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  1. XLR82XS

    Snippiness 2.0

    I guess censorship is alive and well here too. Thank you TMC for deleting my informative post - I was just trying to provide useful information for the users here. :rolleyes:
  2. XLR82XS

    How to convince FL DMV to design EV license plates

    We don't need it. WAY too many options already for FL plates.
  3. XLR82XS

    White upholstery help

    Bet best is to find out who the material supplier is and it may prove to be difficult to procure a small amount. Have you contacted any upholstery shops? If they can't help it may be seat replacement route.
  4. XLR82XS

    Florida FPL Time of Use Rate

    Sign up for budget billing.
  5. XLR82XS

    Yikes Colonial Parkway is brutal..be careful>>>Ft Myers Service Center access challenging

    It's awful. Why Tesla opened sales/service there is beyond me. Maybe they got a deal on that building. My office is near there but I know better and avoid Colonial exit at all costs - especially during season.
  6. XLR82XS

    Supercharger - Estero, FL

    I thought Gulf Coast was permanently removed?
  7. XLR82XS


    Not a good idea. https://off-guardian.org/2021/09/22/30-facts-you-need-to-know-your-covid-cribsheet/
  8. XLR82XS

    Porsche Whistleblower: “60% of all delivered Taycan have battery issues“

    You'll love it - I love mine! No way I'd go back to Tesla. It was a decent run while it lasted.
  9. XLR82XS

    Is it mandatory for you to put that ugly sticker to your tesla to use the carpool lane?

    That what happens in dem controlled cities.
  10. XLR82XS

    50th anniversary - Dan Cooper

    Hard to believe it's been 50 years since the infamous skyjacking before Thanksgiving. Love him or hate him it was a bold move. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! :🍗🍸
  11. XLR82XS

    Lowering Spring Install

    Electrified Garage in Ocala.
  12. XLR82XS

    Florida FPL Time of Use Rate

    Less than a couple weeks.
  13. XLR82XS

    Florida FPL Time of Use Rate

    I e-mailed FPL and advised them I have electric vehicles charging at my FL garage. They flagged my account and I strictly use TOU by charging after 10pm. I can view EV usage via my FPL account/energy analyzer. My bill is consistent and never fluctuates more than $20/month. (literally a few...
  14. XLR82XS


    IF they charge at 350. My Taycan charges insanely fast + can regen up to 265kw.
  15. XLR82XS

    Is this video about Tesla accurate, or pure hype?

    I despise click bait BS on youtube. The immature and meaningless crap is clogging up the platform.
  16. XLR82XS

    Do Tesla folks not enjoy driving their cars anymore?

    Yep. BS. I love driving and want to DRIVE! If I need an airport run or similar, I'll take an uber.
  17. XLR82XS

    Michelin Launches the Pilot Sport EV Tire....

    Not arriving in US until late 21 - 22.
  18. XLR82XS

    Supercharger - Fort Myers, FL - Gulf Coast Main Street

    Doubt they will reinstall a site there since Naples stalls are now open.
  19. XLR82XS

    Think I’m gonna buy a Taycan

    It's worse from an interior standpoint. While many may like it, the screen sticking out of the dash is a no go for me. I prefer the previous S dash.
  20. XLR82XS

    A sincere effort from a hater to adapt to living in a world with Teslas

    Today's (modern) cars have CATS, EGR valves and other emissions devices that stop almost all of tailpipe gases. The guy driving a 1950 caddy is certainly polluting but how many of those are driving around everyday, tens of thousands of miles a year? Not enough to cause a problem. No way I'll...
  21. XLR82XS


  22. XLR82XS

    I feel terrible for GM Bolt owners as a former Volt owner

    GM has been junk since 1970
  23. XLR82XS

    Coasting Device

    My Taycan has coasting and has 3 recuperation modes selectable via steering wheel button.
  24. XLR82XS

    Aggravating EV Journalism - public EV charging

    21st century journalism is junk.
  25. XLR82XS

    Garage door replacement suggestions

    If you want doors with windows in them get them with frosted glass or have them tinted with ceramic film post-install.
  26. XLR82XS

    Tesla will lose to Porsche due to their amazing customer service

    Porsche customer service and post-sale service is light years ahead of other luxury brands I've dealt with in 20 years. Tesla has been the worst. Not just PCNA but my local dealer is a premier dealer and is the BEST dealer I have ever dealt with - Porsche brand included.
  27. XLR82XS

    History and Future of the Electric Car

    No mention of the first electric car? In 1898, Ferdinand Porsche designed the Egger-Lohner C.2 Phaeton. The vehicle was powered by an octagonal electric motor, and with three to five PS it reached a top speed of 25 km/h. In 1899, Porsche joined the carriage maker in Vienna, k.u.k...
  28. XLR82XS

    Think I’m gonna buy a Taycan

    My 2021 RWD has more recup/regen than my 2020 Model 3. Bonus that the 3 regen modes can be switched on the fly via steering wheel button.
  29. XLR82XS

    Roadster 2023

    Nice! You'll love that car. I'm not holding my breath for roadster. The longer production is delayed - the longer my $ sees capital gains.
  30. XLR82XS

    Roadster vs Porsche GT3

    Apples and oranges. My good friend has a GT3RS and there is no comparison to an EV. As much as I love EV technology nothing will replace the pinnacle of ICE engineering especially with Porsche 4.0L flat 6. 991 series and the like will stand the test of time and will always have a special place...
  31. XLR82XS

    Think I’m gonna buy a Taycan

    Porsche mobile charger comes with a 14-50 plug.
  32. XLR82XS

    Think I’m gonna buy a Taycan

    There is no stop sale. My 2021 had the software recall. It's and update and my dealer did it an 1.5 hours on Saturday. My car wasn't even acting up and throwing the faults stated in the recall.
  33. XLR82XS

    Lamborghini and Lotus unveil last gasoline-only supercars

    Or do as I... don't get married.
  34. XLR82XS

    Think I’m gonna buy a Taycan

    Model 3 to Taycan here. Ordered one April 1 and got it May 27th. Range is longer than advertised - I get over 280 easily. You can use an adapter and charge with Tesla wall charger. Thread about it on taycan forums. Absolute dream to drive and compliments my other P-cars well. Never looking back.
  35. XLR82XS

    Is Suntek PPF just as good as XPel?

    Correct. It did not hold up nearly as well as Xpel has for me now and in the past.
  36. XLR82XS

    Is Suntek PPF just as good as XPel?

    UPDATE: my experience with STEK after almost 30K miles of driving. It did not do well in that the film did not self heal like Xpel had done for me in the past on a 911. Little divots everywhere on front bumper and a chunk in the right headlight. Larger gouge in the center of hood that was...
  37. XLR82XS

    Clicking/Ticking noise when turning steering wheel all the way left

    Yes. Posted a lot about this in at least 2 threads last year with my 2020 3. Here's a list of things service did before I sold the car this spring. - LF axle nut loose - tightened at ~5000K miles - R&R LF axle shaft at ~12000 miles - R&R both front upper control arms at ~20,000 miles - Said...
  38. XLR82XS

    Garage sale: Model 3 accessories

    4th of July weekend bump. $80 shipped in CONUS for all remaining items.
  39. XLR82XS

    Porsche Taycan

    Just a couple..... https://www.motortrend.com/news/porsche-taycan-turbo-s-sets-production-ev-lap-record-road-atlanta/ https://newsroom.porsche.com/en/2019/products/porsche-taycan-record-nuerburgring-nordschleife-18440.html
  40. XLR82XS

    A sincere effort from a hater to adapt to living in a world with Teslas

    Where will all the electricity come from to power the millions of electric vehicles produced? Power plants - and they need fuel.
  41. XLR82XS

    Blog Tesla’s 200 MPH Four-Door Sedan Makes Debut

    Sold my Tesla. For less money just bought a Taycan and not looking back. Tired of Tesla build quality and poor service.
  42. XLR82XS

    Seriously Porsche!? Tempted to jump ship, new Taycan Turismo

    Now there's something I don't think I have ever heard. Ferrari reliable? All Porsches I have owned have been fantastic - no issue just maintenance. I'm Porsche for life.
  43. XLR82XS

    Electric cars compared - which one is more efficient?

    I don't give a s**t about efficiency. I enjoy driving - life is too short.
  44. XLR82XS

    Another clueless article..."How Ford Will Eat Tesla's Lunch in the Next Two Years"

    Better for the earth? Uh, no. There plenty of emissions/waste from mining battery material, transport, manufacturing, etc... for electric vehicles. That dirty oil is still needed to produce the electricity for current and millions of future electric vehicles (and trucks). I'm hoping companies...
  45. XLR82XS

    Supercharger - Fort Myers, FL - Gulf Coast Main Street

    Is this news? That station been there for years.
  46. XLR82XS

    Supercharger - Naples, FL - Tarpon Bay Boulevard

    Red tape delays most likely. :confused:
  47. XLR82XS

    Why I stopped caring about luxury EV's

    Definitely is not luxury. Recently sold my 2020 Model 3 and took delivery of my April ordered Taycan 5/29. Taycan was always on the radar since the 2019 launch - just out of the budget with turbo & turbo S variants. Enter the RWD variant - thank you Porsche! Always been a Porsche enthusiast and...