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  1. Kat Jacks

    Blog Tesla Crashes into Cop Car After Launch of NHTSA Autopilot Investigation

    I so agree! Humans can't remove themselves from responsibility for our actions or lack thereof. Any machine, no matter how 'smart' still much be guided and 'supervised' by a real person who is alert, active, awake, clear-headed. Tesla is being singled out IMO because it is so advanced, so...
  2. Kat Jacks

    Blog NHTSA Announces Another Autopilot Investigation

    You are so right! I think those who use FSD must take a nap and think they have no responsibility for what happens! I don't have FSD engaged, but once I got really sleepy and the car neared the lane marker and the steering wheel vibrated, which made me fully alert. Thank you, Tesla, for...
  3. Kat Jacks

    Rotate Tires Early

    My M3 is 9 months new and has 4,620 miles on it. I just had the tires rotated in a diagonal pattern. I know it's sooner than the manual recommends, but I want them to last a long time. I've read in a couple of places that stock foam tires don't have the longevity as eventual replacement tires...
  4. Kat Jacks

    My model 3 is arriving this week. What do I need to know and do to get ready?

    Read the manual on your computer first, not in the car (as someone else stated). Sit in the car and go through the items on the screen and pre-set some things, i.e. do you want the side windows to auto fold? do you want car to lock when you walk away? do you want to set a max speed limit...
  5. Kat Jacks

    Vehicle Placement on Screen

    Occasionally I have to laugh when a vehicle is on the screen then disappears for a few seconds, even though the actual vehicle hasn't moved. This is usually at/near a major intersection where cars are moving all around in every direction. We have to stay vigilant so we don't hit something! ;)
  6. Kat Jacks

    Phone key always disconnected

    My iPhone 8+ works fine. Only once in my 9 months of ownership did the phone connection hesitate when I was out shopping. I just turned my body and tried again and it worked. Strength of the surrounding wifi may affect it; and the physical structures.
  7. Kat Jacks

    No test drive until 3rd week of July?

    When I test drove one in August, 2020, I had made the appointment 18 days prior. I spoke to a buddy in NH and he said his wait for test drive was more than 2 weeks. I agree with another's comment that end of quarter is a factor too. Be patient, it is well worth it.
  8. Kat Jacks

    Car Crash 6/10 [is this repairable?]

    Darren---, so glad all passengers are ok. Enjoy your beautiful state's scenery and climate. I think Tesla is the safest car around.
  9. Kat Jacks

    Before I screw up my Model 3 in the car wash...

    I use ONR with regular tap water. In Maine, the pollen is the problem now. I always hand wash, rinse, dry. Last week, two days after a wash, she had a pollen coating again so I just took the hose and rinsed her off and quickly used the micro cloth with plain water and the dry cloth. The...
  10. Kat Jacks

    Recalls for loose bolt

    I checked my VIN; no issues on the NHTSA site. Do software updates identify possible issues that would require a recall? Otherwise, how does Tesla know? thanks for sharing the helpful recall info. :)
  11. Kat Jacks

    Traded test drives with my brother-in-law's Porsche Boxster

    Speaking of the M3s rapid acceleration, that wonderful feature has saved my life a couple of times. I had to do some quick maneuvering and increase speed instantly when a large box fell off a pickup ahead of me. (The car between me and the truck had to run off the road into a ditch.) If I had...
  12. Kat Jacks

    Multiple breakers tripping when I charge

    Can you plug in at another location? A friend's house, for example, just to be sure it's not the Tesla charger that's causing the problem? I use the charger that came with the car, and just use my regular 110 outlet in the garage. It's slow, but works fine with no problems.
  13. Kat Jacks

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    For me, the speed of the auto wipers is off--either too fast or too slow. I use manual only now. Best case, is just leave the car in the garage when it rains. Car stays clean and wipers are not an issue. ;)
  14. Kat Jacks

    Black M3 So dirty after rain!

    I have the PPF on the front and ceramic coating overall. As someone else said, the back of the car gets the dirtiest. Front of mine is the cleanest. I always wash by hand using ONR. Mild dust and pollen are only visible up close. From 10 feet + distance it looks clean. After a wash, very...
  15. Kat Jacks

    Tesla does not accurately represent inventory level

    I agree that the microchip shortage is a big problem. Maybe too, their computer data were not up to date. This is like 'throwing out the baby with the bathwater' to cancel the order and deny yourself such a magnificent car. Maybe you can re-think that.....
  16. Kat Jacks

    Person Hits Model 3 and attempts to Flee

    I'm glad you weren't hurt and the M3 will be fixed. I always park far enough away so as not to encounter many other drivers. Today at the grocery store, I backed out of my parking space and was waiting for a woman with a full cart to move out of the driving area of that row. Since my Tesla...
  17. Kat Jacks

    Three year report, mostly good.

    A great report! My M3 is 6 months old and still perfect as far as I can tell. I have hand washed it so far, even when the outside temp was 40 degrees. In the future, I may use the touchless option in a carwash bay when I'm in a hurry. Thanks for the info about how to clean the seats.
  18. Kat Jacks

    Blog Tesla Posts Record Q1 Production

    I'm not understanding the 'confusion' about the manual, the sales data, and other pertinent info about the car. Before I ordered mine online, I looked at the manual for the M3 from the Tesla site. All my questions were answered. I agree with others' posts that Tesla is not like other auto...
  19. Kat Jacks

    Before I screw up my Model 3 in the car wash...

    My Tesla is the first car I've ever washed by hand. In the 6 months that I've had it, I have washed it about once every 2 weeks. In coldest weather, with snowy slush and grime, it took longer and 2 changes of the water in the buckets. As long as temps were 40+ and the car was dirty, I washed...
  20. Kat Jacks

    Closing the front doors vs rear doors

    I haven't really noticed a difference when closing front or rear doors, as long as my hands weren't holding stuff. But, when taking things (groceries, boxes, etc) out of the back seat, then closing the door, it sometimes feels harder to do, because I push the door with my elbow. Maybe the...
  21. Kat Jacks

    New Englanders -- check in!

    Hi New England Tesla owners! I'm in southern Maine, just south of Portland. I've had Red Beauty for almost 5 months, and love everything about the car. Hope to see you on the road.
  22. Kat Jacks

    Driving from Dallas to Boca Chica & back with family

    I wish I could be there. Have fun! I've had both Moderna vaccines--good for you in getting them. Have a great trip! ;)
  23. Kat Jacks

    Any thoughts on the new forum layout?

    I don't like it. I'm not finding things easily. Maybe it's just that I'm not paying attention. o_O I'll keep at it.
  24. Kat Jacks

    New wrap and chrome delete

    jbiggs2, You chose very creative colors. I really like it. Enjoy all the attention!
  25. Kat Jacks

    Few question from new buyer

    My LR AWD is definitely the best. Enjoy the one you've got; it's the best.
  26. Kat Jacks

    My recent trip consumption Data - Pretty good

    Thanks for the details. Niagara Falls is so beautiful. I'd guess the autopilot/FSD mode was very convenient.
  27. Kat Jacks

    New wrap and chrome delete

    I like the dark trim on the blue. I've seen it on white ones, which also looks good. For me, the original trim looks great with red. I can relate to the weather's preventing washing it. I just washed mine today after two weeks. :eek:
  28. Kat Jacks

    Nav on Mute

    My volume also varies, but not as much as others have indicated. I quickly turn down the volume when I get in the car, then adjust it up depending on what I'm listening to.
  29. Kat Jacks

    Rear defroster not working

    We had sleet and an ice storm last week. It was the first time I used my rear window defroster. It worked fine. I had used the front one a few times, and it works well too.
  30. Kat Jacks

    Occasional Error Code from M3 - Driver pillar camera blocked

    I have gotten that message too a few times. When I was in Dedham, MA for other reasons I stopped by the Tesla store and service person said it was due to minor moisture and should not be a problem, but to contact service if it became more prevalent.. The message has only appeared 5-6 times in...
  31. Kat Jacks

    Model 3 Paint (Ice Scraper Damage)

    Thanks for this info. Last week my M3 sat outside at a friend's house and got about 7" of snow on it. I used the typical snow-removal brush to clean the main parts of the car. Paint looks fine, but I held my breath as I did the cleaning, fearing that it might cause problems. I do have the...
  32. Kat Jacks

    Undercarriage pressure wash?

    My Red Beauty has been through a few snow storms and gotten really dirty from trucks passing me on snowy and rainy I95. So far, I have waited until a day where temps are 40 degrees and have washed it by hand. I take the hose and angle it under the car on each side, and around the wheel wells...
  33. Kat Jacks

    My Car is on a Diet.

    Personally, I really like the glass roof. It's so nice to look up at the sky. I hadn't thought about weight or safety, but others' comments seem to say that it's the best option at this time.
  34. Kat Jacks

    New to Model 3

    I had some trouble with other drivers rushing past me then cutting in front; pickups revving up at stop lights. Now, after 5 months, not so much. They are just jerks who are jealous because we have the best cars on the road! ;)
  35. Kat Jacks

    Too Steep?

    I drive over a similar curb at a friend's house and it's no problem. You may want to take it at a slight angle rather than straight on, but you would probably do that anyway when turning in from the street. Enjoy your wonderful car!
  36. Kat Jacks

    Hit 50th state last year, now...

    I'm envious of your upcoming trip! It will be great. Maybe you should have a Tesla contact person(s) in each state to call, or visit if it's near your planned route. I, for one, would be glad to meet you and your son (besides, I'm in your age category) . I'm just 42 miles into ME on I95...
  37. Kat Jacks

    Did you PPF your new Tesla?

    I got the entire front PPFd and the whole car ceramic coated for $3200. For me it was worth it since I plan to keep the car for a long time. With 1700 miles driven so far, there is not one chip of ding on it. Again, it's personal, just like the choice in paint color. The $2000 cost for the...
  38. Kat Jacks

    Feeling blue...[trouble finding door handle in the dark]

    When the light burned out in my garage, I had that problem of not finding the handle easily. I practiced going from the door post to the handle a few times, now I can find it if needed, even without getting out my iPhone first. Too bad the lighting is not better where ever you are parking in...
  39. Kat Jacks

    What is it up to in the Garage?

    Just as I suspected. I knew that my Red Beauty was smarter than I am! :rolleyes:
  40. Kat Jacks

    Favorite part about 2020.48.26... changing the charging threshold

    Now with below freezing temps, the charging does vary by 1-2% from where I have it set. I haven't noticed any odd changes. . . .loved the comments about the internet, insulted, and blinking. . . . Covid is making us all stir crazy! :eek:
  41. Kat Jacks

    I got my first rock chip :'(

    I haven't gotten a chip yet, in 4 months. I did get the PPF early on, along with the ceramic coating. It definitely helps with bugs. Sorry about the chip. I guess we'll all get them at some point. As others said, best thing is to enjoy the car and don't drive when anyone else is on the...
  42. Kat Jacks

    What is it up to in the Garage?

    These sounds you guys are talking about are interesting to me. I plug mine in just before I close the garage door, let it charge overnight. It's all finished when I go out next morning; I unplug it and go. I never hear anything! I only hear a low-tone clicking when she wakes up as I open the...
  43. Kat Jacks

    Charge Port door didn't open

    Can you charge it overnight? Maybe soon after driving it for the day? If you have a garage it's easy to plug in to an ordinary outlet.
  44. Kat Jacks

    New Member Here

    Hi LSU Tigers fan! My sister lives in Baton Rouge. Anyway, you'll love your Tesla. I've had my M3 for 3 months and it is perfect. My area in Maine offers free charging at several locations--couldn't be easier than that. You'll get lots of notice and attention. You'll be setting a good...
  45. Kat Jacks

    Did anyone come from bigger size sedan to Tesla Model 3?

    I had an Impala; my M3 feels so much better. It fits into garage easier too. I've owned a few full-size ICE cars over the past 40 years, and they all felt bulky, heavy and sluggish compared to the Tesla. No hump in the rear makes the middle seat more comfy. Rear shoulder room is compromised...
  46. Kat Jacks

    Tesla Never Registered My Car (California)

    I got delivery Sept 29, 2020 and had the ownership papers via FedEx on Oct 18. The person I talked to, who told me that delivery of the paperwork was imminent, was a Tesla guy who is in Las Vegas. The Tesla store in MA where I test drove it couldn't get to any paperwork that my town in ME...
  47. Kat Jacks


    Like everyone else I guess, I get a message on my iPhone when a software update is ready and I move the car a little closer to my house (from the detached garage) so it picks up the wi-fi signal easily. Then I get out, lock the car, and walk away so as not to interact with it during the...
  48. Kat Jacks

    EZPass mount location

    I got the newer, smaller version of the EZPass (I had the older, wider one for 10 years). As Tesla manual says, I put it to the right of the rear view mirror plate/holder thingy. I can hardly see it from inside. I use it several times a week, so mounting it is more convenient for me than...
  49. Kat Jacks

    Front license plate falling off

    We use front plates here in ME, but I haven't put the front one on. I figure that it's winter, snow, more frequent washing and the front plate would just be in the way. No problem yet (only 3 months) with plate not being on. The car looks better without it IMO. My friend has the SnapPlate by...
  50. Kat Jacks

    Thought I would share ...

    I drove my red M3 in snow for the first time yesterday. We got @ 14" here Thursday. My Red Beauty did a fantastic job. Handling was easy. And, the car didn't get nearly as dirty from the snow slush as I had expected. I did several errands, and even went to Otto Pizza!