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    Mobileye 2016 S Replacement AP1 Cruise Control

    What makes you think Tesla cannot source parts for AP1?
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    Protection against running over a person ??

    Wow. How should it be working? 1.) don’t have people stand in front of your car and try to run them over. 2.) pay attention while you’re driving That’s really it. This is literally the dumbest thing I have seen someone post on here in a while. Using an actual human to test emergency safety...
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    Model S Yoke Horn Confirmed

    With respect to the “peeling yoke revision”, every month they have been saying it will be out in July, then August, then September, then October… Total BS. They are just trying to string people along to reduce the number of rightfully claimed warranty repairs. I don’t care if they have to...
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    Model S Yoke Horn Confirmed

    Does not matter. There is still no hardware for a horn.
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    Airbag Horn… when?

    Yes, there is some “play” in the fitment of new airbag modules but still no hardware for a horn.
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    Airbag Horn… when?

    How do you prove a negative? If you really want to know the answer, remove your airbag module and look for any electronics to support a horn. They ain’t there.
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    2021 Model S windshield Distortion resolution?

    That’s called insurance fraud
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    Airbag Horn… when?

    Never going to happen. Another lie from elon.
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    Hooking up my salesperson

    They get paid by Tesla. If you really have been involved in retail sales, then you know there really is no “sales” component to their job. You either click the buy button or you don’t. But feel free to give them money if you like. If I were you, I would wait until after delivery and see how...
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    Steering wheel is offset or just me?

    Because after 1000 miles there are many things that could happen to throw off your alignment.
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    FSD price reduced, Musk says it is too cheap now.

    Remember when the price was only ever going to go up and FSD was only ever going to increase in value? Yeah…add it to the stack.
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    FSD purchase transfer or refund advice

    You fell for Elon’s scam and are SOL. You could potentially attempt to trade in the MX for another vehicle and do the FSD transfer (if the promotion is still running). But that’s about it. You could also feel free to find someone to take on a class action. But again, I doubt you’ll see much...
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    Model Y back seat rattle: SC claims it's by design. Any fix?

    Funny. I’ve never had a Porsche service center tell me a rattle was “by design” and could not be fixed.
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    Getting tools for a Model S

    You shouldn’t need more than a plastic pry tool and a set of sockets to accomplish what you are looking to do. I understand your excitement, but you’re overthinking it. This isn’t a car you will be “working” on.
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    Tesla will not Sell you vehicle without proof of residence in state where car is located.

    Correct. They used to do home-deliveries to satisfy this requirement. Not sure why the service isn’t offered anymore since customers were paying for the transport.
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    Getting tools for a Model S

    There really isn’t going to be much you can maintain outside of fluids and wheels/tires. Remember, there is a high-voltage electrical system in this vehicle and you probably are not an electrician.
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    MYAWD: Two SC visits and they can't figure this noise out

    Jokes on you. They already have your money and there’s nothing you can really do about it.
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    Tesla Service Going Downhill

    You realize BMW sells entry-level vehicles <$40K as well, right? I don’t consider Tesla to be a luxury brand either, but that is how they position themselves and that’s who their competition is.
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    Tesla will not Sell you vehicle without proof of residence in state where car is located.

    This isn’t a Tesla issue. It is a state of Texas issue. I live in NH and have picked up vehicles in IL, NJ, and NY. I am not allowed to pick up a vehicle in my neighboring state of MA because they also have a pay-sales-tax-at-point-of-purchase “law”.
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    6,000 dollar AC failure and fix on Model S

    But…but…but…Teslas are maintenance free! Guidance is, you own an expensive vehicle out of warranty. This is probably one of the *least* costly repairs you will be looking at. Sell the vehicle immediately if you aren’t comfortable with a $10-20K battery or drivetrain replacement in your future...
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    Beware of ordering Tesla in NH!

    So there is a benefit to the dealership model after all :D
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    Scrape on base of tesla model 3

    It’s clearly totaled.
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    Enhanced Autopilot

    If you are looking to Tesla for answers you won’t get any. And that should tell you all you need to know.
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    When was the cabin camera added to Model X?

    I don’t think you should worry about that. It’s not happening.
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    Steering problem after state inspection

    A state inspection shop isn’t doing anything which would impact Tesla’s software.
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    New Standard Range Model X and Model S - what's in the battery pack?

    Okay. But it isn’t under $80K. It’s not even close. And the standard packs would qualify for the credit, so who cares if it’s LFP or not?
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    New Standard Range Model X and Model S - what's in the battery pack?

    There is no federal tax credit applicable to the MX. Unless you’re saying the LFP packs would change that?
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    New Standard Range Model X and Model S - what's in the battery pack?

    Not really. The value proposition was in the range. An MX with a rated range of 269 miles for $90K is not great.
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    Beware of ordering Tesla in NH!

    You are conflating two issues. 1.) NH resident purchasing a vehicle in Massachusetts 2.) NH resident purchasing a vehicle (anywhere) and moving to MA within a 6 month period. Then they would be required to register the vehicle in MA and also get hit with sales tax due to length of ownership.
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    Beware of ordering Tesla in NH!

    This is not correct. You pay tax in MA at the point of sale. And a NH resident would not be registering a vehicle at the MA DMV.
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    Model Y Voltex Wing?

    I sure hope not…
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    Beware of ordering Tesla in NH!

    That’s not true at all. You *can* pick it up in MA but you will be required to pay MA sales tax at point of purchase. No NH resident would ever agree to that. Mt Kisco, NY and NJ are your closest pickup options that would not require you to pay sales tax. I am no fan of Tesla or the way they...
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    Opt out arbitration clause

    Yes. Instructions are in your MVPA docs.
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    Arbitration - Advice needed

    Because OP is in Florida
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    Arbitration - Advice needed

    Arbitration definitely works. You’re just not coming in with as strong a position as if you opted out. Definitely engage Tesla in the process though if you have not been getting any satisfaction through service.
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    Arbitration - Advice needed

    Did you opt out of arbitration when you bought the vehicle? That puts you in a much stronger position. If not, your MVPA contains details on how to begin the process.
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    Not refunding money, ignoring mails

    File a chargeback with your bank or credit card company.
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    Is the 2023 Model X suspension just not refined?

    I’ll say it again; do your own searches then. This is one of hundreds of threads relating to suspension ride quality.
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    Is the 2023 Model X suspension just not refined?

    Jesus…how lazy are you? I suggested using the search function and you respond asking me to literally do the search for you. Fine. Here’s a 13 page thread on the air suspension in the refresh MS/MX and how it does not work as designed. You can search for the rest on your own...
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    Is the 2023 Model X suspension just not refined?

    I don’t know how else to say it. There are HUNDREDS of pages of people complaining about suspension. You’re either not searching or just spamming for clicks.
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    Tesla stock price if had not been influenced by entities that would lose big bucks if Tesla successful

    Do you seriously think anyone is manipulating the stock more than the CEO every time he goes on a childish tweeting-binge?
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    Is the 2023 Model X suspension just not refined?

    There are hundreds-long pages of post about shitty suspension. It was all anyone talked about with the MY for years. The new “Adaptive” suspension on the MS/MX doesn’t work at all depending how much kool aid one drinks. Compared to comparable offerings from BMW/Merc/Porsche, the MS/MX...
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    Laminated glass and emergency breaking of glass

    They do not work. Look at some videos on YouTube of lifehammers vs. laminated glass.
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    Is the 2023 Model X suspension just not refined?

    It’s not just the 2023 Suspension. IMO *all* Tesla suspension sucks with the possible exception of the 2015 P85D+. And even that was not “refined”, just better than what they replaced it with
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    Uberturbine Wheel Market Price Going Up?

    Lolz! You want to know if your used wheels and tires are going to appreciate in value? Did elon send out a tweet that we all missed?
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    Tesla Service Going Downhill

    How can you go downhill when you’ve always been at the bottom of it?
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    Is the steering wheel retrofit available right now?

    It is “available”. Meaning you can purchase it under the upgrades section. No indication of lead time for install.