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    Recieved tesla s yesterday no AP2

    Good plan, and then the buyers from 25K to 50K who purchased from 90 to 180 days ago would scream, why did they leave me out? This ends up being every Model S ever sold should have had the wiring harness configured so everybody could have AP2. And don't think it would end there. Every Roadster...
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    Launch Pad Explosion during Static Test Fire - Sept 1 2016

    Is the escape system that was tested last year (?) only for the manned Dragon capsule? The payload sat there for some measurable time before toppling to the ground. It appeared to me that an escape system might have saved the payload.
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    Tesla moments

    This little blurb illustrates the range of people who are "nuts" about Tesla. Not long after I got my Model S in mid-2013, I was stopped at a red light on a street that has 4 lanes of traffic in each direction. Trudging along the crosswalk was a lady, pushing a stroller, holding hands with a...
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    Tesla Model S Console Issue

    It hurts when I do that. Stop doing that!
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    SpaceX Getting Ready To Mass Produce Falcon 9 Rockets

    Is it possible to have the 1st stage continue to boost enough so one orbit could be made and then land at the start of the second orbit? Or, does that take even more fuel than trying to return right after the launch?
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    Leaving X overnight at remote trailheads?

    My Model S was broken into while parked at a trail head a couple of years ago. Rear passenger window broken. Took a gym bag of dirty clothing and a Tesla cap. Paint scratches from the sheet of glass the worse issue. That and I miss my cap!
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    Charging stations in residential neighborhoods

    There is a thread on this forum that described a curbside charging station installed by an individual for his Model S. He showed pictures of his installation. I don't recall if he had to deal with permits, etc. I did a quick search but did not find the thread. Perhaps someone whose memory is...
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    Tesla Gigafactory

    When I first read the report of them taking down the extension metal works, I assumed it was to use the material in the second floor addition. My thought was that they used that material because the actual material for the second floor wasn't scheduled in for some time. Of course, it was...
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    CRS-8 Landing Drone Footage?

    EM went to Russia to see if he could buy ICBMs. Perhaps he should go back to see about surplus aircraft carriers?
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    Hatch won't close, beeps

    I believe if the hatch is left open too long, it loses it's auto-close capability, like the doors do sometimes. Going through the manual closing should reset it.
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    Random Model S sightings

    I know, since I didn't get a picture it didn't happen...but, a couple of days ago, I attended a Cubs spring training game in Mesa. I pulled into the reserved lot to park and the next car to park along side me was a duplicate to my multi-red Model S. The Ho Ho Kam parking attendents were...
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    Space X and Tesla software update mixed up..

    Nice. This could be the definitive answer to the ICEing of Superchargers.
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    SpaceX Falcon 9 launch - Jason 3 - Vandenberg

    I wonder how far offshore the landing attempt will be? I'd like to go see the launch, but would be even more interested if the landing attempt could be seen real time. Any info?
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    Help getting Des Moines, IA Destination Charger

    I probably misspoke about Timberline. I charged there with a 50 amp connection some year and a half ago. The owner wanted to install a Tesla connection and I turned him on to the Destination charging crew. I was copied on an email between the owner and the Tesla folks. I haven't been back...
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    Help getting Des Moines, IA Destination Charger

    There is a RV camp (Timberline?) in West Des Moines that has destination charging from Tesla. Owner is a big EV supporter.
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    Harris Ranch is getting first battery swap station

    I charged at Harris Ranch around 6:00ish PM Thursday evening. I noticed a TV crew was videoing an interview with someone over by the swap station. There was an SUV there, non-Tesla by birth but I don't know what brand, that the interviewee was standing beside while he was being interviewed...
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    Spiderguy does it again - SF bay area Roadster drive 11/7/2015

    These photos make me miss # 562 even more! Thanks for posting.
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    Thinking of getting a Tesla

    "...I got rear ended by some broad in a..." As an Air Force guy, I see the Navy still has problems with gender language. :rolleyes:
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    Roadster 1.5 Owners Wanting 3.0 Upgrade

    I haven't seen it posted in this forum yet, but an article in the NASDAQ news site saying that Tesla is in negotition with LG Chem for the 400 mile replacement Roadster battery. Sorry I didn't get the link.
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    Tesla made it into a Mental Floss article

    If they had really been on top of this subject, they would have done "11 Things...."
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    Aerodynamics not yet optimized :-)

    I recently returned from a trip to Iowa. The morning after I got back, I went to the grocery store. When I was finished shopping, I came out to see 3 birds standing on the curb and picking dead bugs out of the grill work. I decided it might be a good time to take TessTwo in for a bath/shower.
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    Supercharger - Albuquerque NM

    I did the Santa Rosa to Gallup hop a couple of nights ago. Got really worried I wouldn't gain back enough range going into Albuqurque so I selected that flag and I'm sure I read "open by appointment," and gave a phone number to call. On the other hand I may have been dopey. It was late at night.
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    Funny Ebay Attempt at Making a Buck

    Now we have to wait for Logical Thought to tell us this can't possibly be sold for a profit and the demand has flat lined since yesterday.
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    Tesla introduces Tesla Energy

    Thanks Doug.
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    Any Des Moines area people here? We need an HPWC in DM.

    Timberline Campground | Country Camping, City Convenience! This is an RV park in West Des Moines that I put in contact with Tesla to see about installing an HPWC. I don't know that they ever went through with that plan, but an email to them might be helpful.
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    It's been a long time coming...

    Glad to see that "Jake" finally got his Roadster. Have great fun to make up for the lost time.
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    Another accident for Rafael de Mestre's Roadster

    I also am glad that no one was hurt in this accident. As a former Roadster owner, these kind of pictures are painful to see. My Roadster was like a member of my family. It hurt to sell her, like I was betraying a trust. The Model S is a grand car, but it's a car, not a family member to me...
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    Another Fact Sheet to Handout

    An additional edit: "than" not "then" in the gigafactory last sentence.
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    Merry Christmas

    Ditto to Jerry's message. Happy Holidays to all.
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    Have you been ICEd?

    Way to go Lanny! Don't just complain about it, do something. Head of the class move.
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    SpaceX plans ocean platform landing

    Refuel on the landing platform and then fly back for a base landing. That is the answer to a question that had been bugging me. I hadn't considered that solution, so I'm obviously not thinking far enough out of the box. The adventure continues.
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    Model S: A Chick Magnate!

    Having had both Tesla models, it is quite evident that they attract different "chicks." The Roadster attracted mostly high school car wash type girls, at least until they got close enough to see who was driving the car. The Model S attracts a more mature woman, with the added benefit that the...
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    Pure BEV Dogma

    I check this thread about once a year to see if anyone has anything new to offer. See you next year!
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    Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged

    Wow! The false sound of gasoline explosions added to make us feel nostalgic. Why not add a holigram of a horse's arse in front of the driver to remind us of that old technology too?
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    IOWA Tesla Owners

    Iowans - Just before the 4th of July, I traveled from Surprise, AZ to Burlington, IA. I followed the Supercharger net to Albert Lea and then cut down to Des Moines. I charged at a very nice RV park called Timberline just west of Des Moines. Nice shaded charging locations and a very clean park...
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    Colorado 550 Farmington <--> Grand Junction

    I did the 50/550 GJ to Farmington route in an S85, 19", with a starting range of 262 miles for a 216 mile drive. It can be done without a mid-course charge, but you have to drive very slowly over the 3 three high elevation climbs on this route. A lot of the those elevations climbs are 15 to 30...
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    Video: F9R with Grid Fins - 1000m Flight - June 17 2014

    I'm sorry guys, but I saw this in the 1950's on Captain Video and his Video Rangers. Nothing new here except the cows.
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    Supercharger - Wickenburg, AZ

    So, I drove over to Wickenburg from Surprise this PM and got a couple of pictures. Not much more than holes in the ground now. I didn't see any equipment crates sitting around. Talked to the crew about where they might go from here and the quote was, "we just got here. Ha, Ha - don't know...
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    "Radical Patent Move" Speculation

    So, just use the Tesla provided chargers and ignore those that have a fee. You only lose the convinence of having choices.
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    Google Designing Its Own Self-Driving Car, Considers ‘Robo Taxi’

    What's the power train for this vehicle? Is it electric? I just haven't seen it mentioned. The short view of the back of the car coming off the transport truck didn't reveil an exhaust pipe (to me), but it wasn't a great angle.
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    Trip to Des Moines, IA and Quad Cities, IL

    Sorry for bringing back this thread after nearly a year and a half. I am planning a trip from Arizona to Burlington, Iowa for a 4th of July family get together. I'll follow the supercharger network until I get to Albert Lea, MN. Then my plan was to drive to Des Moines for charging. I've...
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    Taking the next obvious step

    Driving the dream and now working on the dream. It can't get much better than that. Congratulations and good luck, Ducky.
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    Roadster Sport or Not??????

    I was the orginal owner of 562. If I can help, pm me. I of course don't know about any changes made to the vehicle after I traded it in last September.
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    Supercharger - Barstow (EXPANDED, 5 stalls added, now 16 total)

    Stopped at Barstow on my way back to Surprise, AZ last Friday just before noon. All slots full and one car waiting. Got to my turn after about a half hour wait. I started out at the lower charging rate, as we last two cars that started charging were sharing "1" charger. I figured I needed...
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    Tesla adds Titanium Underbody Shield to Model S

    This is going to cause a lot of problems on all those grass highways we drive on.
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    Interesting video on history of Tesla/other auto industry insights - Marc Tarpenning

    Even Marc makes confusing statements regarding the Model X being the "cheaper vehicle" vs. Gen III. Strange coming from a former insider. Still an interesting presentation that I hadn't looked at before, so thanks for bringing it back to the attention of the forum.
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    Tesla moments

    I left the Safeway yesterday at the same time as a couple of firemen who had been shopping. They were razing me about the Cubs jacket I was wearing. I asked if they had seen a Model S yet and they said no, so I invited them over to see. Opened the car up and was showing them around. Asked if...
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    I should have known that there would already be a topic for this. Too dumb to look first. Thanks Kevin, wasn't trying to steal your thunder.
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    So, with 74 + 14 = 88 superchargers in the world now, what will be the 100th SrC installed? (Just trying to get off the snow topic, since in the Phoenix area, I just don't care!) :biggrin: