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  1. GatorGuy

    Anyone know how to remove lug nut covers?

    Pull strongly from the outer edge with solid force. If they don't pop off that way, slightly push the outer edge back down, not all the way, then pull it again and it'll come off.
  2. GatorGuy

    Hold Steering Wheel every 20-25 seconds?

    Well those are the people my comment were directed at. Including the person who started this thread.
  3. GatorGuy

    Hold Steering Wheel every 20-25 seconds?

    I had no idea so many people were driving without their hands on the wheel. I'm sure this will flood me with dislikes, but I'm glad they implemented the decreased intervals. Autopilot isn't a hands-off system.
  4. GatorGuy

    Just had to punch it

    Nice :cool:
  5. GatorGuy

    Anyone buy a Squaretrade warranty for the blackvue?

    One thing to consider Viper there are some credit cards that give you additional warranties for free.
  6. GatorGuy

    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    There definitely seems to be something different with the update recognizing your hands on the wheel. My wife had the car today and she gets constant warnings and even locked out alot. :oops: But today she asked me if Tesla stopped the AP hand warnings because she didn't get any. :eek:
  7. GatorGuy

    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    I think it is recognizing hands on the wheel much easier. I didn't get a single nag which is unusual. :p It is also handling curves much much better with the slowing down.
  8. GatorGuy

    Samsung Gear S and Tesla???

    Dashboard for Tesla supports Android Wear. The Samsung watches are alot more limited since they run Tizen. The number of watches is probably lower as well. If you really want this, switch your watch. :p
  9. GatorGuy

    Car seat latch and seatbelt warning.

    I have two car seats and both behave this way since day 1.
  10. GatorGuy

    Hypermiling record of 606 miles! Also, may be a bad idea...

    I'm actually surprised it wasn't much higher. Only 46 miles higher than the P100D record? Must have something to do with that high percentage of the battery which wasn't used.
  11. GatorGuy

    Model 3P-D 0-60 prediction?

    I understand the bragging rights part. I was more responding to your statement about being passed by a BMW. The 3.1/3.2 times are only capable with launch mode which like I said most traffic light races are done by simply mashing the accelerator. In which case a turbo charged car will be at a...
  12. GatorGuy

    Model 3P-D 0-60 prediction?

    The advertised 0 to 60 for the BMW is 3.2. The 2.8 is only possible under ideal conditions with the engine at proper operating temperature. Even then it is not easy to replicate, they start spinning the rear wheels and then engine the front and launch. Normal launch modes aren't practical on the...
  13. GatorGuy

    Does your service center use seat covers?

    I don't know if they use covers but they always clean and vacuum the inside.
  14. GatorGuy

    21" Arachnids coming soon

    You went from 19" wheels to 21". The weight savings are comparing 21" versus 21".
  15. GatorGuy

    Performance Model 3 is too cheap - about to drop some truth bombs.

    People that don't value performance don't understand the costs associated with it. I would agree the 3-PD cost is low if the real world acceleration times clock it closer to 3s which we would expect from Tesla's history.
  16. GatorGuy

    Random ppl scoping out your car

    I got caught checking out a beautiful pearl white 3 the other day. Luckily my MS was just a couple cars down so she didn't think I was a complete weirdo. It was the first 3 I had seen in town so I was pretty excited. I heard there is a 3 doing Uber rides in town. I keep hoping to get lucky...
  17. GatorGuy

    Everyone wants to race me......

    Well said Rat. My bright color wrap I think attracts more of these types than normal. More so than the fact its a P100D. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of the people on the street have no idea between a P100D and a 75. They probably don't even know the difference between a 3 and a S. They...
  18. GatorGuy

    AM radio in model S

    2018 Feb build with MCU 1 and I have AM. I have only used a couple of times but it has worked well. FDOT uses AM for their highway advisory so I'm glad I have the option. Otherwise most of the channels you can find alternatives.
  19. GatorGuy

    Safe SF Parking?

    Valet will be cheaper and less inconvenient than having your window smashed.
  20. GatorGuy

    Frontview (or multi-view) 720p camera for Model S

    I would buy your product as is. But I'm not sure how much it would take for you to be able to get the two side views on the screen at the same time. It seems like you've done 90% of the work already. I think if possible you would open your product up to even more as you could market it as a...
  21. GatorGuy

    Tesla blames MCU resets on Tesla Waze Website.

    Tesla Waze is the only website I've run in 2.5 months of ownership and I've never had a reboot.
  22. GatorGuy

    Cost of brake replacement (pads and rotors)?

    Nice! What size are the rotors?
  23. GatorGuy

    Cost of brake replacement (pads and rotors)?

    What brand are your new brakes?
  24. GatorGuy

    MS P85D wheel spacers?

    I installed my spacers and they fit perfect. However they sent me the same weak metal lug nuts. I'm asking them to send me steel ones.
  25. GatorGuy

    Vendor New Window Tint Blocks 98% Infrared Heat by XPEL

    You missed me by about a month. Otherwise I would have to have been one of your first customers. :cool:
  26. GatorGuy

    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

    This was posted by wk057 in a SUA thread in the Model 3 forum. I thought it had alot of good information. Tesla's accelerator pedal is actually the exact same drive-by-wire pedal used in several other manufacturer's vehicles. It's highly proven technology over decades. Nothing special at this...
  27. GatorGuy

    Vendor New Window Tint Blocks 98% Infrared Heat by XPEL

    I guess we won't know pricing till someone posts an actual quote. Atleast it is good looking tint without the greenish blue hue.
  28. GatorGuy

    Performance Model 3: Excited or Disappointed?

    Unfortunately I have to agree with the people above that said the track Elon was referring to was the drag strip. There isn't any real way the P3D will be 15% faster around a road track than a M3. Comparing 1/4 mile times to a M3 is really dumb in my opinion because no one thinks a M3 as king...
  29. GatorGuy

    Insurance Fraud

    I'm not an expert in these accidents at all but just because you had stopped and he confused I'm not sure puts the liability 100% on him. Something to consider. You also don't have much evidence. But small claims would be the way to go. The only thing you would have to lose would be alot of time.
  30. GatorGuy

    Performance Model 3: Excited or Disappointed?

    I would be surprised if the real 0to60 time is 3.5 seconds. I would expect atleast 3.2. I am satisfied with that performance. I don't care about brakes or suspension. They are easily modifiable by aftermarket parts for much higher quality. I do question Tesla's choice in using an induction...
  31. GatorGuy

    Frontview (or multi-view) 720p camera for Model S

    Would you have the option to select both side cameras and the rear for like Akiki mentioned for blind spot view?
  32. GatorGuy

    Idiot trying to unplug my car during Supercharging

    Weird. Any tesla owner would know you can't unplug a Tesla supercharging. He also isn't looking all around making sure no one is watching him. I really don't know what he was doing.
  33. GatorGuy

    AEB Won’t Prevent an Accident

    People keep saying this but what system do you prefer? I don't even think people know the limitations of the other systems. Two of the widely accepted best are Volvo's and Subaru's. Volvo's AEB shuts off at speeds greater than ~50 mph. Subaru's system won't activate if the speed differential is...
  34. GatorGuy

    Need to select a suitable "3" trunk emblem for my 3.

    The badge looks great, especially the black on white, but I agree about it being unbalanced.
  35. GatorGuy

    CNET's favorite luxury and tech features for 2018

    Just to show you how smart the writer is they fall to mention the Model X as having self closing doors. He also leaves Telsa off as having cool fobs. BSM is the must have from that list. It is inexcusable that a Tesla in 2018 doesn't have it. I really wish that Tesla would have a HUD. I was...
  36. GatorGuy

    I confused a Hyundai Sonata for a M3 yesterday --- then I started looking

    Other than tail lights I see very little similarities. The Model 3 is a very clean/modern design. Versus the 90's econobox thing.
  37. GatorGuy

    How long to adapt to EV driving style?

    I got used to the regen about 5 minutes into my test drive. I knew nothing about regen braking when I went for my test drive and it was one of the things that sold me about the car. It is very similar to driving a manual transmission vehicle which I've done my whole life.
  38. GatorGuy

    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    So if they build in the same profit into a P3D as a P100D, you think there is going to be a huge demand when its $100k?
  39. GatorGuy

    Car not updating? Try a factory reset.

    Ha, I was just going to come and post that as well. Definitely seems to be a push towards 2018.18.2 especially from cars on 2018.12 like I was.
  40. GatorGuy

    Thinkware F800 Pro (Parking Mode) - my insurance savoiur

    I'm glad you caught it on film. Dash cams are one of those things we install but hope we never really need.
  41. GatorGuy

    Ventilated seats are back for performance model

    Missed it by 2 months. :oops:
  42. GatorGuy

    Radar alerts

    It looks cool and is exactly what I want but I don't think its worth $5 a month.
  43. GatorGuy

    Video conversion board (for rearview camera) extension to Dashcam / DVR

    What camera would you use from the front? I wouldn't want to mess with the AP camera although I've heard it isn't high enough definition for a dashcam anyway.
  44. GatorGuy

    Car not updating? Try a factory reset.

    So after seeing only 10% of cars were on 2018.12. I did a factory reset last night and woke up to a new update this morning. Dont know if it's a coincidence or what but my car is on wifi every night in the garage.
  45. GatorGuy

    What to clean the touchscreen with?

    Try a grill brush. It does wonders. :cool:
  46. GatorGuy

    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    I'm having the same problem. Can I just download any BT terminal and it'll be obvious what to turn off?
  47. GatorGuy

    Carbon Fiber Rims

    Does he have a car under 4k lbs GVW? I wouldn't want anyone putting them on a Tesla. :p
  48. GatorGuy

    Carbon Fiber Rims

    Buy em and test em for us. ;)
  49. GatorGuy

    Car not updating? Try a factory reset.

    I'm on 2018.12 as well. I really don't want to have to reprogram my home link which is the main reason I haven't tried the factory reset yet. Guess I'll give it a few more days.