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    $5000 Performance Package was included after my purchase. Where’s my refund?

    Yes, you can either keep your free Supercharging or get $5k refund. You have to ask for the 5K or do nothing and keep your free Supercharging
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    What is the etiquette: Office building paid parking with charging stations

    My guess is the rule they adopted is to allow you no more than 2hrs of juice for free. Not just parking, In the near future most of these will be paid per use, so charge up while you can for free!
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    Multiple HPWC Issues with Model 3

    This would be my guess as well. Also, if you installed the wrong wire for a 100A circuit (even electricians do it wrong many times using 90 degree column vs 75 deg) The wire could be finally overheating enough to be causing trips. 3rd, yes a bad breaker also if it was not new when installed...
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    Who’s waiting for EAP HW3 before buying?

    New hardware only needed for FSD. If you buy FSD you may be saving $$ over waiting for later buying FSD
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    Quality Issues

    This is about a Model 3 review. Not a Model X owner. Scratches are something they can fix with better delivery practices, and care.
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    Thought on my M3 LR after about a few road trips

    One thing about your comment about passing with autopilot. If you have the latest version with Navigate on AP, You have the option to Pass i hear. It will ask to pass the car in front of you and it will do so smoothly. Maybe that's what you need! :) Anyways i dont have my car yet, but read...
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    Aero rims with wider tires

    Going wider will screw up your auto pilot. You will need to go to service center after to have them installed
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    Does Tesla mobile connector work with 40Amp breaker

    By code though a 50A breaker is required for a 50A plug. I highly recommend you get rid of that plug for the future owners of your house who made plug in a car that doesn't have the feature to turn down there charging rate like Tesla can. Otherwise do spend the money and upgrade your panel...
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    Horrible experience with local shop (pictures)

    The damage to the chrom trim was the result of closing the door and the windows not auto retracting. This is been mentioned in multiple threads. You have to have a shop that does lots of Teslas to know this and avoid it. Everyone else is right, small claims and file with your states CCB. This...
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    Stock breakpads, anyone had to replace yet?

    YEP track days! One track day will toast your stock brakes. You should at least get upgrades to MountainPass Performance rotors and pads.
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    Buy a 2017 LR silver Model 3 or buy a new Mid Range

    Silver metallic is available off menu of you all for $2500 is that matters
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    X-Ice 3 winter tires messed up the regen badly.

    You have to have your car set for the exact tire you have. Especially if you didn't buy the winter tire package from Tesla. This is for the very reason you are describing with regen. They sent it wine announcement a while back. Go to service center
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    Strange window fogging

    Your most likely holding your breath when accelerating hard, then exhaling!
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    The Volt is dead, long live the Volt!

    Isnt this a good thing so they can focus on the Bolt?
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    RWD 1st Snow Driving Experience with All Season Tires

    First post as new member?
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    Popping noise (windshield?) when car turns on - this can't be normal

    Have you tried to run the AC at night when car is already cool? That would tell you if it's the AC system or thermal expansion. It would not happen at night if it's your thermal expansion theory.
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    WHITE interior with creases/wrinkles (brand new)

    Don't worry, your butt will even it out soon
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    How are the 3D MAXpider floor mats holding up?

    OEM Tesla mats are rebranded weather tech mats. It says on the bottom of the mats. Buy what cheaper
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    MR and AWD

    This is correct. They "programming" would change on the car so that it only utilized the peak power it has in the MR pack. Otherwise the only other difference is changing out the line to produce a drivetrain pack that has the less batteries. When MR RWD goes down in sales, then MR AWD + SR RWD...
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    Is auto tuning dead with EVs

    Sadly its a PR stunt right now. They could easily make this but risk not selling their Corvette or other ICE Cameros
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    Off Menu LR RWD Order: Request Denied, Order Date Kicked Back

    Well you were after the "guaranteed" ship by date for the full tax credit. Anytime after that you will most likely get the half credit $3750 instead. Option 3 - upgrade to P3D for the $5000 discount!
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    Matte Silver

    Totally, Satin looks great, not matte...unless its black! I vote for Xpel Stealth over silver.
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    My email to Tesla regarding the P3D+ $5k loss

    Fred, is that you . It's not a 5k loss, anybody ordering now won't likely get it till later after tax credit expires. It's like ordering a 2019 as soon as they are available and getting incentives to do so. You got a 2018. Exactly what you paid for Ask your lawer what he thinks if the contract...
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    For those who paid $5K, $6K for Dual Motors....

    Don't forget, if you bought early you got free lifetime data connectivity. Worth $100/yr And doc fees were $200 less of and you full tax credit available
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    EPA v. Listed Range: SR v. MR?

    Price per mile $142 LR $154 MR $159 SR
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    Bummer for those who paid for self drive.

    Not really, it doesn't affect existing customers. They just are not adding the softwarr it to current custimers as a prepaid discount. You snoosebyiu loose. It will be available as OTA in the car. Hardware v already installed for current production cars
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    Let the motors warm?

    No, Battery conditioning is the only thing, and Tesla does this automatically . If you want to save energy from battery to do so , you stay plugged in while conditioning. Motors themselves work excellent cold and actually produce heat . ICE engines...you preheat to heat to the oil which...
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    Am I the only one with a (nearly) flawless overall experience??

    Many bad experiences are those on the board who have never followed Tesla, or are actually paid FUD scammers working for the oil companies and Short Stock sellers
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    Orders by Oct 15th Guaranteed for tax credit, afterwards they are not

    For the Last two, they will probably do the right thing as they always have and pay for the tax credit. Kinda like they did in Canada.
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    Vendor MPP Model 3 vs Performance Model 3 On The Track!

    Track Mode also does much more regen, which probably helps the battery degredation that happened before your LR RWD
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    Do you feel Cheated? Unlimited Super Charging

    They don't, only $100 now
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    Is the stud too short?

    Check the ring be hind the wheel. There is a groove there? Do you have performance model or no?
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    Wow! Really Tesla? Are you guys made in China? Water leaking inside the trunk

    Classis FUD, Video or not if people have an issue with a seal b in your door, go to service and stop complaining and using inflammatory " made in China crap"
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    Model 3 achieves the lowest probability of injury of any vehicle ever tested by NHTSA

    Bingo. I knew it from when I saw the design and how well it drives! This is the kind of news NOT on the news
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    Is There a Definitive Answer? 20" Sport Wheel Includes Rear Upper Fore Links / Control Arms

    All you have to know is that the Model 3 has some of the best suspension in the industry. if you want adjustable, you can buy aftermarket ones from Mountainpassperformance
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    My Model 3 (Lowered + Wheels + Painted Brake Calipers)

    Aero is always the biggest range looser, and also hills etc. Not necessarily weight. I think it looks great! I like the chrome rim lip on a different color rim. Had same in my porsche.
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    New Owner Model 3 red front end being repainted

    Can you post pictures of before and after of your paint?
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    Silver M3 Wrapped in Silver

    what % tint front and back?
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    From 340xi to Tesla dual motor Model 3 - mini comparo.

    How did you measure "wind noise". Most ICE drivers who transition focus on the sounds now that the ICE engine isnt roaring. In reality if you get a DB meter you would see its less than the ICE car at various speeds.
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    Have Enhanced Autopilot but didn't pay for it

    Delete thread and enjoy
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    No Performance Chassis on P3D

    Correct it has different camber arms. YOu can buy the 20" rim package for $4000 and see all these parts that are included.
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    Anyone move to a black headliner yet?

    I can belive it......They dont have the 35k model out yet. When everything is ramped up they will probably have the black headliner option like on the X. That is also the exact combo i want with Alcantera. Sad they got rid of Alcantera after the first batch of model 3s
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    Auto windshield wipers first experience in Oregon - they suck!

    Regarding the wiper controls, cant you also adjust them from the steering wheel scroll wheels now? I dont have my car yet so i cant confirm. I recommend that you "submit a bug report" and describe your issue. The more people that talk about percieved issues, the more they will bump it up in...
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    Trunk shocks conflict with trunk seal

    Submit bug issue to Tesla. Maybe even escalate if this is IS typical of other owners. Seems like they need smaller gas shocks
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    PSA: GETJEDA.COM will not let you cancel your order

    It is never required to "give a reason" for any cancellation for an order that was not forfilled yet. This company probably is so new they dont know the law. Consumers have this right to cancel an order for the hell of it, and in many states get a full refund if they change their mind within a...
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    High insurance costs or more FUD...

    Its complete FUD. Neidermeyer wrote that article and if you read it he says some people pay as much as a porsche 911. Ya probably people with a ton of tickets.
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    Passenger side leak..wet carpet..

    Its from rolling down the window when its raining. I doubt its a leak in the seals. It also happens when you open the door quickly when its raining. Start carrying a towel
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    Don't Give Tesla a Black Eye by Stealing Electricity

    Maybe the city installed it for the Public to use? You can plug your ICE cars charger in if your 12V battery dies. Soon all power poles will have chargers for all public use. The infrastructure is already there.
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    Do you need exterior treatments like ceramic coatings? Newbie asks.

    You dont NEED it, if you take care of your car and wash it correctly and wax it etc. Its a new craze, kinda like when every tire shop started selling Nitrogen instead of plain old air. Belive it or not, my glass installer for my bathroom shower also is using "ceramic coating" as a $100...