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  1. J

    One-fob-click door close is the devil

    As an earlier poster who had rear hatch close when fob in same pocket as cell phone, now after more than two months with vehicle the single click closing is one of my favorite and most used features. Love being able to walk away with hands full of stuff such as golf clubs or groceries and being...
  2. J

    Center Console with Rear cupholders installed - 7/18/16

    Just had the center console installed, probably oldest MS to have them installed, 2012 Sig with VIN under 720. But after getting the Model X with center console we realized that really liked that feature. And it does match almost exactly the MX including rear cupholders. They did good job of...
  3. J

    One-fob-click door close is the devil

    Happened to me twice, both times had fob in same pocket as cell phone or wallet, trunk started to close as was reaching back to pick up luggage to put in trunk. Good that it beeps when starts to close. Learned my lesson, now fob goes in pocket by itself or wear looser trousers.
  4. J

    X Easter Eggs

    This probably does not belong in Easter Egg thread. I have experienced it twice, both when placing golf clubs in trunk and then turning away to grab more gear, hear beeping sound but then the trunk starts to close, almost hit back of my head each time. Have not been able to replicate it...
  5. J

    Has your Tesla ever been in the rain?

    Yes. In December 2012 was a major rainstorm, found that our Sig MS with its very low center of gravity was best handling car have ever driven in hard rain. Now with over 43,000 miles and still driving great find it still to be true, though our Model X delivered last month with its even greater...
  6. J

    Let's have a discussion about center console options....

    I'm in, placed order for the center console for our Sig MS now with over 43,000 miles. Held off all these years, I actually preferred the open space, but since took delivery of the Model X with center console my wife, who prefers the MS, now wants a center console. And I have to admit...
  7. J

    In Praise of the Panoramic Windshield

    No need to photo, the code numbers are identical.
  8. J

    In Praise of the Panoramic Windshield

    Sorry to hear abut these window reflection issues. With over 43,000 miles on the Model S and well over 1,000 on MX neither me or wife have ever noticed reflections. And we live in Florida south of Miami so drive in full sunlight most of time.
  9. J

    In Praise of the Panoramic Windshield

    Now with almost 1000 miles on the Model X have to mention my favorite feature. The vehicle drives great, the falcon wing doors are a show stopper and do make lot easier enter and exit, vehicle grips pavement like no large vehicle I have ever drive. And I think it looks wonderful, our Metallic...
  10. J

    Can't open driver's side door

    Quick update, all fixed and drives great, told guy at service center to have a good summer. Turns out rattles due to panels touching, while at center they noticed passenger side latch not working so also replaced. Speaking of service center, over 3 years ago on Model S site mentioned that...
  11. J

    Can't open driver's side door

    Falcon wing doors work great, problem for me is the door latches on first row. And unknown cause of rattles.
  12. J

    Can't open driver's side door

    They replaced the door latch, works fine. But now have constant rattle on passenger side, in service center again for diagnosis, may be passenger side latch. Great to be a Beta tester.
  13. J

    Can't open driver's side door

    Good point. Reason I took in to service center Friday, even though probably won't be worked on until Monday, rain forecast this weekend. But did discover new nice feature of falcon wing doors, at least in 6 seat configuration, with FWD open can walk into second row and reach through center...
  14. J

    Can't open driver's side door

    Dropped vehicle at service center this morning, they are going to replace the latch, last visit they only did realignment. Am confident this will fix problem. Shouldn't have been so aggravated but have been spoiled, with 42,000 miles now on MS never had to go to service center twice for same...
  15. J

    Can't open driver's side door

    Appreciate the suggestion, but Dania Beach already 45 minute drive from Coral Gables. Obviously quality issue with vehicle, hopefully not also competency issue with service center.
  16. J

    Can't open driver's side door

    You gave me good idea for next few days before take vehicle to service center, instead of going in through passenger door will just leave window down on driver's side so can reach in and open door manually. But agree that would be better if fob could open windows. Thanks.
  17. J

    Can't open driver's side door

    Getting frustrating with this vehicle. Picked up two weeks ago, within few days the driver's side door latch not working, had it at Dania Beach service center for two days, said they realigned latch. Worked for five days, now same problem, in fact cannot open door from outside, have to open...
  18. J

    How does Model X drive compared to Model S?

    With 41,000 miles on Model S and 500 on Model X they are definitely siblings sharing same mother but different personalities. My wife prefers the Model S, I prefer Model X. Her favorite ICE vehicles were BMW sedans, she likes the lower profile sedans with great acceleration and handling. My...
  19. J

    What does Autopilot do, and what it doesn't? When will it not be "Beta"?

    Never mind, now it works on freeway. Maybe needed time to calibrate.
  20. J

    What does Autopilot do, and what it doesn't? When will it not be "Beta"?

    Would like to know how to set auto steer to go more than 5mph over speed limit. Per manual limited to not more than 5mph over limit. Cruise control can obviously set for whatever speed. But with 400 miles on MX can't see way to set higher limit for auto steer.
  21. J

    Air suspension

    As new MX owner the very low suspension setting makes lot easier for 88 year old mother in law to enter and exit vehicle when picking her up at assisted living facility. By the way, she loves falcon wing doors.
  22. J

    Model X May Deliveries

    90D VIN 30XX now in Dania Beach Fl Service Center, saw earlier this week, plan to take delivery first week of May after they finish the final quality control etc at service center.
  23. J

    email from Tesla: Your Model X is built

    Correction: my email says will be built by end of this month. Good enough for me, hopefully less than 60 days will be teaching the Pearl White 90D to share HPWC in garage with its older sibling, a sig red MS with almost 40K miles.
  24. J

    email from Tesla: Your Model X is built

    Yes, same message, mine says delivery April to early May, VIN 30XX. Good to see 90D scheduled for production and delivery to customers outside California, I am in South Florida.
  25. J

    Model X Frunk Strength?

    This is news to me. Though since getting Sig MS in 2012 have not been looking at Model S site very much. Now with 37,000 miles and counting on MS never had issue with frunk closing, and use it daily, where groceries go and gym bag gets stowed. As mentioned in other reply, just use gentle but...
  26. J

    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    I do not understand the cause for weeping nor issue of basic questions unanswered. What questions? Had performance Sig MS delivered over 3 years ago, knew enough specs to go with it and never looked back, now with 37,000 miles it drives better than ever. Configured 90D MX for wife on 30th...
  27. J

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Just like SpaceX, once liftoff and achieve suborbital flight need to figure out how to do proper re-entry and landing. Isn't the chairman of Tesla Motors involved in that space venture?
  28. J

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Sounds like a future MX option. Positive angle of incidence for the FWD doors upon acceleration.
  29. J

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    My daughter's friend says that every time she rides in our performance MS she keeps waiting for takeoff. I told her that with the MX on order if accelerated with FWD up would reach liftoff. Who knows?
  30. J

    Insurance for the Signature Model X

    Not sure what the fuss is all about. Have had State Farm for sig MS more than 3 years, quite reasonable. Expect same for MX, now configured. Main cost issue for auto insurance companies is personal injury claims by occupants injured in crash, far surpasses collision body damage claims. The...
  31. J

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Good point. Would like to see pictures of MX in white and pearl white side by side.
  32. J

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Great thread but just cost me $500. Already configured X90D, obsidian black, showed this picture to wife who was considering switching to pearl white and so next week will contact Tesla Motors to change exterior color to pearl white and pay the $500 change fee. But very cool.
  33. J

    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    It was great they were able to accommodate you before in a paint change with no charge. They did a lot of accommodations like that for customers - and I suspect that's why they now have a firm non-negotiable answer on changes following confirmation now. Can you imagine the disruption and cost...
  34. J

    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    I certainly thought had 7 days after order confirmed to make changes without being hit with $500 change fee. That's way I read purchase order and also in communication from delivery specialist. But Tesla Motors says regardless of wording of purchase order once order confirmed any changes cost...
  35. J

    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    According to my purchase order changes can be made within 7 days of the date of confirmed Order without cost. To quote: "We will submit your Order to the Tesla Factory for production one week after the Order Date. During this one week period, you may cancel your Order or make any changes to...
  36. J

    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    Small digression. Accessory Hitch. Free option. May never use. But any downside in accepting the option? Sounds like when not in use will be fitted into the bumper.
  37. J

    Model X has single 72A charger

    This is confirmed. I just got off phone with customer rep on Design Team, he tried to explain how I should type the word "charger" in box, asked him instead if he could just do it while I waited and he did, now shows up on my screen. He was very helpful by the way. Have HPWC in garage for past...
  38. J

    Reservation holders: Would you configure & confirm your ModelX without access to one?

    It worked great with Sig MS, kind of like arranged marriage with best possible eligible spouse in world.
  39. J

    Some appreciation of Tesla from Dan Neil (Wall Street Journal) car guy

    What car reviewer other than Dan Neil is intelligent enough to use a word like "asymptote"? Best in the business without question. Thanks Dan.
  40. J

    If you could choose any other SUV.....

    None. Nada. Once drive the Tesla MS, now with 35,000 miles, could not go back to ICE if had choice. Though have confession to make, with delay in MX ended up buying Chevy Colorado pick up truck for hauling stuff when gave Volvo XC60 to daughter for use in college. Amazing how useful compact...
  41. J

    Value of Signature Red Color

    My advice having a Sig red MS for more than 35,000 miles is to go for it. We still love the color, if anything gets better with age. Had no interest in Sig MX, have production reservation in 600's, but did think briefly of doing Sig reservation just to get that dark red color. But friends...
  42. J

    Very Difficult decision..Canceling my Sig X reservation

    I can't be only reservation holder (production mid 600's) who loves the pedestal second row seats, especially with 6 seating configuration. Waiting for configuration so it can share HPWC in garage with Sig MS. But am sorry to hear of cancellations because of a possible feature that is of no...
  43. J

    New Frunk info (9/15)

    Just measured my golf clubs. All would fit in a 44 inch length frunk in soft carry bag with exception of Driver which is a few inches longer. I am probably better off just using 3 wood off the tee anyway. :smile:
  44. J

    For those of you buying sigs a "plus" model might be coming later...

    This is deja vue all over again. In 2012 we saw so many posts advising against purchasing first MS models. We ignored, got performance Sig red MS now with 35,000 miles and by far best car we have ever had. Actually has been exciting and fun to be early adopter, not only have we thoroughly...
  45. J

    My biggest surprise? They didn't show the seats folded for max cargo

    With all due respect I don't understand all the angst about second row seats and not being able to stow mattresses or furniture or large plywood in the MX. Come on, it's a $100K plus world class vehicle, which I certainly plan to purchase with my production reservation in the 600's to share HPWC...
  46. J

    Elon Musk Founder 1 Data and VIN Plate [photos] and My Initial X Reaction

    Thanks. What was the exterior color of Elon's car, black? Hard to tell from pictures and video, not great lighting. And the interior color of VIN #1?
  47. J

    Will Model X be considered a "girl car?"

    This is kind of a silly post. My wife drives (and loves) our performance Sig MS. Over 50% of MS drivers I see in town are female. Does that make the MS a girl's car? However, I do plan to get the MX in Obsidian black. No girly color for me.:smile:
  48. J

    Wheels for Model X?

    Having the larger 21" on the Sig MS for past 34,000 miles, will go with the larger 22". More expensive to replace, don't last as long, but look better and great traction and cornering ability.
  49. J

    Embarrassed By Falcon Wings Doors?

    Very funny. Hadn't thought of that, could come in very useful in large parking areas. And to further help locate car look for large crowd of people around car before you get there.
  50. J

    Embarrassed By Falcon Wings Doors?

    Better wear clothes that you are willing to be seen by others whenever you open the doors in parking lot or school or shopping area, guarantee that you will draw curious people. Good opportunity to make sales pitch and make new acquaintances, look at it as networking opportunity.