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  1. Mike_Schlechter

    Vendor It’s Electric! The EcoHitch and Tesla Relationship

    @Torklift Central I had a ecohitch on my 2012 Model S, and just got it installed on my 2017 (sold my beloved 2012). The unit didn't ship with the undercover, which may be due to the overhang shown above (unsure). Is there an ETA on a new undercover design?
  2. Mike_Schlechter


    What is the range impact of the bars?
  3. Mike_Schlechter

    We have a problem we need to talk about

    Perhaps we need a new thread about Slacker station suggestions?
  4. Mike_Schlechter

    We have a problem we need to talk about

    I guess I'm lucky in that my 8 and 11 year olds seem to have decent music taste... That said, they are in the car far less than I am, so even when we do listen to Katy Perry's Firework for the millionth time it represents a tiny fraction of the audio streaming.
  5. Mike_Schlechter

    We have a problem we need to talk about

    I know these kind of conversations can be really hard, but we may as well just come out and say it. We have a problem. It is a big problem. I went into Slacker this morning and tried out the Most Listened To By Tesla Owners channel. The first song was Justin Bieber. Then some weird...
  6. Mike_Schlechter

    2012 Model S 85 For Sale

    I'll range charge today and see what I get.
  7. Mike_Schlechter

    2012 Model S 85 For Sale

    I have a so-called "A" battery. Not sure of any issues. I believe the SuperCharging rates are slightly lower, but I've never had an issue of rate, and since the system ramps up and down it is a tough thing to measure I suspect.
  8. Mike_Schlechter

    2012 Model S 85 For Sale

    I charge to 90% daily, at 228 miles. Haven't full charged in a few years; so no idea what that would be. Maintenance-wise mostly nothing to report. All records for the car are in the My Tesla section of the site, and I presume transfer with the car. If not, I can download and provide to a...
  9. Mike_Schlechter

    2012 Model S 85 For Sale

    For Sale: 2012 Green Tesla Model S I'm selling my much beloved 2012 (vin 001590) Model S. We have a 90D and can't justify two right now, so making the hard choice to sell. Car was delivered in December 2012 and is in good shape. 73K miles Garage stored, one owner, no smoking 85kWh battery...
  10. Mike_Schlechter

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    My 01590 got an update this AM, but nothing for 167571... and the update was not a whole lot of anything for my classic.
  11. Mike_Schlechter

    Farewell my "Classic" Friends

    I've done the same. My wonderful Green 85 has been joined by a gorgeous Red 90D. The differences are mostly subtle, the joy no less great at owning. I'm still toying with the idea of keeping my 85... hard to decide.
  12. Mike_Schlechter

    Classic (2012) Model S 85 to new (2016) Model S 90D

    I have a "classic" Model S - vin 001590 - which I love. I've been thinking about getting another Model S to have AWD and Autopilot. I made the plunge and my Red 90D was delivered today. Observations from less than a day of ownership... INTERIOR: 1. I miss the open center console. This new...
  13. Mike_Schlechter

    Supercharging Etiquette (or a complete lack thereof)

    I'm the green Model S with the hitch mounted rack and four bikes. I picked the end to not overtake more than one space. I come back 15 minutes later and this happened. Unreal.
  14. Mike_Schlechter

    Firmware 8.0

    No matter what 8 has in it, I hope it has something new and shiny for us "classic" owners who lack autopilot, TACC, parking sensors and all that jazz.
  15. Mike_Schlechter

    Advice on Charging While on the Cape

    I'm making a similar trip in August. I've not starting to think too much about charging, as the PlugShare map is pretty good on first look.
  16. Mike_Schlechter

    New New England Supercharger Locations

    Depending upon where you go, you can use PlugShare and call ahead to various car dealers. I have been happily welcomed all over Maine at various Nissan and Chevy dealers for the last three and a half years. I like to plan my exercise around it. When at my college reunion in Lewiston I stayed in...
  17. Mike_Schlechter

    Fairfield County, CT body shop recommendation?

    North State has been amazing! I pick up the car tomorrow, but they have been communicating every other day, with pictures. They have managed the process with USAA. I'm really impressed. When I get the car back and get to see what it looks like in person I'm confident I'll be pleased based on...
  18. Mike_Schlechter

    Fairfield County, CT body shop recommendation?

    I ended up with a place in Bedford Hills, NY. They had about 15 Teslas (including an X!!) in various states of disrepair when I went for the estimate. Waiting on parts for now, but they were able to temporarily attach the bumper and headlight a little better so I can drive sans wind...
  19. Mike_Schlechter

    Fairfield County, CT body shop recommendation?

    It would be funny it is weren't so frustrating. Last night my car was struck with a flying Christmas tree. Seems the guy in front of my had it in the bed of his pickup truck, and with the wind it flew out and at me. I couldn't swerve to avoid as there was traffic in the oncoming lane and rocks...
  20. Mike_Schlechter

    Charge Port

    Charge port will need to stay approximately where it is on the S/X otherwise the SuperChargers will need to be redesigned; a cost I don't see Tesla volunteering for.
  21. Mike_Schlechter

    Day 7 of my S90D and a whole heap of questions....

    On 2, that has been one of my pet peeves since the day I got the car... glad someone else is as anal as me. I've never actually done anything about it, but still, seems odd that we are 1cm of foam from true silence. 4 isn't an issue, I promise.
  22. Mike_Schlechter

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Oh no, not this again! It is effectively random. I got it last night. Why? No idea. But I did.
  23. Mike_Schlechter

    Supercharger - West Springfield MA

    Pulled in around 6pm on Saturday night and there was a red Model S parked across three of the bays while charging. In truth the other five were open and I was able to charge without any problems, but I feel this calls for a flag on the field. I had to make a rapid bathroom run with my six year...
  24. Mike_Schlechter

    What's your 90%?

    My Model S 85, delivered three years ago is basically showing 220 to 225 rated for a 90% charge.
  25. Mike_Schlechter

    Ask your favorite ski resort for charging stations!!

    I've tried with Stratton, but to no avail. That said, I have a UMC that pulls about 24 amps in my garage up there, and am happy to share in a pinch.
  26. Mike_Schlechter

    How satisfied are you with the non-AP (Classic) V7.0

    I'm generally satisfied, but echo the concern of the car image with headlights. I also miss having a simple clock on the dash, versus having to select the large version. Otherwise, I'm still adjusting.
  27. Mike_Schlechter

    Supercharger Etiquette

    Hmmm, I did think there was a reduction, but wouldn't call it a scientific thing. Could easily have been the normal drop off seen as you charge.
  28. Mike_Schlechter

    Supercharger Etiquette

    OK, I know this has been discussed at great length but we need to figure out a way to explain the charging / selection etiquette better to new owners. I had a series of long drives over the last few days and pulled into Edison, NJ yesterday with 17 rates miles. I needed to get on the road ASAP...
  29. Mike_Schlechter

    Hey Tesla, how about a "Classic S" Easter egg?

    +1 I still love my car and hold no resentment for later adopters who are getting the amazing new features (maybe a little jealous, that's all). That said, I think a little early adopter love would be a nice thing. Why make it an Easter Egg? Why not a true feature? I'm not sure what it would...
  30. Mike_Schlechter

    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    Glad to see they improved the location of the wiper fluid well! That is sits behind the frunk strut in the Model S is such a mystery to me. Thanks to all for the detailed pics from the event!
  31. Mike_Schlechter

    New New England Supercharger Locations

    Any new movement on superchargers in Maine? Seems like this is getting silly. Maine is, so it says on the license plates, Vacationland! Doesn't that mean it is ideally suited to superchargers along the highways and byways?
  32. Mike_Schlechter

    Best way to get from I-684 South to Greenwich southbound chargers

    There are a ton of ways through Bedford to Greenwich. You can get off 684 on Exit 4 and cut across to North Street. You go Right onto NY 22 and then Left onto Middle Patent. Bare Right onto Bedford-Banksville Road, which will become North Street once you cross into CT. Get on the Merritt...
  33. Mike_Schlechter

    Tri-state Area (NY, NJ, CT) regional forum?

    I'd vote for a tri-state group. I live in CT, work in NYC, and regularly have business in NJ.
  34. Mike_Schlechter

    NE destination overnight charging stations

    Thanks for the info. I really try and stay at small-owner hotels whenever possible, so will give the Centennial a shot. I was just amazed at the rudeness of the guy on the phone.
  35. Mike_Schlechter

    Another "how quickly we forget" story

    I had a rental car last week for a business trip. Been probably a year since I drove something other than my Model S. I managed to leave the car on and the key in it all night in the parking lot of the hotel. Oops. Not my finest moment, and pretty dangerous and stupid. Luckily it was parked...
  36. Mike_Schlechter

    NE destination overnight charging stations

    Anyone have experience at the Centennial in Concord, NH? I have a wedding up there in November and called to make a reservation, and the man on the phone was just plain horrible. For the money I'm about to spend housing four people in that hotel for two nights I was considerably put off...
  37. Mike_Schlechter

    Any CT owners have a recommendation for a trailer hitch installer?

    Thinking about adding a 2" receiver to my Model S to carry a bike rack. I'd love any recommendations of the hardware and installer. Thanks!
  38. Mike_Schlechter

    NE destination overnight charging stations

    I'm visiting family up on Grand Isle, VT. We are staying at the North Hero House on North Hero Island and they have a 110v available for EVs. I spoke to the manager in advance and they welcome people staying here to use the plug. I will encourage a higher-output option, and encourage them...
  39. Mike_Schlechter

    Bike Rack Recommendations

    Oh mighty sages of Tesladom, please help! I have a family of four mountain bikers, and basically can't figure out a way to get all four bikes to fit in and around my Model S with the kids in the back seat. Adding to the challenge is two of them (my wife's and mine) are lefties (Cannondale...
  40. Mike_Schlechter


    Not sure why, but I'm unable to log in to VT today. I've not used it in maybe a week. Just in case I removed and reinstalled (mac user). My credentials are correct; but the error I'm getting is Login Failed - check credentials. I've confirmed them by logging into MyTesla on the teslamotors.com...
  41. Mike_Schlechter

    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    Totally made my day!
  42. Mike_Schlechter

    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    I'm T-Minus 1 week until I need this one. I'm not feeling confident.
  43. Mike_Schlechter

    Press Conference July 17

    Well, for a lot of us our cars turn three very soon... like in a few months. Between degradation, lowered supercharge speed and older technology, I wonder what the tipping point is for making the call to spend the $3k?
  44. Mike_Schlechter

    Press Conference July 17

    Certainly owners like me with an "old" A battery would be fools not to upgrade.
  45. Mike_Schlechter

    Press Conference July 17

    1: Upgraded battery pack to 90 KWh for $3,000 2: Offering 70 kWH single motor for $70k 3: Upgrade for the high-performance Model S to a Ludacris mode. 0-60 of 2.8 seconds.
  46. Mike_Schlechter

    Press Conference July 17

    My initial thought was this was the case. The patents are open, and there is a parts relationship with Daimler (I thought). That is still my instinct. Also, there is always something snuck in there. As for not living up to hype... that is not always a fair statement. We create a lot of hype and...
  47. Mike_Schlechter

    New Englanders -- check in!

    I have been up to Lewiston / Auburn four or five time and to Augusta three times since taking delivery in Dec 2012. I love being in Maine (in general, but in context here too) as people stop me on the street to ask about the Model S. It is like the "old days" down here when you had to build in...
  48. Mike_Schlechter

    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    We can go OT again about something?
  49. Mike_Schlechter

    Experience with Emergency Lights??

    I'm in a similar boat. I ended up just going with a dash light that is suctioned to the windshield and nothing in back. I was able to tuck the wire under the dash without removing anything. I will tell you, if you really slam the pedal down, and have an iPhone 6 in the slot below the screen, it...
  50. Mike_Schlechter

    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    I'm getting anxious this supercharger won't be open by the end of July. That would pretty much end my plan to use my tesla for a road trip up I91 to i89 on July 26. I've done it in the past, but this year I've got to have bikes on the car, which will kill my range (I suspect, don't know for...