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  1. Super Dave

    Slow/late final navigation announcements - any settings to change?

    Very few complaints here about my 2021 Model Y but this is one. The command to turn pretty much happens at the turn itself. Not intermittent...Always ! Tesla needs to add an announcement 1 km or thereabouts. Before you know it, it's turn time.
  2. Super Dave

    Tesla rear ended; advice on repair centres?

    Very sorry to hear about your accident. Hope everyone is ok. If I read correctly, your car is a little over 2 years old. You might consider using Tesla just for warranty protection. They will stand behind their repairs and might balk at someone elses. There is a service centre at Hwy 407...
  3. Super Dave

    took delivery yesterday, should I request to fix this gap?

    Tesla should have no problem aligning your speaker properly. They fixed mine a year and a half ago.
  4. Super Dave

    Happy Pi-Day

    3.141592653589793238 Right Back at Ya ! :cool:
  5. Super Dave

    -25, M3 not charging at all on my 110?

    When you connected the car did you see that charging had begun and did you see a charging rate ?
  6. Super Dave

    Fellow MY SR Owners

    Picked up my 2021 My SR in Feb. White with black interior. Other than a few small adjustments at the beginning there have been no issues after nearly 15,000km. Very happy with my decision.
  7. Super Dave

    Supercharger - Innisfil, ON

    Nice to see a service centre opening closer so we don't have to drive to T.O.
  8. Super Dave

    POLL: Does your Model Y make this humming sound?

    My car stopped humming after in learned the words. ;)
  9. Super Dave

    automatic speed limiter combined with trafic signs

    There is a setting in the car that will sound a chime when you exceed your pre-set speed. It automatically adjusts to the signed speed limit of the particular part of the road you are on. At the moment, mine chimes at 20km over the limit but is totally adjustable to your comfort level.
  10. Super Dave

    Supercharger - Cornwall, ON

    I think it is long due for repair and upgrade. On a trip to Montreal a few weeks ago there were 2 or more units not working and the ones that worked were very slow. The directions showed it in an empty lot across the road. Would also be great if they could find a spot closer to the 401.
  11. Super Dave

    Tesla Motors Canada ULC address

    KFC or St. Hubert ?
  12. Super Dave

    Tesla Motors Canada ULC address

    Gotcha, glad it worked out ! When do you get your car ?
  13. Super Dave

    Tesla Motors Canada ULC address

    My bank issued me a certified cheque in the name of Tesla but I only surrendered it after my inspection of the car at actual delivery. They should not want it before that. You should not give it to them unless you are happy with the car.
  14. Super Dave

    Loot box is gone.

    Just opened my app and to my surprise, there is the loot box again with all the details. It's a funny old world.
  15. Super Dave

    Loot box is gone.

    Yesterday I still had a loot box showing my balance remaining. This morning the loot box is gone from the app. I can still see my balance in my account but the expiry date is missing.
  16. Super Dave

    Interior camera with update 2021.4.18.2

    I read today that this 2021.12.25.6 is that camera update for Canada. Waiting for any replies to this thread. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/any-cabin-cameras-working-in-canada.231409/
  17. Super Dave

    Any cabin cameras working in Canada ?

    I read today that this update was released in Canada and activates the cabin camera, even on radar cars. 2021.12.25.6 Has anyone received it yet ?
  18. Super Dave

    Black overlays for MY, where to purchase?

    Not sure what you mean ???
  19. Super Dave

    Model Y SR Battery Size

    Love my SR MY.
  20. Super Dave

    Model Y SR Battery Size

    If the SR MY doesn't have a front motor assembly and only has a 50kw battery v/s maybe an 80 kw battery in the LR, there should be a significant difference in curbside vehicle weight I would think.
  21. Super Dave

    Model Y forward motion pedestrian warning sound.

    I love the UFO sound and so do my friends and neighbours. No one has been run over yet !!! Also love the Boombox. Nothing wrong with listening to tunes while removing bugs from the front.
  22. Super Dave

    Model Y forward motion pedestrian warning sound.

    Unless I choose a forward sound in the boombox there is no sound while driving. Only in reverse.(UFO) When I select a driving sound like coconuts or ice cream truck it runs constantly until I disable it. I cannot listen to the radio unless I turn off the driving sound. I just though it would be...
  23. Super Dave

    Model Y forward motion pedestrian warning sound.

    My 2021 MY has the customizable boombox forward motion sound but it does not cut off at 19 mph as the USA version is supposed to. In parking lots, people never hear me coming unless the sound is on. I cannot listen to the radio as long as this sound is enabled. The moment I turn off the...
  24. Super Dave

    Steering wheel size

    If that guys name is Buzz I will pour a third chardonnay right now.
  25. Super Dave

    Steering wheel size

    As is often the case...."SIZE".... may or may not matter. It's all in the hands of the be-holder.
  26. Super Dave

    Thinking about selling

    Fyi.. I saw the BTG video yesterday and he has not traded his MY. He said he will sell it privately after he removes his special wheels and accessories which I believe he will switch to his 7 seater.
  27. Super Dave

    Any cabin cameras working in Canada ?

    Update 2021.4.18.2 has been released. Does anyone have an active cabin camera yet on their MY ?
  28. Super Dave

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Good stuff !! The people at my RBC branch were all real chatty about the Tesla too. You probably plan to do this anyway but I will suggest anyway that you hang on tight to the draft until you are happy with your car. I got mine in March at Vaughan. Minus 15 deg. Fun doing outside inspection...
  29. Super Dave

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    If you have enough money in your account for the draft and the fee the bank will issue a draft right away while you stand at the counter.
  30. Super Dave

    This is why an electric car is better that people don't seem to talk about much.

    I would sure like to know how you know 90 percent of the trucks are empty ?
  31. Super Dave

    seat belt irritating driver's neck in Model Y, remedy?

    This worked for me. Just made sure I touched the brake to set my profile before adjusting the belt clip.
  32. Super Dave

    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    Nice drive into the country.
  33. Super Dave

    I got my Cybertruck!

    Love it !!!
  34. Super Dave

    Y model, 2021 VIN number

    Congrats SF, Got my SR in mid Feb. Love it. I wonder how many SR's they will eventually build. Interesting to see an April build. Mine was Jan 25 build.
  35. Super Dave

    $377 for 1 tire replacement

    Hi Halton. What SC do you got to ? I have only been to Vaughan.
  36. Super Dave

    How many Y do you spot in a day?

    Thank Thee for thinking of me .. ;)
  37. Super Dave

    Who has moved from the MY LR RWD to the LR AWD and kept their original FSD price?

    I picked mine up in Vaughan in mid Feb. Inspected the car, signed the raft of papers and handed them a draft. Pretty painless except inspecting the car outdoors in minus 15 weather.
  38. Super Dave

    This is pathetic

    Between the colour mismatch and the off kilter dual motor badge.....It looks pretty snappy.
  39. Super Dave

    British Columbia Residents Referral Code Petition

    Can you please tell us the reasoning behind B.C.'s policy ?
  40. Super Dave

    Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Picture Thread

    My cat was not nearly as happy to be in the Frunk as the little Lady appears to be.
  41. Super Dave

    Buy a used 2021 MY SR?

    Curious to see what a Quebec sales rep says compared to a B.C. sales rep. Also, how the FSD is dealt with on a used car.
  42. Super Dave

    Turning off animation of cars passing on console screen

    Before and After. Little cardboard cut outs will do the trick. ;)
  43. Super Dave

    Golf bags fit

    Would love to have seen a pic of all that stuff in the back and the "dudes" in the seats !
  44. Super Dave

    [Ontario] ESA costs for inspecting EV Charger

    Did you get a quote from the electrician ? Did you ask for an explanation of your bill ?
  45. Super Dave

    [Ontario] ESA costs for inspecting EV Charger

    Quote from Hydro Ottawa site..... You must hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor to install the charging station and to ensure that the installation complies with all regulations under the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. You should make sure that the installer takes out a permit with the...
  46. Super Dave

    Cell phone volume issue

    If I turn the radio volume down when I'm done listening to it and then the phone rings I get no phone volume. The caller hears me just fine. I have had to remember to roll up the left wheel when I hear a call coming in.
  47. Super Dave

    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    Is "fetch" the same thing as summon ?
  48. Super Dave

    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    I bet you and the Pup enjoyed a sunny day in Seattle !
  49. Super Dave

    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    Blue Mountain, Collingwood