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  1. mobe

    Supercharger - Nevada, MO

    Looks like Electricians are there today installing cabling.
  2. mobe

    Free 19 inch wheels and tires 2015 85D. Perfect shape. Joplin, Missouri.

    Stock19 inch wheels and tires for 2015 85d.. Free you can pay to get them shipped or pick them up. I need to clear out my garage. Located in Joplin, Missouri.
  3. mobe

    19 inch wheels and tires off of 2015 85d

    Stock 19 inch wheels and tires off of my 2015 model S 85D. Approximately 20,000 miles. 6/32 nds tread remaining. Perfect condition. 1000.00. Joplin, Missouri area.
  4. mobe

    Supercharger - Fort Smith, AR (unconfirmed)

    I am really struggling with this. Tesla keeps building superchargers in and around Kansas City but none in Arkansas. Aren’t they supposed to be for “long distance” travel. Why keep building them in metropolitan areas. The Waltons own several teslas, looks like they would have some pull?
  5. mobe

    What other car manufacturer on the planet does this?

    Monrony stickers for a few of the cars I have bought new over the years.
  6. mobe

    What other car manufacturer on the planet does this?

    So I called my Tesla service center for a routine maintenance checkup, 40,000 miles on my 85D. They said no need to drive to Kansas City, we will come to you! They made an appointment with me and came to my home, did the service and recalls in my garage, NO CHARGE and the tech was a totally...
  7. mobe

    Tesla broke my Autopilot -> Don't UPDATE!

    Well aren’t you special. But for the rest of us poor SOB’s that get the nag while our hands are on the wheel, things are not as rosey.
  8. mobe

    Is the nag now 15 seconds!

    This is why we can’t have nice things.
  9. mobe

    Hold Steering Wheel every 20-25 seconds?

    Just because YOUR’s doesn’t does not mean EVERYONE’s doesn’t.
  10. mobe

    Is the nag now 15 seconds!

    I hold it at 10 and 2 but I get nags anyway. The only position to stop the nags is to lay only one hand on the wheel. If I use both hands the nags continue and I have to consciously apply pressure to get the warning to stop.
  11. mobe

    Is the nag now 15 seconds!

    I just read in electrik that the nag is now 15 seconds with the latest update. Called my service center to see if I can stop the install, ( I have it set up for 9:30 pm central time). They say nope, it is already downloaded and waiting to install. A15 second nag interval is intolerable. Now AP1...
  12. mobe

    First thoughts on my Model 3 vs. my Model S

    Yes You have two options. One; wide unswept area on the left with hidden arm or, two; full sweep with arm visible when not in use.
  13. mobe

    Boiling water sound? AC on.

  14. mobe

    -30C(-22F) this week. How is your car handling it?

    This has been a constant complaint of mine since the first cold weather that I encountered in 2015. It is much worse at speed than in town. I have used a few setting changes to make it better. 1) set AC to off if you can get by without the Windows fogging. 2) set the right hand scroll wheel to...
  15. mobe

    What is the red snowflake indicating exactly?

    Can you turn battery heating off?
  16. mobe

    Supercharger - Fort Smith, AR (unconfirmed)

    I did see that they are showing Rogers, Ft. Smith and Russellville as "future" sites.
  17. mobe

    Supercharger - Fort Smith, AR (unconfirmed)

    This location seems like a no brainier, but so far I have not seen anything from Tesla regarding this location. It is at least very difficult if not impossible to make it from the Joplin, Missouri supercharger to any points southwest. This would also make it much easier for folks traveling...
  18. mobe

    EV Hostility?

    $80/year in Missouri for the "alternative fuels" sticker.
  19. mobe

    B Pillar Rattle Solved 2017 Model S (with PICS)

    Go Ck out your nearest harbor freight store.
  20. mobe

    Anyone tried Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires?

    Went from 19 to 20. A slight drop in range. But worth it. Much smoother and quiet than the pilots on the 19s.
  21. mobe

    Feedback on these 20" wheels and 20" in general?

    I have the TST 20 inch in staggered. They look great and I have no degradation in ride quality compared to the 19's.
  22. mobe


    No issues with mine on 17.24.28. 2015 85D
  23. mobe

    Definitive 21inch Turbines vs 19inch Slipstream Photo Thread

    Here are the T Sportline 20" Staggered, 9.5" front 10.5" rear.
  24. mobe

    Anyone tried Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires?

    I bought them as part of a wheel and tire package from t Sportline.
  25. mobe

    Anyone tried Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires?

    I have these on 20's and love them.
  26. mobe

    Body panel alignment

    I bought a brand new M3 BMW, on the drive home I was amazed at how harsh the ride was. Looked at the front suspension and the shipping blocks were still in the front springs!
  27. mobe

    Cyclone Wheels 19 inch

    I have a set of 19 inch cyclone wheels off of my 2015 85D. I bought these as new car take offs on eBay. They were in nearly perfect condition when I took them in to have the tires removed so that I could sell them. As you can see in the accompanying photos, the tire shop damaged two of the...
  28. mobe

    My adventures in gaining control of my car

    Wrong. If you build the airplane you can do whatever you want as long as you call it a " wink ", "EXPERIMENTAL ", airplane. And just for good measure you have to write the word, " EXPERIMENTAL" on the outside.
  29. mobe

    Is the P worth 11-17k more than the 85D?

    I have the 85D. It feels significantly faster than the non D 85. I would not trade the 20 miles of range for the increased 0-20mph acceleration of the P85D. Now the P100D, that car is a beast. Still I cannot wrap my head around the $100,000 difference that it would cost me to upgrade to a P100D.
  30. mobe

    Unstable steering at speeds around 80 mph

    85D 19 inch Michelin Primacy on cyclones. Solid as a rock at any speed.
  31. mobe

    Tesla Stores in Missouri to Reopen

    Well the MADA did accomplish one thing, they lost me as a customer forever. I live 10 miles from Oklahoma, 12 miles from Kansas and 25 miles from Arkansas. The next ice will come from one of those states. Never from a Missouri dealer, ever.
  32. mobe

    8.0 (2.50.185) caution using TACC/Autosteer features

    A setting of 7 in my ap1 car correlates to 3.5 seconds. This translates to 0.5 sec per number. It keeps this time interval regardless of speed.
  33. mobe

    Missouri bans sales of Tesla starting 1 Jan 17

    I have written my representative. Why is this not more in the news? This is the first I have heard of this. I am disgusted at our legislators.. If this sticks I will do everything in my power to make sure this is their LAST term in this state. Truly disgusting.
  34. mobe

    How Tesla Charges Idle Fees?

    Aha! I know who you are! You are Jed Clampett! ( he's the only guy I can think of who goes to bed at 4:45 pm).
  35. mobe

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    Joplin is operational!
  36. mobe

    Broken Glass

    Zoom in on pic two. Looks like it is hitting a sheet metal protrusion under the glass. Very odd.
  37. mobe

    Autopilot issues....

    Check your settings. Auto lane change may be disabled.
  38. mobe

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    Some more photos.
  39. mobe

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    Holy Cow. I drive right past there every day. How did I not see this? I will run by tomorrow and grab pics.
  40. mobe

    Firmware 8.0

    I was wondering if I had that right. Thanks for the correction.
  41. mobe

    Firmware 8.0

    Noticed this morning that seat heaters stay on now at next power up after shutdown. Seems like I remember only the steering wheel heater retaining the on setting at next power up.
  42. mobe

    Model S made me physically sick..

    According to consumer reports a P85D pulls about 1.33G
  43. mobe

    How to prevent chips on windshield

    It is very similar to the windscreen on my old Mercedes. It gets lots of pits but doesn't crack. Seems to be a bit softer than the glass used on most American cars.
  44. mobe

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    At the charger on 7th I have never seen the empire car not there. I will update as soon as I have any news.
  45. mobe

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    I kind of got the impression that these chargers are for company cars, so plug share might not be a great idea.
  46. mobe

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    These are at Empire Electrics headquarters on Kodiac and 32nd street (highway FF) just east of Joplin near Flying J truck stop off of I44.
  47. mobe

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    Did some more filming today for a show called "Phils Morning Drive", the empire electric folks were there and stated that some equipment has been ordered for a Joplin supercharger.
  48. mobe

    Yellow Road Paint on Model S

    Go to local DuPont auto paint store. Buy 1 gallon of 3812S enamel reducer. Wear rubber gloves and use rags to dissolve the paint from the wheel well liners. Will also clean spray paint off of the car finish without harming it.