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  1. rabar10

    Rattling noise from seat belt tensioner

    I just noticed this rattle on my car as well, now that my wife started driving it and adjusted the drivers side all the way down.
  2. rabar10

    Slow discoveries, or How to silence the entry chimes

    Easy Entry + buckling up before touching the bake pedal = seat belt squeeeeeze :confused: Have to keep some slack on the belt even after it’s buckled until after the seat has stopped moving, then let it tighten. Or just listen to a chime or two and wait till things have stopped moving around...
  3. rabar10

    Supercharger - Angola IN

    Turns out TMC didn’t have a thread that was specific to Angola IN — so I made this one, and moved your post to here. Now that there is a new dedicated discussion thread, we can ask @BlueShift to update the Angola link on SC.info. Thanks for pointing this out.
  4. rabar10

    Tesla: The CURE for range anxiety

    ^ what he said. Coming from a 70-miles-in-good-weather BEV and going to a 300-mile 3LR, and with supercharging to boot -- I didn't realize how constraining the previous vehicle was till now. Freedom feels good.
  5. rabar10

    ToughPro Model 3 Floor Mat Set - All Westher - Heavy Duty - Black Rubber

    Unfortunately I don't moderate this section of the site, but have used the Report feature to notify the ones that do. I'm sure it will be taken care of shortly.
  6. rabar10

    Callers consistently having trouble hearing me on phone

    Are callers complaining about an echo? My significant other complained of a bad echo from my car BT a few times recently when I was on firmware 2018.21.9. Supposedly fixed in FW 2018.24.x — see Summon anyone? 2018.24.1 Could also ask for someone to sit in your car and then borrow their...
  7. rabar10

    Summon anyone? 2018.24.1

    What phone app version? (Click the Settings gear top-left, scroll to the bottom) I’m on 3.4.2 in Android,
  8. rabar10

    Summon anyone? 2018.24.1

    Scroll down on the main page of the phone app — Summon is at the bottom of the list
  9. rabar10

    Spammer on the Forum?

    The site is seeing a common pattern of spam influx around the same time each day. I’ve taken to reviewing both New Posts and also New Members each morning (US Eastern time) to flush it out. The site admins (@doug and @danny) are also tweaking the back-end to improve and automate our defenses...
  10. rabar10

    Elon tweets interesting pic of autopilot development screen

    Acronyms Seriously Suck -- an email by Elon Musk to all of SpaceX in 2010
  11. rabar10

    My new Model 3

    Welcome to TMC and great first post!
  12. rabar10

    Supercharger - Carmel, IN

    Just stopped by for a quick test-charge, works great. Amusing that it doesn't yet show up in the car mapping UI as a Supercharger destination yet, heh
  13. rabar10

    Bluetooth - unlocking the door survey

    Any of the 4 door handles or the trunk button will unlock the car, if you have your phone on you and the Phone Key is connected.
  14. rabar10

    Jaguar I-Pace

    Mod note: moved a handful of posts to Politics - Quarantine Thread Aside from trending to snippy, they are very much OT for this thread.
  15. rabar10

    Space Station for BFR/BFS Discussion

    mod note: split out a handful of posts to BFS Centrifuge running track
  16. rabar10

    Supercharger - Carmel, IN

    No pic today, but workers were at the site. Cable conduits are coming up from trenches in several spots (actually not sure if trenches had been covered over or not, will look more closely next time). The Supercharger cabinets have not yet been unpacked or moved to their final locations though.
  17. rabar10

    Starbase: Boca Chica/Brownsville SpaceX Site

    I think SpaceX is also sizing the BFR to be able to launch from Cape Canaveral (reduced dimensions/thrust a bit to fall within limits of the Pad-39 facilities). They may test subsystems at McGregor but they can't get the whole thing there. So Boca Chica may include test facilities as well as...
  18. rabar10

    A few Model 3 Questions....

    For #1, are you putting the car in Park? Instead, you could shift to Neutral (when in D, push up lightly and hold, car will go to N — same thing from reverse except push/hold down lightly), if needed can apply the foot brake. This should keep the charge port door shut.
  19. rabar10

    Supercharger - Fishers, IN

    Thanks for the tip! Yeah not sure what the story is with this site...
  20. rabar10

    Tesla app update 3.3.6

    Android app v3.3.6 now has Loot Box icon/page, which wasn’t there before (for this Model 3 owner). Checking the Tesla site shows referral code and info added there too.
  21. rabar10

    Supercharger - Fishers, IN

    As of yesterday evening the Fishers supercharger was (still?) down. Icon is grey in the Tesla interface, no signage or appearance of any work at the site itself but the SCs are dark. (I missed the grey icon indication and pulled in with 5%/15 miles left — oh $#*&@ — had to use a destination...
  22. rabar10

    AC Cobra vs Tesla in Ludicrous mode

    You'll want to read this article: The 2017 Tesla Model S P100D and the 0-100-0 Test - Motor Trend Summary: - The claim was that the 1965 Cobra did the 0-100-0 in 13.8 seconds. But that time is disputed and not (easily) replicated. - The Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous does 0-100 in 6.0 seconds...
  23. rabar10

    Supercharger - Carmel, IN

    Ford Focus Electric. Haven’t sold it yet, drove it today for the first time since getting my Model 3 a few weeks ago. It feels so different now, in a bad way, heh. Tesla has raised the bar through the roof with the Model 3. Concur on the need in Bloomington and Evansville
  24. rabar10

    Bluetooth - unlocking the door survey

    Specific to the Auto Unlock on approach (mirror behavior) — this was changed in a firmware update a few weeks ago, now the car will unlock and mirrors fold out only when a door handle or trunk button is pushed and the phone-key is in range and connected. Too many people I think had issues with...
  25. rabar10

    Bluetooth - unlocking the door survey

    Mod note: Moved thread to the UI subforum.
  26. rabar10

    Phone as Key Issues

    Another data-point. I have owned my Model 3 for three weeks now, running 2018.14.13 for the last 2 weeks, and I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone with Android 7.0 Nougat, Tesla Android app version 3.3.5 Not once have I been unable to access (unlock or drive) my car with the phone. The only time...
  27. rabar10

    Accident at Oxnard Supercharger Site

    Yep! In the very first picture of the thread you can see two people carrying a cut palm log away from the area, and in the second ‘after’ pic there are piles of sawdust across space 5B. The stump is still under/in front of the truck. Yikes yikes yikes.
  28. rabar10

    Supercharger - Carmel, IN

    Update! The site is cordoned off, the landscaped area is bring prepared, and there is now Tesla SC hardware onsite: (including my new hardware too :D )
  29. rabar10

    Autiopilot Still Calibrating after 160 miles

    I had an issue where during/after delivery the GPS said I was driving across the hills outside San Jose, when I was thousands of miles from that location. Autopilot also did not activate and I assume the two issues were related. Had to reset the touchscreen (hold both steering wheel buttons...
  30. rabar10

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    I’m not in that area, but there is a “Rate EVX” for Indianapolis Power & Light that offers time-of-use rates, but requires a separate meter base dedicated to the EVSE only. Bit of a pain, but lets them more easily monitor/study EV charging behavior and encourage scheduled overnight recharging...
  31. rabar10

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    As you wish :-)
  32. rabar10

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    I've been looking and haven't ever seen a Model 3 on the roads around the Indy area, at least overlapping with my commute... ...until this morning when I picked mine up :D:cool:
  33. rabar10

    Destination Chargers - Mackinaw City, MI

    Mod note: renamed the thread per OP's request.
  34. rabar10

    Moonbase Alpha - The Moonbase discussion

    If there is actual ice on the moon, why hasn't it sublimated? Temperatures in the craters are <100K, so the ice is in fact sublimating, but at an extremely slow rate, so as to be not appreciable. Back to the Zubrin article — haven’t done the maths/research yet, but wondering how the total...
  35. rabar10

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    Uh oh. Just checked Tesla’s site again, and sure enough it’s still there. Find Us | Tesla Assuming I had the filter set for service center only the first time. False alarm, sorry. :(
  36. rabar10

    Model 3 Handle/Door Protection?

    Title fixed :)
  37. rabar10

    Supercharger - Carmel, IN

    Cool. Source? Any timing or ETA info?
  38. rabar10

    Quick help regarding Supercharging

    @Pontus did you go ahead with the trip in your Model 3 or take the S85?
  39. rabar10

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    Yeah the ~10” of snow yesterday was... interesting o_O March Madness, heh Going with Blue and the 19”s
  40. rabar10

    Supercharger - Carmel, IN

    No physical changes/activity at the proposed Carmel site as of Friday 3/23. Wonder if this was just an alternate proposed location to the now-open Fishers supercharger site...
  41. rabar10

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    Still haven’t spotted one myself on the open road yet around Indy, but I can report receiving my invite to configure this past week :D so the deliveries must be progressing along to move through the queue. Also noticed on Tesla’s site that the store in Keystone Fashion Mall in Indianapolis is...
  42. rabar10

    I've narrowed it down to three names....

    4. Doghouse
  43. rabar10

    Most accurate way to plan a trip

    I would add ABRP A Better Routeplanner into the mix
  44. rabar10

    1st week with Tesla 3, quality control issues

    This is not meant as a statement on whether Tesla /should/ be providing more of a "white-glove" or "concierge" service -- but frankly the current market pressure isn't requiring them to do so. Traditional auto dealers from the same manufacturer are in many ways selling a commodity, so one of...
  45. rabar10

    Leaking battery coolant <500 miles in! [Update: not coolant, just water]

    Mod note: tweaked thread title. Welcome @cabiodsl! Glad to hear that there is likely no issue with your car. As @ℬête Noire pointed out, completely understandable for brand new owners to be hyper-sensitive to potential or perceived issues, especially with the reporting bias found on online...
  46. rabar10

    Non Owner - Just Placed my Order

    Correct. Are you going with the first production config, or waiting for a different option? If the former, what’s your color choice? Why do I ask? B/c I’m jealous :) and I don’t recall if you’d mentioned preferences once you got the invite.
  47. rabar10

    Non Owner - Just Placed my Order

    Mod note: handful of posts moved to snippiness Non-owner line-waiter note: guess I wasn’t close enough to the front of the line. No invite yet. Soon, hopefully. Congrats to all who have received theirs.
  48. rabar10

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    Wow, congrats! Wasn’t expecting to see any not-previous-owners in Indiana be invited to configure yet. Since I’m in the same line-waiter non-owner boat, of course I immediately refreshed my Tesla page. :) No dice yet. I did note in the Indiana TMC club section here that the Indianapolis...
  49. rabar10

    Supercharger - Carmel, IN

    No changes or signs of activity at permit site. Drove through there this evening to check.
  50. rabar10

    Flash Poll for US Owners: Can you configure your Model 3?

    Per request, added the "Oops, I made a mistake, don't count my vote" option to the poll.