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    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    Looks very similar to what happened to mine about a year ago... ended being about $15k in repairs but I was able to get the other insurance to payout diminished claims luckily.
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    FS: JWardell CANsever + OBD Harness for Model 3/Y

    *** Sold to Mike1080 *** I am selling a used JWardell CANserver (Dual Bus OBD Model 3/Y Version) and a matching OBD harness. This is from my 2021 Model Y and I believe it works with Model 3 as well from similar years. Tesla took out the OBD harness tap later on so its not compatible with...
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    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    I paid about 70k I believe for my '21 MYP a little over a year ago. I'm not too upset since I got over a year of enjoyment out of it but I had factored resale value when deciding to go with the MYP. I usually keep my car for about 5 years and I was hoping to recoup at least 40-50k when it came...
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    model Y performance vs model 3 performance track mode

    I have a MYP and even the base RWD 3 felt a lot sportier due to the lower center of gravity when I rented one. The MYP is faster accelerating but you can't cheat physics of a taller and heavier vehicle.
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    Model Y Performance Track Mode has arrived as a Holiday Software Update: As seen on twitter!!!!!

    Dragy will do it for $100... I did under 3.5s with 19" wheels. It's the 21" Uber turbines that really kill acceleration.
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    Model Y Performance - Track Mode

    You can't force it.... Anyone saying elsewise is pushing baseless rumors. The car checks when it's connected to internet. On a different note, I hope Tesla unlocks an acceleration boost on the MYP now that the Kia EV6 GT beats it: MotorTrend: 2023 Kia EV6 GT First Test Review: A 576-HP...
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    Automatic Turn Signals

    Wondering the reason why it won't work on MCU2/Intel
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    Using mobile phone to enter to Tesla Y becoming frustrating

    Works 100% of the time on my Pixel 5... 50% on my wife's iphone 14
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    Going crazy about Performance brakes? [Tesla using caliper covers on rear brakes of Y performance after supplier switch]

    And if I had a taped on factory spoiler on another car that peeled off as often as on the MYP, I would take it off as well.
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    Model Y Performance - Track Mode

    Not saying it will add any new ability... I was just hoping for it like a proper dyno mode so the TC/etc doesn't interfere. I actually was able to get up to 563hp through the Canbus on my MYP.
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    Model Y Performance - Track Mode

    Would love to see a proper dyno
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    Sentry Mode doesn’t show live camera view anymore. 2022 Model Y performance

    Sounds like the VPN messed with your phone internal settings
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    Feedback on PPF results

    That's called "getting swindled"
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    Why do so many Tesla owners back in to park?

    Teslas lack 360 degree parking cameras so they are notoriously difficult to park forward into tight spaces. The rear view cameras are however excellent.
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    Feedback on PPF results

    With ppf (and tint) installation, you get what you pay for. So the quality bar really depends on what your cost was.
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    FS: EVPug Black Tesla Emblems Full Set (Model Y) + Wind Noiser Reduction Strip (Model Y)

    SOLD!!!!! Both items are brand new and never installed! I would prefer to sell as a set together for $50 shipped within the US (Paypal). EVPug 4-Piece Black Tesla Emblems - Fits all Model Y - Full Covers for both front and back T emblems and steering wheel emblem - Replaces existing 'Dual...
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    MYP 2023 - oem rims/bigger tires or custom wheels/oem size tires. Getting rid of the rims sticking out of the tire..

    Easiest is just get larger tires... Lots of people here do that.
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    Any tire inflators compatible with new 16v Li-Ion battery?

    Not sure if this was mentioned but I use a battery powered inflator that I keep in the car (Worx 20v). I also keep a small USB charger to keep the battery topped off.
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    Why is supercharger pricing not shown?

    I believe your car isn't on the latest update that added that feature. It's normal for brand new Teslas not to get any updates for the first few months so you just have to wait it out.
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    New MYP owner - My take on ride quality.

    Love my MYP, but even a RWD SR Model 3 felt waaaay more sporty to drive if that's your thing.
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    Power Inverters for newer 16V Outlet Cars

    Pretty much anything except the motors and HVAC run off the 12/16v battery.... When the 12/16v battery gets low, the Tesla switches on the 400v main battery to top off the smaller one. Obviously, the current Tesla models were not designed for continuous aux power draw. The Cybertruck should have...
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    Issues with Glass roof and rear passengers / Kids

    Get aftermarket tint or a sunshade... Not really an issue
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    How long until we get a 400+ mile model Y?

    A hypothetical RWD model with the 82kwh LR battery could probably get very close
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    Dash rattle

    I had something similar and it was actually just the steering wheel shroud... That part is normally pretty loose to allow adjustment but it was resting in a way that caused "rattling"
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    LFP Model Y Acceleration

    LFP batteries are lower energy density so it's just simple physics.. it has less power so will be slower.
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    Model Y Performance Logo

    Amazon, Etsy, ebay....
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    Performance guys, did you get a center cap removal tool for the Uberturbines?

    No, but it's literally a paper clip
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    Thoughts on next vehicle...

    The X is more of a minivan IMHO
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    Lifting pucks

    The pucks are absolutely not necessary
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    2022 Model Y frunk water puddle

    That's normal... Just look at where the rubber seals are
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    Battery degradation on Model Y with LFP

    LFP batteries are extremely durable... Like in the range of 2-5x more cycles than NCA li-ion. It would take 10+ years to see noticeable degradation. You can also charge LFP to 100% with little negative effects. I honestly wouldn't worry about it
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    Having owned a Model Y would you consider the F-150 lightening

    Not even comparable IMHO... The f150 doesn't even fit in my garage
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    2021 MYP Uberturbines | Houston | Passenger side curb rash, driver side none | Best offer and pick up

    Put it on Facebook marketplace for ~$2k... You will have much better luck
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    Cleaning the plastic headliner holes next to hazard light button

    High powered vacuum (shopvac or carwash, etc), else pull the thing out and properly clean.
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    MYP ‘22 aka The Vomit Comet

    You realize thats precisely what a MYP is... It's a ~500hp electric muscle car with low profile staggered performance tires and lowered suspension....
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    22 AMD MYP trailer connector for radar dector

    I did some research and yes, the power is basically disabled on the tow connector for the 22 models with no official solution. You will have to find another tap for the power (also assuming 15v). https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/trailer-electrical-connector-doa-on-new-myp.265399/...
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    22 AMD MYP trailer connector for radar dector

    AFAIK, the 22 year model runs on 15v, not 12v due to the new li-ion battery in the frunk so that might be the cause. Do some more research as I am not 100% certain.
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    Using MYLR wheels as an electric generator during an emergency

    Most viable thing would be to get an EV with a built in 240v inverter.... F150, Cybertruck, ioniq5?
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    Battery degradation??

    Please do a search, this has been asked countless times... Basically, yes, yes, no.
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    Brand new MYP on delivery with range 289

    That honestly sounds about right
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    Tesla Model Y Performance Real Horsepower and Torque

    I'm sure the battery and motor can handle more but at 600 hp+ I would start to worry about the axles and other drivetrain parts being able to keep up without reinforcement. Those parts are identical the MYP and the MYLR.
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    Model Y : Tax credits SUV price limit with FSD included

    November/December deliveries tend to have the most issues from my experience since they are trying to push out as many units as possible to hit sales quotas
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    I make my Model Y a Home on Wheels

    I would probably want a mini trailer at the minimum (numcamp 320 or scamp 13) if I was doing this just to have access to toilet/shower.
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    Tire Rotation cost.

    I think it really depends on your location and local SC.... for me, all the local places were clueless about how to handle a Tesla and the SC did it for free and quick
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    Tire Rotation cost.

    Just buy a low profile 2-3 ton floor jack for $100 at harbor freight and it will pay itself off after 2 rotations.
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    Matte carbon fiber dash/door trim replacement comparisons

    I think the wood looks quite classy honestly but on my Performance model, I feel CF (or even faux CF) looks better since it already has the CF spoiler. This is simply Tesla being cheap since they do the CF interior on the S/X plaid models.
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    How to you repair/paint wheel rim rashes

    Your complaint is valid but it's not the fault of the wheel design or some "moron engineer" as you initially stated. All tires need to be regularly replaced anyways so it's something you can do eventually without incurring extra cost.