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  1. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    I'm also not eligible for the 2020.4.x software version.
  2. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    I purchased a car with 265 miles of range, and 120kW charging. Tesla has updated cars like mine to take those two things away from me. So I'm not sure what you are talking about when you tell me I don't know what I bought. Tesla priced range when I bought my car. 208 miles was $10,000 less than...
  3. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    Tesla isn't offering me that update. Pre AP cars don't get most of the updates nowadays.
  4. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    For example it looks like I will lose the ability to reset my TPMS sensors with this upgrade. A simple example of losing functionality with this coerced update.
  5. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    Leaving the car "on" with the car in neutral and the parking brake on is much more reliable, and existed way before dog mode. And I wouldn't ever leave anyone in the car that couldn't get out on their own anyway. Including pets.
  6. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    Complete BS, Tesla sold me a CAR! Tesla did not sell me a "computer on wheels"! Not according to property law and my purchase agreement! I most certainly DID BUY THOSE FEATURES. They were offered as part of the car!
  7. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    Not if I paid $90k for a phone number to modem into.
  8. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    You have a Model 3. It has autopilot, it has only one screen, that screen is central mounted and landscape. It is also powered by MCU2. My car has 2 screens. A central mounted portrait screen, only a single backup camera and MCU1. My UI is being destroyed to cater to a single central landscape...
  9. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    That's not even remotely a good argument. AOL is a recurring service. If AOL offered me a lifetime membership for $90k they better make sure I stay connected. A more apt comparison would be buying a house. And that house having a free home control system with lifetime services. The they do a...
  10. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    I haven't connected to a single wifi network since my MCU got replaced in 2018. Tesla still pushes updates (including this one) via GSM.
  11. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    It's a car. It's not a general purpose competer. And Tesla doesn't give me full access to the computer hardware at that, so I CAN'T install different OS or anything. It's their way or the highway. And we'll that's ****ing me over.
  12. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    I got this message Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm also not happy about this. I'm worried about charging rate and capacity THEFT. I also hate the UI changes Tesla keeps making. They are targeting AP cars and a single landscape center screen. They make it look worse on my car which has neither...
  13. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    I didn't buy software. I bought a car. Telling me parts of my car won't work after 7 years unless I allow Tesla to change it (potentially throttling my charging, or range significantly) is crap. Tesla needs to run legacy support for their cars. 7 years as not a long lifespan for a car.
  14. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    That is Tesla's problem. Not mine. Tesla sold me this in 2012. I paid $9X,000 for it. They should maintain legacy systems to provide me what I paid for or offer to buy my car back.
  15. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    When I paid for my car, in 2012, the car came with those features. I'd expect those features to last for well over 7 years. Cars often last 20 or more years. Tesla is taking away something the sold me.
  16. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    I also want to point out I purchased a Tech package which specifically said I would have onboard storage for music, and mirror memory. I've never had a software update that didn't take away mirror memory since I got the car 7 years ago. I've called and done the bug fixes for mirrors a half dozen...
  17. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    And give up my maps, music, voice commands, and app access that I paid for? Or risk giving up the supercharging and capacity I paid for? Seems to me like Tesla should keep a legacy server up to serve their cars that don't get updates.
  18. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    I don't want OTA updates. I want maps, traffic, music, and the ability to unlock my car with my phone. They are claiming to cut my app access, my internet radio, voice commands, and blanket "connectivity dependent features". They are just cutting me off their system it seems.
  19. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    I don't even turn my WiFi on. It's always off. I don't have autopilot. This doesn't affect anything server side for Tesla (or shouldn't) so why would my services be cut off if I decline this update?
  20. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    And risk losing pack charging rates and capacity? My car is ripe to get this treatment. I check all the boxes. Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software
  21. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    Tesla did send out an update that took supercharger rates, and battery capacity from cars very similar to mine. Their software is obviously AP and single-display-landscape focused. It looks poor on my car, much worse than it used to. Those things are FACTS. Why should 2019.16.X.X software be...
  22. ElSupreme

    Tesla coercing software updates!?!

    So I stopped updating my software after two terrible updates gave me restart bugs in 2018. I've had 2 updates since then. Once where I accidentally approved one via the phone app with it just sitting in my pocket. The other Tesla did when my MCU1 died in 2018. Considering each and every update...
  23. ElSupreme

    Death of a center screen / touch screen after warranty

    I also had this happen to me earlier this month. Both my screens froze up driving home from work. I rebooted them and only the dash poped up. The MCU was completely dead. The dash showed kph units (my preference) but displayed speed in MPG. Odometer was gone, no ability to control anything on...
  24. ElSupreme

    Remove company info before selling company car

    So that is where all those cars NPR asks for go. :-)
  25. ElSupreme

    Slate article: "The Trolls Among Us"

    I have the blessing of having an unusual name that is very easy to track down. I prefer staying semi-anonymous as people in my professional life, do not, and should not have easy access to my political, religious, and other personal opinions. And without a nom de plume it would be trivial for...
  26. ElSupreme

    BMW i8

    Saw a i8 in the wild at a Thanksgiving 5k this morning. In Florence, SC. This car is great looking in real life I must say.
  27. ElSupreme

    Supercharger - Greenville, SC

    If those Elon/BMW talks were about Superchargers they might just let BMW put one in Spartanburg at their plant/compound. And Greenville would miss out forever!
  28. ElSupreme

    An app for TMC forum

    Won't be useful for me because I'm on WindowsPhone.
  29. ElSupreme

    give me metalic brown back

    I too like the brown. It was my second choice behind green when ordering (both unseen on cars when I ordered). I love my green, but also still like the brown. It may be slightly bronze in real life for me but still quite attractive. Yes I suspect that sales are the reason for removal. I rarely...
  30. ElSupreme

    Supercharger - Greenville, SC

    Yeah getting to Charlotte from the Atlanta area, the Superchargers in Decatur aren't going to help. The Tanger outlets should be a good place to stop, if you top up it should be a cake walk to Charlotte. On the way back those Superchargers in Decatur are going to be really nice.
  31. ElSupreme

    Footwell cover in trunk

    I have the much flimsier first gen fiber board cover. It was able to support my 70lb greyhound with some deformation, but no real worry of breaking. I did cut out a 3/8" plywood blank that I can put over the hole. But haven't really ever needed to use it. I've asked at the service center for a...
  32. ElSupreme

    For only the 2nd time in 2 years, I forgot to charge last night

    I put it in here. Ford is doing this for free. At least for 5 years, and I think perpetually for the life of the FFE and Energi cars.
  33. ElSupreme

    First self-cleaning car...

    I was so hoping for dog hair proof interiors.
  34. ElSupreme

    Supercharger - Greenville, SC

    Granted it is a bit colder now, so speeds might be a bit slower. But I have made the Atlanta to Charlotte trip on a single charge (finishing in low single digits range to be sure) a couple of times. And not driving all that slowly (65-75 instead of my normal 85). And all the public garages in...
  35. ElSupreme

    For only the 2nd time in 2 years, I forgot to charge last night

    I did this for a while. But after you 'never' forget to plug it in it gets annoying to have your phone go off at 10:30 every night. Honestly Tesla should setup an alert where you are at 'home' (or other 'home-like' location) and at a certain time and not plugged in. Then...
  36. ElSupreme

    Who prefers a Model 3 station wagon?

    Because of an incident with the FFE (100% my fault) I have been driving my dad's Audi TT (mk1). That TT shares the same platform as the VW Golf/Jetta (mk4). And the TT has continually shared the same Golf/Jetta platform through its whole run. Having a small quick drop top is wonderful (when the...
  37. ElSupreme

    Supercharger - Atlanta, GA

    Awesome news. Too bad I can't ever find my way around in the AS parking garage.
  38. ElSupreme

    New Atlanta Store: 1580 Church St.

    They are doing a store event tonight at Lenox. Are they doing the Decatur store too? I only got invited to the Lenox opening.
  39. ElSupreme

    Ford Electric for the masses

    Their supplier is LGChem. And they seem enthusiastic about providing automotive battery cells. LG Chem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. EDIT: More information Battery Maker LG Chem: Biggest Electric-Car Winner Of All? - - - Updated - - - Just because the Gigafactory is on a much bigger...
  40. ElSupreme

    Direct Auto Sales Bans - Is This Map Accurate?

    Georgia has a direct sales ban (over ~125 cars per year) Tesla is under suit for violating that right now. So Georgia is not a "Yes" as that site states. Granted like CatB says it is more of a speedbump than a road block.
  41. ElSupreme

    Tesla Model S has got me hooked

    Not taking the key out of my pocket, and not having to press a button before driving off is what I really miss when not driving my Model S. That and just getting out and walking away. Again no button, no key.
  42. ElSupreme

    Why I won't order my Tesla...yet

    I used to spend $350 a month in gasoline ($~4000 a year) in Georgia. And I drove around in a VW GTI. Getting a large luxury sedan you are going to get less miles for the gallon. It isn't that hard to spend that much on gasoline at all.
  43. ElSupreme

    Motorized charge port door?

    What's the point to motorized windows? Hand crank windows work fine.
  44. ElSupreme

    P85D styling not distinctive enough?

    Yeah. I want monster intakes and exhausts on my Model S.
  45. ElSupreme

    To "D" or not to "D"

    Yeah but $5k is worth about 5 sets of 19" tires on the Model S. Even if you didn't wear tires on the 'D' that is ~200,000 miles of wear before you hit the breakpoint. Heck the extra weight on the 'D' model might negate any sort of tire wear savings anyways. If you don't need AWD (and your...
  46. ElSupreme

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    For a GPS like system you need hyper-precise, hyper-accurate cesium clocks. These won't be cheap to launch into orbit any time soon. So I would doubt it. But the US Military generally can get within a foot of accuracy with GPS. And if you start using civillian GLONASS, GPS, and others going...
  47. ElSupreme

    Elon Musk’s Next Mission: Internet Satellites

    Yeah lag/ping does come from distance when you are talking GEO/GSO. It takes ~1/2 second to make the round trip to GEO/GSO at the speed of light! That is why news "via satellite' news feeds have those awkward gaps in them.
  48. ElSupreme

    Elon Musk’s Next Mission: Internet Satellites

    Yeah but ping time is what matters when playing online games. Doesn't Hughesnet come with about 1 sec ping times. Can't play any sort of real time game with that much lag. Granted GSO is a lot farther out than you would have to be if you just stayed in LEO. Not sure what sort of latency you...
  49. ElSupreme

    Elon Musk’s Next Mission: Internet Satellites

    All I can think is "LAG". Maybe they could be placed relatively close to earth and provide decent ping times. Still I don't know about gaming via satellite.