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  1. KenC

    Front Passenger Safety Restraint System Fault

    My own experience. I have an almost 5yr old 2018 Model 3 LR-AWD, with 55k miles. A year and a half ago, I got the warnings, took it in and they replaced a passenger seat harness under warranty: Then, after that I got more errors, so they added the OCS filter under warranty: Now, it's happening...
  2. KenC

    Model 3 with FSD on Road Trip

    Sounds good! I estimate an additional 5% usage for rain. When you say, FSD, I'm assuming it wasn't the beta version. That one is quite good, on surface roads. I used to let the car do its own thing, when lane-changing, but I now do the confirmation. That way, the car changes lanes only when I...
  3. KenC

    Max miles decrease 223 miles at 80%

    Yep, agreed. I only got the OBDII dongle and SMT, a year and a half ago, so the highest I saw was around 77.0kWh, back in June of last year, about 19k miles ago.
  4. KenC

    Max miles decrease 223 miles at 80%

    Oh my god, I spoke too soon. My battery has decided it was only kidding:
  5. KenC

    Model 3 pre-2021 owners, would you downgrade the software to what it was when you bought the car if you could?

    Mine is now 5yrs old, and I haven't documented the changes, but perhaps, the big improvements were earlier. Your experience sounds like an outlier, and you should talk to your service center. It's obvious you have been talking to your service center, so it's hard to say what to do in your shoes...
  6. KenC

    80%Soc Still charging at 90KW

    Interesting. At 80%, you'd typically see it at around 70kW. A tiny bit of an outlier. Edit, just noticed you mentioned it's a LFP. I have no idea what LFP charge rates look like. Okay, I went to Teslalogger.de to look at charge curves, and this is what it shows for LFP. According to their data...
  7. KenC

    New style supercharger!

    That's cool, but ideally, any new pedestals should all be pull-thru, to accommodate trailers and all sorts of new receptacle locations as Tesla opens up the network to other mfrs' vehicles.
  8. KenC

    Max miles decrease 223 miles at 80%

    The OP's deg seems normal. You'll be happy to know, my 5yr-old 3 has finally decided to show less than 310 miles:
  9. KenC

    Elevation bug, and the car reverses instead of moving forward in Drive (D)

    At least your driving and elevation change offset one another!
  10. KenC

    Passenger restraint system fault rendering car unsafe with passenger

    I got this error after moving the passenger seat all the way forward in order to fit something in back. I decided to move the seat back to its normal position, and no more error.
  11. KenC

    All the warning lights came on while I was driving

    I'd take a look at the error checklist. And then take a look thru the service menu to see if everything checks out normal.
  12. KenC

    Hit obstacle on road, some damage under. Does service center fix these? Attached image

    I suppose it would make sense to study the repair manual with the parts shown, to see what is this Front HV skid plate. Is that the part? It's clearly cracked. I'd worry about intrusion, mostly water intrusion. If you're going with #2 option, I'd want to have that opening closed in order to...
  13. KenC

    Hit obstacle on road, some damage under. Does service center fix these? Attached image

    Well, that's confusing. They void your battery warranty because the battery "could" have been damaged?!? What? It is or it isn't, right? They've only listed 3 things need replacing, the fabric undertray. That little metal flange in front of the battery, that got shredded. And the bushing...
  14. KenC

    Hit obstacle on road, some damage under. Does service center fix these? Attached image

    Wow, lucky not to have damaged the coolant hoses to the battery. Actually, it looks like that slice almost hit the HV cables. I drew in an arrow, showing what I think was the line of the slice in your fabric undertray. Any deeper and it would have got your coolant hose and/or HV wires. If it...
  15. KenC

    Dead 2020 Model 3 - outside of warranty

    Glad it worked out for you. Having said that, a couple people rec'd venting the passenger window, and opening the door!
  16. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    A week ago, I got that FluidFilm stuff, $10/can, and sprayed my metal brake lines. I also took a pic to try to better understand how debris gets up and under the undertray, etc... That's the view from below, from where a tire might be meeting the road, and you can see my metal undertray, and...
  17. KenC

    Full Size Spare Tire - everything I learned after 3 months of research

    There's another large thread on jacks and compact spares. I rotated my tires last April, using my spare tire jack. I have a floor jack, but sometimes I do it with my Porsche jack, just to make sure I haven't removed something from my car by accident. I put a piece of leftover IPE decking under...
  18. KenC

    Rocks fall off a truck and damage bonnet and windscreen

    You can try, but that looked impossible to tell.
  19. KenC

    How to purge air for nitrogen

    I kind of like the seasonality of the pressures. In Winter, I like my tires a little lower in pressure, to better float/grip on the snowy roads. On highways and most roads nowadays, the roads are salted and you tend to get slush, which thinner higher-pressure tires will clear better. But I...
  20. KenC

    Weird dc-dc output current in Scan My T3sla

    Interesting. I'd maybe contact the SMT developer, perhaps they would know.
  21. KenC

    How to purge air for nitrogen

    Interesting. If you feel like lowering your pressures is somehow going to damage your sidewalls in the short amount of time it takes, you can always jack up that side of the car, while you fill the tires. No load, no harm to the sidewalls.
  22. KenC

    Newbie questions for a Model 3

    With Sentry on, you can easily lose 1.3miles/hr, so 15hrs can result in 20miles of loss.
  23. KenC

    Still charging at full speed

    I don't really know about what happened with throttling on Model S, but my thinking is that throttling happens naturally as batteries experience lithium plating. No charging speed issues with my 5yr old 3. As for your SOC drop, did the ambient temps drop in the 9 days you were gone. If you...
  24. KenC

    jacking car up after [tire] puncture

    I rotated my tires last month, using a scissor jack on grass, but I put a thin piece of Ipe wood, leftover when building my deck, underneath to provide a flat base. And yes, I carry a compact spare. Yes, I also have AAA Premier. I live in Maine, and ski a lot. While cell coverage and charging...
  25. KenC

    Water in trunk. Like inside the metal trunk body panel...

    So, it's collecting somewhere in the hatch, itself, and when you swing it open, the water comes running back out and into your trunk. Me, I always try to fix stuff myself, first, because it's a 3hr drive to a Service Center. Oftentimes, the owner knows better than the SC which only has a short...
  26. KenC

    Rolled forward on its own in the garage?

    Weird occurrence. No clue how it could happen, though a flat garage floor would help. Maybe something like this could help.
  27. KenC

    M3 Alignment+Tires after 5 years

    You've had the OEM tires on your car for almost 5yrs, and only driven 27.5k miles? Impressive. Your tires have even wear across the tread? Also impressive for almost 5yrs. If your wheels are aligned, they're aligned. I've had the Quatrac Pros for a year, and they're very good. No issues. Your...
  28. KenC

    Is this rusted piece dangerous or replaceable?

    Yes, it's cheaper to have someone do it for you, even Tesla will send Mobile Rangers to you to do it, for a fairly reasonable price. I like to do it, not to save money, but it's good to know how to do it, and gives you a chance to inspect your tires/wheels for damage, check your brake pad depth...
  29. KenC

    Is this rusted piece dangerous or replaceable?

    You don't use a torque wrench to loosen nuts. That'd be nutty.
  30. KenC

    Is there a single source to view ALL EV charging stations?

    Others may know more, but I'm kinda partial to ABRP. Even though Rivian has bought them, the info is very Tesla friendly. You can input your trip and tell it to use other types of chargers, like this quick roundtrip I punched in from Austin to LA and back. I told it to also use other chargers...
  31. KenC

    Can anyone help me with these 2 problems please ?

    I posted a link over in your other thread. If you use a regular tire iron, it's pretty much as tight as you can make it to reach 129lb-ft. Under upgrades, you have a subscribe section:
  32. KenC

    Is this rusted piece dangerous or replaceable?

    Get yourself a ½"torque wrench, not a ⅜". And, get the right sized adapter to fit the nuts. It's pretty much at the top end of the torque tightening range. Here's one that looks like mine, but I'm sure you can find good ones that cost more and some that cost less. Torque wrench on Amazon
  33. KenC

    Can anyone help me with these 2 problems please ?

    You have EAP, so, upgrading to FSD is $6k, but you need the HW3 chip, since yours came with HW2.5. If you get the HW3 upgrade, some people have reported it's free, and not $1k. There's a thread on here about that. And, once you get the HW3 upgrade, you don't have to pay $6k for FSD, you can pay...
  34. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    Who are you asking? Me? The OP's undertray is plastic, I believe. My one yr old metal plate is fine except for that weird little oil drain flap which is rusty. Could be my torx screws I used, they may not have been original. Anyway here are two images I took of it, from bottom and top: You can...
  35. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    I dunno. In the Spring, I always lift my car, and remove the snow tires, or if I don't have snow tires, I rotate my tires. Either way, I always do an inspection, check the pads/rotors, lube the pins, look at the suspension. Doesn't everyone? As for the undertray, that has only been in recent...
  36. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    Ok, so do you think maybe the corrosion is recent? Has NH changed their salt mix recently? Here in Maine, it's rained excessively this Summer, setting records. Did you have a lot of mud? Mud season was pretty bad around here. That's the only photo I have, but it was much much worse than that...
  37. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    Last thought, how often do you rotate your tires, do you do it yourself or do you have Tesla or someone rotate them for you? I ask because, the brake lines are visible when you remove your wheels. I specifically do the rotations myself, so I can inspect my tread, look at my pads and rotors, and...
  38. KenC

    Dirt Roads and Salt Brine: Rusted 2 Y.O. Model Y Rear Brake Lines in New Hampshire

    Wow, fascinating thread. Thanks to everyone who contributed to it. I got linked over from the 3 forum. One question I had is why is the brake line corroded in one section and not the other? Is it touching the aluminum casting in the corroded section? Just wondering if maybe creating a little...
  39. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    One other thought, what is your car washing routine? Do you use a high-pressure washer for your wheels and wheel well? Just trying to figure out why there's so much muck caked up. I used to handwash in the winter, whenever it got above freezing, for the first 2 winters. After, I got lazy. I...
  40. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    I'm trying to understand what else could be different between our two cars, since I think they're quite similar: 2018s, check. In neighboring states with lots of salt and sand in winter, check. Live on dirt road, check. How long is your dirt road? Mine's 1/4mile. Ski a lot in winter, check. Do...
  41. KenC

    Did this mechanic damage my steering system?

    You can feel feathering, by running your hand, back and forth, over the inner tread. It'll feel rough one way, smooth the other. Easier to feel it, than see it.
  42. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    Yep, good idea. When my car was 7months old, I had an alignment done, and it was still early enough, summer 2019, that it was the first 3 my local tire shop had seen. So, I helped them, and got to take pics as well. That's the rear motor. I must have deleted the front motor pics, by mistake...
  43. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    It has to be high salt concentrations causing galvanic corrosion, no? Dirt isn't the issue, but corrosion.
  44. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    Haha, no! I don't think so. I only installed the metal cover last year, so I've driven 4yrs with the OEM fabric undertray, and only the past year have I had the metal one.
  45. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    And, here's the closest comparable view I could make. Dave's on top, mine on bottom: I realize Dave removed the little flange at the edge of the battery, which seems to have collected a lot of grit. I didn't realize that, until looking at the images later. For whatever reason, mine seems to have...
  46. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    David's pics had me insanely worried, since I'm in a very similar situation; as my 2018 lives in the next state over, and we use a lot of salt and sand on the roads as well; not to mention, I live on a dirt road, and I ski a lot! So, I put my car on rhino ramps. I have barely any room to...
  47. KenC

    Did this mechanic damage my steering system?

    A noise could be indicative of unusual tread wear. Did you take any pictures of the inner treads? Did you take measurements? Was it cupping or feathering? What did the tech think and say was the cause of this slight wear issue? Was it both fronts? One front? Rears? If you do have a wear issue...
  48. KenC

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    Wow, just wow. The battery pack didn't look all that corroded, but those brake lines and the underbody were serious. I'm going to put my car up on the rhino ramps today, and drop the front and back under trays and take a look. I've done the front a couple times, once to tighten the front...
  49. KenC

    Did this mechanic damage my steering system?

    Okay, did I miss something, WHY did he want to show you the wear pattern on the tires? And, were the tires rotated?