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  1. meloccom

    Tesla Wheel Lug Nuts for Model S

    There have been a number of types used. On my 2014 Model S the lug nuts have a chrome sleeve over them and this is often distorted by power tools that tyre shops use to remove a replace them. Later models I understand have a removable cap that comes off before you use a tool to remove them, thus...
  2. meloccom

    Cybertruck Waiting Room - Australia

    Moderators note Fewer poop emojis and associated words please. You can express your opinions without these embellishments that have a tendency to start flame wars.
  3. meloccom

    Cybertruck Waiting Room - Australia

    Also Jason’s full review of CyberTruck
  4. meloccom

    Cybertruck Waiting Room - Australia

    I have zero interest in a vehicle like the Cybertruck, but after watching this YT video of Jason Cammisa’s 3 day test, I’m beginning to see what an engineering achievement it is. The video is worth 1 hour 22 minutes of your time but the language is NSFW.
  5. meloccom

    Cybertruck Waiting Room - Australia

    I can only assume that if you click through on Learn, then the Get Updates and sign up for information you will be telling Tesla that there’s interest in Cybertruck in Australia and they may be more likely to make one in RHD.
  6. meloccom

    Cybertruck Waiting Room - Australia

    Plus official YouTube video
  7. meloccom

    Cybertruck Waiting Room - Australia

    Cybertruck launch and delivery event overnight. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2023/nov/30/tesla-cybertrucks-delivery-begins?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other...
  8. meloccom

    Australian Model Y Waiting Room

    There are a number of threads on this forum discussing apartment charging. Do a search in “This Forum “ and you’ll find a number, including this one. installing EV charger apartment complex Basically you are at the mercy of your owners corporation, particularly if you rent. If you own, now is...
  9. meloccom

    Tesla Model Y-LR in Australia

    Except that in Australia, we are approaching Summer, so snow chains are a low priority right now.
  10. meloccom

    Australian Model Y Waiting Room

    Sounds like your landlord is spending too much time listening to 2GB and Fox News. All you can do is point out that EV sales have reached 8.5% of the new car market in Australia and he or she will be running into this problem increasingly in the future and they need to think about how they will...
  11. meloccom

    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    What you are describing is Car Relay Attack where thieves attempt to remotely clone your security device, fob or phone in this case, to unlock your car and steal it. All Teslas have an option to turn on PIN to Drive, where you have to enter a 4 digit PIN into the touch screen before the car will...
  12. meloccom

    Tesla Wheel Lug Nuts for Model S

    If you find some let me know. ;) Most of them seem to be anodized in different colours for the boy racer crowd.
  13. meloccom

    Tesla opening up the Supercharger network in Australia to other brand EVs.

    A mini Cooper electric has the charge port on the right rear so would have to take up the parking space on the wrong side of a Supercharger taking 2 out of service but it looks like it could be done.
  14. meloccom

    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    My Model S does not have ventilated seats, but I've seen a few cars with this feature and can't say I've seen this as a problem that couldn't be solved by a good vacuum followed by a wipe with a damp cloth.
  15. meloccom

    Australian Model Y Waiting Room

    Having owned a Tesla for going on 9 years I have seen the complete gamut of Tesla service levels. In the early days it was terrific, but that's likely because there were so few cars on the road and not much going wrong. As time went by it became harder to get an appointment, but when they...
  16. meloccom

    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    If you like white, order it and don't worry about staining. I have a Model S with creme leather and new jeans do leave a slight mark, but it cleans off with a wet cloth or just any good upholstery shampoo if you leave it for a long time. Since I applied leather conditioner it is more resistant...
  17. meloccom

    Australian Model Y Waiting Room

    My car song is Golden Brown by The Stranglers. Yes I’m a bit strange, but “Never a frown with Golden Brown”.
  18. meloccom

    Home charging

    My BYD owning neighbour tells me that BYD forums are all Facebook groups
  19. meloccom

    Charging from Excess Solar with Teslapy

    My Ego mower is approaching 10 years old and is still going strong. The battery died under warranty but was replaced by a slightly higher capacity one by the manufacturer. I have some areas of the garden that are constantly wet and it gets through them okay if I’m careful, but you can bog it if...
  20. meloccom

    40amp Single Phase wall charger info

    This is the label on my 3 phase V2 Wall Connector. It can charge my twin charger Model S at 22Kw. IIRC the earliest batch of Model S were supplied with Hong Kong charge connectors, then they were replaced some time later With V2 units like mine, however for anyone who wanted a second wall...
  21. meloccom

    Australian Model 3 Waiting Room

    Yes, they are required by law in NSW. Most likely RMS will give you a set when you swap to your premium plates but you can also buy them from places like Supercheap Auto.
  22. meloccom

    Bluetooth and Phone

    I have a Model S. When an incoming call arrives, two boxes with a green and red phone icon appear. I tap the green one to answer and it comes through the car speakers. Im sure there’s a way to answer on the steering wheel but I once pressed wrong and hung up on someone, so I use the screen as it...
  23. meloccom

    Bluetooth and Phone

    What model of iPhone and what iOS is it running. Have you tried removing and re-Pairing your iPhone? Have you tried a change wheel type reboot of your Model Y?
  24. meloccom

    Model S 12v battery

    For what it’s worth I had a new 12V battery replaced in September 2022, just over a year ago. Cost was $242.00 which included fitting, which is not easy on the early Model S. The service was done by the mobile service, originally for an issue with my wipers. As my car was turning 8 years old at...
  25. meloccom

    Cascading rainbow

    It sounds like you have activated Raibow Road. This is an Easter egg in the Autopilot software that activates if you press to activate AP a number of times in quick succession. I think the number is 5 times but I’m uncertain. The only way I have been able to turn it off is to reboot the centre...
  26. meloccom

    Weird indications.....

    If the 2 finger reset doesn’t work, you can try the Wheel Configuration reset. In the Service menu click on Wheel Configuration, select a different type of wheel and click confirm. The car will reboot and the instrument and centre screen will reset a few times, takes about 4 to 5 minutes on my...
  27. meloccom

    Superchargers in Australia

    If memory serves me correctly, Sydney Opera House originally estimated to cost $8 million and eventually cost $100 million. But now seems like a bargain.
  28. meloccom

    Active Safety Systems

    Earlier on in the development of Autopilot, it had difficulty in detecting stopped traffic and there were a few incidents, including a couple of crashes. More recently it’s become a lot better, but it’s an indication that detecting a stationary object is surprisingly difficult without also...
  29. meloccom

    State based EV road user charge (Overturned 18/10/23)

    Moderators note: Title of thread changed to show that State based Road User Charges were overturned today.
  30. meloccom

    Anyone Using 'Watch App For Tesla'?

    DMs are called conversations on this Forum. Tap on the Avatar of the person you wish to DM and a dialogue box will appear. Tap “Start a Conversation” to creat a DM. one proviso is that not all features are available to new members with low post counts, but the features will unlock as your post...
  31. meloccom

    Supercharger - North Coogee, WA

    Please avoid using black font as it’s difficult to read for anyone using the dark TMC format.
  32. meloccom

    Sydney to the Southern Highlands questions

    The extra energy that you use on the way up you gain back on the way back down to Sydney. In addition there are now really good charging and facilities at the Pheasants Nest roadhouse. I don’t think you will have an issue if your return distance is 200Km and Pheasants Nest is available if you...
  33. meloccom

    Tesla Software updates - Australia

    My favourite experience around that time was shopping at Harris Farm at Bowral, in early 2015 when my car was weeks old. A mature gentleman approached me and demanded to know what sort of car I owned. Almost accusingly he asked, “I’m a car enthusiast and don’t know what sort of car that is!”...
  34. meloccom

    Supercharger - Ballarat (Lucas)

    I used To try and stick all Superchargers that look like they were soon to open and remove them when discussion tapered off. But with this one, discussion never tapered off. I’ve unstuck the thread. Given the volume of Superchargers in progress I can’t list them all, but neither is there a ban...
  35. meloccom

    Aussie queues this long weekend

    NRMA stands for National Roads and Motorists Association. Not NSW Roads and Motorists Association. A long time in the past the various Motoring Associations signed an agreement to not offer their services interstate. One of the motivations of the demutualisation was to separate the Insurance...
  36. meloccom

    Strange Sounds from Model Y. Is it normal?

    Plug in all 3 rear seat seat belts and see if the noise stops or changes.
  37. meloccom

    Here come the imported Model 3's!

    Not all features are available to new members with low post counts. As your posting count increases the forum features will progressively unlock. However @Ned@DriveEV can DM you and quoting him in this post will generate a notification in his accou.
  38. meloccom

    Supercharger - Kaikōura

    Thread title changed as requested.
  39. meloccom

    Evie EV charging networks

    Hopefully they will extend the time before charging idle fees. Have you ever tried to get out of an IKEA store quickly? 😉
  40. meloccom

    NRMA fast charging network

    What was the cost of EV Charging only membership?
  41. meloccom

    NRMA fast charging network

    I also put the NRMA app on my iPad where I haven’t signed in and it gives a third option to “Join to Charge” Could a non NRMA member go through that process and describe how it works for the benefit of others please?
  42. meloccom

    NRMA fast charging network

    In the iOS app: To set up charging for an existing NRMA member. Tap the services icon at the bottom Scroll down to “Charge Now” It will want to confirm your mobile by SMS. Enter SMS code and tap confirm Agree to terms and conditions “I agree” It then sends you a text that’s not very clear...
  43. meloccom

    Supercharger - Exeter, NSW

    Moderators note, General road trip posts moved to more relevant thread https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/roadtrip-planning-time-at-superchargers.86562/ Please keep discussion on topic.
  44. meloccom

    Changing ECU 1537264-00-B to 1537264-20-B

    Theoretically the only differences between CCS1 and CCS2 are the plug design, but your case shows that there’s more to it. The export and sale of JDM vehicles is common throughout Asia. I’ve just come back from holidays in Sri Lanka and every car I got into had Japanese characters on the...
  45. meloccom

    Changing ECU 1537264-00-B to 1537264-20-B

    Just realised that you’re in Malaysia. So assuming you have a JDM Model 3 then I’m not sure if the CCS1 upgrade is available in Japan yet, as CCS is not a popular charging standard in Japan. Possibly Japan based members can advise. I do know that the CCS1 adapter is available in Korea and that...
  46. meloccom

    Changing ECU 1537264-00-B to 1537264-20-B

    Based on the below thread, this part seems to have something to do with the charging system on your Model 3. CHADEMO is the most popular standard in Japan and all JDM Model 3 should work with the Tesla CHADEMO adapter. Perhaps you have found a CCS1 charger you wish to use? In this case you will...
  47. meloccom

    Springs Junction NPD Charger

    Looks like the first Grid Scale battery is going in soon. https://www.energy-storage.news/new-zealands-first-100mw-grid-scale-battery-storage-project-gets-approval/
  48. meloccom

    Where can we Tesla camp in Australia?

    Definitely not allowed in the council area of The City of Sydney. We had/have a number of backpackers trying to avoid the cost of accommodation, sleeping in their cars/vans and and offering the vehicle for sale along Victoria street. Haven’t looked in a while but there were signs prohibiting...
  49. meloccom

    Chargepoint in Australia

    Have you tried a VPN and made your location USA?
  50. meloccom

    Fire at Mascot?

    Wel, they're definitely damaged now!