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    Dog barks when I leave house everyday

    Make sure you give him a decent walk before work so he's tired and wants to rest.
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    BYND Beyond Meat out of main

    Every human being in human history was a vegetarian during their most vulnerable time alive. Everyone reading this was a vegetarian as a baby, you drank milk, not meat. You did not die from a lack of meat. To say meat is necessary is anti-science.
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    Stunning Lucid Air Review Video w/Plaid

    If they have one motor for each wheel couldn't the car turn 360degrees on the spot like a tank, or would the wheels sheer off?
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    Housing Crisis

    As you say "parts of the country", in my mind it's not merely a house building problem it's a location of jobs problem. Detroit has 1000s of empty big houses, but no one wants to live there as there aren't enough jobs as there used to be. Perhaps one policy should be relocation of jobs, spread...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Tesla Insurance: worth more than Aviva https://www.ft.com/content/90ca739b-0ef8-42ff-9f1a-d50ba490f7bd If you are not an FT subscriber click on their twitter link:
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    CNBC Tour of the Vegas Loop System

    I prefer light rail/trams as solution to mass transit, it's electric, simple, transports more people, tried and tested, safer and less maintenance. The DLR is autonomous as well. But I guess that's a public/state solution to the problem. It doesn't matter that the richest countries in the...
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    Almost ready with FSD Beta V9

    It's a shame Elon didn't get into the space industry, could have thousands of Low Earth Orbit satellites giving live images from space, a Bird's eye view to assist FSD...
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    Almost ready with FSD Beta V9

    If all cars are autonomous in the future and are connected like a hive mind eg. the Borg, then radar is obsolete as the car will know what all the other cars around it are doing and seeing.
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    What is the advantage of Yoke steering?

    You can't ignore the advantage of it being cool because being cool is the main reason for it.
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    Arghhhhh - single track roads!

    It can't be a legal requirement because I can turn off lane assist in my VW.
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    Am I seeing things?

    It's a "Drop Bear", it looks identical to a Koala but it's vicious.
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    GME and AMC stock action (out of main)

    It's interesting that The Guardian is doing a hit piece on redditors buying silver. The guardian has published many anti Tesla stories over the years, I wonder if the 'shorts' have influence at the Guardian. Too coincidental.
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    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    Someone in my county of Kent in England has got Starlink broadband. Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink broadband to be tested out by Sittingbourne man (kentonline.co.uk)
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    GME and AMC stock action (out of main)

    Redditors buying Varta now. They are German and make batteries. I own a rechargeable torch from them, it is very well made, better than ledlenser imho. Their AA batteries are good aswell.
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Shame they didn't get rid of the moustache at the front. Only one panel to change. Good to see the stalks go.
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    Blog Musk Plans $100M Award for Carbon-Capture Tech

    I don't think anyone has patent pended trees. So... "I Patent Pend trees". Now Elon if you could direct message me I will send you my bank account details.
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    So why do they have the report button? Is that when there are no interventions but people think it should have done better?
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    Apple Car apparently back on

    So it wont have windows then.
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    As a neutral observer from across the pond, I thought lots of states were close to 50/50 Trump/Biden. As another poster said it would be better to see the County level. Or at least can you show a graph for big majority Trump States vs big majority Biden States?
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    Spider living in vents

    On a serious note, a small vacuum cleaner could remove it humanely. Then empty the spider after. Make sure the vacuum cleaner is empty first so you can tell if you got it.
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    Spider living in vents

    Living in the vents? Vote him off. It's an imposter.
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    What should I name my cat?

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    Be aware! Missing Control Arm Nut: Potential Safety Issue

    What kind of 2 bit operation is Elon running? This is very serious. Whilst recalls for things such as airbags are bad, they are for the unlikely event of a crash. This will cause them!
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    6 things James May hates about his Tesla

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    Blog Report: Model 3 Inspired Compact Hatchback Planned for Europe

    Yeah a cross between a model 3 and cyber truck would be cool. Tesla Cyber Hatchback or Tesla Cyber Car.
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    Blog Report: Model 3 Inspired Compact Hatchback Planned for Europe

    As an 80s child, a futuristic delorean looking hatchback would be cool. 0:58 to 1:22 for cool dash and exterior. It's what I expected the future to look like as a child. Make it so.
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    Blog Tesla Cars to Sound Pedestrian Warning With ‘Snake Jazz’

    In the current climate I would have said the sound of coughing or sneezing would get more peoples attention. You could also have it in sentry mode to scare people away from damaging your car. When the car detects people approaching it too closely a cough or sneezing sound could be made.
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    They also said they had a cure for capitalism 100 years ago...
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    Profound progress towards FSD

    It has been mentioned before, Mars years not Earth years.
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    Tesla Reportedly Building UK Plant Which May Or May Not Be A Gigafactory

    Build it in the County of Kent, Elon. Access to shipping ports and closest County in the UK to Europe. High speed Eurostar trains to Europe and high speed trains to London.
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    It's anti-science BS. Just ignore them. Big Tobacco running scared since the WHO told everyone to stop smoking and South Africa banning it as a result of the coronavirus. Most smokers are young people and young people are less at risk from it. Most people with severe symptoms are old people...
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    firearm storage pictures only

    I'm English, so...
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    You couldn't make this stuff up. It's like we are living in a dystopian novel or something. People don't learn! Evil. Bloomberg - Are you a robot? Coronavirus: Wuhan wet markets re-open as lockdown restrictions lifted in the city Wuhan wet market horror laid bare as gruesome practice starts...
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    The age of anti-science.. :rolleyes: Coronavirus: 5G mast set on fire after 'baseless' conspiracy theory link to pandemic Masts set on fire over false 5G coronavirus claims
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    I wonder how many people need to suffer because of this, before they are out on the streets protesting, saying enough is enough?
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    The USA is the most advanced country in the world. You should beat this virus before anyone else.
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    Can the virus be carried/travel on smoke from someones cigarette? Smoke travels a lot further than someones normal breath making it harder to avoid.
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    Model Y delivery yesterday - few thoughts relative to a 2017 MX P100DL

    What is the ride height like? Do you feel higher than other road users?
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    Coronavirus: Netherlands recalls 'defective' masks bought from China | DW | 29.03.2020 "The Dutch government has ordered a recall of around 600,000 masks out of a shipment of 1.3 million from China after they failed to meet quality standards. The defective masks had already been distributed to...
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    Elon: "Feature complete for full self driving this year"

    Why don't traffic lights emit radio signals to tell cars what the traffic light colour is. In fact, maybe in the future cars wont have to read any signs, autonomous cars will be told what the signs are by radio signals. On that note i heard that once that first responders were able to switch...
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    Biggest daily increase. Coronavirus: UK deaths rise by 185 to 769
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    Coronavirus: Boris Johnson tests positive for COVID-19
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    Biggest daily increase today in the UK, 113 deaths. Coronavirus: UK deaths reach 578 after rise of 113
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    The UK has the most anti-science leader. Mental.
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    one thing I never quite understood: if we're not supposed to eat other humans, how come they're made of meat, then?:D
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    Only 4 cases in my county Kent so far, but none in my area. We get a lot of European students where I live, who come to learn English, a new batch (+300) every week, from France, Italy and Germany etc. No sign of that stopping. We also have a large elderly population as we are by the sea.
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    Wiki Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    Fronius also make very good solar inverters. Made in Austria as well. Products
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    If you get door dinged while sitting in the car...

    Ban them from driving.
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    Tesla's staff training video for fixing panel gaps

    All Tesla owners should have a mullet hair style, as a subtle hint for Elon.