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  1. Fellsteruk

    Wireless phone charging options for model x

    What are the best solutions for an after market wireless charger for an iPhone XR in the model X. any suggestions of what works well and best placement for them?
  2. Fellsteruk

    £700 off FSD through the app

    £2,200 for nothing. Have EAP and it does everything FSD does at the moment excep stop lights and frankly the software whilst good still freaks out for me on motorway driving no way I’ll be trusting it on busy A and B roads anytime soon. Maybe when I replace my X for a Y or truck but I don’t see...
  3. Fellsteruk

    Replacement Dash Trim to cover the wood - some pics

    Good to see some good options out there. The wood dash is the one thing I hate about the 3 and Y, and whilst I have a reservation for a truck I suspect I’ll end up replacing my X with a Y and hoped the options would change by then or we’d have a sweet after market option like these. I know it’s...
  4. Fellsteruk

    UK Gigafactory Inbound?

    Don’t hate on uk,,, welcome the business and the jobs ;)
  5. Fellsteruk

    M3 taking over :)

    one thing I love about tbay, they get busy so much So they have people in the car park directing you were to go. Been a couple times when it’s been full yet they always keep the super chargers empty for us lot which is nice and fedora get some “looks could kill” looks from people who are waiting...
  6. Fellsteruk

    M3 taking over :)

    Get a visit in. I also did Gretna green one day and Newcastle another... was bored so what ya gonna do
  7. Fellsteruk

    M3 taking over :)

    Interesting question. I was sat in an SC at the start of the year listening to the sales guys telling a customer that whatever you normally drive a year expect to do more if you buy a Tesla. I had a giggle but she’s right my MX spent three months in the SC in the first year and I still did 13k...
  8. Fellsteruk

    Best way to repair minor damage to paintwork/polish?

    Yeah was gonna suggest a DA polisher, they look too deep to get out by hand but any polish and an hour of hard work will reduce it :)
  9. Fellsteruk

    M3 taking over :)

    Not sure I can take credit for inspiring them but if my X did that I wonder why they will think when a cybertruck replaces it :)
  10. Fellsteruk

    M3 taking over :)

    No surprise to most I guess but... ... when I got my MX back in late 2018 I’d hardly ever see a Tesla, proper rare beast And even this UK forum was relatively quiet, flash forward less than 2 years And the M3 is literally everywhere, got about three in my street alone. just amazing how the...
  11. Fellsteruk

    Cybertruck staying full size

    I love the comments about it not fitting in the massive US garage. I live in the UK and my model X won’t fit in my garage so I know my cybertruck won’t stand a chance TBH, I don’t get these people who moan about the X being too big for UK roads I manage fine but parking it is a challenge...
  12. Fellsteruk

    UK Gigafactory Inbound?

    Whilst he’s at it he can build us a massive battery ;)
  13. Fellsteruk

    Tesla home charger button doesn’t open car port

    My x has had this issue for 18months SC couldn’t replicate or fix. I just live with it. I’m use to just pressing the panel and it opens
  14. Fellsteruk

    Sentry sending me potty

    Fingers crossed for 20.20 :)
  15. Fellsteruk

    Sentry sending me potty

    Hey your car loves you, don’t knock it :) some kids where playing football behind my car today then a kid on a Scooter rolls up looks in the window and rolls off. Sentry mode didn’t flinch yet tomorrow morning I’ll wake to hundreds of events and videos of what I can only suspect is a moth...
  16. Fellsteruk

    Sentry sending me potty

    Anyone else got an overactive sentry mode? About 3/4 releases ago I think it was the one before we got dashcam viewer my sentry mode started going mental recording hundreds of events a day. I ended up leaving it off as it was doing my head in and hoped it would be fixed in the next update but...
  17. Fellsteruk

    Model X charge port

    Sounds like a charge port alignment issue. The alignment between the charge port and charge nozzle has to be aligned the tolerance is very small so if it becomes misaligned then you can get these errors and wiggling often makes them go away and you fix said issue. I only know this because I...
  18. Fellsteruk

    U.K. Private Plates

    Mine was September 2018 but same as above they wouldn’t put them on. However the SC was super helpful knowing I was going to put a private plate on the car once the V5 came through, they made up my private plates for me and was in the boot when I went to collect the car, plates were FOC so was...
  19. Fellsteruk

    Direct line insurance... I’m shocked !

    I remember the first year I passed my bike test and got an R6 bike cost me about 6k and only company quoted me 10K for insurance I called them thinking it was an error online not only not an error but the guys was like “you wanna go ahead” lol
  20. Fellsteruk

    Tesla cuts car prices by up to $5,000 in USA and China

    One thing I’ve learnt with Tesla and pricing... it’s flops all over the place just have to go with it, never try to predict it or make sense of it because mostly it never makes sense.
  21. Fellsteruk

    Direct line insurance... I’m shocked !

    I’m happy with the price cheapest on the market is 30% more than my renewal and cheaper than last year which was new customer rate. I doubt they will reduce it much further and honestly I can’t be bothered calling for a few quid more off the price. Call me silly but I happy to pay the renewal.
  22. Fellsteruk

    Direct line insurance... I’m shocked !

    Got my renewal though for the MX today and whilst my wife’s fiat 500 which does less than 3k miles a year went up my renewal went down by about £20. in all my years of driving this is the first time I’ve had a renewal from anyone for any car which has been less than year one. Kudos to DL...
  23. Fellsteruk

    MX 20” rubber suggestions...

    gonna need to replace my X’s shoes soon, any suggestions for the UK weather? what’s good?
  24. Fellsteruk

    Ventilated Seats

    Check the underneath of the seat and make sure none of the connections are loose or removed, there is a blower unit in the seat you should hear it when on if your parked up and you listen. Does the MCU tell you it’s on and working? Also does the seat heat as normally or is both heat and...
  25. Fellsteruk

    Fixing Monitor Yellow bands with UV??

    I’ve heard the same. Also waiting for a fix on my late 18 MX
  26. Fellsteruk

    Model x orders

    Just think once gigs Berlin gets up to speed I wonder if s/x will have a production line and none of this waiting an age however I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept it in Fremont as I’m not sure there is enough demand especially when Y takes off in UK. my next X may be German.... maybe not :)
  27. Fellsteruk

    What’s the UK fix state on the S/X screen clouding at edges?

    Thanks guys! I didn’t realise that UV light fixed this issue, I thought UV caused it as it’s a problem that increases with time/UV exposure? 2 year service due in September hopefully lockdown sorted by then and I can get them to fix it then :)
  28. Fellsteruk

    What’s the UK fix state on the S/X screen clouding at edges?

    My X, 2 years old in September has the orange haze around the edge of the MCU and the dash. spoke to Tesla last year and they said they have a fix but no tools or training to do and to wait. just curious if any UK SCs are now fixing these issues?
  29. Fellsteruk

    2020.12.5 - Hundreds of sentry events

    Sadly still happening and the sentry message is staying on the screen constantly all night :( fingers crossed next update fixes it as I’m now shutting sentry off.
  30. Fellsteruk

    2020.12.5 - Hundreds of sentry events

    After two years of ownership, many bugs and a dead car after one update I still love it and Tesla. bugs are part of the joy, was more just to see if anyone else had it, done a reboot will see if it happens again as I’ve put sentry mode back on now :)
  31. Fellsteruk

    2020.12.5 - Hundreds of sentry events

    Thanks for the reply but none of them. Car was parked in its normal place, no rain or leaves and lighting consistent. when I reviewed the 300 events I noticed one of them was a sentry event as I could see the headlights flashed but all the others there was no headlights and so not a real...
  32. Fellsteruk

    2020.12.5 - Hundreds of sentry events

    Loving 2020.12.5 but since the update my car seems to be capturing and classing the “running hours of footage” as sentry events came out for over 300 events all after each other and from viewing the footage nothing happened and no actual event but recorded footage and classed as sentry event...
  33. Fellsteruk

    UK order books

    Store told me no so I ordered a cybertruck. Got my X till 2022 so I’m guessing I’ll be able to get either the Y or CT by then or before.
  34. Fellsteruk

    Why will you need a Cyber Truck?

    Don’t need.... want
  35. Fellsteruk

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    Each to their own design is subjective I’ve ordered one.
  36. Fellsteruk

    Yellow border and burn-in on steering cluster display

    I have same issue. Tesla sc said couldn’t fix it yet.
  37. Fellsteruk

    2019.36.2.1 for Raven performance

    Just installing this on a 75D what’s new in this patch ?
  38. Fellsteruk

    2017 MX AP2.0 still waiting for 36.2.1

    Late 2018 MX HD2.5 and just installing 36.2.1, god knows what it will do but 32.12.2 was buggy as hell :(
  39. Fellsteruk

    Elon fanboy me thinks :)

    Or is he intown :)
  40. Fellsteruk

    MX or ICE - so hard to decide

    Doesn’t sound like a hard choice MX all the way. I was lookin at Q7, And an GLE, GLC then as soon as I test drove the MX it was a single horse race. Now a year later still very happy and proud owner of an MX
  41. Fellsteruk

    cars.com American Made Index -- Where is Tesla?

    Because people hate tesla. I’m not American but a Tesla is about the most patriotic car an American can buy, let’s face it it’s more American than Apple!
  42. Fellsteruk

    Model X - Buy now or wait for refresh?

    Just buy it if you want one. If you always wait for the next best thing you’ll be sat holding ya dick all ya life.
  43. Fellsteruk

    Biodefense Order Tracker - For Non-PUP Old-Timers

    Got mine was done with mobile service visit :)
  44. Fellsteruk

    2019.20.1 - Just got this in the UK...

    Mine is waiting to be installed. I’m waiting to see what people say before I install,..
  45. Fellsteruk

    Audi Battery Fire Recall

    Takes the piss this. Article is very soft on Audi even says they are no more likely to catch fire than gas cars “maybe less” If this was Tesla they would be crying bloody Jesus.
  46. Fellsteruk

    99kw on my 75D, that’s a first for me

    Wow I’ll look forward to that then :)
  47. Fellsteruk

    Confused.com = underhand....

    coming to that time of year to renewal insurance, DL sent the renewal which has a little higher than last year so thought I’d look around knowing DL would likely be the best Confused.com couldn’t offer me a quote for less than £1100, fast forward to today they send me an email saying insure...
  48. Fellsteruk

    Picked up my new MX today

    Congratulations, I’m sure they will sort it my SC eventually did :?
  49. Fellsteruk

    EAP Missing after 2019.16.2

    It worked :) thanks for that.
  50. Fellsteruk

    EAP Missing after 2019.16.2

    Mine has done the same today it’s an X just disabled sentry to give that a go before I try powering off