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    How Some Tesla Owners Break The Law to "Stop ICE-ing"

    No it's not. Apartment complexes do this all the time to people who park in resident spots. It isn't illegal to put a flyer or sticker on someone's window. And of course the trick of the sticker is, it is worse than any sticker on a product you buy that leaves residue and most of the sticker...
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Well, you have until 2028 and if the battery doesn't hold 80%, they are supposed to warranty and replace the battery. See how this plays out as they deliver more cars and people start to run into this issue. Probably why after maybe 2yrs, I will sell the car. Who knows the long term future of...
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    Tesla Won't Install Ohmmu [aftermarket 12v battery]

    So they put a new battery in for free, and you are mad?!?! Ok then..heard it all. Do what you want, your car...but warranty issues will likely be denied from there on out...you've been warned. If this were some other brand and proven car, no issues. but Tesla...who know how they will respond...
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    Get FSD back?!?!

    No you won't. I've tried it. Best you can do is get FSD, apply to go into the Queue, and wait forever like everybody else is doing. Which means never apparently...gave up, cancelled FSD again...and done with Tesla's nonsense with this entire FSD fiasco. Even TACC is garbage beyond belief. Every...
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    95+ score and no FSD Beta today?

    Kind of a joke this game, particularly if you had Beta previously, then dropped FSD, signed back up and went back into the endless queue of nothingness even with a good driving score. Gave up, cancelled FSD again, driving score is a 71 now...don't care anymore.
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    FSD beta expansion to new beta testers June 2022

    I was a previous beta customer, dropped FSD. Decided to see what the progress is these days (knew it is likely garbage..but hey, had a trip to do so figured why not) anyway...now back in the queue, and no Beta. after weeks and keeping a 98 score. Said screw it and dropped FSD again, done with...
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    End of the ICE industry

    Not everyone has this problem. My power company in FL is the same rate all day. They make their money in Summer when everyone’s AC is running 90% of the time and makes up about 80% of our bill.
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    Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Discussion Thread

    Mining is where the money is, not investing unless you get lucky with timing. Mining and performing transactions, just like CC companies like V and MC where they take a few percent of every transaction is how they will make money and do. Have you ever tried to just cash out bitcoin for USD? It’s...
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    Elon & Twitter

    Good thing he fired his entire PR team and he just keeps tweeting nonsense that the SEC is apparently never going to enforce his craziness. Being different is one thing. Screwing with peoples investments and future is another. To a Billionaire it means nothing. But he has single handedly lost...
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    New FSD beta testers (June 2022) - First experiences

    So to summarize, zero progress made and actually regression in many respects. Got it. Back to my statements as always. With the current vision system, Tesla will never achieve self driving. Simple things they can’t get it to perform which my daughters 25k VW can do 4yrs ago. Plus system...
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    Kicked out of the FSD Beta! (Long Post)

    I dropped FSD and was in Beta. For fun to see how pathetic the progress most likely is, I decided to sign up again for a month, now I'm stuck in a queue? Great...whatever....I promptly canceled it and won't be doing this ever again. Safety score is a joke and garbage along with TACC and AP.
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    Full Self Driving without Assistance by this time Next Year - Musk

    I'll bet the farm on it he is 100% wrong and more lies. Just ask for one example and I will provide it. Can't fix nature, that should give you a hint how this camera system and AP is entirely flawed and garbage.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Unfortunately a lot of wasted info here for a horribly flawed system and AP/TACC. The car while entirely on auto pilot will throw hard braking marks against you. How is this? It's entirely on AP and traffic light control? Because the system is utter garbage. Mark this post....I was going to...
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    Tesla using old time dealer dirty tactics to make money on service

    Your story doesnt add up. First, it is law in most states that a quote in writing is required before performing work which you must approve. Then the cost can’t go over 10% of that number and work you agreed to otherwise they need to call you. At least in FL. So there is no bait and switch...
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    FSD at least a decade away (Morgan Stanley)

    Think 10yrs is very optimistic. There is ZERO chance the current hardware and camera setup will ever achieve self driving under most circumstances without intervention constantly as it does now. Just a few things that stop it to work...The SUN! Ok, now that the Sun causes problems and shuts the...
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    Supercharger Pricing Map?

    Just assume 4x the price for convenience and that will keep going up along with their car prices. So much for 4680 revolutionary cost savings and technology when that happens along with expensive lengthy charging times.
  17. Z

    4680 Developments

    Tesla also now magically has a 289 mile Model Y that they apparently have applied to offer for consumers. People are assuming this might be the 4680..if that is so, that battery is going the wrong way on range. Need to read more on the 4680, a lot of hoopla over it...not sure why. All I've...
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    How to dampen road/wind noise?

    Build a better car? Problem solved.
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    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    Just reboot the system, then wait, it will reappear. It happens on every reboot by the way. But it always shows back on my shortcut on the bottom eventually. Why? IDK!!!
  20. Z

    Vehicle configuration update pending?

    Could be boombox change pushed and not a full update. Which BTW, mine showed it was ready this morning 44.5, then wen to update, said preparing, now it vanished. So once again something is amiss at Tesla and they jerk around the updates with issues.
  21. Z


    IDK, mine showed the update available this morning. Went to work, still said it was there and ready, started to install. Now nothing, they must have pulled the update and are going to release another to deal with the boombox.
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    Cruise Control Acting Like AutoPilot

    The dumb ACC since the last update will show the chevrons in the other lane like your car is supposed to be following it at times. I used to have Beta, but canceled the over priced useless FSD and Beta program. So, now on the latest release using regular ACC, whether it is traffic aware or...
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Mine stopped working as I posted previous in January, around the 11th. I updated Teslamate to the latest version, and it started connecting/collecting data again. Of course, didn't have 3 weeks of data collected, but now back to normal. Didn't have to change/update anything with API tokens etc...
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    Tidal vs Spotify

    Unless you are 18yrs old your ears can't even hear 20,000 Hz anymore. But not going to head down that rabbit hole. I'm a bit mystified by Tidal. The interface on some songs show in Blue HiFi...hmmm...so what, I'm only getting the poor quality of Spotify if it doesn't say HiFi on some of their...
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    Tesla Model Y Is Spotted Testing LiDAR With Manufacturer Plates

    Was really going to start a new thread and watch the flamefest begin...but there is 0% chance Tesla will ever get Vision only working reliably for FSC/City street driving using the current camera system/vision. Will test this statement out here. Then I will just provide 1 simple photo of the...
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    Still Amazed at how bad regular AP/ACC is after 5 months

    Boggles my mind how since 4.21.3, the last of the good ACC/AP updates IMHO, they can't sort out some of the most basic/fundamental operations that any other manufacture does with ease using cameras/radar. Absurd how the car launches itself upward to 20mph on the bumper of the car in front from...
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    v11 only one recent app showing

    Ironic how Elon can't stand Apple, yet they pulled an Apple with only 4 icons on the home page shortcuts and one useless recent. When they could just get rid of the Select App divider and recent and add 3-4 more icons, and also allow for Shortcut to common Menu Items, like Charging, AP etc..to...
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    No CarPlay is a deal breaker. WTF?

    *Fixed* ^^ 5. Tesla apologist chimes in lambasting poster---check
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    This is strange, but you have the Tesla team posting on the forum now about being able to make your own light show and you want the UI and texting fixed? People need to stop drinking the koolaid over Tesla, that ended for me after the first service appt. and delivery experience. Got worse with...
  30. Z

    Tesla Light Show: Custom Show Creation

    Is this post for real and authenticated? If so, mmmmkay.
  31. Z

    Dr. Mary (Missy) Louise Cummings should be opposed for NOT really being expert on FSD for cars

    So let me get this straight TS you take all this time to write some anonymous internet keyboard warrior hit job on this woman? Bravo you loser. This f’ing forum and Mods are unreal. Yeah the TS and other posters saying “good post” are all not biased in anyway for Tesla huh? I stopped reading...
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    Some Opting Out of FSD Beta Observations

    AP should always use high beams while turned on. Mine does. I dropped FSD and Beta. That has nothing to do with FSD it is a vision issue at night with the cameras and they should turn on when engaging.
  33. Z

    $12K for FSD is insane

    It wasn’t worth the $213/mo I was paying while on Beta. It’s not worth $1 at this point. Even basic AP is garbage and auto steer. Car can’t follow and accelerate consistently and can’t slow without hitting the brakes. Constant alerts about takeover around some sweeping turns still. It’s pretty...
  34. Z

    Tesla's AEB system fails according to Jalopnik/Luminar. Beware of FUD

    Why did they turn off video comments? Hmmm....
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    This is absurd....to try and use/justify Tesla's valuation based on an absurd stock price is ridiculous. This means nothing in today's stock market, take this from a 10yr day trader...is utter nonsense. Market cap is complete BS and a joke...like Bitcoin. To justify their valuation Tesla...
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    Are Service Centers Competent?

    Ok we all know this is either an urban legend....or was early days of M3 and they did the best they could. With that said, they suck. They scratched my rear bumper when I finally got an appt after 6 weeks to fix my telescoping steering wheel motor which failed and was jammed all the way...
  37. Z

    Where did tire pressure go? V11 Model 3

    Hey, it's only 2 button presses to get to the tire pressure, compare that to a BMW or Mercedes...gheez...buried 4-5 deep. And the readout is huge on the car service screen once you are moving and it is reading the pressure...it was nice to swipe and see kwh and tire pressure...but big deal...
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    Bug Report for 2021.44.25.6: No Audio

    I have issues with my sound as well on this latest release. When a car sound/notification comes on while listening to music, for example, hold the brake and accelerator pedal at the same time....often it will interrupt the music, OK, good....but then it goes pop pop pop pop pop and your finally...
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    Yeah, reminds me of the Porsche 959, Bill Gates was even trying to get one into the US in 1986 because there was no crash data since they didn't want to waste one on the testing. Anyway, if people think Tesla has some huge advantage...they are wrong, a Mercedes and BMW with their massively deep...
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    I don't know why everybody is complaining so much about this update...I mean, you got a new light show in the Toybox?
  41. Z

    2021.44.30 Rolling out

    Dark mode is fine, it looks exactly like Waze's dark mode with a reversal of streets/terrain the black/grey, otherwise, easy to see and no issues. I like and keep it on always dark mode and Waze when I drive on my charger for more info. Many other things are surely a nuisance now though.
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    A few things bugging me....first, calendar popup no longer an option? No settings to do that anymore? My calendar items are there, but that feature is now MIA...just like passenger lumbar...which I use everytime in my wife's BMW when I ride passenger...I know, old issue, but WTF is Tesla...
  43. Z

    No Auto Calendar Pop-Upon Entry?

    Yeah noticed this yesterday. Don't even know where you can set that feature any longer besides the phone app which says access to share calendar option. But not in the car anymore for morning/all day etc...???? Press calendar and my stuff is there, it just doesn't seem to have that popup...
  44. Z

    FSD AP improvements in upcoming v11 from Lex Fridman interview

    Great sounds like 20 steps back one step forward to me.
  45. Z

    Auto-steer does not slow down at curves

    No Beta now here but mine does this all the time. 45 mph road same place not a real sharp curve easy to take car hit the reflectors and rides the yellow line while it finally slowed once on top of the yellow line as it tried to correct itself. Beta is right. Oncoming traffic as well as myself...
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    Holy crap Tidal makes the audio system come ALIVE.

    So how do you know Tesla and the app are actually streaming this format and kbps? Is there a real-time debug mode that shows it or your 12yr old ears that can hear 20khz able to decipher?!?! Nobody here can determine and know the difference between 320 kbps mp3 and 1192 kbps flac at our age...
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    Tesla Waze no longer works in browser

    Meh I just have my phone on my M3 charger with Waze running always. Tesla Waze isn’t the best implementation I found and it was always slow.
  48. Z

    V11 - Navigation is unusable at night!

    What are you talking about? The night mode is exactly the same color on the maps as it’s always been. My Waze default night mode just makes the colors grey black reversed that Tesla does. I like it and prefer it rather some other terrible night/ dark modes some apps have like MS Outlook. Must...
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    Dangerous Freeway Autopilot Slowdown

    As others have chimes in already, clearly not heavy traffic at all in fact somewhat of a ghost town for roads where I live due to Holiday traffic. Anyway, yes this is NOT good when the GPS somehow determined that it was on a side road and actually on a highway and wanted to slow down in the...
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    Stuck with FSD beta suspension on 10.5

    They are doing you a favor. Just be done with FSD it is a stressful fun killing project you are involved with.