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    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA

    Thanksgiving 2020? ;-)
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    T Sportline 19 TST Wheels For Sale for the Tesla Model S

    Hello, four (4) T Sportline 19 Wheels, four (4) TPMS v1, four (4) Tire Covers, all four (4) limited wear left Pirelli Winter tires These came off our 2013 S and have not been used in over 2 years. Don't have much need for them, since we have AWD. - Some thread left on the winter tires, but...
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    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA

    Sorry, I just saw this thread. I just noticed the permits, and they are from 6/8/2018 (yes, 2018!) The permit number is 18060751 Having said that, there has been activity recently: TYPE NUM INSPECTOR SCHED DATE INSP DATE INSP TIME RES CONFIRM NOTES ELECTRICAL TRENCH INSPECTION 1 BMD 08-21-2019...
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    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA

    I guess the proper thread for this is here: SuperCharger- Chestnut Hill
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    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA

    Yes. I missed the main picture.
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    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA

    Randonly ran into this but there appears to be a supercharger under construction in the Superlux / davios parking area. Luckily it’s pretty far away from the “prime” parking spots! Someone more well versed can probably divide out how many and if it’s an urban supercharger. Added my lunch...
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    Supercharger - Bronx, NY - Bay Plaza

    It’s open!’ It’s on my nav map!
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    Supercharger - Bronx, NY - Bay Plaza

    Sorry, I'm not in the area anymore and haven't been since I clicked pictures.
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    Supercharger - Bronx, NY - Bay Plaza

    What is that!?! EDIT: Never mind. Been using the super charger network since 2013, and still learning new things! "The eight bay setup takes a 12kV, 750kVA feed from the utility, steps it down to 480V three phase on site, pushes that into 2000A switchgear which feeds four (one for each pair of...
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    Supercharger - Bronx, NY - Bay Plaza

    Sorry if this is in the wrong location - on mobile.. I was super excited to find a new supercharger (cc @BlueShift ). There are 12 urban superchargers located in the garage of the baychester mall. There are two garages - the chargers being in the one that connects to Macy’s. The stalls are...
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    I found the baychester NYA BRONX NYC urban chargers. Will post a new thread.
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    Supercharger - Bethel, ME

    Any idea how many stalls?
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    2013 Model S, 85kWh battery, 90k miles, 224, 90% charge, blue.

    Car has been officially traded into Tesla for the amount listed. Thanks!
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    Dedham MA waiting room

    A bunch of afternoon deliveries were rescheduled for other days. Most likely the reason they pushed you up earlier.
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    2013 Model S, 85kWh battery, 90k miles, 224, 90% charge, blue.

    No rear facing seats and they cannot be retrofitted in my Vehicle because they lack the rear bumper strength.
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    2013 Model S, 85kWh battery, 90k miles, 224, 90% charge, blue.

    Thanks. Thanks updated post. Also added: - 35% tints all around, except front windshield - FOBO tire pressure monitoring for all 4 wheels. Vehicle has been in one minor accident where someone pulled into my lane before I actually drove past them (their fault). I say the damage is minor, but...
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    2013 Model S, 85kWh battery, 90k miles, 224, 90% charge, blue.

    As you can see. I am not really good at this. Should have had the car detailed before taking these lazy pictures Trying to upload pictures but the site is having issues. check out what I have here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/media/albums/bhuwans-tesla-photos.1110/
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    2013 Model S, 85kWh battery, 90k miles, 224, 90% charge, blue.

    Disclaimer: I stole this ad from my good friend Jim (ModelS1079) - because we are basically the same person with a few years between us ;-) reference: 2012 Model S, 85kWh battery, 134K miles, 234 miles max charge, blue. 2013 Model S, 85kWh battery, 90k miles, 224 90% charge, blue, deep...
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    2013 Model S 85kWT For Sale

    Curios - how much did you sell it for?
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    Supercharger - Darien CT Rest Area

    I just drove back to nyc (did this two weekends in a row, very different routes). I prefer 84 all the way to TZB and then palisades parkway .... on Sunday because of how bad traffic can be. To answer @Okemonkey ... Having said that, I rarely find the need to use Darien/Milford/greenwich...
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    Mt. Washington NH - Tesla car club 2015

    We should do it earlier in the summer! :)
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    Mt. Washington NH - Tesla car club 2015

    It has been so long, I feel like it's time we should do this again!
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    Anyone make the trip to "Jay Peak Resort"

    Just wanted to give a heads up that Tesla installed 14 chargers throughout the resort. I'm updating Plugshare, but here is the update: - 2 Tesla and 1 (J1772) at the Ice Haus Arena [self parking] - 3 Tesla and 1 (J1772) in the garage by the main entrance [valet only] - 3 Tesla and 1 (J1772) in...
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    Supercharger - West Hartford, CT

    I wonder what’s going on?
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    Supercharger - Framingham, MA

    Not much changes since last pics
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    Near annual replacement of 12V battery is typical according to Tesla Service Tech

    Having my 12V replaced today ... not covered under ESA, $235 expense, unfortunately. Are these replaceable outside of Tesla?
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    Got My Beauty Wrapped!!!

    Very nice, how much!!
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    New 90D AP 2.5??

    Got a link to any X's ?
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    Model X 90D Discounted inventory Cars - Great leases < $850 a month

    Sadly, I think these deals have dried up. Please post back if you hear of anything, or are able to score a deal!
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    Lucky break ordering my S 90D

    Noticed that there are tons of these 90Ds out there. Seems like they are all cream interior. Wonder why Tesla is still making 90D's? Model S 90D 5YJSA1E20HF215008 | Tesla, discount=7500, price=$87,200 Model S 90D 5YJSA1E20HF215042 | Tesla, discount=7500, price=$87,700 Model S 90D...
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    Tesla Email: $30,000 Off P100D!!!!

    If he posts a deal of Century, be sure to pass it on :-)
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    Tesla Email: $30,000 Off P100D!!!!

    So is your OA able to get some better deals?
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    Lucky break ordering my S 90D

    Send details please!
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    Like-new 2017 Model S 75D for sale or long-term rental

    Why don’t you just podt the numbers in the thread? Saves a pm to me and everyone else
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    Model X 90D Discounted inventory Cars - Great leases < $850 a month

    Anyone finding that there are still deals out there?
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    Do we expect a major update for MX 100D in the last quarter of 2017?

    Based on Tesla past history, I think there will be updates in some capacity.
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    looking for mx 100d deals

    Ask @SoCal Jimmy to refer you to his OA. He is really good.
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    Fantastic Tesla 90D Lease deals for someone ready to jump on it now -

    Thanks @SoCal Jimmy for all the information over the last year. He has posted a new thread re: 100D and P100D Lease deals. Posting it here so that others watching this thread are aware of it: 100D and P100D Q3 Sales Push starts today