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  1. robby

    WTB: NEMA 6-15 Adapter for Gen1 Mobile Charger [Expired]

    This marketplace listing has expired and has been removed.
  2. robby

    WTB: NEMA 6-15 Adapter for Gen1 Mobile Charger [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing WTB: NEMA 6-15 Adapter for Gen1 Mobile Charger. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. robby

    Did my ecohitch bend my frame?

    @ropero If you have an update I'd love to hear what you found out on this.
  4. robby

    Limited Time: 100 kWh Battery Upgrade (S/X), Ludicrous+ Capable, 2 Year Warranty

    You mention the pack as not being nerfed. Is the nerfing actually tied to the pack itself, or is it in the BMS state it? E.g. if you take a nerfed back from one car and put it in another (with a BMS that has no memory of its usage), will it still be nerfed?
  5. robby

    Checking in...anyone still waiting for their eMMC refund check from Tesla?

    Still waiting for my refund. Been almost two years now since I submitted the docs. Received confirmation but never got the approval notice that some are mentioning. I tried to negotiate a credit of equal value with the service center when getting my MCU2 upgrade, but they said there's nothing...
  6. robby

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    No warranty. I have scheduled a service appointment but my local SCs don’t have guidance on MCU2 availability, and it’s hard to get info out of Tesla corporate.
  7. robby

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Has anybody heard inklings of when AP1 cars will be eligible for the MCU2 upgrade? My MCU1 just died. I don't want to deal with the cost and hassle of replacing my MCU1 eMMC, only to upgrade to MCU2 in a few months.
  8. robby

    Hitch (Ecohitch) Installer west of Boston?

    Yankee Custom in Tewksbury will also do it.
  9. robby

    Elon Confirms S & X Are Chopped Liver

    Elon's addressed that a few times. They aren't building the Roadster 2.0 to make money. They're building it so that the world's quickest production car is electric and blows every ICE contender out of the water.
  10. robby

    Model S - Hitch discussion

    I'm not sure how feasible that would be. There is a welded on tiedown point that would need to move. I could cut it off but then I'd need another way to do the tiedowns: In the meantime, I've ordered the riser. I expect I will have to dremel/route out part of my bumper cover to get it to fit.
  11. robby

    Model S - Hitch discussion

    Thanks. How would you shorten the bar? Just cut it and drill another hole for the hitch pin?
  12. robby

    Model S - Hitch discussion

    Yeah, but a trailer creates other problems -- a bigger range hit, the need for lighting, difficulty parking at Superchargers, and additional registration requirements. If I can't find a solution I'll do it, but I'd rather not. A friend made a similar recommendation: to have a metal worker...
  13. robby

    Model S - Hitch discussion

    I installed an Ecohitch last week to bring my Onyx RCR with me, but found the clearance is just too low on a bike carrier: Most hitch risers reduce the tongue weight rating by ~50%, but I found this one which, according to reviewers who spoke to the manufacturer, only has a 15% reduction...
  14. robby

    Powerwall in New England ?

    From Tesla's FAQ: > If there is plenty of solar generation to recharge the batteries, then Powerwall could earn as much as $700 a year in MA and $1,000 a year in RI by participating in ConnectedSolutions. They estimate 75 events per year. I can't see any realistic way that works out to $220/kWh.
  15. robby

    Powerwall in New England ?

    I don't think that's right. The figures quoted are in kW, not kWh, so I suspect those are yearly or seasonally expected revenue numbers based on average power output during demand events.
  16. robby

    Powerwall in New England ?

    Thanks for posting this! I filled out the form yesterday morning and got a call in the evening. They are going to enroll me next week. Sounds like everything is managed by Tesla -- nothing the end-user really has to do. They are still pretty light on pricing/revenue generation. Curious to hear...
  17. robby

    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    Tesla will sometimes defer your software updates if they detect you are rooted, but they don't blacklist you for it. Most people with root block mothership and stage updates themselves though, so it's not very consequential.
  18. robby

    The Open Source Tesla Service Manual

    Contributions are accepted. :) In all seriousness, I would love to get stuff like this into the manual and would be grateful if you take the time to write it up. I agree there is a lot of basic info that is still missing. I've mostly been adding stuff to it as I find myself needing to do...
  19. robby

    Upgrade options for 2017 Model X with AP2

    Any AP2 vehicle is eligible for the HW3 computer. Look for vehicles produced October '16 or later.
  20. robby

    Tesla Mobile Home Research

    @Nole Ksum What ever came of this? Did you do it?
  21. robby

    OMG TSLA @ $202 :-(

    Some funny takes in this thread. If you think TSLA is low now, wait until you see TSLA without Elon.
  22. robby

    Can someone Calibrate Autopilot 2.0 on a Model S Facelift

    It sure sounds like an uncalibrated radar. Road lines are detected by cameras only, while cars are detected by cameras+radar. I would ask service to calibrate the radar and check the logs for any other possible culprits. Note: I don't have any first-hand experience with AP2, this is just my...
  23. robby

    Tesla Used Inventory Down 30%?

    "Makes a lot of sense" got me real good.
  24. robby

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    There isn't an MCU upgrade route yet, but Tesla claims it is coming in the future. However, in either case, the MCU upgrade has nothing to do with the FSD upgrade.
  25. robby

    2012 Model S Signature Red Part Out

    Can you give prices for - MCU? - Rear lower valence (piece of chrome all the way at the bottom on the back)?
  26. robby

    FAQ: Home Tesla charging infrastructure Q&A

    Wow, thank you for this correction. This is frustrating, as my electrician advised we go with two HPWCs rather than two UMCs for exactly this reason (he said the HPWCs wouldn't require separate wire runs all the way back to the panel, but 14-50s would). Sounds like he was mistaken. Maybe we...
  27. robby

    FAQ: Home Tesla charging infrastructure Q&A

    Correct, outlets are treated differently than hardwired fixtures. 625.40 would not apply to the HPWC (so long as you hardwire it, as instructed).
  28. robby

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I wish I knew a generalizable way, but unfortunately it was a unique situation. There was a vehicle that had repeated issues with MCU1 units, and the SC did a MCU2 retrofit to work around them (I presume in consult with HQ/engineering since I don't think there was a bulletin at the time, but I...
  29. robby

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    It's been done. IC was replaced.
  30. robby

    Best 19 tires replacement

    Appreciate the review. If it's not too much trouble, please let us know they do on range/consumption once you have that info. I need to order a set in the next week and range is my only lingering question about the Ascend GTs. It's between those, the OE MXM4s, Conti PureContact, and the Pirelli...
  31. robby

    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Unfortunately, not much has changed. 2019.x remains a more difficult and invasive root target if you need persistence. There's no harm in not installing a staged update -- it doesn't blacklist you or anything like that.
  32. robby

    Tesla door handle failure - pivot gear (anyone have one I can buy?)

    I wouldn't design a plastic part to try to make it stronger; I'd use plastic to give it some elasticity, i.e. have it absorb the stress and return to its original shape instead of snapping. The melting point of PLA is much too low -- it will be reduced to mush on a hot summer day. But an ABS or...
  33. robby

    The backyard mechanic who is taking on Tesla (Rich Rebuilds in Boston Globe)

    Congrats @Btr_ftw on some great press coverage. Looking forward to checking out your garage in Seabrook sometime. The backyard mechanic who is taking on Tesla - The Boston Globe
  34. robby

    Here comes another Tesla crash ...

    If you search Twitter, you'll find conflicting witness accounts about the state of the door handles. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in an accident, even with the design as Elon described it. The wiring can burn out, the latch mechanism can break on impact, etc. This is why first...
  35. robby

    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Generally, yes. The specific answer for your vehicle depends on your persistence method, but the vast majority of rooted cars will not survive a 19.x upgrade.
  36. robby

    North Americans: Would you pay for Spotify? VOTE!

    Click name next to post > Start a Conversation.
  37. robby

    North Americans: Would you pay for Spotify? VOTE!

    US cars already ship with Spotify; it’s just disabled. With root access it is trivial to turn on and it works great. This leads me to believe the real constraint is Tesla’s licensing agreement with Slacker.
  38. robby

    Ground Stud Nut over torqued

    Thanks to everyone for the help and advice. I tapped a 3/8"-16 hole in the (bronzed, I think?) piece on the chassis, and went bolt > 3 washers > wires > 3 washers > double nut > star locking washer > chassis. (I needed washers to fill some non-threaded space on the bolt). I applied dielectric...
  39. robby

    Ground Stud Nut over torqued

    Thanks @rooter. Yeah, the only option I can think of to get a nut on is to drill through both sides of the rail. Is there a better option or is it fine to just have the bolt rely on friction with the brass piece and nothing else?
  40. robby

    Ground Stud Nut over torqued

    Disregard the request for bolt dimensions. I wasn't able to clean it out (too much corrosion), so I'll have to tap a new thread as well. Edit: those of you who tapped a thread and added a new bolt: did you manage any way to get a nut behind the bolt? Or did you just torque it down and hope for...
  41. robby

    Ground Stud Nut over torqued

    I just ran into this problem. Does anybody know the dimensions (and most importantly, the thread count) of the bolt I need? I can guess-and-check but it will save me a return trip to the hardware store. Like others here it is the passenger side ground stud that broke on my car, but I'm debating...
  42. robby

    Any hotels in the White Mountains offer charging?

    Where do you see it on supercharge.info? I don't see it on the site or on the map you inserted.
  43. robby

    Would AP2 ever support the DashCam feature

    Yes. The lexicon is confusing because HW 3.0 can mean either [HW2 + HW3 computer] or [HW2.5 + HW3 computer]. When I say HW2 to HW 2.5, I'm referring specifically to the cameras and radar. The HW3 compute unit would be needed regardless.
  44. robby

    Would AP2 ever support the DashCam feature

    If Tesla gets FSD working, I think there will be a HW2 => HW2.5 upgrade path (full upgrade, not just the HW3 compute unit). The wiring changes shouldn't be as bad as they sound. Yes, the HW2.5 cameras are different, but the form factor is exactly the same, as is the hardware all the way down to...
  45. robby

    Powerwall in New England ?

    Tesla is by far the cheapest option. The second cheapest I found was an LG Chem Resu, quoted $12k (including installation) for 10kWh. That's more than 2x per kWh what we paid for Powerwalls.
  46. robby

    Powerwall in New England ?

    If a $400 Generac meets your needs, that's pretty compelling. We travel a lot in the winter and our furnace can't run without electricity, so we needed an automatic failover system to ensure our pipes don't freeze. Once we saw the labor costs of that, we decided to put more into the unit itself...
  47. robby

    Powerwall in New England ?

    I believe all of this is correct, and I say that as someone who bought two Powerwalls with National Grid in Massachusetts. (Note: depending on @EdA's municipality, his economics may be different than ours). For us, the Powerwall is not an investment; it is a generator with near-instantaneous...
  48. robby

    Autopilot issues with hills (AP1)

    Oh, they compute a path all right. Just be glad they don't follow it!
  49. robby

    Sentry Mode for EAP equipped vehicles

    Sentry Mode will work fine on MCU1.
  50. robby

    Interesting finding about Range Mode

    The 3 also uses 2170s, which have a lower surface area:volume ratio. We should expect them to take longer to cool off and then longer to heat up again compared to 18650s, all else being equal.