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    Tesla Re-painted. Need some advice

    I was in a similar situation, 2 minor paint issues I debated whether to get fixed or not. Took it in to the SC and they said it was an easy fix and would take 3 days. Well.... the first attempt fixed the 2 original issues, but created 3 other issues that where worse than the first issues. Just...
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    Tow Hitch Assembly Charge of $1200

    I have an appointment on Monday to get the tow hitch installed on my Model Y I took delivery of in early August. It has the expected price for the tow hitch of $1300, but it also has a charge of $1200 for tow hitch assembly. That seems ridiculous. Has anyone seen this before? I've messaged the...
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    Just test drove a Model Y

    Sent you my referral link by PM if you still need one. Also a Texas Tesla owner, so if you have any questions about the ordering/delivery process, let me know!
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    Tesla playing games with trade-in....

    Traded in a 2019 Model 3 Performance with 22k miles to Tesla. Final offer was $1,000 more than the initial estimate. This was at the end of July.
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    Tow Hitch Not Compatible with new Model Y?

    I took delivery of a new Model Y last week and scheduled an appointment to have the tow hitch installed. I did not order it online first as I read sometimes the SC's will have stock and will install. I received an appointment and was scheduled for the tow hitch install tomorrow by mobile...
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    Order Process for FSD Transfer

    My delivery date is Friday and the FSD transfer took place this morning and the credit shows on my final purchase agreement.
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    Waiting Room for MYLR/MYP: July 2023 Orders

    Tesla's final trade in offer on my 2019 M3P was around $1200 more than their initial estimate.
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    Order Process for FSD Transfer

    I am in the process now of trading in my 2019 Model 3 for a MYP and pick it up next Friday. You order as usual and you do need to add FSD as an option on the new car. They will send you the FSD terms sheet to sign. I made sure I mentioned the FSD transfer to them several times just to make sure...
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    Waiting Room for MYLR/MYP: July 2023 Orders

    If your VIN is after PF799, then it should have HW4.
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    Federal 2019 Tax Credit for Model 3

    Turbotax has the updated forms now but it's showing the full $7500 for my Model 3 purchased in March 2019.
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    Any US Model 3 Performance deliveries in 2019?

    I just had my delivery date reschedule form March 28 to March 31 at 10pm. No VIN for my P3D+, white/white. Ordered 3/17. Not expecting to get mine during this end of quarter push.
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    So just an update. I had tried putting my tolltag in the black area but it was never recognized. I moved it to the upper left hand corner of my windshield, which is where I had it in my previous car, and lo and behold, it is working and being picked up by every toll gate I have gone through...
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    I took delivery of my MS last week and placed my tolltag in the black area in the pic below and it doesn't seem to be working. I've driven the tollway many times and none of the tolls have registered to my tolltag.
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    10/20 - Point of no return.

    Congrats! Picking up mine tomorrow at 2:30.
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    Actual Delivery most often better than Estimate

    Mine went from Late Nov - Dec to Nov 23 - Dec 7 and finally to Nov 23 - Nov 30. Pick up is scheduled for Nov 24. Ordered 10/13 In Prod 11/11 In Transit 11/18
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Also clicked over to production today. Confirmed on 10/20. VIN 113481. 70 ordered on 10/13.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Congrats! I'm hoping I'm not far behind.
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    10/20 - Point of no return.

    Great, thanks so much!
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    10/20 - Point of no return.

    Are you in the DFW area? If so, would you mind passing along who installed the outlet for you? I need to do mine soon. Thanks.
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    10/20 - Point of no return.

    Ordered the same day as you and confirmed yesterday, 10/20. Late December delivery estimate to Dallas.