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  1. ptsagcy

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Correct. The MX is blank in the top quarter of the screen. Really annoying. The M3 & Y do show the speed limit sign.
  2. ptsagcy

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    So I downloaded V11.3.3 2 days ago. Unfortunately still largely unusable for turns, particularly left turns, on local streets. Hesitates, yanks wheel violently left and right and stops and starts abruptly during turn. Horrible. Good news is highway driving is now excellent with smooth lane...
  3. ptsagcy

    Anyone notice that the Speed Limit is now missing from FSD 10.3.1 on vehicles with IC display?

    Totally agree. Makes no sense whatsoever. TESLA - PLEASE BRING IT BACK
  4. ptsagcy

    Ui screen bug

    Happens occasionally on my 2018 MX.
  5. ptsagcy

    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    It already is obsolete. V4 chargers have started rolling out.
  6. ptsagcy

    Anyone notice that the Speed Limit is now missing from FSD 10.3.1 on vehicles with IC display?

    The whole top area of that screen is now blank. What were they thinking when they eliminated such an important piece of info like the speed limit?
  7. ptsagcy

    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    I was there today and everything is still covered. Absurd.
  8. ptsagcy

    Snippiness 2.0

    Keep your dumb-ass political opinions to yourself. Has nothing to do with this topic or forum.
  9. ptsagcy

    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    Stopped by today. No progress. Main boxes are still wrapped up.
  10. ptsagcy

    Supercharger - New Minas NS

    Still need a SC out near Cape Breton to make that trip possible.
  11. ptsagcy

    Tesla app version update link for Safety Score.

    I updated 2 days ago and still no safety score (IOS). I’ve been driving around a lot Tried restarting the app and my iPhone. Still nothing.
  12. ptsagcy

    TuneIn Radio “Loading Error”

    What seems to work for me (having the same problem) is to switch to a “streaming “ channel and then back to the Tune-In channel. Works almost every time.
  13. ptsagcy

    2020.20.5 has improvements to GPS

    Not sure that’s accurate as I just got the update and my 2018 MX was upgraded to the newest computer hardware (3)
  14. ptsagcy


    Couldn't resist the cheap shot, could you? Let's keep the political horse---t off this site. Your problem is you believe CNN. Check the facts before you post stupid stuff like this.
  15. ptsagcy

    How to set zoom during navigation ?

    Not any more. Not sure which release crewed it up but it doesn't auto zoom any more and has become a real pain. One step forward - 2 giant steps back !!!
  16. ptsagcy

    No Loaners at Tesla Service "Bring back the LOANER CARS!!!!"

    Definitely varies by location. I have never had a problem getting a loaner, except 2 weeks ago when all the loaners were out. I came back 2 days later and they gave me a Model X loaner. The first time was partially my fault because I didn't specify that I needed a loaner, Just assumed that...
  17. ptsagcy

    FW 2019.28.2 charging issues

    I installed it this morning and immediately went on a 350 mile road trip. No problems at all. Supercharged twice with no issues. Still have the phantom braking a/p issue on the interstate
  18. ptsagcy

    Tesla Supercharger network

    They may not be on the map, but they are on the nav screen.
  19. ptsagcy

    How to set zoom during navigation ?

    Same problem on my X. Used to zoom in automatically as you approached a turn or exit. Not sure which release changed that but I don’t like it. You can zoom manually by double tapping the screen but that’s annoying.
  20. ptsagcy

    Supercharger - Basking Ridge, NJ

    Don’t count on it. Based on previous installations we’ll be lucky if it’s opened in 3 months.
  21. ptsagcy

    Supercharger - Basking Ridge, NJ

    Some progress but still not close to opening. Looks like the newer updated chargers (330 amp output) but definitely not V3.
  22. ptsagcy

    Supercharger - Basking Ridge, NJ

    Stopped by today. Doesn’t look like any progress since the last pics.
  23. ptsagcy

    Sentry Mode Catches Hit in Parking Lot

    Sorry but you’re wrong. Deductible definitely still applies.
  24. ptsagcy

    Windshield wipers are horrible, and arguably dangerous

    Agree that the auto wipers are horrible. They are also terrible on my 2018 MX, so it's a general system problem not just M3. They are useless in a light rain/mist. TM needs to work on this as there is no excuse for such a poor system in cars that cost $60 - 150K.
  25. ptsagcy

    Supercharger - Rockaway NJ

    I'm in for Saturday as well.
  26. ptsagcy

    White Interior Option

    Lack of interior color options is a deal breaker for us. We will sit on the sideline and wait for cream or white (preferably cream) to be available. No way we'll settle for a black interior and I don't want to spend the extra bucks for Performance for a second car that is used mainly around...
  27. ptsagcy

    2.4GB download on 4/20/2018??

    I got the new nav update a few days ago and it is a tremendous improvement. Directions are much more accurate, interface is nicer, particularly the small left hand screen and time predictions are more accurate - now similar to Waze which used to be much more accurate.
  28. ptsagcy

    What is going on with the price of the Tesla Gen 2 Wall Connector?

    I bought a Gen 2 Wall Charger on ebay, from a seller in Canada - $359 / free shipping. Arrived promptly and is a genuine brand new unit with correct part numbers in a sealed Tesla box. NEW Tesla Motors Model S/X/3 Wall Connector 2nd GEN w 24' Cable Charging Station | eBay
  29. ptsagcy

    EZ-Pass Problems

    Mine has worked 100% of the time for 2 years, mounted just to the driver's side of the rear view mirror.
  30. ptsagcy

    Vector Maps incoming?

    That still doesn't solve the problem of the routing being vastly inferior to Waze. The only thing I use the Tesla nav for is finding Superchargers and calculating range. I use Waze for actual navigation.
  31. ptsagcy

    Drove a Model 3

    If it's like the MX, you can turn that feature off.
  32. ptsagcy

    MX 75D 1/4 Mile Time (4.9 0-60)

    My very early P90D turned a 12.1 @113 mph last summer at Englishtown (NJ). Dusted 2 Mustangs and 2 Charger RT's. Took a couple of hours to wipe the smile off my face! Brought back memories from the 60's, although nothing I had in those days was anywhere near as quick as my MX.
  33. ptsagcy

    Are AP1 and AP2 now using the same algorithms?

    My AP1 seems to be smoother as well, with the latest release. It definitely still reads speed limit signs instantly. I have noticed that it occasionally slows down momentarily when changing lanes, but not often.
  34. ptsagcy

    Confessions of a Model X driver

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who's hit himself in the head with the rear hatch. Definitely agree with the suggestion to get the tires balanced (and check the alignment). I've had mine up to 128 mph at the drag strip and it was solid and smooth. BTW, I destroyed 2 Mustangs and 3 Charger...
  35. ptsagcy

    Any recommendations for quieter tires for Model X P90D?

    My early P90 came with Michelins and were very noisy. The non-P's at that time were coming in with the Conti-Silents. I bought the Conti's from TireRack and had them installed at a local Firestone store, but since they are offered by Tesla the SC should install them.
  36. ptsagcy

    17.26.17 update

    Just downloaded 17.26.17 - third update in 2 weeks. No clue what it does - looks like minor bug fixes from the cryptic release note.
  37. ptsagcy

    atuo garage opener only works heading into the garage, not backing into it

    Mine works approaching and leaving with the "skip" option. Just be careful if your spouse is pulling out right after you as you could close the door on her (just sayin' :eek:).
  38. ptsagcy

    17.17.4 all easter eggs found

    Me too (17.24.30)
  39. ptsagcy

    17.26.17 update

    Might be my imagination but my AP1 MX seems to be smoother in both lane holding and lane changing since 17.24.28. And yes 17.24.30 seems to have squashed the "air suspension needs service" bug introduced in 17.24.28.
  40. ptsagcy

    Update 17.18.50

    I've been driving the new release for about 10 days (including another update to 17.24.30 a couple of days ago) and it might be my imagination, or wishful thinking, but the autopilot (AP1) seems smoother in both lane holding and lane changing. I was also getting an intermittent "air suspension...
  41. ptsagcy

    Update 17.18.50

    I just downloaded & installed 17.24.28. Release note says bug fixes. Going on a trip tomorrow so will see if there's anything new.
  42. ptsagcy

    Rear wheels "Cupping" on 20" w/ Michelins

    17K on Conti-Silents with plenty of tread left and even wear. I swapped them for the Michelins that came with my P90 shortly after delivery and found the Conti's to be much quieter than the Michelins. 20" wheels BTW
  43. ptsagcy

    I can't take it anymore!

    I find the seats more comfortable than any car I have previously owned. We've taken several long trips and I think the seats and seating position are fantastic.
  44. ptsagcy

    Tesla Model X New Wheel Option - 20" Sonic Carbon -$3000

    $3,000 is absurd. Any good wheel repair shop will repaint them for $125 or less. I paid $150 to have substantial curb rash repaired and the wheel refinished, so simply repainting would have to be a lot less - therefore $500, at most, certainly not $3,000.
  45. ptsagcy

    Oh No, My Paint!!!

    That's a shame. I have 17,000 miles on NJ roads and no such damage, with the exception of a few chips on the leading edge of the FWD which sticks out a little from the rear edge of the front door (slightly misaligned). My problem is that Tesla never offered Titanium touch-up paint and certainly...
  46. ptsagcy

    Feature wish for Traffic-Aware Cruise Control

    I find that changing the setting to "1" is helpful for lane changes. I find that settings above 1 wait too long for a car in the lane you are changing to, to clear. I normally keep it at 2 on the highway and drop to 1 in stop and go traffic to avoid "cut-ins". On a long road trip, in light...
  47. ptsagcy

    Wheel alignment (lowering question)

    Why would you want to lower it mechanically when you can easily do it with air suspension?
  48. ptsagcy

    NEMA 14-30 UMC Adapter is Back

    Did you order a CPO because they are not offering titanium color any more? I did not order the tow package. Other than initial "false sensing" issues, which have been resolved, I haven't had any FWD issues.
  49. ptsagcy

    22" wheel impact on range and ride quality

    It's not BS - there are hundreds of posts on the real range issue. It is highly dependent on many factors including speed, terrain, weather, wind, tires (22's vs 20's), "Rated" range requires ideal conditions and speeds and definitely is attainable. I've seen it many times on highway trips.
  50. ptsagcy

    NEMA 14-30 UMC Adapter is Back

    *** UPDATE *** I did just get an email from TM explaining that my 14-30 was not subject to the recall. See their response: Hi Steve! Affected adapters that were part of the recall were purchased several years ago. Your adapter, purchased in October 2016, is not part of the recall and your...