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  1. Habious

    Locked out!

    The antenna wire (that you want to get to, to extend the range) is located behind the left dash panel. You take off the dash panel (and I think the driver's side sill panel) and you can get to it. I'm going from pictures and memories, since I don't have a Roadster any more. I think you have...
  2. Habious

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    I've been wondering when it was going to pop up for sale somewhere. I sold it to CarMax several months ago. Just got sick of it breaking all the time (and Tesla being unable to get replacement parts). After 3 battery packs and 4 PEMs, I was done.
  3. Habious

    Beware Roadster #1126 Valley Auto Maxx

    When I bought my Roadster, it was from a relatively small used-car dealership (in New York state). I did everything people here talked about...called them up, discussed the car, gave them a deposit (over the phone), and then flew up later in the week to check out the car. Now, it was a...
  4. Habious

    How does a roadster drive

    In reference to the Roadster cupholder, I often tell people "I can easily haul a beverage...or a passenger."
  5. Habious

    New (for me) 2.5 Sport Impressions and 1 or 2 Questions

    Yup, when charging, there's only so many volts/amps to go around so, if the ambient temp is warm (or the battery is overly warm), the car will run the A/C to cool the pack down during charging...and there's that many less electrons for the actual charging, so it'll take longer. Ditto in very...
  6. Habious

    Trunk springs

    Hello from Springfield (VA). There's a few of us Roadster owners locally. Welcome to the party.
  7. Habious

    New Tesla Motors Club Logo

    To me, at first glance, it looks like it says " TMI "
  8. Habious

    Request for advice on buying a used Roadster in Japan

    Neither range number is perfect. The "Ideal Miles" is what you MIGHT get, but probably won't...but maybe could. The "Estimated Miles" is what you DID get the last 40 miles but, is no barometer for what you WILL get in your next 40 miles. If the car has been on several "spirited" test drives...
  9. Habious

    Now Shipping: Custom Tesla Roadster 2-Piece Slotted Rotors

    Apparently, my email on my phone wasn't coming through...just found 45 unread messages from the past 10 days or so. Oops. Just found (and paid) the PayPal invoice for the shipping of mine. Sorry for the delay
  10. Habious

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    The key-hole on the underside of the door doesn't lock/unlock the door...it's a manual door latch (that uses the key). I've never had any luck in "locking the keys in the car" (intentionally). You can't even press the door lock button on the door then close the door - well, technically you can...
  11. Habious

    Utter Frustration (National PEM Shortage)

    I'm in the DC metro area so, there are two problems...weather and traffic. One or the other is tolerable but, the combination is just deadly for cars. For some reason, the moment it starts to rain, everyone's IQ drops like 40 points, and the just turn into blathering idiots. So, I don't...
  12. Habious

    Utter Frustration (National PEM Shortage)

    It lives! Friday I got my Roadster back! Just in time for the weather to completely turn to crap for the next 4 months. For the record, total time they had the car was 4 days shy of 5 months. They ended up replacing the battery (with a refurb unit), they replaced the PEM (with a NEW unit -...
  13. Habious

    Pulling battery disconnect / Disabling APS for month+ storage to eliminate vampire drain...

    Hmm...that poses an interesting question (for me, at least). When you inhibited the APS, I assume the VDS stayed powered on (otherwise, how would you re-enable the APS). So, if inhibiting the APS kills any draw from the big pack...and you have no 12V aux battery...what's powering the VDS?
  14. Habious

    Pulling battery disconnect / Disabling APS for month+ storage to eliminate vampire drain...

    But, my thought on this is "that disconnected state" that you refer to has the batteries "just hanging around" with NO load/drain on them. If you watch the PEM cleaning video that @mgemmell posted (Link here), he shows when he Inhibits the APS and, while it shuts a lot down, it clearly doesn't...
  15. Habious

    Pulling battery disconnect / Disabling APS for month+ storage to eliminate vampire drain...

    Not trying to turn this into a semantics argument, I swear. My 10 minutes of armchair research came up with these two definitions - __________________ Parasitic load is a term used with regard...to electrical appliances, it represents the power consumed even when the appliance is shut off...
  16. Habious

    Pulling battery disconnect / Disabling APS for month+ storage to eliminate vampire drain...

    Is there a difference in parasitic drain between inhibiting APS and pulling the service disconnect? (I know one is A LOT easier than the other)
  17. Habious

    JVC KD-NX5000 Removal & Replacement

    Worst case scenario, can't you tap into the backup lights (that only come on when the car is in reverse)? You're running wires from the passenger cabin to the back of the car anyway (for the camera feed), right?
  18. Habious

    #1146 DMC Motor Fan Problem?

    If you decide you need one, let me know. I think I still have mine sitting on the carport from when I installed the trailer hitch (the hitch and snow dam were mutually exclusive, taking up the same space at the same time.) It's a 3-sided metal thingy, right?
  19. Habious

    Utter Frustration (National PEM Shortage)

    You're not the first to suggest that...and I've thought about it. However, I think the big wrinkle in that idea is I didn't buy the car from Tesla. I'm a second owner. Bought the car from an ICE used car dealership, as-is, no warranty (car was beyond factory warranty and dealership offered no...
  20. Habious

    Utter Frustration (National PEM Shortage)

    Providing another update on this (for those that might be interested.) Service Center dutifully called me on 1 Nov...to tell me they have "absolutely no idea when we're getting a replacement PEM" for my car. We're now at 4.5 months. So, last weekend, I picked this up... I know this might...
  21. Habious

    Rattle from somewhere in front

    But, at least the Roadster has a killer stereo, so you can drown out all of those rattles, squeaks, and creaks... ...oh, wait...
  22. Habious

    TPMS - Again on my LEMON. 4 times 37,000 miles

    It is possible to disable it in the firmware, however Tesla isn't allowed to disable it on US cars (per Federal law). You, as an owner, are legally allowed to disable it (but, of course, Tesla isn't required to give you access to the firmware to do this on your own.) Nasty little Catch-22...
  23. Habious

    Battery 3.0 Upgrade

    While I understand that supercharging isn't reasonable to do...I would be THRILLED if they simply installed and HPC or an HPWC (heck, even a 14-50 would make my day) at all of the Supercharging stations. The supercharging network (the locations themselves) are reasonably located and spaced...
  24. Habious

    Wireless rear view camera that could be used on the 1.5 cars?

    This looks like a newer version of the one I have... https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Display-Speedometer-Overspeed-Compatible/dp/B00WO60AHG/ref=sr_1_5?s=car&ie=UTF8&qid=1476973694&sr=1-5&keywords=gps+hud Mine is a few years old and just displays speed. This one has compass direction as well...
  25. Habious

    Wireless rear view camera that could be used on the 1.5 cars?

    I tried one of those (that's how I know that the OBD-II port is separate from the diagnostics port that the OVMS uses)...didn't work. Now, I won't say that "none of them work", but the one I tried had several different modes, for different vehicle manufacturers, for compatibility. Of course...
  26. Habious

    Roadster Luggage/Ski Rack Closeout Sale = $250

    If someone wants one, I bought one (still have it sealed in the box, sitting by my front door) during the close-out sale, but have decided to replace the Roadster. PM me if you're looking for one.
  27. Habious

    A 1 Million Dollar Roadster

    Wow, I really like those white gauges, actually!
  28. Habious

    A 1 Million Dollar Roadster

    If anyone's interested, I'm willing to part with mine for half that!
  29. Habious

    2010 Roadster for sale NJ

    Nice car. You might want to have the thread moved to the "For Sale" forum... Tesla for Sale
  30. Habious

    Utter Frustration (National PEM Shortage)

    The car isn't covered under Extended Warranty...they are replacing parts that they've replaced before (the replacement parts had a 12 month/unlimited mileage warranty on them). So, I'm not gaining anything...because the parts they're replacing (battery and PEM) they've replaced before, and the...
  31. Habious

    Utter Frustration (National PEM Shortage)

    Just got an update from Tesla today on the status of my repair...They're saying that it'll be November (maybe) before they get a PEM for me. FOUR months, for a warranty repair? Anyone got Elon's number? I'd like to have a little chat with him.
  32. Habious

    USB for Navi update and Music playback

    This is why I suggested that he try to put some mp3s on a USB stick and see if they play - just to see if he's got the right cable (and it's connected to the head unit).
  33. Habious

    USB for Navi update and Music playback

    If you plug a USB stick with mp3s on it, can you access those from the head unit and play them? Trying to verify if you're in the right USB port, and it's connected to the head unit.
  34. Habious

    Model S crashes into gym

    I don't think any of these people who have dealt with "unintended acceleration" will ever believe they did anything wrong until someone comes up with a device that mounts under the steering wheel, and video records feet/pedals. I do take issue with the "...having reviewed the logs and that it...
  35. Habious

    Utter Frustration (National PEM Shortage)

    I think a big part of the problem with getting someone to do this is you have to get someone willing to spend all of the R&D time and effort into reverse-engineering the PEM. As of right now, Tesla is NOT releasing any kind of service info. As far as I know, you can't get schematics, block...
  36. Habious

    Utter Frustration (National PEM Shortage)

    I've hesitated posting this but, I don't have anywhere else to vent (My GF is sick of hearing about it). My Roadster was picked up on July 6th. Was told the battery was toast and I needed a new one. A new one was ordered, and shipped in. The local Service Center (Service Center #1) didn't...
  37. Habious

    Buying a Roadster now - what to be aware of?

    I tell people that the car "seats one, comfortably". Also, I often point out that the cupholder allows you to conveniently carry a beverage...OR a passenger.
  38. Habious

    Buying a Roadster now - what to be aware of?

    Oh crap! I just looked at your location! You're local! When I get my Roadster back from the shop, I'll take him for a ride (if you want). PM me if you're interested.
  39. Habious

    Buying a Roadster now - what to be aware of?

    Agreed with what everyone said here...you can't "seriously consider" a Roadster until you've actually sat in one (and verified that you, in point of fact, can actually get in and out of the damn thing)...only then can you "seriously consider" a Roadster. I've told quite a few people "You know...
  40. Habious

    Approaching a long neglected Roadster

    All I know is that they DO still have "old" packs available (not new, but refurbished). And they're charging the same for them as they did before the 3.0 pack came out. They charged me around $5K for a battery swap in Jan '15 (swapping out my pack-with-a-dead-sheet for a refurbished pack), and...
  41. Habious

    Approaching a long neglected Roadster

    I'm pretty sure that third choice is an option (I know, for a fact, that Tesla has refurbished "original" packs laying around...mine is at the Service Center now getting one installed). But, I think they're still charging original price for it. So, $40K for a "240 mile" pack, or $29K for a 3.0...
  42. Habious

    Norway VIN jackpot

    More info for your (already impressive) database.
  43. Habious

    Roadster production dates

    Son of a... Nice job!
  44. Habious

    USB for Navi update and Music playback

    It looks like, according to Alpine's website, the IVA-520R uses the Alpine NVE-M300P navigation module, which has a different update option/capability than the IVA-NAV-10/INA-W900. Alpine - NVE-M300P/RUE-M300 Firmware & Map Update But, I'm going from Internet research here (Alpine's website)...
  45. Habious

    USB for Navi update and Music playback

    The IVA-NAV-10 is basically an Alpine INA-W900 (with the Tesla splash screen and a different model number)
  46. Habious

    USB for Navi update and Music playback

    Uh oh...this must be a difference between US spec and EU spec Roadsters. The US Roadsters have the Alpine IVA-NAV-10 (at least the 2.5's do)
  47. Habious

    USB for Navi update and Music playback

    The SD card slot is behind the powered screen (that opens up to install the CD)
  48. Habious

    Roadster production dates

    Always been curious if @TEG has any pics of my Roadster (1195) that I didn't take and post somewhere. I know the original owner didn't drive it much at all (car had 3,900 miles on it when I bought in 2014). I'd be happy to post my Roadster's born-on date and such but, it's been in the shop...
  49. Habious

    Replacing keys

    I'm not sure I've ever had my Roadster in-and-out of a Service Center in one day...with or without an appointment.
  50. Habious

    Transparent Roadster Top

    I bought the "Premium" version and was extremely disappointed in the "Premium" features that came with it. I've never used the cleaning kit (I think it's down in the basement somewhere) and the case is pretty laughable (I posted a picture of it on here when I first got it). It's something...