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    Yo reservaré el Model 3 en cuanto pueda, aunque la cola es tremenda, ya hay alrededor de 200k reservas. En Europa probablemente llegue a mediados de 2018, esperemos que haya tienda y más supercargadores en España. Hace poco Tesla anunció la llegada a 7 países más pero ninguno de ellos es España.
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    Is PayPal an option as payment for the reservation?

    It would be great if it's accepted, I emailed [email protected] and twitted them at @teslamotors with no response. This is what I see on Model X reservation right now, although I remember seeing PayPal as an option but probably just for USA.
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    Is PayPal an option as payment for the reservation?

    Can someone confirm if PayPal is going to be an option to make the payment, I think it's the only way I'm going to be able to pay. Is there any oficial statement about payment options?
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    What will Model 3 do to Chevy Bolt sales?

    Tesla will murder Bolt sales. Tesla is able to create a much better car with the technology they have been building all this years, technology they own, including batteries. Model 3 will win in all aspects (price, range, performance, looks, central console, software, OTA updates, customer...
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    Barebone $35,000 Features

    The central console is going to be there so navigation should come with it at no cost. Smaller than 70kWh battery, battery made by them, economy of scale, less powerful motor, less complex parts (automatic handles, hatchback, side mirrors), cheaper materials... In my opinion is easy for them to...
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    Aluminum or Steel body for Model 3

    Model 3 will be aluminium. Tesla has a lot of experience with aluminium and none with steel, no point in going with steel and reforming all the manufacturing process for a much worse material. They will save cost in interior (plastic and cloth materials), overall size of the vehicle, gigafactory...
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    A better alternative to Falcon Doors ... (video)

    These are actually much better, but I guess harder to implement.
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    Upgrades between now and Model 3?

    I'm 100% confident that an upgrade will be made (for the reasons that OP said) to Model S and X before the launch of Model 3. Launch, not unveiling. So about late 2017 - early 2018 I expect a range increase for the S and the X using the new gigafatory batteries.
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    The new nose

    I prefer it like this: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Maybe changing a little bit the curvature of the smile and customising a little bit more the bottom to make it more unique. The new nose looks like lazy design, they just removed the bottom part, that's all they really did...
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    The new nose

    Don't like it at all. I prefer old Model X Prototype front> Model S > New Model X This looks way better: It also has some character to it and you immediately know it's a Tesla. Now it looks like an unbranded car (in the front).
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    Elon dijo que en marzo del año 2016 se va a presentar el Model 3 y se podrán hacer reservas en ese momento. ¿Sabéis si eso también es válido para España? ¿Como puedo reservar un Model 3 signature en España? ¿Para esa fecha habrán tiendas y talleres en España? Me gustaría ser de los primeros en...