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    light hearted request... your car name? - and why

    M.A.X.P.O.W.E.R. No other way to use this fantastic machine.
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    Car Parked Outside temp 68f / Inside 98f. Normal?

    Power of the sun baby - https://www.worldometers.info/ We're all doomed... a slow slow slow death as a species.
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    Paint Protection Film - opinion from those who’ve had it

    I did the sides first, then front bumper, then hood, then the rear. Left the top as is I ran out of material (messed up once on the top pillars). Reason I did them in this order is to reduce scratching to the paint with the application tools. Always have to be aware of each movement.
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    HW3 Upgrade

    I got an email. Some people may get Text if that's their preferred method of contact.
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    Wall charger price

    Even 240@12V (15V regular plug) is enough for daily commute. Or use the UMC with a regular 120V/12V plug and do a destination charge here and there when possible. Or a Top up charge on the weekends when you go out. More and more L2 chargers are coming online. Spending 4k for any install is...
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    HW3 Upgrade

    My car's in the shop for body work. Anyone that wants to grab an upgrade kit, give Kitchener SC shout.
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    Mobile Charger randomly disables

    Probably it's detecting an error from the supply line. Voltages can drop below a certain threshold depending on the time of day and the UMC is unable to sustain the charge rate. So it shuts off. If you're really into solving this: 1. Try it on a different plug and see if it follows the unit...
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    User experience with mode 3 that stay in the garage during winter?

    If you really need to make an high efficiency leg during a winter road trip. Charge to 100% with a L1 or L2 charger overnight and hold it there for about an hour (preferably) in an indoor heated garage. I achieve near 90% efficiency one time when I slept in and the charger/car held 100% one...
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    Highway 5A crash

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    Body Shop Repair Story (So far: No Happy Ending)

    Update: All parts shipped FEB 22, 2020 - ETA FEB 25, 2020 on all but line 29. Very fast in Canada it seems. I can expect Excellence to start work this week or next :)
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    Hit and Run on a parking lot on 3rd Line and Dundas in Oakville

    My driver door ding was 4k+ change and then another 9k for the rental period. Rear Quarter panel = PITA, this is likely in the 5-7k range + rental.
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    Hit and Run on a parking lot on 3rd Line and Dundas in Oakville

    If you have footage, go to the collision reporting center and file a report. Get the police officers on site sign off and say its a hit and run - show them the video (you'll likely lose an USB stick for the duration of the claim). They'll investigate and give the incident number to your...
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    Fast EV Lightning Run - Canada's First Coast-To-Coast Nonstop EV Run

    Well, they set the bar low in the winter and then blast it during the summer :)
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    Ontario Personalized Model III Plate

    They are, the new owner has to go to Service Ontario and register it under their vehicle / DL.
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    Body Shop Repair Story (So far: No Happy Ending)

    Estimate came in at a total of roughly 26k. 3k tax, 12k parts, 11k labour at Excellence (210 Midwest location).
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    Body Shop Repair Story (So far: No Happy Ending)

    Got into an accident during the snow storm (should of paid attention to weather reports). All done and said, 2-3 weeks for parts and then 6week repair time. Most of that is for paint at Excellence (authorized shop). Seems parts from Tesla are readily available as the list is quite long...
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    Fast EV Lightning Run - Canada's First Coast-To-Coast Nonstop EV Run

    As soon as you go 103kph, efficiency dips from 83kph. Adding more to charging time and charging stops. Four days maybe.
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    Solar roof on Model 3?

    Large corporations with money to burn :)
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    J1772 Adapter Melted

    It's the EVSE you plugged into that's the issue - likely a corroded contact or dirty and causing excessive heat enough to melt the connector.
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    Voice Navigation pronunciation

    Haha, drive down Black Creek Drive and >>> Trethewey.
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    2 Tesla Charging setup

    Also against code and voids your insurance if something happens that's not even related to the cars.
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    Just bought a New 2018 LR RWD from Tesla

    Haha, they're so busy to miss so many little issues with their cars. I doubt they'll be on top of this ball (hopefully).
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    Just bought a New 2018 LR RWD from Tesla

    I have a 29xxx and here are a few things I missed at the rush delivery showroom. 1. A paint defect/nick on the front left side - lower lip of the bumper, not a huge deal, I didn't have it fixed as I found it during PPF application. 2. Driver side rear triangle glass piece (the small one that...
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    HPWC for SR+

    On a manufacturing perspective, it doesn't make sense to have another part number unless the cost is highly significant. The process of getting it certified and OK'd by the approval agencies are huge. In huge volume production, it makes more sense to jam the same 48A charger into all Model...
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    Extend range

    See this: scan my tesla - Adapters
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    Extend range

    If you can warm up the battery to between 15C to 35C while charging and leave immediately after completion of your charge to 100%. You should get 80%ish efficiency even in -5C to 0C weather. However, the Model 3 does not display battery temperatures. You need a 3rd party scanning device and...
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    HPWC for SR+

    The umc is limited at 32A right? That's the gate keeper. HPWC at a higher setting with higher current limit may be able to support 32A SR+ onboard charger plus heating element loads. Who wants to run some tests =P?
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    tesla hate.

    Cars get keyed all the time. Especially in work places with lots of politics and such. My friend had a brand new BMW white SUV that got keyed two weeks into ownership. Drama follows wherever dramatic people live.
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    Tesla in Toronto Advice re:Charging

    Toronto's summer weather is a joke compared to 40+ C else where in the world . The only weather we can complain about is negative C of a few degrees. Anywhere else in Canada is colder by comparison except BC. We have it good here. Biking and walking a bit won't kill you - problem is that...
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    Waiting is the hardest part

    The ones by 2bit da vinci are good. So are the ones about the battery tech. Otherwise, the others are just vlogs of owners talking about their cars and their experience.
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    TPMS Recommendation - Canada

    Ebay is great. Half the cost of what stores charge. Just make sure they're 433MHz and programmed as such.
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    First Time Model 3 Purchase in BC - Some Questions

    SR+ is a great car. Feels faster than an LR RWD due to the reduced weight while using the same drive unit. I'm sure the upgrade screen will allow for unlocking of features in the future once they iron out the regulations and such for insurance. I'd vote for the SR+ if you're not doing long...
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    Tesla in Toronto Advice re:Charging

    If our roads were better designed, I'm sure more people would bike. I.E. streets where it's only bicycles and pedestrians like so many dense urban centers in the EU and Asia. Until then, North America is the home of the car; because moving 1 person quick while being inefficient is more...
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    Charge level vs limited regen

    Does the S have a battery temperature reading/gauge? That would be great to show it on the app/HUD. Squeezing every km out of the battery pack helps during winter months without going into the last 10% of the pack...
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    Tesla in Toronto Advice re:Charging

    Well that's the rub. Live downtown in a tiny box or commute for the same cost but live in a larger box with a yard ;)
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    Westin Trillium House Blue Mountain

    $10 for 300kms of winter e-juice is still pretty good. Could be worse if they charge you the gasoline equivalent :)
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    Charge level vs limited regen

    I slept in one hour past the 100% charge completion and ended 20% more efficient driving from Montreal to Toronto. Was able to make it to Belleville instead of having to queue in Kingston. The BMS must be heating to battery to keep it happy to reduce degradation at 100%? Here's my experience...
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    Tesla in Toronto Advice re:Charging

    We are creatures of comfort and spoiled in Canada. However, in the winter time. Given the option of driving to work vs a bicycle. You know which one wins? The TTC is past capacity and slow. Might as well pay a little more for comfort and peace.
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    Tesla in Toronto Advice re:Charging

    Parking is parking. If you're going to work/workout/eat/buy food/do whatever at X spot. You're gonna park your car (if you took the car). Charging there for free/fee is the cost of charging. But, like you said, if charging is the sole purpose then no. The cost is too much.
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    Tesla in Toronto Advice re:Charging

    City council has voted to build up a ton of public chargers for the condo EV orphans. Similar to the network in Montreal. Lets hope this happens.
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    Tesla in Toronto Advice re:Charging

    Maximizing 10% to 70% charge rates, it's still 50% cost of gasoline. However, the time commitment to recharge once/twice a week would make it annoying unless it's already permissible in his/her routine.
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    Westin Trillium House Blue Mountain

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    Wiper blade replacement in Canada

    Bosch Clear Advantage - Adaptor #6 + Model 3. Watch out for ice and debris build up on the exposed nozzle head though. In and make snug. Push down and click (square matches up to square on wiper arm).
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    Tesla in Toronto Advice re:Charging

    OP can always seek out an fellow EVer with an home charger on Plug Share and arrange for something :)
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    FSD Upgrade Price Decrease (EAP Owners)

    Maybe they're looking to batch upgrade packages for GTA :)? Traffic cones here we go!
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    Tesla in Toronto Advice re:Charging

    Where do you work? Is there a parking garage? Most garages will have 120V 15A plugs for power washer and such. Find a spot with a plug and 8 hours at 7km/h is more than enough for your daily usage.
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    Charge level vs limited regen

    I really don't feel a difference until the snow flake icon and a full bar of regen dots. Just drive accordingly ;)
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    Used 2018 Model 3 LR RWD Depreciation

    Accidents? VIN Search and match it to the build/design. Does it have a salvage/accident? Odometer reading (Warranty / Repair History from Tesla). Paint matching on all panels. Driving/Charging: Test drive and listen for weird sounds all the way up to highway speeds. Push/punch it off the...
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    A good way of measuring accurately KWH usage?

    I have one of those meters sitting around at home. Just been lazy. I'll hook it up and take a pic :)
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    Happy with your exterior Paint?

    That's a body shop job on the bumper. I had my door dented and now it's slightly darker after they ordered a replacement panel and repainted it. It looked fine when I took delivery and inspected during a cloudy day. But it's actually darker in the sun vs the rest of the car. All body shops...