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    Root FAQ

    @murphyS90D "......A Controller Area Network (CAN bus) is a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other's applications without a host computer...." LAN - Wikipedia -------------------------------- "....A local area network (LAN) is a...
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    Root FAQ

    @rooter Big Thanks for "The Unofficial Tesla Tech wiki" link ;)
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    Root FAQ

    Thanks guys, but as @gwxfer say: "T-CAN is diagnostic tool and work with CAN network" .. I know tjat must be LAN. I think I know how to do more less. I need to get to the Tesla LAN network, - I know the connector is on the left or right pillar. - I know there is an RJ45 connector there, which is...
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    Root FAQ

    I bought a T-CAN tool and thought I would find out how to rooted my tesla here, Does anyone know where I can learn this? I want to enter the factory mode in Tesla S, in Tesla X it is very simple, but in S you need to gain root access.
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    T-Can Pro for rent?

    Hi all,I bought a Tcan last year from https://premium-tools24.com/ quite good and I could recommend, I diagnosed more than the Tdiag I bought from them 2 months ago. I have a question because T-CAn does not support All Key Lost , T-diag does but only tesla s. Tdiag works by OBD, T-can by x437a...
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    DU going bad?

    is this whistling for me but it sounds like a transformer under load or an electric motor. This is not normal, it has to be replaced I think so
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    2013 Model S 85....12V battery type? Cost of replacement by Tesla?

    most likely your tesla is infected with Covid :) Now seriously, the battery has 8 years warranty, why do you pay for the replacement?
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    Telsa 2012 Battery life

    The free market is ruthless, it's like a jungle :)
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    Many thanks for the great app!