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    Delivery Date 2 - 4 weeks out, need to sell my current car for down payment

    Hey bud, sell your car after you got your Tesla in your driveway. Ask me why.
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    Can HomeLink be used in a completely manual mode?

    Yes, but why get homelink then? Your typical garage opener is $300 cheaper and functions the same.
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    Tesla Model 3 Damaged Badly During Transport [assigned vin, purchase not completed yet]

    Go to Tesla and talk to the manager. You will get the next wave of shipment to the dealer in two weeks.
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    Tesla M3P 2020 - Spacers = Vibrations

    Just another geek talking *sugar*
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    Tracking 3 OEM Brakes

    I want to track my 3 for fun, but want to know the limitations of the OEM brakes on the LR. For those that have, how did the brake hold up? Did the rotors warp, brakes fade or fail? I want to go hard, but if my brakes can't handle the truth, I'll take it easy on the brakes.
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    Any Tesla Forum Bros Here? - Checking in Update

    Tesla forum was the worst of the worst, only fanatical fanatics, and couldnt share thoughts or ideas that didnt praise God Elon or Tesla. Glad they closed that *sugar* down.
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    Another Model Y or go with a Model 3?

    I like your style, always hustling!
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    PPF [satire]

    To all the people that PPF their cars, I'm wondering if you saran wrap your TV remote control?
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    Rear Windshield [tint], 2 piece or 1 piece?

    I got 20% and it is very dark, people outside cant see *sugar* inside.
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    Window Tint Too Expensive

    North OC, $460 for ceramic tint, with one piece back roof window. I was given 10% discount from $500 because I am a repeat customer. One Stop Tint.
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    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    I just upgraded from 2019 SR+ to 2022 LR simple because of the resale value i received for the 2019. It is a no brainer, just do it.
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    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    Hey guys, he came to here to vent, and this forum allows that. If Tesla wasnt the only game in town, I would've canceled my wife's Y by what happened to us.
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    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    Bullshit. You didn’t wait 6 months to give surrender now. Take it like a bit$h like the rest of us.
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    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    I order in September and MYLR is $9000 more today. Still waiting for VIN.
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    What’s your main reason for buying a MYLR or MYP

    If you want the MP for performance, you should get the 3P, otherwise get the MY.
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    Why PPF?

    Just my opinion, but PPF is stupid and a waste of money, unless you have money to burn. *sugar* happens, and we move on to the next car.
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    MY LR ordered in July 2021, estimated delivery date is now June 2022

    Ordered August 2021 and my EDD went from Jan to Feb to Sept. F%*K. SoCal LR White/Black tow.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    First time glancing over this thread, but you two should just f%^k. I'm pretty sure that Ostrichsak would be bottom.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Obviously not the brightest kid on the block. Your fatal mistake was getting a used BMW of all cars.
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    First Tesla - Model 3 SR+ Multiple problems since pickup

    Please dont listen to fanatics when they say that sound is normal, it is not. I do highly recommend you getting a 240v for better overall experience.
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    PhoneKey doesn't work until app is opened

    Always have the app running in the background and never close it.
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    Camera cleaning driving in snow storms

    I'm glad someone wrote this. Even in daily driving, when I sense a dangerous situation may happen, I turn off AP and take control.
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    Model 3 Glass Roof Wrap

    I have to give you credit, you are a trailblazer! Two thumbs up, for the original idea!
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    MASTER THREAD: Jack Points — location, use, damage, pads, etc.

    Same here. I even requested mobile service to fix, but had to cancel due to it working again.
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    Just realized how the three way lumbar works!

    It should be up, down, inflate, & deflate.
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    SR+ Regen Dots Anytime Above 55%

    Your car is wack! I drove 2 miles this morning for breakfast and I can see the dots but regen works as should. About 7 hours later and after reading this tread, I had to head out to pick up something and looked at my regen and it was solid lines all the way through. SOC around 80% (charged...
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    M3 is a BMW, people

    I'm with you, I called it a T3. Give respect to those that came before. Only dorks will call their Tesla Model 3 a M3. The first M3 I notice was in 1990 and a chic driving one. It had the flared rear fenders and I dreamed about it for a long time. No way i could even afford or come close...
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    Finally!! Eibach has a SR+ lowering spring.

    Has anyone dropped their T3 with stock 18? I would like to see what it looks like because I love the look of the stock wheels.
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    Two interior issues found today

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    Model 3 parking lot friends

    Is it a thing for Teslas to back in when not supercharging? I never do it on purpose, but I never used a supercharger yet
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    Anyone have custom TESLA related plates?

    I was about the pull the trigger on one, but my wife vetoed it. She said she would not get in the car with the plates FN LATE. It still available right now CA DMW. Go for it!