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    Tesla Teams with Ruby Tuesday For Supercharger Installs

    Here is one picture from the other side. Waitress told us that they get mor business from the Supercharger than expected.
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    Tesla Teams with Ruby Tuesday For Supercharger Installs

    Update: waitress told us that they get more business through the charger than they expected. Also picture from the other side. This is a new charger with all equipment in the open. You can also see that Tesla is developing standardized foundations that can be lifted into place by a crane. Will...
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    Tesla Teams with Ruby Tuesday For Supercharger Installs

    Bangor, Maine at Ruby Tuesday. Our first SuC in a few thousand miles. We are towing our camping trailer across Canada and part of the US with an MX.Www.TeslaXCanada.com Awesome, one stall is perfect for trailer towing. Chargers are at the end of the parking lot, so unlikely to get ICEd.
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    Initial trailer pulling report - 90D and Airstream 22ft Bambi Sport

    The LED problem is strange. Our Alto Safari Condo R1723 has all around LED light. They just work fine. No adaptor needed. Thanks for the number and good luck. We are now 13,000 km into out cross Canada trip. One more province and we are done.
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    TeslaXCanada - One Wild Idea

    Latest Video online. "Of Dinosaurs and Spaceships"
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    TeslaXCanada - One Wild Idea

    Best follow on Facebook www.facebook.com/teslax.canada.5 for up-to-date location information. We often also post a GLYMPSE link so you can follow our progress in real-time.
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    TeslaXCanada - One Wild Idea

    Thanks for subscribing.
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    TeslaXCanada - One Wild Idea

    I am sure we will do that. But it may take until May next year. We may not be home before then.
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    TeslaXCanada - One Wild Idea

    We left beginning of June. See our blog and videos. This is our send-off video from Victoria.
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    TeslaXCanada - One Wild Idea

    Quebec middle to late August I guess.
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    TeslaXCanada - One Wild Idea

    Busy, busy. Way behind on videos. Listen to the TalkingTesla podcast. We are reporting some numbers there. I assume that they will put our recording into number 44.
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    TeslaXCanada - One Wild Idea

    Yep. Kenora, about 1 week ago. Sadly the Sun Country charger at the Clarion does not work, and the new owners do not really care. I talked with the Sun Country technician and opened it up. Looks like the motherboard is broken. Nothing I could do. Thwre is a chance it gets realocated to the...
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    TeslaXCanada - One Wild Idea

    Hi Jessica Thanks for using our referral code and congratulations for taking the leap to the MX. Yes, Safari Condo takes referrals. We will ask them for details. We will visit the factory next months. Any questions you want us to ask? I know that they have quite a back log. It will take about...
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    We are in Sakatchewan flat now. Did some tests today in heavy rain with 20km/h headwind. We only had a short distance (120km) to travel so I could play around. Conditions: Headwind 20 km/h, gusting higher, heavy rain All test were done over 10km only. I ran Motion GPX to ensure we did not have...
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    Sunshade UnNeeded!

    Used the X without sunshade for 3 days. Tried it for 1 minute. It is lost in the garage somewhere now.
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    TeslaXCanada - One Wild Idea

    Hi everybody. We are Silke, Rolf and Kye "wuff". We are on our trip across Canada from Victoria to St. John's Newfoundland with our Model X towing a camping trailer. We will be posting here about our experiences, or provide links to our videos and blog posts.
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Okay guys. We are on our way. In Calgary right now. Detailed information about consumtion at various speeds can be found in our Youtube videos. Tesla X Canada Not surpisingly speed is largest contributor to range loss. Some rough numbers here. A lot of mounains in BC. Going accross the prairies...
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    I measured about 250 pounds before loading. Most loading is behind the axle, so it shoud drop a little bit. Had no chance to check after loading.
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    That is our trailer with the MX of Ed Heymann from Everett. He was so very kind to come up to Victoria and tow our trailer in the parade. We got our sig X only 2 weeks after the parade.
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    What will you name your Model X?

    "Heart of Gold". MS85 before was "Forty Two".
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Signature 2617
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Not only did you miss the Model X, but you also missed Queen Vctoria.
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Yep. A friend sighted it today at the SC in Vancouver.
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Currently over 200 lbs. But we have not loaded her up yet, and I installed a large LiFePo battery.
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    That was our Alto. The Model X was from very helpful owner from Everett. He drove up here to tow our trailer in the parade. Our Model X is apparantly in transit from Fremont. I have installed 800W of solar and 5kWh of LiFePo. Did a test charge of my wife's MS85 from the trailer battery...
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    We got our Alto R1723. Here I am test fitting the LiFePo batteries and battery box.
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    List what you LIKE/DISLIKE about Model 3 Prototype - Please share your opinions

    Like: The looks, especially when side-by-side with the already gorgeous S. Dislike: The small trunk access. I want a hatchback - pleeeaaassseeee. Less futuristic dashboard. But I am sure that will change.
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    Firmware 7.1

    We are on a long road trip in the US with our Canadian S85D. Will we be able to download the 7.1 upgrade through LTE/3G or only wifi? Will we get the notice while out of country with the car? Seen nothing yet.
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    I was able to upgrade my regular reservation to Signature 17th November, but no sign of the link to configure yet. Delivery specialist in Fremont keeps telling me for the last 3 weeks that I will see it really soon.
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    Model S Energy usage empty fully loaded car

    I think your comment is not quite fair and I find nothing frustrating about the prediction calculation. I use it all the time and it works great for me, but one has to understand what is happening. Most of the extra consumption on this trip is from the extra drag of the Thule box, which the car...
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    Next Gen Seat Heaters - Worthless

    I just ran into the same issue today. While I would not call the Next Gen seat heaters worthless, I was a little disappointed today while driving my wife's car with temps in the low 30s. Car had been outside overnight, but pre-heated for 20 minutes. My car has First Gen seats. My wife's car has...
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    We ordered our Safari Condo Alto R1723. Caravane Alto 1723. We will get it in May 2016. Now all we need is our MX. Delivery Specialist at Tesla keeps tell us that we will get our invite to configure very soon.
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    Tow Mode adjust Trip Energy Prediction display/processing?

    That would be great. We are planning a long trip with our MX next summer. - - - Updated - - - Would also be great to have an option to display a backup camera of the trailer on the screen.
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    Just sayin'

    I love the new front of the X. Finally The X is not trying to look like a gas car.
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Thank you all for adding to the wealth of information. I believe drag is the most important factor for good range. So any trailer that reduces the frontal area is a big help, since the drag coefficients are probably pretty much the same, even for the tear drop style ones. I definitly do not...
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    During the Model X launch event an Airstream was towed on the stage as an example. We are looking for a camping trailer. Our requirements are as follows: 2 independent sleeping areas shower/toilet light weight and aerodynamic for good range ample space on the roof to put semi-flexibe solar...
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    Key Fob Design for Model X

    Yes you can set up many named drivers. Much better than the different fobs. My wife and I always have keys to both our S's in our pockets. Would be confusing to the car with cutom fobs.
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    Towing Capacity Questions and probably an easy answer

    I think if Tesla would design the X to tow more, people would complain about the short range. They just can't win with today's batteries in this field against a V8 polluter. Thermal limitations probably also play into it. The Model S starts to cut back power when pushing it hard on a race track...
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    Model X Launch invites have gone out

    Got our invite this morning at 8:06. RSVPed within 2 minutes of seeing it at :9:10 as wife said "We ARE going". Lucky us - now at capacity. We are coming from Victoria and have no complaints that it is only a few days. We are reservation #CDN561 - must be about P10,000. Have a MS85 and a MS85D...
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    Tremonton supercharger to Boise supercharger (271 miles)

    Twin Falls SC has the permit. It shows to be online before the end of the year.
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    Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged

    Warren Buffet invested quite a bit in BYD.
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    Email on Aug 31 "Tesla Updates: August 2015"

    Checked my profile for correct email address and made sure the check mark is set for receiving news. No email ever though from Tesla in 14 months.
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    The Great Pretender - the German car industry

    A great article from Germany (in English) on the lack of interest by the German auto industry to build a real electric car like Tesla. http://www.roederhallo.de/2015/08/20/the-great-pretender/ The write up also references a TV program - in German language only. (Come on Google. When is Google...
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    Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged

    I took a neighbour for a spin in an ordinary 85D. Later he told me that he used to fly second seat in an F18. He said the first time I accelerated onto the freeway in a slight curve and floored it from maybe 15mph, he felt for the first time in a long time like pulling G's in a fighter plane...
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    Delay in model X launch?

    I have heard from Tesla service in Canada that there will be no Model X delivered to customers in Canada this year. May or may not be true. I am waiting for my X and not expecting delivery before March 2016 for order #561 (Canadian).
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    Started watching "Going RV" and now getting anxious and impatient :)

    We sold our E350 class C early this year, feeling very uncomfortable driving such a gas guzzler. I have been thinking about towing a camping trailer with the X too. However, we like to go from the PNW all the way to Florida in the winter. With a Model X and a trailer, that will still be a...
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    We aren’t giving Tesla enough credit for how incredible the Model S is

    We also seem to forget that the Model S really is Tesla's first car. Then we go and compare the fit and finish with cars from other luxury car manufcaturers, like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, etc. I do the same thing. All these manufacturers had many decades to perfect their production and...
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    Firmware 6.2

    Thanks. Was hoping for something great - Autopilot steering. But did not really expect it. I guess that will be another few weeks or even months.
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    Firmware 6.2

    New Firmware - 6.3? Just saw the notice that a new firmware is available. Scheduled it to install late tonight. Does anybody know what is new in it? Can I go back and change my mind to install it now?
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    Factory Tour

    Got the date and time. Thanks.