immediately on shaky ground! Any such company is akin to a machine that...
  36. Adopado

    Mobile App - Quick Actions

    Those particular shortcuts (intentionally) don't work unless you are beside the car. I find that the front boot is a handy one to have on there when returning from the curry shop ...
  37. Adopado

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Of course it matters if It reduces the number of available stalls! I can't see you being very relaxed about it if you end up in a queue when you can see there are unused stalls that are only unavailable because someone didn't understand the charger/space arrangement.
  38. Adopado

    Charging Issues

    Can we rule out the supply/socket you are using ... and have you already tried a 2 button reset? I tend to think that we would have seen other posts by now if it was a known bug.
  39. Adopado

    Communal Electric Charger for Rented Flat - Advise!

    At least there are still some grants towards available for installing charge points at flats: https://www.gov.uk/electric-vehicle-chargepoint-grant-landlords
  40. Adopado

    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    I'm hoping I won't have to find out! Mine has survived some abuse I must say. Do you know if damage from freezing is really a thing? I would think many people keep them in unheated sheds etc.
  41. Adopado

    AO Pucks & "Normal" Scissor Jacks

    Good idea but ridiculously expensive and crazy to have it sent from USA … but … you could steal the idea and make one for practically nothing! One of the problems with scissor jacks is that if they are at their very lowest height they are almost impossible to wind up with any weight on them …...
  42. Adopado

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Yes, that always surprises me. Some appropriate paint on the tarmac is all that’s needed.
  43. Adopado

    Vendor Official Tessie app talk

    Wow, that’s some service! 👍
  44. Adopado

    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    Good idea … except that I can’t get something out of my head that I think came from a post on this forum a few years ago. Someone said that you shouldn’t let a Karcher type pressure washer freeze in the depths of winter because they can split and be unrepairably damaged. Not something that I...
  45. Adopado

    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    For hozelock type connections just buy a packet of the mini O rings. Only after finding how easy they are to replace … and instantly cure leaky connections … did I wonder why I hadn’t been doing this before!
  46. Adopado

    So… Highland is out…

    I have the impression that there is an overall intention to slightly reduce sportiness... moving more towards a softer, quieter, less taut ride ... so slightly slower steering would fit with that approach. Many of the comments about the car have been from people who want that kind of feel. It's...
  47. Adopado

    Octoplus - Whos had the invite?

    At the height of the energy price period Octopus gave people an option to donate their points to help people who were struggling with their fuel costs. It must be linked to this: How we're helping customers through the energy crisis
  48. Adopado

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    no problem
  49. Adopado

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    The very first thread in the UK & Ireland list is the one you are after…it’s for Supercharger news.
  50. Adopado

    [uk specific] Software 2023.32

    Brakes stop the car. Break is what the car does if you don’t brake and you hit something very hard.