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  1. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Marietta, GA - Roswell Rd

    Showing as closed today... 8 of 8 stalls out of order. 😧 I drove past and nobody was at any of the stalls. @Chuq @Big Earl Suspect the problem is electric supply, so may come back online soon. 🤷‍♂️
  2. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Branson, MO (speculation)

    Seems highly risky. Make sure your tires are slightly over-inflated, and don't exceed the speed limit. Also drive during the day. Just watch that expected arrival percentage like a hawk, and slow down.
  3. M3BlueGeorgia

    '22 MY Rear-ended -- thoughts for dealing w/insurance and collision centers

    Nah, there are advantages to going with a collision center that is "in network" with the insurance company that's covering the claim. Plus you absolutely need a Tesla certified center. If the collision center is "in network", then any variances are handled very quickly.
  4. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Marietta, GA - Windy Hill Rd SE

    Mt Vernon, IL You drive past the V2 Superchargers to get to the V3 chargers and could see each location from the other, except for the hotel blocking line of sight.
  5. M3BlueGeorgia

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    This is great news for me visiting family in that area, provided Hertz will rent me a Tesla instead of foisting a Polestar on me.
  6. M3BlueGeorgia

    Bumped garage door frame, $5k repair

    Do the same on the back quarter panel and you are looking at $13K 😧
  7. M3BlueGeorgia

    Is this Lease a good deal?

    The exception to that (generally valid) statement is when a manufacturer hides their price cuts in the lease payment. BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes are/were famous for this.
  8. M3BlueGeorgia

    Door ding hit-and-run, license plate captured - How to file insurance?

    Yes, because they are on-site and will document all the stuff the insurance company needs. Also ensures the information from the other driver(s) is recorded correctly. Ex: When my (then) teenage eldest daughter was hit by another driver and failed to call the cops, the other driver gave her...
  9. M3BlueGeorgia

    New Charging Scheduling Glitch—Explain This?

    The best way to ensure that car finishes charging within your low-cost window is to watch the target percentage and occasionally change it. Example: We charge on a 14-30 "dryer" outlet and that adds about 7% hourly. Our low-cost window is midnight to 6am, so I try to avoid adding more that 42%...
  10. M3BlueGeorgia

    Scheduled charging not working properly

    Agree with the above posters who say you aren't actually charging. Best to monitor with the phone application, rather than sitting in the car. BTW: The scheduled charging capability has been around for years and is a very solid capability.
  11. M3BlueGeorgia

    Door ding hit-and-run, license plate captured - How to file insurance?

    ...on getting a police report... The insurance company wants an independent report on the accident. Hopefully one that identifies responsibility. It solves a lot of potential problems.
  12. M3BlueGeorgia

    Door ding hit-and-run, license plate captured - How to file insurance?

    ALWAYS get a police report if you have an accident or damage caused by another party, and you are going to make an insurance claim.
  13. M3BlueGeorgia

    Home charging now stepping down to 24 amps during the charging session

    Probably the wiring in the wall feeding the 14-50 socket isn't thick enough to sustain 32A continuous. The Gen 2 most likely detects a drop in voltage (which you can see displayed in the car) and then infers it is pulling too much amperage.
  14. M3BlueGeorgia

    Door ding hit-and-run, license plate captured - How to file insurance?

    First, file a police report. Then call your insurance company. If it's the other driver's fault, even if the police don't catch them, the claim doesn't count against you.
  15. M3BlueGeorgia

    Actually Smart Summon (ASS) - Will it ever happen?

    Yeh, damn silly idea to remove the hardware to support the existing solution, before new software is available. This is a self-inflicted wound for Tesla.
  16. M3BlueGeorgia

    Actually Smart Summon (ASS) - Will it ever happen?

    You must have a vehicle with ultrasonics.
  17. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Lawrenceville GA

    Technically, this location is midway between Lawrenceville and Snellville
  18. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Oklahoma City, OK - NE 36th St

    CCS-1 is a dead standard. Absolutely no point in Tesla installing stalls that support it.
  19. M3BlueGeorgia

    Helping the A/C

    Easy first step on your 2 year old car is to replace the cabin air filters.(yes there are two) You could do that yourself, but it's probably easier to get Tesla to do it.
  20. M3BlueGeorgia

    How do I know if my Model 3 already supports supercharging?

    If you have 57, then perhaps talk to Tesla about them?
  21. M3BlueGeorgia

    Does anyone know how to enable Elon mode?

    Problem is the side effects, where you have a tendency to massively overpay for things and then screw them up. 😃😃😃😁
  22. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Oklahoma City, OK - NE 36th St

    189 miles from the Ft Smith Supercharger, which is a slight improvement, but do-able for most Teslas, except perhaps in the depths of winter. Tesla still needs a Supercharger to bisect this section of I-40.
  23. M3BlueGeorgia

    Why are There No 14-30 Outlet Timers?

    We also use 14-30 to charge, and that adds about 7% of the battery per hour for Model 3 and Y. Our low cost period here in the Atlanta 'burbs is midnight through 6am, so I can add up to 40% charge during that time period. If the needed amount of charge is greater than 40%, I just reduce the...
  24. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Smyrna, TN

    The Manchester, TN Supercharger would like to say "hi" 😁
  25. M3BlueGeorgia

    V11 2022.4.5 doesn't remember USB source

    Not a port issue, generally. It's a Tesla software bug
  26. M3BlueGeorgia

    What do you think of the Tesla lawsuit regarding EPA mileage?

    There's a some self-inflicted injury here by Tesla. By default, they show the current battery status in "EPA miles", so this inherently inaccurate measure is continually pushed out to the driver. IMHO The people most likely to believe "EPA miles" and most likely to get misled by it, are the...
  27. M3BlueGeorgia

    Going on first road trip (around 285 miles one way).. New owner.. Just a few questions. Thanks

    Good rule of thumb is to set your expectation of usable range to be 2/3rds of EPA range Because: 1) No sensible person charges to to 100% and then drives to zero 2) You are unlikely to achieve EPA efficiency, and reasonable expectation is 87% of EPA at freeway speeds 3) Tire choice matters...
  28. M3BlueGeorgia

    My 2018 Model X has terrible battery, roughly 120 miles ;(

    Not really, but you need to get more specific in terms of range. Basically, we don't have enough information to know if you have a problem. Are you getting something close to 75 kWh of charge from your car? That's the real measure of whether you have a battery problem. For example: If you add...
  29. M3BlueGeorgia

    Tesla created secret team to suppress thousands of driving range complaints

    Yes, but it is a totally self-inflicted injury A good example of spending many tens of thousands of dollars to respond to a symptom instead of fixing the cause for a a fraction of that. Basically Tesla's default for showing battery status should be percentage, just like other battery-powered...
  30. M3BlueGeorgia

    V11 2022.4.5 doesn't remember USB source

    Yes, the USB source issue actually got worse in 2023 😞
  31. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Clarksville, TN (cancelled)

    Wow, excellent move as Tesla has an excess of Supercharger stations between Nashville and Chattanooga, but none between Kuttawa and Nashville. Sorry that it's (obviously) dependent on Buc-ees construction, so that's going to take a while.
  32. M3BlueGeorgia

    Seatbelt warning when passenger seat is empty

    Re-seat belt warning... This only applies to the rear seats
  33. M3BlueGeorgia

    Seatbelt warning when passenger seat is empty

    There is You tap on the seatbelt warning icon on the screen and turn it into a car seat.
  34. M3BlueGeorgia

    2018 Model X 75D For Sale

    'Fraid the onus is on you. No indication whatsoever that the FSD license on my 2018 Model 3 doesn't transfer with the car if I sold it. So, do you have any proof for your allegation that it can't be transferred? Note: If you trade the car into Tesla, once they own it they can do what they want.
  35. M3BlueGeorgia

    2018 Model X 75D For Sale

    Citation required Basically, this statement appears to be untrue.
  36. M3BlueGeorgia

    Lease Return- windshield replacement- Can file through insurance or must replace at a Tesla dealership Out of Pocket?

    Windshield replacement is usually covered by the comprehensive part of your insurance policy, not the collision, so a claim shouldn't affect your insurance rates
  37. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Southaven, MS

    Didn't show up in the Navigator when I drove through Memphis yesterday, and yes I did check for it. 😃
  38. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Marietta, GA - Roswell Rd

    BTW It's not unusual for newly activated V3 chargers to experience teething problems. Still offline
  39. M3BlueGeorgia

    Faulty "Door is Open" Notification

    Does sound like a sensor issue in the door, so yes, setup a service appointment.
  40. M3BlueGeorgia

    When will Tesla add the following to the Route Planner: SOC at Arrival - Deleting individual Charge Starions - Display Non Tesla Charge Stations

    Unplug when the displayed Arrival percentage is where you want it. 😁 We do most of our road trips around the US Southeast and southern Midwest, and there is no perfect target percentage, as it varies depending on external temperature and whether there are intermediate Superchargers. Ex...
  41. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Marietta, GA - Roswell Rd

    Was at the Avenue today and the cones are still there preventing access.
  42. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Fenton, MO

    Good Coming NE up I-44, you can now do a quick pop-up at the V2 at Rolla, and then a proper charge in Fenton. 👍
  43. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Monteagle, TN

    The V3 in Kimball were almost empty today
  44. M3BlueGeorgia

    Nema 5-20? Moving soon trying to save money

    Why not have an electrician check the wiring to see if it is 20A capable, and if so, change the outlet to 5-20, then safely charge at 16A continuous. 😃
  45. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Monteagle, TN

    Tremendous density of superchargers in a short stretch of highway between Nashville and Chattanooga. Especially since the 10 slot V2 Supercharger at Manchester is rarely close to being 50% busy.
  46. M3BlueGeorgia

    Supercharger - Billings, MT - N. Frontage Rd. (LIVE 23 Aug 2023, 12 V3 stalls)

    Yes the 4 V2 chargers at Billings were a substantially under-configured Supercharger installation.
  47. M3BlueGeorgia

    First Time Driving Model Y, Nervous About Regen Braking?

    Use cruise control whenever possible The Regen braking is something you adjust to very quickly