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  1. roblab

    12 volt may or may not die before I can get it replaced🤷‍♂️

    I always figured you could go to any gas station and get a new 12-volt battery. No?? This battery does not have to have deep charge or high cranking amps, it simply has to be recharged by the main battery when it gets low enough to need it to operate the wipers, radio, etc. I don't plan to...
  2. roblab

    Convincing others to switch to Tesla or EV?

    Well, on my Model S, I charge up in about a half hour. Granted, I don't start at zero, nor do I charge to 100%, but I've never needed to charge for an hour. Charging normally, I find dryer outlets, AC outlets, Trailer Park outlets, all over the place. But if I'm traveling, supercharging does...
  3. roblab

    2019 Model X Towing Option

    Using the X for camping would be fun, but I had the tow package from Torqlift Central on my last Model S and towed a light trailer around with ease. Just saying, the S can also tow, though I never put much weight on the hitch: I think 200 lb tongue weight and 2000 lb gross. If you're not...
  4. roblab

    Filling tires using 12v

    I carry a portable 12-volt pump, but I also have a more robust pump in my garage. Interestingly enough, I've never used either other than to blow up balls for the kids. I guess I don't drive over bent nails or broken glass, because my tires don't leak. I once had a slow leak because I ran...
  5. roblab

    Tesla lost me - trading in me 1 month old 2022 MYLR

    Hmmm. I didn't know the battery pack was structural. Neither have I had issues with service or quality control, much less with them being "showstoppers." I've owned four Teslas and plan to never buy another gas car. Talk about issues! Over a thousand moving parts that need constant...
  6. roblab

    Tesla lost me - trading in me 1 month old 2022 MYLR

    Despite this being a "horror story", I have to submit that it is nowhere near the norm. One could find such stories at a Toyota dealer, or a Ford dealer, for that matter. Many new cars have problems, but they get fixed and the days of problems are followed by years of good service. I have...
  7. roblab

    Bottom foot trunk filling with water

    A body shop can do the exact same work, and maybe even do a better job. If I needed body work I'd take it to my local body shop, as Tesla is 50 or 115 miles away depending on which one I choose. I had a pickup pull into a parking space in front of my car several years ago and ended up pulling...
  8. roblab

    Tesla Listed electrician using NM-B 6/2 and configures 48A of Max charging current

    And often, a professional has to PAY to be listed by a company. Many professionals won't do that and rely on reputation.
  9. roblab

    Supercharger - Napa, CA - Bel Aire Plaza (LIVE 1 Sep 2023, 12 V3 stalls)

    Yes. St. Helena would be a good location, 20 miles from Napa, but there's no room in existing lots unless you go north of Safeway or behind it on Adams St. There's a lot of room south of the library, but that land would have to have paving, and there's nothing near it BUT the library. I guess...
  10. roblab

    Honest opinion/looking for reassurance; located in central Ohio

    I wish people would quit thinking of Tesla as a "luxury car". Sure, they're expensive, but the battery pack alone costs around $30,000, or the price of a whole 'nother car. Show me a car with a $30,000 gas tank and tell me it's a "luxury car" because of it. And yes, I have heard of cars being...
  11. roblab

    Honest opinion/looking for reassurance; located in central Ohio

    This is why I try to post positive experiences, but then I get called a "fanboi". Well, I guess I am a fan boy. I've driven Teslas since they were first sold in California, and my daughter has had an X for years and just ordered a new one. I am on my fourth Tesla, 3 Ses and a 3 now for wifey...
  12. roblab

    Curious about Battery Fire Risk

    I had Bambi's sister Gerda jump out from the side of the road, intent on getting in front of me and causing trouble. Luckily, I was doing about ten mph over the posted speed limit and Gerda ran into my driver's side door. Didn't leave a mark on the car, and she bounced off and ran back where...
  13. roblab

    Any tire inflators compatible with new 16v Li-Ion battery?

    Nothing against these brands of inflators, but you guys must live where there are lots of nails, glass, metals shards, etc., on the road. I've driven maybe 250,000 miles on four Teslas and can't remember getting a flat ever. I do have a plug kit in my trunk, but I've never used it, and I don't...
  14. roblab

    How do you feel about the soft bristle brush at a manual car wash?

    I use a manual car wash exclusively and have for my last four Teslas. I never use a brush. After spraying, I dry the car with baby diapers, which are soft. I never remove the wax, since it doesn't get dirty, so after wiping off the water, I'm done. I've done this for years on all my cars...
  15. roblab

    Is long charging cable a pain?

    Why can't you just coil the extra cable around something?
  16. roblab

    We must face facts - meat is the problem

    Last night we had company. They knew that we are vegetarians, so, guess what, they brought their own meat and broiled it in our oven, which has never, in 70 years, had any meat in it or on it. Like they were unable to make it without their evening fix of fat and blood. To me, that's almost...
  17. roblab

    Elon & Twitter

    Tesla's stated goal was to show other automakers that EVs were viable and desirable, as no one was wanting to build them twenty years ago. Toyota put out a RAV4EV that had a 95 mile range, but that was about it. Now, with Tesla proving their point, "a lot more competition" is jumping on the...
  18. roblab

    Help - I don’t accept this car - Tesla won’t take it back

    My first thoughts were, "take the car, and then turn around and sell it". There are lots of buyers out there who would be happy to take it off your hands. There are lots of people who buy a car and try to sell it at a profit, while you, at least, would be trying to just get your money's worth...
  19. roblab

    Screen Protective Glass Necessary?

    I carry diapers around in my car, and there's usually one on the floor behind me. I can grab one and wipe the screen in one second, maybe two, but I don't need to do it while driving. I've never owned a "screen protector" for my car or my phone, and neither one has fingerprints on them. Don't...
  20. roblab

    Tesla makes 8 times more profit than Toyota yet can't include ventilated seats

    I've never had ventilated seats, and never had a desire to own them. I guess I don't have a hot butt or the need to ventilate it. It may be my diet, I don't know. I cannot envision me spending money on such a feature.
  21. roblab

    Forbes: Tesla’s Electric Semi Is Almost Here, But Elon Musk Hasn’t Shared Some Heavy Details

    I drove a semi for a year. Bought it used and hauled my own stuff. What I didn't do was have a lot of maintenance costs. And I would expect that the EV version would have even less, because of near zero moving parts in the "engine". I would expect that an electric would need even less drive...
  22. roblab

    Does Full Self-Driving mode affect range?

    If anything, I'd think FSD would increase range, eliminating the varying foot pressure and the resulting variations in speed one would get from those. Humans are not good at maintaining a steady speed.
  23. roblab

    My solution to “fix” phantom braking

    How do you get your car to "phantom brake?" I've never had that happen on either of my two Teslas, a 3 and an S.
  24. roblab

    Tyre Blow Out on 7 mth old Model 3 …. Not happy

    I'm "sharing my experience": I had a flat once. It was a sudden blow-out. Once on the roadside, I found I'd run over a screwdriver. Having experienced flat tires before, I had no real problem steering the car, though we did weave around a bit. I put a plug into the hole, found it was not...
  25. roblab

    Need help regarding price levels for a used Tesla Model S P85D out of warranty

    Which could be because there's not much negative to mention. I've owned four Teslas. Hardly ever needed maintenance or service in over 250,000 miles. There was once when I had an inverter quit on me, but at the time the cars came with two for redundancy, so it barely affected us as we...
  26. roblab

    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    I reliably charge in my garage. Anyone who has access to an extension cord can "reliably" charge their Tesla. Or any other brand of electric car. There are some who don't have access to an outlet, but most Americans do, and even those who live in apartments have figured out, in some cases...
  27. roblab

    The number of used Tesla 3/Y available is staggering

    Well, I've owned four Teslas, and my experience was that I hardly ever needed service. Therre was once when my 12-volt battery was dying, but the Tesla Ranger came out and replaced it -- for free. My nearest service center is 110 miles away, which is fine because these cars DO NOT NEED SERVICE...
  28. roblab

    Why do I need a wall charger at all?

    Again, and I imagine there are some who are getting tired of me saying it, I've been charging for ten long years on my 220-volt outlet that cost me ten bucks. No need for anything else. Why someone might think they need "speed" when they leave their car charging overnight for hours is beyond...
  29. roblab

    Increased Road Rage?

    What I read is a move that is called "passing". I pass people, and some people need to be passed, on the right if need be. If someone passes me on the right, it's a hint that I'm going too slow and need to pull out of the way. There are folks who get into the left (passing) lane and then just...
  30. roblab

    What does y-na mean

    Hey! I'm not faceless, and not wife-less, either. One is allowed to upload an avatar, which I think is more informative than a BIG LETTER. Of course, if you're in a witness protection plan, you might need to stay anonymous.
  31. roblab

    Tesla charging $1915 for rear quarter window replacement!!

    You don't have to take it to Tesla. I'd check with my local body shop before I worried Tesla about it, and they'd probably charge considerably less. You might also be able to find the part used. Check with Warren Korthof.
  32. roblab

    Buyers Remorse because of cameras

    All this anguish over something you likely will never use. Is it REALLY this important?
  33. roblab

    NEMA 14-50 home charging advice

    Yes! with the gasoline stored in most garages. Fire hazard! But as to a "licensed master electrician", well, that's debatable. Many of us with a little experience know about as much as a "master" electrician when it comes to installing a simple outlet. I installed my own (it's only...
  34. roblab

    Scratched my new X front rim :(

    My rims have been scratched since about day one. I just tell people (if they ask, and they don't) "They come this way".
  35. roblab

    A good time to purchase a Wall Connector?

    And WHY would anyone need a dedicated "Wall Charger"? I've been charging over ten years on my 220-volt wall OUTLET. It charges my car in just a few hours overnight and cost me about TEN DOLLARS. For that money I can plug in my car, my welder, my air conditioner, or anything that might need a...
  36. roblab

    Enlightening review

    Speaking of filling up 26-gallon gas tanks, I fill my Tesla battery, which gives me near 400 miles of range, for about $14. There is actually no comparison. Plus, my car has amazing acceleration which, I am sure, would leave that Ram in the dust. Couple that with being able to fill up in my...
  37. roblab

    NEW GMC EV SIERRA TRUCK> looks better then lightning but...

    The average construction worker will not be able to afford an electric pickup. They're too expensive. This is the exact reason you see so many Fords and Rams. They are CHEAP, and therefore affordable. If Tesla put out a Cybertruck for $15K, they'd sell a ton, not because they're electric...
  38. roblab

    Reservation for Model S Long Range EDD Dec - North NJ

    Can a prospective buyer ask for a different color? Personally, I hate white. Boring. As one could probably surmise from my avatar. I mean, really, can one choose another color than white? The Model S is the flagship of the Tesla fleet, being roomy, quiet, powerful and quick. We have a 3...
  39. roblab

    What's your Tesla (origin) story?

    Bought a RAV4EV in 2002 and liked everything about driving an EV, even though the RAV only had a top speed of about 95 mph. When Tesla began to appear, I started watching and liked what I saw, so ordered custom paint on 000064, about the tenth Tesla to be sold to the general public. One of the...
  40. roblab

    SF Bay Area - Wall Charger required?

    Someone's full of BS here. I have never heard of anyone having to install a wall charger. I have been charging on a 220-volt outlet for ten years and don't see the necessity of having a several-hundred-dollar charger when my outlet does the same job. That being said, if I'd wasted my money on...
  41. roblab

    Does Tesla make people impatient?

    Thanks. My thoughts exactly.
  42. roblab

    Full sized spare tire for Model 3?

    I bought a plug kit. These are designed to slip into the hole some foreign object has made in a tire after the object was removed, and they seal the hole nicely and permanently. They last longer than the tire, and... THEY COST ABOUT TEN BUCKS. They don't require that you stick a full-sized...
  43. roblab

    Is NEMA 14-50 AND Tesla Wall Connector a good idea?

    I've been charging my cars since 2002. I've only, EVER used a 220-volt outlet, with the wall connector now with the Tesla. I never could figure why ANYONE would need a $400 box to charge their car when a ten-dollar box would do the same job, both overnight, both reliable. But, if someone...
  44. roblab

    Tire Rotation [recommendations on where to get tires rotated?]

    Home is THE smart choice if you're handy and want to save a lot of time -- and a little money. You'd need a jack and pad of some sort, but after that, it's just winding lug nuts off. But, to be honest, with a 4wd car I don't see the need for rotating tires anymore. I get over 40,000 miles on...
  45. roblab

    Does Tesla make people impatient?

    The problem is that gas cars cannot develop the torque they need for passing, or just accelerating from a light, to get up to speed in any decent amount of time. It irritates me to have only 3 or 4 cars slowly ooze through a traffic light before the yellow light comes on, like they're all...
  46. roblab

    Auto presenting door handles

    Much as Model S has, huh? So, I'm on my third Model S, with about 250,000 miles on that model. Obviously, you don't know very many owners, because people like me don't have door handle glitches, EVER. Always present when pushed (heavy touch) and always open easily. True, NOTHING is ever...
  47. roblab

    Is this Tyre Puncture Repairable?

    I wouldn't patch it. Instead, buy a plug kit and leave the tire on the wheel, the wheel on the car, and rotate the tire so you can see the nail. Pull the nail with pliers and insert plug into same hole using the plug insertion tool, then pump up. Trim excess plug material, leaving a short...
  48. roblab

    Across The USA and Back

    Excellent! We have never had range anxiety or charger anxiety, and have used RV parks, relative's dryer outlets, 220-volt outlets in garages, and never a problem. And then there are the superchargers, which in my experience were always in good repair and available. No other car company...