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    Insurer recommendations - M3P

    Anyone had experience with Goauto maybe? I checked here and found goauto insurance phone number which is actually answering. I contacted their customer service, asked them couple of questions and the condition look kinda attractive for me. Would love to hear your experiences with them.
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    Understanding PGE/SVCE electricity bills/TrueUP

    I am never able to understand my bills to be honest. Only once i had a weird amount on it and found american electric power phone number. I called them and they explained to me everything in a simple words.
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    Choosing A Tesla Home-charging Option

    We use ChargePoint Home Flex 50a at home and are absolutely happy with the choice. My husband made the choice after reading this article Comparison of NEMA 14 50 chargers. The best advantage for me here - it is ultra portable.
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    Horrible Customer Service & Onlineorders

    I was surprised but not all the customer services are actually awful. I called shark tank products phone number and they answered in 30 sec maybe. I think you also have some luck with this sometimes. Curious how did go for you? Any updates?
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    New 2021 Model S battery cells & packs

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Model X refresh manual ?

    Did you try to check here https://manuals.co ? I use it frequently to check manuals for our family cars. It is free source and easy download a pdf. Not sure if they have Tesla, but worth to have a look. Hope you will find what you are looking for)
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    What do you do for a living?

    There are always few French speaking specialists on duty
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    What do you do for a living?

    I work for canadian pharmacy customer service. So if you have a strong tooth pain, headache or your baby made a weird color poop at 2am (i am absolutely serious on this one :D) you can give us a call. MaybeI I will answer your call even) Honestly i love my job. Was a bit difficult to get used to...
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    What are your fun and exciting hobbies?

    I like paddle boarding and kayaking. I spend lots of my time on different dating sites, probably can call it a hobby too)