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  1. ww73

    Supercharger - Sammamish, WA (under construction Jan 2023, 8 V3 stalls)

    whomp whomp... CLOSED Facilities/Internal Services Superintendent (Verified Official) This is not a City project, this is on Private Property. Recommend reaching out to Tesla Customer Service or the Property Management group for the shopping center. Property management is Regency Centers at...
  2. ww73

    Supercharger - Sammamish, WA (under construction Jan 2023, 8 V3 stalls)

    Filed a ticket with the city. Let's see what they say. https://seeclickfix.com/issues/15542676
  3. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    I haven't heard about them. If you install them, please start a thread about your experiences!
  4. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    My expectations for these tires are to last 1 year or 30K miles, or roughly 5 cycles of 6K mile tire rotations. If that happens as planned, then once again I will get a credit for the remaining miles on the 45K mile warranty to apply to my next set of Kumhos, which will then be ~$400 for the...
  5. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    In terms of efficiency, last year's Goodyears were at 348 Watt hour/mile. The new Kumhos are at 356, but I suspect by next year, with more mixed spring/summer driving, the Kumhos will average about the same as Goodyears.
  6. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    So far I've driven a little over 1000 miles. Observations: - Even though the spec sheet said tire depth is 11/32, it's actually only 9/32 brand new - Traction has been great in the rain last few days, but I didn't really push the tires to test its limits - Tires are very quiet. Road noise is...
  7. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    It took 2 weeks for tires to be delivered, so plan for that if you need them soon.
  8. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    When my Goodyears were at 4/32, I went in to the local Discount Tire to place the order for the set. My Goodyears had 30K miles on it, and with a 45K mile warranty, Discount Tires gave me $330 credit towards the Kumhos. The total price of 4 Kumhos + mounting fees after credits, was $301.
  9. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    The Kumho Solus Majesty 9 are your standard all season tires for big sedans and minivans. Silica-reinforced for wet traction, 45K mile warranty. Seemed perfect for a heavy EV like the Model S that eats tires every 30K miles.
  10. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    This year I came across the Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91 on Discount tires. $126 per tire, which is less than 1/2 the price of Michelin CC2s, 30% less than Goodyears. I figured I try them out. Even if they were total crap tires and I needed a new set in 6 months or so, I still come ahead...
  11. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    Basically, every year I need new tires, so I've settled on new tires every October at the beginning of the rain season.
  12. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    The last 2 years I've run Goodyear EXHILARATE and RS-A2. I've noticed that no matter which tires, with regular 6000 mile rotations, I can only get 30K miles out of a set.
  13. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    Being in Seattle, we get a fair amount of rain starting in mid September, then dries out in late May. We get maybe one big snow storm a year in the low lands, and I avoid driving those days if at all possible. We don't ski or snowboard, so I was shopping for just regular all season tires...
  14. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    I drive a 2014 Model S for Lyft in the Seattle area. I drive about 150 miles per day, 30K miles a year, mainly take passengers to work, school, hospital, or airport. None of my driving is performance based. My S is currently at 191,685 miles.
  15. ww73

    Kumho Solus Majesty 9 TA91

    I didn't find a thread about these tires for Model S, so I'm going to start one. https://www.discounttire.com/buy-tires/kumho-solus-majesty-9-ta91/p/120273
  16. ww73

    Import 2014 Model S

    Hi. I'm investigating the feasibility of importing our 2014 Model S to Taiwan. Reason is, it has unlimited super charging and some sentimental value. AFAIK, there is an car age limit of 10 for imports. Does anyone have experience importing a Tesla from the US, and if so, does the premium...
  17. ww73

    Review of 19” Goodyear Exhilarate UHP All Season Tires

    Just finished talking to a tire shop. They have my S (with existing Exhilarate tires) after an accident repair. They said that the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate is not designed to handle the weight and acceleration of EVs, in particular Tesla cars. They recommend the Eagle Touring T1 instead...
  18. ww73

    Do Arachnid rims come with 2nd gen TPMS

    Mine came w/ gen 1 baolong. Just got them mounted this week and Tesla goodwilled the upgrade to gen 2 continentals.
  19. ww73

    FS: Aluminum jack pads for Model S

    Sent u a conversation.
  20. ww73

    Worth to wait for Y versus 3 now?

    Should u trade in the blackberry for the current iPhone or wait for the next iPhone? What's the value to u of living the Tesla lifestyle for an additional 2 years? For me, it's a clear no, and we have a 3. A lot depends on ur financial situation.
  21. ww73

    Used Tesla Model S Prices Show Signs of Weakness

    Used S prices dropping as cars age. Shocking! Last time I checked my old ICE cars had lost value too.
  22. ww73

    Tesla needs to refresh the Model S, asap.

    35k M3, Y, semi
  23. ww73


    Sounds like u earned urself a referral bonus. Congrats!
  24. ww73

    Hello, I'm a new Korean User!

    Congrats on ur Model S! I'll be visiting Seoul in a week and happen to stay at the Intercontinental Grand Seoul Parnas, which I just found out is also the site of the Seoul supercharger. Very excited to check it out.
  25. ww73

    Mercedes C300 or Model 3 for Son?

    What's the daily driving range that he needs? There are much cheaper EV alternatives. Otherwise the M3 is a fabulous car.
  26. ww73

    Imperfectly Perfect Experience with Tesla M3

    Congrats on the car! It's true that Teslas ruin driving experiences for regular gas cars!.
  27. ww73

    My Seat Broke

    Mine has the same issue. What was the part that fixed it?
  28. ww73

    My center console

    Hi. I'd like to get a tray as well. Also interested in the alcantara liner.
  29. ww73

    Heart vs Head (S vs 3)

    In a word, yes. The review camera helps u backup into spots. I typically look for wider spots away from the crowd. On road trips the extra size is actually a big plus. Don't forget free supercharging with a referral code. Have u considered a used or inventory S?
  30. ww73

    Safe SF Parking?

    PlugShare - Find Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You We parked here last time we were in SF and stayed at the Argonaut by the wharf. The parking is underground so it's safe, and the charge point chargers r free. $46 a night, or $75 valet.
  31. ww73

    Static/crackling on some random slacker songs.

    I've experienced this too. It was a podcast that had static. Once I switched songs it went away.
  32. ww73

    Parking Ticket !!! while supercharging.

    Give them a negative review on yelp, trip advisor, Google maps, Facebook, everywhere on social media.
  33. ww73

    Hello from Seattle

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Lots of 3s have been delivered in the Seattle area. There's an EV car show Sunday 5/7. There will be a few 3s there if you'd like an up close look. Issaquah
  34. ww73

    Sudden Unexpected Acceleration today

  35. ww73

    How much to allocate to TSLA and when to sell

    I'm holding until kids college or roadster 2020 launch. ;-)
  36. ww73

    WA State EV Sales Tax Exemption Updated

    I drove a friend to pick up his 3 today. There were 6 cars in the 5pm delivery group. His vin is 179xx.
  37. ww73

    Sudden Unexpected Acceleration today

    Revisionist History Podcast
  38. ww73

    3G connectivity crossing a border

    Should be fine. We've driven our 2014 S thru Vancouver BC and Toronto on our road trips.
  39. ww73

    WA State EV Sales Tax Exemption Updated

    Check out this thread. Page 3. WA State Non-Owner Invite check-in... | Page 3 | Tesla
  40. ww73

    WA State EV Sales Tax Exemption Updated

    I have a friend who accelerated his delivery date by upgrading to 19" wheels. YMMV
  41. ww73

    Ordering a Tesla: my first in 2009 vs. my fifth in 2018

    Congrats on the new 3!