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    Got my custom plates! Someone grabbed my first choice (ZRO GAS) not too long ago, but this is close enough! 20190408_094626 by Dzanda posted Apr 16, 2019 at 6:41 PM
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    Canada's Plates
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    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions. One point of clarification: I understand that I can change the Passive Entry door behavior. I'm seeing that there seems to be no way to open all doors by using the fob when the driver door only option is selected. Is this the way it's...
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    Hi everyone! I've been lurking around here for several years, but I'm thrilled to say that I've finally made the leap and bought a Model S almost 3 weeks ago! So far, the car has been absolutely amazing; I actually want to drive just for the sake of driving. My only gripe is that entering and...
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    TeslaCam problems

    I don't use Macs, but I hope that this will help: [2019 Tutorial] How to Format USB Flash Drive to FAT32 on Mac? - EaseUS
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    Attaching a transponder above the headliner

    Isn't there a special area on the windshield that's specifically intended for transponders?
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    Model S headroom at door frame and pano roof

    I've been following this forum for a while now, but this is my first post in quite a while. I'm extremely concerned that I may not fit in the MS, too. I'm 6'5", mostly due to a lot of leg. I currently drive an Infiniti M35x, which is one of the leggier cars in its class, and it's a close fit...
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    History Making First Recovery for SpaceX - Orbcomm-2 Launch

    Spectacular!!! WAY TO GO, SpaceX!! :biggrin::cool: This is truly a HUGE achievement! Congratulations to all! :cool::biggrin: - - -
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    What do you do for work? Just passing time waiting for updates from Tesla :)

    I'm a medical doctor, recently retired from the US Navy. I now work for a major consulting firm.
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    Finally, a true test for P90DL vs P85D vs P85+

    "ignorant", huh? Whatever. I get that some people want acceleration...others buy 6-figure cars because they want luxury. Others might buy a Tesla because they like the car and believe that it represents the future. And everyone is entitled to get what they pay for. But that wasn't the point of...
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    Finally, a true test for P90DL vs P85D vs P85+

    Understood! Customers are certainly entitled to get what they pay for! I wasn't clear...I wasn't asking why customers were focused on acceleration; I was asking why Tesla is! It seems to me that they would do better to attend to quality and reliability instead of extreme performance. Once those...
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    Rear carbon fiber trim on my whole car: photos

    That looks far better than I imagined. Excellent work!
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    Newbie needs help with deciding on which model

    Wow! You've been reading my mind!
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    Finally, a true test for P90DL vs P85D vs P85+

    No offense intended. But why is there so much focus on acceleration? The S isn't intended for the track or drag strip; it's transportation. Personally, my priority is for Tesla to make sure that the drive units are more reliable in lieu of a few tenths of a second. When I'm able to afford an S...
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    Feature suggestion: HUD for autopilot and other functions?

    I'm a big fan of HUDs, and I would love to see a good implementation in a Tesla. And I think that Tesla is the company that could do it, and do it well.
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    Have Tesla and Apple disrupted the auto industry past the point of no return?

    That's really impressive, and quite the inventive!
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    Seatbelt question

    Thanks. That's disappointing...the pre-tensioners in my Infiniti don't require replacement.
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    Seatbelt question

    Hello... I currently drive an Infiniti M35x, and I love how the car's seatbelts function: when the car senses a potential frontal collision, the seatbelts automatically tighten, pulling you into the seat. I've experienced this several times, though I'm happy to say that I've managed to avoid...