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  1. Soolim

    how to access and change homelink setting?

    How to change the homelink settings in new version 9 of software?
  2. Soolim

    Charging to 70%, 80% or 90%

    Charge to 90% every other day. Two days driving takes it down to 50%.
  3. Soolim

    17.26.92 Update

    because ultrasonic has limited distance detection.
  4. Soolim

    It's the law: Electric cars must make noise after September 2019

    I like to have a bicycle thumb operated ringer tone that operates only when it sense a pedestrian on the road.
  5. Soolim

    I just duct taped my Model X...per instruction

    you just created a new fashion for MX. It is called shredded mirror. Just like the shredded jeans. Make sure to copyright the design quickly, before imitators come.
  6. Soolim

    Lost Confidence in Tesla / Failure to start

    Which v8 software version do you have at this time?
  7. Soolim

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    Tesla pick-up truck being the least expected on this poll. That must be it!
  8. Soolim

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

  9. Soolim

    Firmware 8.0

    The .40.21 NAV did not cover the top row buttons. Could this be the fix on .36.108? USB loaded fast enough for my tiny 32GB drive.
  10. Soolim

    Canadian 8.0 topic

    Installed 2.40.21 this afternoon. Looks good so far. NAV did not hide the top bottons, which is nice. Will check the AP tomorrow.
  11. Soolim

    Blackvue Dashcam Install on 2016

    The dashcam was $420, install was $160. Finished in 2 hours. Contact David Yu, the owner of RPM at 604-428-0675.
  12. Soolim

    Blackvue Dashcam Install on 2016

    Yes, I had the DR650GW 2 channel supplied and installed by RPM Electronics in Burnaby. They did a great job. Highly recommended. Here is a photo And a few compiled videos of my trip to Banff, taken of course by the dashcam, edited by yours truly. June 3 - Road to Lake Louise July 1 - Icefields...
  13. Soolim

    The end of "Autopilot" (term)

    It does not bother me if the draft legislation is approved in California. Confused user not only endanger themselves.
  14. Soolim

    Should I charge to 100% (night before trip) if my first supercharger stop is only 80 miles away?

    for 80 miles to SpC I will charge to 90% at home so that regen braking still works for the first few miles. A 100% SoC prevents the regen from working.
  15. Soolim

    Has your garage door attacked your car?

    I adjusted my obstruction sensor's height higher to have peace of mind.
  16. Soolim

    Media player in 8.0 actually got worse (for local music)

    I think Tesla slowed the v8 update in the recent days due to these complaints. May be a fix is coming.
  17. Soolim

    Canadian 8.0 topic

    USB issue discussed here.
  18. Soolim

    Canadian 8.0 topic

    According to ev-fm tracking, only 2 cars got v8 in Canada. But given the the USB bug, I will rather Tesla fix it first.
  19. Soolim

    Who has the boasting right to #1 updated to v8.0?

    is that you?
  20. Soolim

    What will you do if 8.0 delivers tomorrow?

    make sure that the regen is not diminished ;--)
  21. Soolim

    Firmware 8.0

    Yes, when the accident was reported, I was asking myself - why did the radar not initiate some braking?
  22. Soolim

    Bloomberg Tesla Autopilot Accident Story Today

    I think Mobilleye calling it ADAS = Advanced Driver Assistance System is more appropriate and less misleading than AutoPilot,
  23. Soolim

    Blackvue 650 2ch dashcam - corrupt files

    Just sharing my experience using Blackvue DR650GW 2 ch. I use the Blackvue supplied 16GB microSD card, and configured the dashcam for only event recording caused by impact. The G setting on park is set higher than during normal drive. In that way, the 16GB card will last me about 4 days before...
  24. Soolim

    What do you do with your dashcam? Why did you get one?

    This is why I have a dashcam in addition to accident recording. Here are the links to recording captured by the Blackvue in chronological order: June 30 July 1st July 2nd July 3rd part 1 July 3rd part 2
  25. Soolim

    Model S Photo Gallery

    There is no charging infrastructure on Icefields parkway itself, but we were able to charge at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Supercharger from Hope, Kamloops, Revelstoke, Golden, and Canmore were excellent. Here are the links to recording captured by the Blackvue in chronological order: June...
  26. Soolim

    Model S Photo Gallery

    at Icefields Parkway
  27. Soolim

    Owners with Dash Cams

    I know it is ordered by time stamp. I am just lazy enough to dislike scrolling to find the day, minutes and seconds. If nothing happened a day ago, it can be overwritten in the next 2 days with a 16 GB card. My dashcam is program to only record on impact (park and driving). No motion...
  28. Soolim

    Owners with Dash Cams

    I use the 16 GB drive as it is too hard to locate the file of interest with a 128 GB drive.
  29. Soolim

    Tesla credit card key - who's interested?

    Smaller than a credit card and no buttons please.
  30. Soolim

    Any information on 7.2

    Isn't the Mobileye camera not monochromatic only?
  31. Soolim

    Idea: Add approach direction to GPS HomeLink auto open

    You mean, currently, both entry and exit gates open when you either arrive or depart? How would S know which way you are facing? By the use of the front camera? Does your auto-open also open and close your home garage as well as the community gates? Sounds complicated to me.
  32. Soolim

    Tesla Owners in British Columbia

    About 2.5 hours, but he charge only for 2.
  33. Soolim

    Tesla Owners in British Columbia

    Very pleased with my Blackvue supply and install by RPM Electronics posted below: Road video and install photos provided by yours truly! BlackVu Dashcam Installed Group Buy DR650GW-2CH
  34. Soolim

    Blackvue 650 2 ch cloud questions

    use your phone to set-up a mobile hotspot for your dashcam to connect as wifi. Beware of the exorbitant data charge you may incur in doing so. It can be done, but it is expensive. Is it worth it? Not in my opinion.
  35. Soolim

    Are technical manuals for the Model S available?

    You are the right guy for the REP point.
  36. Soolim

    Disable auto park on double tap

    As a Canadian without the double tap -P to auto park, I will trade you ;-)
  37. Soolim

    What would it take to eliminate supercharger pairing?

    Just colour code the SpC cabinet for A and B, and a little bit of education for the owner is all that is needed.
  38. Soolim

    Tesla Owners in British Columbia

    Very similar situation for me. I would probably just laminate it and stick it to the corner of the rear window if the need arise.
  39. Soolim

    Tesla Owners in British Columbia

    Received mine too, but not enthusiastic in spoiling my clean look. I hope Tesla being a pure BEV can get a company wide exception, but I am not holding my breath.
  40. Soolim

    Isn't it about time. . .

    According to my crystal ball, V7.2 removes the "beta" designation. EM said that's it for AP1, AP2 coming by Oct 2016.
  41. Soolim

    Auto lange change only works 30% of the time

    I think for EU version of auto lane change, after you flip the turn signal you also need to give a slight turn to the wheel to confirm that you want lane change. This is different than the USA version.
  42. Soolim

    Tesla Owners in British Columbia

    Thanks. Signed on to the group buy till end of March 2016.
  43. Soolim

    Tesla Owners in British Columbia

    Anyone had a Blackvue dash cam professionally installed by a Vancouver area installer?
  44. Soolim

    Come on...

    Not absolving the poor parking by the owner, but, could the current software be made smart enough to auto-park with just the existing rear camera the way the driver uses the video display? Or, the perpendicular auto-parking does not work unless there are obstruction on three sides. This is a...
  45. Soolim

    AP -- Improvement So Gradual That You Hardly Notice, Until ...

    Please don't get complacent because AP is only as good as what the camera can see and interpret the lane marking. When you drive over an undulating road, the lane marking can be momentarily out of the camera line of sight, and car may dart left or right.
  46. Soolim

    BUG: After summon car does not open/unlock immediately

    This is what we are missing in Canada.:mad:
  47. Soolim

    Summon failed and hit my garage.

    Assuming your garage door closer has a photo sensor, have you raise that photo sensor so that it does not clear the under chassis? Maybe not associating the Homelink with the summon is the way to go?
  48. Soolim

    Tesla Owners in British Columbia

    I asked them to acknowledge receipt of my application, but no reply so far. The first to get the HOV sticker gets a rep point from me. :biggrin:
  49. Soolim

    Can I reset preconditioning?

    Absolutely agree. This is the dumbest piece of software I ever encountered. They could simply allow the owner to set the pre-conditioning schedule on the calendar and be done with it.
  50. Soolim

    Model S potential buyers - what are you waiting for?

    I never buy UHD from car maker. After market has better value.