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  1. gaswalla

    Tesla refusing to transfer lifetime supercharging after taking delivery.....disappointing.

    agree that there is no ambiguity about the rules.. if you thought a random guy in a Tesla shirt could overrule written policy, that was incorrect
  2. gaswalla

    2017 Model S P100D Still no update??? (2022.44.30)

    Cameras have nothing to do with updates in general. Unless you’re waiting to install FSD for the first time, and it never arrives - one of the reasons could be that you don’t have your correct hardware. (Cameras could be one reason if you have car that was originally AP2)
  3. gaswalla

    2012 model s sunroof leak?

    Yeah. It’s a thing w some 2012s. Assuming you’re not the original owner? some few unlucky cars never were able to be repaired
  4. gaswalla

    Keep 2016.5 90D or move to 2023 LR?

    if the cost of new isn't an issue, it's a no-brainer since FUSC will transfer... the new S's are a huge leap forward in every way... can't believe someone said the leather seats in a 2016 are better... those old seats were a disaster - even Elon made fun of those early seats (recently).. here's...
  5. gaswalla

    SoCal follow home murder

    California is a disaster condolences to the family
  6. gaswalla

    Supercharger - La Jolla, CA (permit found, 16 V3 stalls)

    I think the 'coming soon' now actually is limited to sites actually coming soon (6 months)... there are a bunch more being planned that aren't on the map that probably are coming after q2 2024
  7. gaswalla

    2014 P85D Error Thoughts?

    Third party is your only option, but seeing what Tesla (won't) offers probably will probably provide some data points. Electrified garage will probably help you out. Our Locations The bummer is that 057 is gone. And Tesla having an issue with your car having a 100 battery installed is lame...
  8. gaswalla

    BMS error today MX 2016 90D

    Jason is persona-non-grata after taking everyone's money for a "warranty program" and then going into hiding
  9. gaswalla

    BMS error today MX 2016 90D

    Your battery warranty is still active and about to expire... I'd go straight to the service center and not waste time here
  10. gaswalla

    Is there any way to justify having 2 cars for one person?

    some would say, 'can you justify having more bedrooms than people in your house?" of course. me: S for daily driver, X for family trips, and CT for carrying stuff and being cool.... rest of family has their own cars
  11. gaswalla

    Is this level of battery degradation normal

    I have no idea about the necessary details about your particular car, but with 99.99% likelihood, it is normal.
  12. gaswalla

    Lucid Gavity 😲 Awesome.. 440 Mi Range @ about $80K

    That RIvian SUV looks better, is available, and is cheaper, plus the company won't go bankrupt and be bought up for pennies by the Saudis. The Lotus Eletre seems more intriguing also.. 2024 Lotus Eletre Review, Pricing, and Specs
  13. gaswalla

    Who buys Tesla Model 3 with 100k miles at CarMax?

    have you googled your old VIN? it may give you an idea of what happened. you sold it just before the value plummeted - good for you! my guess, it went to auction
  14. gaswalla

    2017 Tesla Model S - Key Fob Low Battery

    use the link I posted... it works even though it shows as "sorry something went wrong"
  15. gaswalla

    2017 Tesla Model S - Key Fob Low Battery

    follow up - I have had this issue for past year.. based on above feedback, I put in a Panasonic key fob battery, and problem is resolved... never had this issue with my Model S's solution: Tesla Model X requires a Panasonic key fob battery only. bought this one: Sorry! Something went wrong!
  16. gaswalla

    Feeler: Unicorn 2015 P85DL+ Pearl White

    oh wow.. that is gorgeous.
  17. gaswalla

    2023 S/W Holiday Update

    based on history - a holiday update will be released with very little to get excited about... the stuff that used to work well will be broken and get fixed back to current status by May 2024
  18. gaswalla

    2017 Tesla Model S - Key Fob Low Battery

    I have the same issue w 2016X. It seems to be a sensor of some sort in the car, and not the fob battery. Have had the alert for a year, and the fobs work fine despite the warning.
  19. gaswalla

    Nose Cone Model S changes year to year?

    oh... the picture helps. That car does not have sensors.. you would have some on the bumper.. it is pre-parking sensors just go to ebay or a dismantler to get the cone... or Tesla if you have cash to burn.. it'll pop right in
  20. gaswalla

    Nose Cone Model S changes year to year?

    sounds like the prior owner upgraded aftermarket to the refreshed bumper. All 2014s came w the nose cone.
  21. gaswalla

    2017 p100d test drive found 800wh/mile ??

    January 2017 p100d has transferable FUSC if Tesla hasn’t taken ownership over the years. That’s why I asked
  22. gaswalla

    2017 p100d test drive found 800wh/mile ??

    is the P100d from January? it may have free supercharging
  23. gaswalla

    2023 Model S: The best camera, is no camera at all

    it makes no sense unless the ONLY goal is to save a few bucks per vehicle (and millions as a fleet)... the cars should all have a $3 water sensor for wipers, ultrasound sensors all around the car - even on the sides for parking and autopilot as well as radar and advanced radar. Use them until...
  24. gaswalla

    Is this normal?

    the fact that the door doesn't open on it's own is enough reason to keep moving along - it's probably a busted sensor, but maybe the sensors got messed up in huge repair job?... either way, you don't want to buy an X that already has door issues
  25. gaswalla

    Steering Wheel Bubbling From Heat - Warranty?

    it's historical and obvious based on chronology of events, being released right when the MCU's started melting (actually the glue in the MCU), back then, Tesla was covering the issue under warranty. Can't believe everything you Tesla tells you.
  26. gaswalla

    How is it Possible my 2023 MYLR Trade in value is so low?

    At least if you have a Plaid that fell in value, you still have a Plaid.. having a base model 3/Y fall in value hits hard twice
  27. gaswalla

    Free Supercharging transfer opportunity

    uh.. maybe folks over 80... look around and a bunch of young boomers are totally fine with tech.
  28. gaswalla

    Free Supercharging transfer opportunity

    you can monetize it.. if you have SC01 - transferrable FUSC.. "sell" current car to buyer, the buyer accepts the SC01 car on their app/Tesla account. This new owner then purchases their new vehicle and transfers FUSC over to it (now the new Tesla has SC05 - non transferrable). The buyer then...
  29. gaswalla

    Dead Mouse in Frunk. Countermeasures?

    https://www.amazon.com/Tomcat-Repellents-Rodent-Repellent-Continuous/dp/B012RGQVM0 bonus benefit is the minty scent that offsets the nasty Tesla AC smell
  30. gaswalla

    Tesla offers to transfer lifetime free supercharging to new vehicle

    1. you can get a Y for stalks (it's arguably the best vehicle currently sold by Tesla in the US) 2. you'd lose free premium connectivity 3.if you don't use your FUSC much, then yeah, this has less value 4. no need to trade in with Tesla 5. FUSC is a benefit for folks that drive (duh)
  31. gaswalla

    Free Supercharging transfer opportunity

    note that if you have SC01 (transferrable FUSC), the new car has FUSC that does NOT transfer to the next owner...
  32. gaswalla

    Supercharger - San Diego, CA - Fenton Pkwy (under construction Oct 2023, 8 stalls)

    Not worried about icing , but the last thing that parking lot needs is more traffic. Maybe if they expanded ingress and egress
  33. gaswalla

    Tire pressure hasn’t changed in 10 months!

    Go to a tire shop? Buy a five buck measuring device?
  34. gaswalla

    road hazard certificate, is it worth buying them right after vehicle delivery?

    On a Tesla, the lifespan of tires are so short, it makes less sense to get a road hazard warranty.. my opinion
  35. gaswalla

    New Tesla Universal Wall Connector not charging my 2011 Leaf :( [Resolved]

    I used to have a 2011 Leaf… what’s your range nowadays?
  36. gaswalla

    How to confirm if this 2016 MX includes FSD?

    If FSD is important to you, don’t get this car. It does not have FSD purchased. You could subscribe or purchase it though, and you would need to get the cameras updated and really really should get MCU2. At that point , you’ll regret not getting a new Y
  37. gaswalla

    Can I sell 2016 MX with FSD BETA prior to transferring my FSD to new MXLR?

    There were a number of media reports that Tesla allowed deliveries to take place after 9/30 od the order was put in. OP will be ok as long as he keeps ur FSD car for now
  38. gaswalla

    Purchasing 2017 p100d

    I'd recommend that 2020... far superior and the price difference is so small
  39. gaswalla

    Not Available WTB 2016-2017 Model S p100d with sc01

    you got a great deal!
  40. gaswalla

    Is this a good deal - 2013 Model S 60

    How much are they asking for the car? There is a such thing as a new battery vs refurbished, it’s technically a 90 kWh battery, but the owner may not be aware of this. The new batteries have a different chemistries than the original and are far superior (similar to the 100 batteries)in...
  41. gaswalla

    Just got my pack replaced: 1014116-00-c

    you're better off keeping that small bit software locked. It's unlikely going to make any difference realistically to have a few more miles of range, but by never seeing 100%, the battery should have longer longevity and less degradation over time. In fact, almost all the other car companies do...
  42. gaswalla

    Tesla app iOS Lock Screen widget not working!

    You can customize which car is handled by the widget. Go to your lock screen, click customize, double click on the Tesla widget and a menu will appear with your cars. .
  43. gaswalla

    "free supercharging for life"

    if the seller has the car on their app, the transfer is instant... no documents or anything. there must be a thread that discusses this, but I can vouch it's true
  44. gaswalla

    "free supercharging for life"

    https://www.tesla.com/support/how-add-or-remove-vehicles-tesla-app If you purchased your vehicle through a third party, you will need to claim ownership of the vehicle. To claim ownership of a vehicle, make sure you have access to Wi-Fi and the vehicle, then follow these steps: Open the Tesla...
  45. gaswalla

    Center Screen is leaking adhesive gel from the bottom

    get the MCU2 upgrade - well worth it and you get a new center screen as well as new instrument cluster screen... you will ultimately do this, so do it early without wasting time and money on other approaches
  46. gaswalla

    Fremont factory closes Mon 9/18/23 - Any speculation on what happens?

    you mean Austin? Or Berlin or Shanghai?
  47. gaswalla

    Used Model S Repairs/Service History

    Yeah, get a 100 battery. Those are tanks. It been 7 years, and no threads with folks complaining about their 100 batteries failing