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    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    I like your thinking on this, but since you're bringing a generator into the equation to plug the gaps in solar/batteries, you don't have to fully recharge the batteries with the generator, or even partially - you just need to power the home loads until the days are sunny again. But if you do...
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    Discussion: Powershare [V2X feature currently announced for Cybertruck]

    Thanks, appreciate the detailed explanation - I think you're describing the design and behavior of so-called hybrid inverters, I think designed for both on-grid AC coupling and off-grid solar. The Kickstarter project I have mentioned in another thread is the Anker Solix F3800 - does not...
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    Enphase IQ8 & Powerwall add on

    I thought if you have IQ8 with Sunlight backup, you basically have the Enphase gateway installed, i.e. the IQ System Controller, to provide grid isolation and micro-grid-forming capability, just without their batteries. Isn't it basically an Enphase battery setup, just without the batteries -...
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    Supercharger - Mountain View, CA - Grant Rd (under construction, 32 stalls)

    I guess it gives me more appreciation of the scheduling delays, it's not really just waiting for a transformer to be delivered and plopped down on a concrete pad, and just tapping into the existing power supplies of the adjacent shopping center or retail establishment. Grant Rd is all the way...
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    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    Outside of the most temperate climate zones, I think it could also be possible if the site and house were designed towards net zero, e.g. things like passive solar, earth berms, insulated foundations, SIPS walls, etc. Those would mitigate heating, cooling, and lighting energy needs...
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    Discussion: Powershare [V2X feature currently announced for Cybertruck]

    I've been curious about that for a portable power station I've pledged on Kickstarter that can be AC coupled to the home. We certainly know batteries can absorb excess power, not sure if the off-grid device generating the sine wave / grid frequency, expecting to export power from the batteries...
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    Bed Mount Generator for Cybertruck

    Some benefits though for the added weight/maintenance - 130kw onboard generator - (that's 130kw, not 13kw "portable" generator weighing 400 lbs itself), larger gasoline tank (which you don't need to carry around the gas and weight unless you'll need it), actual emission controls (for those who...
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    Bed Mount Generator for Cybertruck

    Why go ICE when you might be able to get a Dodge 1500 Ramcharger in a few years? Basically the same concept as OP, a range-compromised EV with a range-extending generator onboard, just built-in. Seems like a not a bad proposition for those with a specific use profile, maybe 98%+ short trips...
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    How closely does Tesla look at trade ins?

    We've traded in a couple of vehicles at different ends of the age spectrum. They only relied on the photos submitted, which do cover all angles, but are really too far away to see much detail - at actual delivery time, they literally didn't look at either vehicle, just took the keys. Of course...
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    Cybertruck as mobile powerwall

    The Tesla Gateway that exists now already provides grid isolation and automatic transfer switch, and seems like current one supports Powershare, as folks with Powerwalls today will not need a different Gateway to use Powershare.
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    MASTER THREAD: Powering house or other things with Model 3

    Mentioning this with 20/20 hindsight of course, but the battery-less Powerwall turns out to already exist as you describe, it is exactly the same Tesla Gateway from Powerwall installations - grid isolation, automatic transfer switch, at least 11.5kw support (max that the Cybertruck can output) -...
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    PG&E EPSS and generator options

    Power went out this morning, reminiscent of the calm, blue-sky short outages we'd get frequently get year-round that begged ... why???? .. but haven't had as much of late. I figured power would come back on within a minute or two, so not worth trying to test out the BPTM. But after a few...
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    If NEM 3.0 then easier to oversize PV?

    I know in Hawaii several years back, the local Honolulu utility (HECO) started denying new solar applications depending on neighborhood saturation because of localized grid instability concerns - it wasn't the amount going to the grid per se, but rather that a localized cloud could cause all the...
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    NEM-PS Annual True-Up Calculation [PG&E example]

    While I'm not saying the page or chart is accurate or up-to-date, I think the "errors" you pointed out above are just the discrepancy in how they're explaining NBC's. NBC's are just part of the retail rate, so essentially the retail rate = energy rate + NBC's. Basically they're saying on any...
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    NEM-PS Annual True-Up Calculation [PG&E example]

    Question about net metering calculations (NEM2 in California) Previous discussion in another thread on the interval duration says it's definitely 15 minutes .... or 60 minutes... ... apparently it's a subject everyone agrees to disagree...
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    Tesla supercharging during solar eclipse?

    Speaking from experience from the 2017 total eclipse, traffic and supercharging BEFORE the event will be spread out because people will arrive a day or two before the event, so probably not much impact. But immediately after, everyone will tend to leave right away after it's done, because...
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    Just saw one in Los Gatos, CA tonight. Cool, but still terrible build quality

    I noticed the tire pattern in previous photos and videos matches the wheel covers. Seems like in these photos, the red dot on the tire is mounted opposite the wheel's valve stem to help align them.
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    Advice needed for Tesla Rooftop Solar - TIA!

    I'm not sure why NEM3, or any NEM, really matters here, if the OP already has 3 Powerwalls, and uses less than 1 Powerwall worth (13.5 kwh) during 4-9pm peak periods. Even without more details, with the advantage of 3 Powerwalls, it suggests they would never have to export, nor have to import...
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    California / PG&E Permanent Battery Storage Rebate - $5,000 incentive

    Congrats! I noticed on the qualified product list, that not only are Powerwall 2/+ eligible, but so are MegaPacks - so I say SIZE UP! On a more serious note, seems like you have to enroll in Power Saver Rewards, which would require unenrolling from other DRP's, so I wonder if this would...
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    This one has perfect fit and finish

    My wife and kid just came alongside one yesterday, further down the Peninsula as well, during the morning commute to school. It's only a 2 mile drive, so notable to spot it on such a short trip - no Superchargers or service centers anywhere near here, so it's driving around for something...
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    Solar roof production before PTO vs after PTO

    You would think that, I know my local Zigbee HAN device gets realtime net power updates every 10 seconds or so locally. But does the utility actually transmit that data frequently to their own logging device, whether over Zigbee or cell? Actually since in California I believe the mandated net...
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    Solar roof production before PTO vs after PTO

    I have read online, though I don't know if it's true - even bi-directional meters actually still keep two counters regardless of what's shown on its display, one that keeps track of imports (positive direction), the other exports (negative direction). And thus, even if you have the proper meter...
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    California / PG&E Permanent Battery Storage Rebate - $5,000 incentive

    Did you get any response back yet? I finally realized the original e-mail and action link came from Tesla, probably a blanket spam out to all Tesla account holders in PG&E land without regard to actual eligibility, and was just pointing to Tesla's Energy pages. But the interest form you're...
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    Summary of options for 3-foot requirement between main panel and gas riser

    On a similar notion, are you allowed to run electrical conduit underground, along the foundation, through that area?
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    Summary of options for 3-foot requirement between main panel and gas riser

    I was curious about this, as this might effectively block any conduit for batteries/subpanels between my garage and the meter/main panel, since the gas riser is in between. I think based on the Exception being for subsection 2.4.2.E.3, and not 2.4.2.E itself, if you break out the AND, @Vines is...
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    Charge on solar, still being charged by electric company?

    I totally hear ya! Every month I'm wasting time playing around with small efficiency things to see if I can shave a few $ of my PG&E consumption/bill, so $10/month is nontrivial IMO. But the savings on NBC's are <10% of the actual charging costs, and apparently not meaningful for the OP to...
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    What's a normal curve/rate of the 10% degradation in the 1st year look like?

    In addition to BMS calibration that has been mentioned, it could be that you're starting to see the seasonal effect on range, which is also a temporary seasonal effect, not a true degradation. Since it seems you've only owned it about 4 months, through the hump of summer, the seasonal effect...
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    Tesla's Free Unlimited Supercharging cost

    So $20M divided by "hundreds of thousands", say about 200,000 cars, works out to about $100/year per car? Doesn't seem like a huge amount of usage per car...
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    California / PG&E Permanent Battery Storage Rebate - $5,000 incentive

    I just got the e-mail this afternoon as well - maybe they're just sending this to all Tesla customers in PG&E land? While I am for sure in an EPSS area, I think we've remarkably had no outages, EPSS or otherwise, since the big storms in the spring - better than average for our area.
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    Discussion: Powerwall 3 [Speculation / Discussion etc]

    I wonder if a good chunk of that efficiency loss of 8 percentage points (97% if direct to grid - 89% via battery) is AC inverter losses? 8% of 13.5kwh is about 1 kwh. The footnotes say 89% is at 3.3kw discharge rate, so would take 4 hours to discharge the Powerwall, or 0.25 kwh/hr = 250 watts...
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    California / PG&E Permanent Battery Storage Rebate - $5,000 incentive

    Regardless of the website, won't one need an e-mail with a unique code for this program, per the PDF T&C's? "FOR PERMANENTLY INSTALLED BATTERIES (measure code PBS10) – these terms apply for a$5,000 rebate: • I have received a Confirmation Code via email from PG&E confirming my eligibility for a...
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    We've always had EVs

    Well the link in the first post mentions an EV reached 60 mph in 1899, but generally design was a weight tradeoff between speed and range (weight is still a tradeoff today for modern EV"s). Even the Ford Model T in production at the time only reached 42 mph, so I don't know if a 25 mph top...
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    Tesla insurance - additional drivers

    I thought most auto insurance cover guest drivers (aside from excluded household members)? Such that police wouldn't necessarily have a big issue if some is or isn't listed on the ID card during a traffic stop or accident?
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    Fisker Ocean vs MY

    Don't have any direct answers to the OP's question vs Model Y, but on a related note, a friend of ours this week just got their Fisker Ocean One that was ordered about two years ago, and it's shown here parked right next to our other friends' VW ID.4 and Hyundai Ioniq 5, all acquired just within...
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    Zendure Superbase-V is a DIY PowerWall starting at $2499 and as little as 41¢/Wh

    Forgot about Bluetti, I think I tend to ignore them due to all the horror stories about not standing behind their warranties and products. But the new EP800 and EP900 units look nice. I think when they were announced I did fill out the inquiry form for their quantity-limited "free install, try...
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    Can solar only be used to charge powerwalls during a power outage?

    Ah, good to know, thanks! I did have a chance to try the $7 USB-C dongle though, and interestingly it works! It looks like a short USB-C adapter cable to 5521 plug common on many 12 and 24V AC power supplies, so it plugs right into the controllers for the aquarium pumps. But since USB-C power...
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    Can solar only be used to charge powerwalls during a power outage?

    Folks may want to start looking into portable power stations going forward for many use cases - technically most are EPS, as their switchover time can be greater than 20-50ms so not technically UPS. Won't handle the switchover quickly for a desktop computer, but works great for router/modem...
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    Zendure Superbase-V is a DIY PowerWall starting at $2499 and as little as 41¢/Wh

    While the backup has benefits that I don't expect it to fully pay back, I do want to use load-shifting to offset some of the costs of a Powerwall. But just not enough ROI during my remaining 10 years on NEM1 to be worth it, plus I'll probably be ready for a new roof, new inverter/panels by...
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    Zendure Superbase-V is a DIY PowerWall starting at $2499 and as little as 41¢/Wh

    No one can be positive, since 2023 tax year is the first for the IRA standalone battery credits, and aside from 3kwh and "installed", there isn't more IRS guidance nor will there be any rulings, audits, or clarification til after folks file their 2023 returns and start claiming. It's a bonus if...
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    Zendure Superbase-V is a DIY PowerWall starting at $2499 and as little as 41¢/Wh

    Ah, I get what you're describing now. That could be a better way to do it, but Anker seems to have made some curious design choices with the batteries or the home panel, interesting to compare with the Zendure as they are two of the first dual 120V/240V units.... It seems that when connected...
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    Zendure Superbase-V is a DIY PowerWall starting at $2499 and as little as 41¢/Wh

    Well when the grid is down, they have to cut the AC-coupled hot wires L1, L2 from the main panel, otherwise they are backfeeding the grid as you say - that's the automatic transfer switching (I'm assuming that's how it works, this has not been stated explicitly). And the main panel loads are...
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    Zendure Superbase-V is a DIY PowerWall starting at $2499 and as little as 41¢/Wh

    Well folks, it's done, I'm now officially part of the Anker kickstarter! I've been wavering with a month left in the campaign about some residual concerns for my use cases. But a few days ago, one of the 45% off early birds dropped out, and it was for the exact kit with the Home Panel that I...
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    Charge on solar, still being charged by electric company?

    Maybe the more illustrative way to explain it is the converse example - that Charge on Solar will be extremely valuable to folks in California installing solar now, basically those who will be on NEM3 from the get-go. On NEM3, excess solar exported to the grid is essentially worth nothing to...
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    When will Tesla offer a vehicle with a listed range of 500+ miles?

    The cost is one thing, but the weight might be another issue - adding even more load on a vehicle that already, what, 8000-10000 lbs? I saw a recent tweet on a RC vehicle that had a badly bent upper control arm while likely doing off-road testing in Mexico, too much for the cheap pressed steel...
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    AP 2.0 hardware

    Did you buy the 2018 in early 2019? This webpage has a pretty good rundown on the different packages available at different times, says the basic Autopilot was introduced around Feb 2019: Tesla Autopilot vs Enhanced Autopilot - What's the Difference? - AutoPilot Review What it calls...
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    AP 2.0 hardware

    What you're calling the base level of AP wasn't introduced as standard equipment until 2019. From our late 2016 Model S (HW2.0) to Sept 2018 Model 3 (HW2.5), if you didn't buy first package EAP for $5K, you got just "dumb cruise control". Kinda surprised you're not aware since you had a 2013...
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    AP 2.0 hardware

    For 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, "base" could just mean the hardware with no Autopilot software features, no TACC, just dumb cruise control. Or it could mean Basic Autopilot TACC/Autosteer with no lane change - this never came standard with 2.0 era cars new, but now that there has been FSD transfer, some of...
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    Do you change all 4 tires on a RWD Model 3?

    Weirdly, on our 2018 LR RWD, the OEM Michelin's wore out in FRONT after only 8K miles - I assumed it was my wife's spirited driving as she's somewhat heavy on the pedals. Was so quick didn't even have a chance to rotate to even out the wear, so replaced the two fronts, expecting the rears would...
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    Charge on solar, still being charged by electric company?

    If you were previously always conscientious to charge your EV during off-peak hours, then all Charge on Solar does is time-shift your charging from one off-peak period (probably late night) to another off-peak period (late morning). Since everyone in California is currently either on NEM1 or...
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    Used 2018 model s 100d

    That would seem feasible (I previously bought my model year 2016 S in March of 2017, for example). Seems like a pretty good deal to me too.