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  1. VaxAce

    Load Shed Module?

    My problem is I have three Tesla wall chargers each with 60amp lines and a generac shed unit attached to each. I’ve lost three units so far in three years. The units seem to go when there is a power loss and restore with or without generator start up. I just lost another. I have 400 amp service...
  2. VaxAce

    Vendor TeslaShields Update #17

    is this company 'Jeda' in disguise?
  3. VaxAce

    Heat pump sounds AFTER holiday update

    following up here.. My AC no longer stinks! what about you guys?
  4. VaxAce

    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    what exactly does the step do?
  5. VaxAce

    Xpel Stealth pictures!!!

    The calliope crashed to the ground And she was blinded by the light Revved up like a deuce Another runner in the night
  6. VaxAce

    Turning in my FanBoy status

    we are on this forum - hence the 'pseudo fanboy' status for all. Having said that - a few points. Is it wrong to pay good money and expect a working product on all fronts? No it is not wrong. OP pointing out some of those issues Having said that: When you buy a Tesla you accept being...
  7. VaxAce

    Ear pain/Pressure help

    I have absolutely none of these issues.
  8. VaxAce

    Panel Gap - Is this within spec?

    Gap is perfectly fine. As for pressing the door twice to open/some teslas had those issues including mine. Ranger repair fixes with no issue.
  9. VaxAce

    New iPhone 13 Pro Max in a case does not work with the 2021 Model 3 wireless charging pad

    Pro max 13 with apple MagSafe case works with rpm Tesla charging tray in model y 2020. 13 pro does not.
  10. VaxAce

    Passenger seat airbag shuts off with seat cover

    All. 2020 MY performance. Recently I purchased a fuzzy seat cover for my wife as she wears jeans and I have white interior. I recently notice that the air bag indicator was off during a drive. I reset the car etc - with no change. I decided to remove the seat cover - low and behold - the...
  11. VaxAce

    Heat pump sounds AFTER holiday update

    I have a 2020 MY performance. Last month I went with a friend to pick up his 2022 model Y. While sitting on his car showing him features - I noticed the heat pump made a noise my car doesn't make. It was like a Darth Vader exhale if you will. It did it every few minutes - say 2 minutes. I...
  12. VaxAce

    12 month 16k mile update on no ppf front bumper

    agree - my white MY looks just like yours after 12k miles. In summa r- the bugs do get gross - and while they do not chip the paint - having PPF for scrubbing would be good - but - I handle the removal in the right way so - I'm good.
  13. VaxAce

    No option to delete age-inappropriate games?

    hmm. Not an issue right? Games played in front seat of the car require adult supervision. Parenting the old fashioned way. No.
  14. VaxAce

    Laggy cameras

    agree -- just last night I noticed the reverse cam lagging -- I was closer to my wrangler exiting the garage than I thought. This is an issue.
  15. VaxAce

    Best Online Aftermarket Tesla Store?

    RPM Tesla is horrendous. Delayed shipping - ships wrong items - I can't tell you how many times they shipped me the wrong stuff. Be very careful with them. I like abstract ocean BUT they don't have a large selection any longer given Tesla having them pull a lot of items. Amazon works - its...
  16. VaxAce

    Purpose of holiday update?

    They even got the FSD beta users on the same software stack now too -- will deviate soon again...
  17. VaxAce

    No Sonic with my update

    you may be right.. For instance - I do not have an external speaker - hence when the boom box features launched - I didn't - and still do not - have them.
  18. VaxAce

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    I have no issue with the UI. I drove the car - looked for everything and its intuitively reachable with 2 touches. They had to clean up the real estate on the old UI - Its all about change and accepting it. I remember when Apple removed the home button - people lost their minds. Also - was...
  19. VaxAce

    Tidal UI - Shuffle

    how's the Tidal quality? I have Apple Music via bluetooth -- is Tidal that much better? I was going to subscribe today
  20. VaxAce

    I am not getting the Holiday update. what can I do?

    The people telling you that brand new cars do not get updates are simply not accurate. I have two teslas and within a weekI received an update on my model Y and 2 weeks for my model 3. Place a call to Tesla support - and also open a ticket on your phone. Ive seen a few users on a Facebook...
  21. VaxAce

    Expanded FSD Visualization

    nothing can be shown (music or other menus) on the right side. Visualizations will go away when on a highway as another member advised. If this doesn't work - reboot.
  22. VaxAce

    determine if its a performance

    yes only way is the screen. Second method is to get the vin and run it thru one of the on line car purchasing sites. I would do both. Do not look at the tires - caliper - spoiler OR the red line under the words DUAL MOTOR on the hatch. Posers change all of that or can add that do not have...
  23. VaxAce

    Are you right for FSD Beta?

    agree. its an adventure to say the least and requires significant attention - even more so than just driving yourself.
  24. VaxAce

    Vision cruise control isn't usable (video)

    Hate to say it but the whole car is a work in progress and is not perfect. If you plan to use these features - just know they will have issues and are far from flawless. We are early adopters. I do agree that you have paid good money and expect a fully functional product. Its just not there...
  25. VaxAce

    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    hi can someone refer me please -- Charles de sanno [email protected]. Thank you very much!
  26. VaxAce

    Model Y East Coast waiting room (June 2021 orders) Hopefully getting HEPA filter

    New Jersey - ordered white/white performance - NO FSD - second Tesla. Ordered mid July - delivery next week.
  27. VaxAce

    Model Y West Coast waiting room (May 2021 orders)

    Interesting -- I ordered a Model Y performance - white/white mid July. I was contacted for delivery next week. Im on east coast - thought you guys on west coast would find it interesting. It is my second model Y -- maybe preference?
  28. VaxAce

    Any MYP Owners Running Stock?

    im running stock and love it. If anyone wants to sell their uber turbine 21's - in NJ - message me.
  29. VaxAce

    Two things really holding me back

    boom - model Y rises by $1k - again..
  30. VaxAce

    HomeLink DIY install

    in addition - Tesla needs to activate it and deploy software to the car.
  31. VaxAce

    MY Screen went black while on NJ Turnpike

    yeah may have been the browser... or -- random Tesla anomaly...
  32. VaxAce

    Yoke install

    yup - bad and unnecessary...
  33. VaxAce

    Change my lease to finance on model Y

    I would lease it. Dont you want the new batteries?
  34. VaxAce

    Rear Passenger leather on leather noise

    hi since nobody has answered you - I will. Its a known issue. According to my service center in Princeton NJ USA - the manager advised that they have different skins that they can place on the seats to avoid that noise - but at an additional cost. Also -- they could try to put spacers in. I...
  35. VaxAce

    Weird car restart and erased/deleted profile and settings

    intersting -- I had same issues you guys are reporting. First - I lost auto steer.. Rebooted with pedal -- lost everything -- maps need dto be updated -- had to do multiple reboots -- thought I was at Tesla HQ - and - street signs were like I was in Britain. Im wondering if you guys haven't...
  36. VaxAce

    Model Y/3 Pedestrian Speaker retrofit - now available for certain vehicles

    https://teslaownersonline.com/threads/pedestrian-warning-system-retrofits-now-available.17974/ Refer to Tesla SI-21-90-001 -- price is $200 Allows for Boombox functionality Service center or Ranger for installation.. See link.
  37. VaxAce

    Love my model Y but...

    you guys do realize the model Y and 3 are the economy line for now..? S -- X - premium. You aren't going to find all these features in a lower end car. Luxury cars and other high performance cars may have the equipment you are all asking for - but not within the Tesla ecosystem.
  38. VaxAce

    [UPDATED] 2 die in Tesla crash - NHTSA reports driver seat occupied

    hey guys the car didnt have autopilot as confirmed by Tesla - and - the driver was ejected. Lots of what you are hearing is fake news. He was driving very fast is all.
  39. VaxAce

    Pressure/Booming Issues- Searched

    sorry you experience this - I hear nothing. Have you tried different tires
  40. VaxAce

    Quality control issues with my new Model Y

    it really is BS. They were getting better with quality last year and it seems like the 21's are reverting. They have to get a ton of cars out to beat the street forecasts - but - this is no way to do it. People keep buying though.
  41. VaxAce

    New changes soon?

    think about it - if you employ your logic - you will never buy a Tesla. Buy it - lease it if concerned about tech revs - and dump
  42. VaxAce

    Voice choices in MY

    the ladies voice is the tik Tok ladies voice... :).
  43. VaxAce

    An honest take on Tesla / the Model Y

    from the looks of my profile pic - you may think im a fanboy at all costs... Not true - and you did the right thing. Tesla must start delivering quality with other manufacturers ramping up. Right now - they are almost the only show in town -- in the future - they will have a slight edge with...
  44. VaxAce

    2 week old 2021 Model Y - SHUT DOWN while driving

    Certainly nobody wants to be in your situation and its unfortunate it happened to you. Having said that - realize all new cars go through a period of time where anything can happen. BMW - Mercedes - etc - can and have done exactly what happened to you - I bought a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee -...
  45. VaxAce

    Are there any radar detector mounts for the Model Y?

    I have 2 of these - totally cordless. A little chirpy - but battery operated (only one on the market) and works nicely. Consider. I have it on passenger visor - clipped...
  46. VaxAce

    Time to buy Model Y in New Jersey?

    get the performance model and forego any rebates. Dont look back.
  47. VaxAce

    Picked up new Y on Friday and it still thinks it is at Tesla HQ

    sounds like they didnt transfer ownership to you. When teh car is born and in transit from Fremont - it reached the service center and then upon sale they transfer the car to you and some additional provisioning is done. Sound like you are in limbo and somehow - maybe - they failed toe execute...
  48. VaxAce

    Drill free mudflaps for MY

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08VJDBYFV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 just pop off the plastic retainers - use new retainers that come with these guards. Ive tried 4 types - Tesla retains snow with a large hole - others on amazon same - not this brand and looks like OEM...
  49. VaxAce

    Winter tires needed for a MYP March delivery in Boston?

    drive the car at 45 degrees and higher - DRY conditions only. DO NOT drive the car in snow - period. do not - extremely dangerous.