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  1. blackmonday

    21" Grey Turbine Wheels paint code?

    Does anyone know the paint code for the 21" Grey Turbine Wheels? One of mine is having kerb damage repaired and the repair technician needs to know the code so they can premix the colour.
  2. blackmonday

    Warning - Berekely homes is hostile towards electric cars

    After a six month back'n'forth with Berekely homes regarding the installation of a charging point in my garage inside their car park they have refused to allow this (I live in a flat in central London). They have yet to give a valid reason and as the buildings leaseholder have shown no support...
  3. blackmonday

    Drivers seat comfort - Test drove a P90D today

    After a few drives I was able to get the seat into a comfortable position. My previous cars have been TVRs with only the most simple of controls at best (hand pump lumbar support). The Tesla seats have many controls to fiddle with and fine tune and at first the seat was incredibly uncomfortable...
  4. blackmonday

    7.1 in the UK

    No update for my car as of this morning.
  5. blackmonday

    Xenon HID Headlight alignment for continental driving

    I've not found the headlight adjustment settings on the touch screen. Where can they be found?
  6. blackmonday

    Model S P90D

    After nearly 5 months Tesla have confirmed I can collect my car on the 19th December. Just in time for putting under the Christmas tree. :)
  7. blackmonday

    Home charging advice.

    Tesla, PODpoint (tesla preferred supplier in London according to Tesla) and Chargemaster are not being very helpful with getting my garage set up with a charger. My car is now 4 weeks from delivery as well. Can anyone here recommend an installer in central London?
  8. blackmonday

    Teslas Sold in UK 2014 Q4

    No, the spreadsheet doesn't go beyond 2015 and my car (res. no. 2371) isn't due until Jan/Feb 2016 now. How do you know where your car is during delivery? I've noticed some people know when their car arrives in certain ports (eg Tilburg)? I've tried asking my contacts at Tesla but they rarely...
  9. blackmonday

    New Car Ordering

    My car has been built and left the factory two weeks ago and has started the painfully slow journey to the UK.
  10. blackmonday

    Teslas Sold in UK 2014 Q4

    No reason has been given. I've asked repeatedly but as with most communications with Tesla since my order was confirmed, I hear mostly silence. Just a guess but it may be that Tesla wait until they have a certain number of cars built for UK orders and then ship them at the same time to reduce...
  11. blackmonday

    New Car Ordering

    Yes, my order was confirmed and went into production almost at the same time. It began the 3+ month journey to the UK two weeks ago. If only Tesla had transporter technology to avoid the long wait...!
  12. blackmonday

    Teslas Sold in UK 2014 Q4

    Min is 2,371 and delivery hasn't been confirmed beyond "January". The original delivery quoted was early November so I'm hoping it doesn't slip more as January will be the 7 month mark from order confirmation.
  13. blackmonday

    Dashboard camera

    I was disappointed with the lack of any accessories on display in London as well (and staff not knowing much about what official Tesla accessories are available). Far too many shirts on display...
  14. blackmonday

    New Car Ordering

    My 90D is due Dec/Jan. I found out about the code after I ordered and was told it was to late to apply it.
  15. blackmonday

    Just paid our deposits on 2 70D's

    The status for my 90D changed to be same last week. I've asked my dealer about the accuracy of the delivery and await his response. I wonder if our cars will be In the same shipment from the US? Have you decided whether to get the centre console? I'm still undecided as its a pricey accessory...
  16. blackmonday

    New Car Ordering

    Thanks, Chetalien. It's been nearly 2 months since my car "enter the production queue" so I wonder what's different about my order that I still haven't received a VIN? It would be nice if Tesla communicated better with it's customers...
  17. blackmonday

    New Car Ordering

    Two months on and my order status is still: "Order Confirmed. Your Model S has entered the production queue at our Factory in Fremont, California." I've noticed other orders go in to product within a couple weeks. I'll be interested to know how long your order stays 'confirmed' before it...
  18. blackmonday

    Heathrow Clubhouse Event

    Thanks, Arg. Since confirming my order Tesla has gone from friendly to very impersonal and take weeks to respond to queries. I understand your hit and miss comment. A bit worrying, but customer service has nearly vanished from all facets of life in the UK. So not unexpected. Still, spending...
  19. blackmonday

    Heathrow Clubhouse Event

    What was the "Clubhouse Event"???
  20. blackmonday

    London Model S sightings

    I saw my first ever Model S out in the wild today whilst walking along Petty France. I was beginning to think the only appear at the Westfield charging stations. My Model S is due in December and I'm doing my best to remain patient...
  21. blackmonday

    Chademo Adapter

    Tesla Westfield quoted the following when I enquired last week: Roof rack – Whisp bar Flushbar - £240 Cargo nets – Front trunk £15 Cargo shelf – included as standard (luggage cover) Premium centre console £500 All weather rubber floor mats - £170 Adaptors for Non-Tesla charging stations -...
  22. blackmonday

    New Car Ordering

    I recently ordered my Model S as a Ltd. company car and if I could only choose one option it would be the sun roof. So I think you spec is good.
  23. blackmonday

    Model S accessories list (UK)

    Now that's a good tip! Thanks. :)
  24. blackmonday

    Home charging advice.

    Tesla have informed me that my car (due for delivery in December) will come with a 3 pin plug and UMC as standard. Is this enough or would you recommend a CHAdeMO adapter as well?
  25. blackmonday

    Model S accessories list (UK)

    Thanks. I'm beginning to think you are correct. The Tesla stores and service centres haven't been able to answer this either which I find very strange. Asked for quotes on availability and price for some of the accessories I've seen on the US site but still haven't heard back.
  26. blackmonday

    Model S accessories list (UK)

    Does anyone know where I can find a list of official Tesla Model S accessories? Are they the same at show on the US website (apart from price that is)?
  27. blackmonday

    Ace Cafe monthly Top Car Meets

    My P90D is due for delivery later this year and I would love to come to the meet if it's still on. Did a specific electric car meeting every come about?