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  1. J

    Rollaway while outside of the car

    Re reading what my responses in this thread are, they do appear a bit "dry" and "dispassionate". I didnt intend them that way. In my day job I troubleshoot IT systems for a living, so when I am troubleshooting a problem, my mind works in a certain way, with trying to eliminate variables...
  2. J

    Drivers side Seat cushion Collapse.

    Mine does not look like that, however, this sort of thing can also depend on the body type of the person who is the primary driver, how they sit when they are in the car, how much they drive, etc. If you think this is a warranty issue, you should submit a service request for it. I have no idea...
  3. J

    MYLR snow performance

    I dont live someplace with snow, but know a few people who do, and they tell me all the tire shops around them have this down pat. Thats what they tell me they do (buy a set of winter rims). If they have cars with big rims, they buy winter ones that are smaller size, with winter tires and put...
  4. J

    Model 3 Long Range - problem with PSI on tires?

    This sounds like you are measuring the tires after you are driving, which is not what you are supposed to be basing tire pressure on. Measure them cold, and set them to what the door jam specifies (or slightly lower if you prefer).
  5. J

    Airbag cutout normal?

    I would look at my own 2018 model 3 to see if I have that, but if I do, I will never (ever) be able to "unsee" it again, so im scared to look..... If that was my car and I was still under warranty I think I would (politely) ask them to show me that spot on any cars they currently have in...
  6. J

    GFYNDA Post 2023 Holiday release notes here!!!!!!!!!!!

    I specifically ignore most of what the Tesla CEO says, am not on Twitter / X etc. I knew what NDA ment, but no idea what you were talking about. Not everyone that has Tesla products is interested in all of that side stuff, including people here. Unless you are looking to get the thread...
  7. J

    GFYNDA Post 2023 Holiday release notes here!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe I am too old, or not "hip" enough, but what is this acronym in the thread title?
  8. J

    Unknown dash lights?

    The same thing applies as your other thread, those are absolutely, positively, 100% not OEM from Tesla so if you didnt install them yourself, you must have bought the car used from somewhere. Probably best to ask the people you bought it from. Pure speculation would be that its some sort of...
  9. J

    Unknown grill gadgets

    Whatever it is, it didnt come from Tesla that way. You must have bought the car used from somewhere.
  10. J

    feature suggestion

    Who would be deciding what is off topic? (somewhat rhetorical question). You mention "without moderation" yet the act of doing something like that would be moderation. Also, that icon implies "I am enjoying the show" (theater popcorn) so would actually encourage the discourse you are talking...
  11. J

    Rollaway while outside of the car

    How this could be was already addressed by a couple responders in this thread:
  12. J

    How do I get a new Valet card?

    The keycards are not "valet" cards, they are actually your main key. Phone keys should be considered the secondary key (since phones can be dropped, break, have no power, etc). The tesla interface allows one to pair a new keycard themselves, no dealer needed, just a valid key. The link...
  13. J

    Is it illegal to speed to the speed limit from the traffic lights when the signal turns green?

    I was just about to ask why there are so many responses from outside of the country of the original poster, including people posting links to US laws that are likely not relevant to this OPs question in their country. Not like I know any different either, but questions like this are best...
  14. J

    Enphase IQ8 & Powerwall add on

    Why is this your understanding? Its not the way it works in any other powerwall installion (in general terms). In slightly more specific terms, in a regular powerwall + solar installation (vendor agnostic), the solar will turn off and stop charging the batteries WHEN THE BATTERIES ARE FULL...
  15. J

    In the future when my battery needs replacement, will they use the new tech?

    I am not a big fan (to put it mildly) of people not even logging back in to check the thread they created a question on, like in this case. This OP created an account here, created this thread, then logged off, all within 7 minutes, and has not logged in at all to even look at the thread they...
  16. J

    Rollaway while outside of the car

    How do you know that this is not the car sliding down the "snowy incline" of the driveway? This is true, as long as the seat sensor is working. You can test this yourself by (on a flat surface) leaving the car in drive, opening the door and getting out.
  17. J

    Odometer display on main homescreen?

    Not that I have seen, no.
  18. J

    Odometer display on main homescreen?

    There are 3 cards there, media (what you probably always have there), the mileage display, and also a tire pressure one. You can swipe between them.
  19. J

    2016 UMC with 2023 Model Y?

    No, they didnt do that. The most common cause of something like this is the plastic sheathing on one of the pins being stuck in the charging wand. when this happens, if you use the same mobile connector with the same car, you would never really notice it, it just wouldnt work for other cars...
  20. J

    Odometer display on main homescreen?

    It was part of whatever update brought those cards back, in the area you see it. Maybe roughly a year?
  21. J

    Close call with Autosteer

    You dont have FSD, you have autopilot with Autosteer. Its ment for controlled access highways. You are driving on a street with signals on it. https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/modely/en_us/GUID-E5FF5E84-6AAC-43E6-B7ED-EC1E9AEB17B7.html#GUID-1D5BAE49-CBC0-4916-B8E8-3C953BAA54D4 Autosteer...
  22. J

    Errors - power reduced, vehicle is free rolling, unable to apply parking brake

    I did suggest to you in your other thread that you should "remove anything connected to the car you installed", because its fairly common for Tesla to say stuff like this.
  23. J

    Preparing home for Tesla vehicles

    Not sure where you heard that, but unless your garage goes regularly below zero in the winter you wont have an issue. As for the rest of it, you probably need to start with getting a quote for a the "highest amp circuit a load calculation shows your home can support for EV charging, without...
  24. J

    208 volt 20 amp

    Im not surprised at 2 pages of talk on this, even though the OP hasnt posted a picture to help clear it up. If there is one thing a large portion of TMC membership likes to do, its help people figure out their charging situation. This is something I have always been gratified by, and in fact...
  25. J

    Should I keep or trade in my 2018 Tesla P3D for either a Model S (or when available a Highland Model 3)?

    It was, yeah. I think Lucid has a good enough product that, even were the company to fail, someone else would buy them so the products likely wont be orphaned. Thats the same way I felt about Tesla in 2018.
  26. J

    Replacement battery question?

    Model 3s dont have "ideal vs rated" range displays.
  27. J

    In the future when my battery needs replacement, will they use the new tech?

    These points are all interesting, but the OPs question was "will they replace with the NEW TECH". There hasnt been any instance I am aware of, of Tesla replacing batteries on older vehicles with NEW TECH. Larger size, yes, "new tech", not that I am aware of.
  28. J

    2023 Model Y RWD battery chemistry?

    You will know if the battery is LFP or not, by looking at the charging screen in the car. If it has a daily and trip section, its not LFP. If it DOESNT say "daily" and "trip" in the charging slider in the car, its LFP. I also havent heard about software locking of model Y batteries, but...
  29. J

    Superchargen duurt een uur. Is dat normaal? Opladen tot 100% ?

    Hello, Most of Teslamotorsclub (this website) is communicated in english, however the Belgium and Netherlands subforum is communicated in both languages I believe. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/forums/belgium-and-the-netherlands.118/
  30. J

    Replacement battery question?

    Tesla service centers are not re arranging battery pack modules.
  31. J

    Black and white seats... regrets?

    People love to use this type of comparison, but conveniently skip that the 60-70k + BMWs, Audis, VWSs etc also dont have many of these features. Hyundai has those features because they need to have them to move the cars. BMW didnt even have backup cameras in the US until the government...
  32. J

    Should I keep or trade in my 2018 Tesla P3D for either a Model S (or when available a Highland Model 3)?

    I should also say that, if the "powershare" feature that is announced for cybertruck comes to model 3s, that would be enough to cause me to really consider selling mine and buying a new one. I already have Tesla solar and powerwalls, and having the car be able to be an additional backup...
  33. J

    Should I keep or trade in my 2018 Tesla P3D for either a Model S (or when available a Highland Model 3)?

    I chose to keep mine (2018 Model 3P), because Its nice not having a car payment and nothing is wrong with the car (other than what I consider to be excessive road noise).
  34. J

    Vendor Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology

    I am that mod, and I was not aware that what I could see is different than what anyone else can see, in this specific instance. Once that was pointed out to me, I did say that I wouldnt be commenting on that any longer. (for accountability sake).
  35. J

    Replacement battery question?

    You are quoting the part of the warranty that lead to the OPs battery replacement. The part that is relevant to the replacement battery itself is here: https://digitalassets.tesla.com/tesla-contents/image/upload/tesla-new-vehicle-limited-warranty-en-us.pdf
  36. J

    Replacement battery question?

    No, @Tam is quoting the general battery warranty. If you need a replacement, they are supposed to replace it with a battery that has at least the same amount of range left as yours did before the error. Nope, there is nothing at all, anywhere, that says that a battery replacement under...
  37. J

    Can't see out of Y rear window. Changing lanes.

    You should be using the rear window, AND the side mirrors (just like every other car). If you cant see cars in your side mirrors, you need to look at how you have your side mirrors adjusted and correct it so you can see cars out of them.
  38. J

    Discussion: Powershare [V2X feature currently announced for Cybertruck]

    So, this sounds like "no additional equipment needed for existing powerwall installs" means what it sounded like it meant.
  39. J

    208 volt 20 amp

    Even if it is intended to run a Table saw, it would be pretty rare for a single famly home to have 208v (and not 240v) in the US. Why are you saying its 208v? I dont understand what you are saying in your above comment. The circuit is what the circuit is, and the mobile connector (what people...
  40. J

    Tesla Only Wall Charger or Tesla Universal Wall Charger (House Power Share Feature)?

    People are likely not realizing that this setup (if they dont already have a Tesla Gateway / backup switch from an existing solar + powerwall installation) is going to be a "multi thousand dollar" setup, not counting the car, or the EVSE. Meaning, even once someone has a cybertruck (or...
  41. J

    How closely does Tesla look at trade ins?

    I doubt @vickh wants " a more thorough inspection "....
  42. J

    Why no Automatic Rear Heated Seats?

    I dont even understand why the front heated seats have an auto option, myself. How can the car know if I want or dont want a warm bum? If I had to guess at why this is, its because there are plenty of things that could be put in the rear seats (like a baby car seat for instance) that would...
  43. J

    208 volt 20 amp

    You could use that, and it should be faster than a regular 15 amp 120v circuit. You have a 208v circuit in your house? is it a multi family residence (townhouse, condo, etc)?
  44. J

    Black and white seats... regrets?

    The posts I see about white seats from people who love them typically say something like: I wanted to buy them but saw comments like these, and also knew for a fact that I was NOT going to want to look at blue jean dye transfer, or worry about whether baby wipes would get it off, or carry...
  45. J

    Battery Drain Since 2023.38.9 Update?

    This is not going to have anything to do with a vehicle update. If you have more drain now, that would be because its colder now than it was in september.
  46. J

    Is there an option to swap Black with White seats (after purchase) or vice versa (meant Tesla upgrade or similar option, and idea on cost). TIA!

    No, Tesla does not do this. The only option is between vehicle owners private party.
  47. J

    Supercharger - Orange Beach, AL

    (moderator note) moved as requested
  48. J

    Service Center Options

    Thats been my experience, What tesla specifically told me when I asked people at the service center, and what people here have reported. I dont know if this is "guidelines" or "rules" by Tesla though. I wouldnt expect either uber credits or a loaner if you are out of warranty, but perhaps if...
  49. J

    Lost the Slacker App

    Some of the audio sources have been turned off. Go back and toggle the sources back on. Tap the settings menu, then sources, and toggle the slider to turn on the source. ===========================================...