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  1. Roadrunner13

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    We have a SR+ and TeslaMate now shows Model 3 50...so battery size is a very good guess.
  2. Roadrunner13

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    I was still running 1.23.7 and had the same issue as you. I update to 1.24.2 and locations started appearing PROGRESSIVELY where they used to be missing, starting Sept 26 until Oct 4th. I waited a couple of minutes and all the missing locations eventually re-appeared including Sept 30th & Oct...
  3. Roadrunner13

    TeslaFi and other AWS and GCP clients currently blocked access to Tesla API

    I returned to GCloud In October 2020, about a month after they blocked it and I've been running it seamlessly since. So looking good... for now :-)
  4. Roadrunner13

    Roadster Service and ‘The App’

    I used the app to book an appointment for the roadster via my model S service appointment menu. I just selected "other" for justification and put in a note asking for a "roadster specific technician and appointment" via my Model S page. Via the app chat, they re-directed my appointment to the...
  5. Roadrunner13

    Storage mode: what percentage?

    This ^^^^ You can not leave the car without someone readily available that has some electrical troubleshooting skills if hooked with 120V cable. Being away with 120V cable is bricking waiting to happen!!! ...and storage mode just makes everything so much worse. OVMS does have a notification...
  6. Roadrunner13

    #609 Gets a New Home

    I also got to keep my parts but I don't remember the black box on bottom left, not sure what that is... Mind you, in 2013, they also replaced the VMS which they seemed to have avoided doing for you, probably saved time and money! They have refined the process in those 8 years! :)
  7. Roadrunner13

    Roadster 3.0

    ...and they did the Canadian switch in 24 hours!!! Double-stun!!!o_Oo_O Mine took 3 days back in 2013. I wouldn't have expected any SC to accept doing this conversion anymore, because of lack of parts @Retiredeh , you have a hell of good SC team back West! ...and your picture of...
  8. Roadrunner13

    Pics of people taking pics of Roadsters

    Sorry for poor quality but I had to zoom it a bit. He circled twice before deciding it was worth a stop and a picture :)
  9. Roadrunner13

    New Roadster 4.0 Battery developement with Model S cells

    Wow... That's one that I had taken literally for years! :eek: I guess the bigger body parts are plain fiberglass (side panels, doors) while the smaller ones (hood, top) are CF?
  10. Roadrunner13

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    A couple of people did it in the 'old' Tesla days (US to Canada). I was one of them that did it during a very interesting time period (for me)...US$ to CAN$ parity! The 'upgrade' was done here by Tesla Montreal. I wouldn't attempt it today, even on the right year model 2010/2011...not enough...
  11. Roadrunner13

    Log Parsing tool available

    Yes, he did. He mentions you in his release note too :-). The text output from the vmsparser has been updated and works perfectly (as far as I've seen). I'm asking about recreating binary vms_log file.
  12. Roadrunner13

    Log Parsing tool available

    @tomsax , I have a bunch of corrupted log files due to GPS bug and I see you released a version that parses them correctly. It works nicely to output records again in plain text with proper dates!!! THANK YOU for this great update! I just finished updating my GPS firwmare with Steve's cable...
  13. Roadrunner13

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    I returned to GCloud on Oct 20th when you (or someone else) else called it unblocked on the forum and it's been fine since...of course that'll jinx it immediately! :-)
  14. Roadrunner13

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Storage mode is just a charging mode, likely pointless for transport...and always risky when stored! I would bet that storage mode is probably responsible for half of the bricked roadster batteries since it always maintains the battery at a very low charge all the time....if anything bad...
  15. Roadrunner13

    Warranty Adjustment Program - Touchscreen Component

    Got my email today! Probably took a while longer than @Vawlkus in Halifax to get the French translated version! :) Looking forward to have details on how to claim since I've already had the EMMc chip swapped outside warranty by 3rd party!
  16. Roadrunner13

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    ^^This. If you have still own your model 3, its mobile charger (or Tesla's wall charger for that matter), using the CanSr from Henry Sharp is your cleanest and simplest option for charging the roadster. The "charging cable adapter (to use with current generic chargers)" will likely allow you to...
  17. Roadrunner13

    Charging the Roadster

    ...240V will also allow the battery to balance when reaching the top end of the charge. I don't believe this happens on 120V. You don't need a 70A circuit, just 30A will do just fine to achieve all the proper benefits.
  18. Roadrunner13


    I was using it for 4 years but on Windows mostly and switched over to TeslaMate, so can't help you with current behavior. But I found an alternate open source product. It can run locally on Mac/Windows in Dockers. So password stays on your local machine. A little more involved than VT but many...
  19. Roadrunner13

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    First...many, many thanks @DaveW , for the great HowTo setup TeslaMate on (free) Gcloud!!! Just finished setting it up last night after a couple of read throughs in the past week to make sense of it all...and it worked almost the first time around! I just needed to get my head around how the...
  20. Roadrunner13

    New Roadster owner

    While you're charging, you can also use OVMS command line and issue: "charge cooldown" This will do the 'toggling' for you between range & standard charge to trigger one cooldown cycle. Rinse & repeat until temperature is down to your liking... Not as 'automatic' as flipping a switch but it...
  21. Roadrunner13

    Finally! A modern stereo for single-DIN Roadsters

    I had missed your rear camera install...and that 3rd picture that would have been helpful at the time. I ended up making it very simple and used John's placement of his GPS antenna on top of the instrument cluster, in his (now fairly old) d-din install thread: Replacement of Alpine IVA-NAV-10...
  22. Roadrunner13

    Finally! A modern stereo for single-DIN Roadsters

    All these other discussions brought me back to your questions...I have no clue. The unit is running its own version of Android (8.1) and Z-Link seems to require a cable that's out of stock. Some older forum comments suggests it ran better with iOS than Android and when I started it, it only...
  23. Roadrunner13

    What have you done to your Roadster today (or lately)...

    Drewski got it right. It's that Joying unit. I finished installing it this winter but the screen colors are washed out. They gave me a developers code to access extra functions along with some suggestion and it helped...a bit. I need to look around more in that menu to see if I can make it...
  24. Roadrunner13

    What have you done to your Roadster today (or lately)...

    OOOhhhh wow...I want those door handles trim!!! (not with red sparkling, my roadster is midnight blue) I just received the door sills from Carl and the brushed aluminum door handle is the only part left so the aluminum will look out of place!...but those would look really nice. @Tex EV , not...
  25. Roadrunner13

    Custom Tesla Roadster 2-Piece Slotted Rotors, NEW batch for 2020

    Same numbers as on my AX6 boxes... I should have guessed they meant something specific to sizing of pads :) Thanks @drewski.
  26. Roadrunner13

    Custom Tesla Roadster 2-Piece Slotted Rotors, NEW batch for 2020

    @titaniumdave I have your rotors and the AX6 but I don't autocross and was thinking of 'downgrading' to 1521 or GS-1 to have better initial grip on street driving and less dust? Worth it and if so what model should I order? Neither have Tesla listed on their sites :) Thanks!
  27. Roadrunner13

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    I know it's kinda of old and you've move on but I just realized that my GPS reset on Feb 1st so I had to read this thread from beginning again! Although I grabbed log regularly during winter, I don't always check them up because...winter means garage queen here. So I started really looking at...
  28. Roadrunner13

    Oops, I did it again . . .

    You get a hell of a beauty and good deal!!! Envious of the extra set of forged wheels that came with it! Congrats!
  29. Roadrunner13

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    You're right, ICE apps talking standard OBDII won't work with this cable BUT... There are apps (TM-Spy & others) for Model S (and model 3) that know how to converse CAN via ODBII (bluetooth or wifi adapters) with this diagnostics cable. I have one for my Model S 2014 and it's fun, you get all...
  30. Roadrunner13

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    Ok, this is turning out weird and interesting with your new commands. To your first question, I would say, yes the car was charging. Ring was orange and had taken that screenshot at the same time. Typically, when the amps show up in the app, it's charging. BUT your "wake up" command did...
  31. Roadrunner13

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    It's 'normal'. It's GPS drift. You can adjust a parameter. Checkout Mark's reply a couple page back: Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion
  32. Roadrunner13

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    Hi @markwj, I'm about to dust off the roadster for the summer season and I was charging it tonight and noticed the vehicule temperatures are gone from the display while charging, PEM, battery & motor (ok that last one, not so important!) but I remember seeing all of them usually while charging...
  33. Roadrunner13


    State of Health is correct. It's a magic number OVMS calculates based on CAC/range and other metrics picked up by @markwj and OVMS devs.
  34. Roadrunner13

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Seeing all these new failures in the 'maximum-battery-charge-level-reduced' thread, if I was capped (I'm not) AND still covered by warranty... I'd take the chance to upgrade, hoping to get their new 'diagnostic' of battery failure and thus get a new batttery that hopefully won't get capped! I...
  35. Roadrunner13

    Maximum battery charge level reduced

    @tpedwards, @eggy , @JV - S2013 dec , @baiba.ansone , @qphan79, Would you mind reporting which firmware versions you all are running? It would be very helpful to understand since one of the later releases mentions explicitly (in 2019.40.2.3 release notes!!!) that there is "new enhanced HV...
  36. Roadrunner13

    Finally! A modern stereo for single-DIN Roadsters

    I got that Joying unit also over the Holidays and started the replacement while trying to avoid taking the dash apart. I won't use the SIM Card so that's one less 'relocation' to worry about and a pair of antenna I won't need to worry about either. So far so good, the wiring harness was long...
  37. Roadrunner13

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    FYI, as you're planning to sell a top & the bag, the bag is NOT proper shipping grade material...it's for storage! Don't ask me how I know.
  38. Roadrunner13

    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    From the originator of this thread, the first breakdown I saw: wk057's SkieNET...and then I stopped looking. There probably are more recent ones by now.
  39. Roadrunner13

    I rolled my own Carbon Fibre taillights

    @smorgasbord, thanks, this is a great walk through, I'd (almost) feel comfortable doing it myself now! ;-) @hcsharp, beautiful work (again)!
  40. Roadrunner13

    Roadster Service E-Mail

    U.S. (as per your post) or N.A. (as per email address itself)? Makes a difference to me (didn't get it yet either)!
  41. Roadrunner13

    Hibernation Preparation

    Be wary of the original 120V cable though, the original has its own breaker that can trip and that has led to a few bricked roadsters!!! OVMS will help you get a warning if the battery goes below a user defined threshold if you're planning to be away for long periods AND have someone who can go...
  42. Roadrunner13

    Using TM-Spy for iOS

    I have the 26 pin connector, it's a March 2019, M3 SR+. Thanks for the link, I just ordered the cable! Will keep you posted!
  43. Roadrunner13

    Roadster JVC radio won't turn off

    I have the original unit so I might still have enough wire...and I will have plenty of time as the car is going to stay stored for the coming winter months...even if I ended up taking the dash out! :-) I'm trying to find the mating connector used in the JVC radio, so I can try to create an...
  44. Roadrunner13

    Roadster JVC radio won't turn off

    @coolVariable , I guess I don't know what I'd be getting into but looking at the pics from Bill, the radio unit just slided out and wires followed through. IF wires are long enough can't we just cut & reconnect and slide the new unit in without taking the dash apart? (I wouldn't be adding any...
  45. Roadrunner13

    Using TM-Spy for iOS

    Hope things improve soon for you guys down south! For the model 3, any idea where to get the Y-cable that will be required to plug-in the Bluetooth dongle? (Already using the app on Model S, looking forward to capture some date for Model 3)
  46. Roadrunner13

    Decreasing P85D range

    My P85D Dec 2014 with 52K miles (83733 km) charges to 248 miles (397km) with TM-Spy reporting 76,6 KwH battery. Highest rated range I remember was 250 miles, never saw EPA value of 253, so I witnessed 2 miles only degradation...cross-fingers and touch wood!
  47. Roadrunner13

    Model S REST API

    It changed IDs for a couple of folks with different loggers from what I've seen (including me)...so you were not unique (sorry!) and clearly Tesla doesn't consider these IDs as unique identifiers either! lol
  48. Roadrunner13

    TeslaMate: Yet another self-hosted data logger for your Tesla

    @addison, you rock, after Tesla's servers outage last night, their servers remapped VID which made the application crash...and you released a fix for everyone that remapped everything cleanly! So the application is up and running again on my machine in less than 24 hours! I'm noticing that...
  49. Roadrunner13

    TeslaMate: Yet another self-hosted data logger for your Tesla

    SOooooooooo Nice! It took me a couple of days to get docker running on my Windows machine and learn enough to download TeslaMate, start it, find its IP and get it running...but that's all on me! :) I was running VisibleTesla for the better part of the last 4 years for my Model S, but it looks...
  50. Roadrunner13

    Random Roadster Sightings

    Your timing is quite good to post a picture of my roadster at the SC...exactly as I was coming to this thread to post one of a visiting roadster in Montreal! In the area, there's a gray one although technically not on the Montreal island itself. There's also a white one that I've only seen...