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  1. smsprague

    Is this a 6-50 outlet?

    Yes. You need one of these:
  2. smsprague

    Model S(2017)75D Air conditioning not working cause battery temperature

    I also live in the inferno that is Arizona. 4+ years driving in 105+ temps and no issues. 2 weeks ago drive all around Phoenix in 112 degree temp with no issues.
  3. smsprague

    Buying Tesla S for saving money

    I always tell people to get a Prius if you want to save money.
  4. smsprague

    Out of warranty cost of repair

    I always tell people to buy a Prius to save money. Tesla required maintenance is very expensive, more than a Mercedes. That being said I will buy another Tesla eventually.
  5. smsprague

    How reliable is your Model S?

    July 2014 S85 - 52,000 miles Warranty Items fixed: Master Charger Milage - 1,195 Replaced - max charge is only 30 amp on AC Power Master Charger Mileage - 5,586 Replaced - max charge is only 30 amp on AC Power Condensation and bugs in Hatch Tail lights Milage - 28,460 Replaced both...
  6. smsprague

    Help: need advice for 12 volt battery warning

    Mine was fine for the 10 days, until a Ranger changed it out.
  7. smsprague

    Travel Times on MS cars vs ICE cars

    I figure about 20% longer in my Tesla. I am about 4 hours to Las Vegas in my ICE (stopping for gas and bathroom). Takes about 4:45 in my Model S 85. I catch up on emails have a bite to eat while charging in Kingman. Need to get used to Carl’s JR when charging in Arizona.
  8. smsprague

    No maps on instrument cluster after update

    I got a successful update message. Very strange.
  9. smsprague

    No maps on instrument cluster after update

    Yeah, that’s what I am trying to do. It work for me for 4 years before last nights update.
  10. smsprague

    No maps on instrument cluster after update

    Last night I received the navigation update. After the update I no longer get the maps on the instrument cluster. It works on the center console. I have tried rebooting the car no help. The navigation is not selectable with the scroll wheel (grayed out). I called Tesla and they could not...
  11. smsprague

    Charging at home

    I had a similar problem earlier this week. It turned out to be the breaker. I put in a new breaker and it fixed the issue. If you are comfortable with electrical work testing a breaker with a multimeter is real easy. This is the first thing I would check.
  12. smsprague

    S85 Battery Degradation

    2014 S 85, 50K miles, 90% = 225
  13. smsprague

    4 Years and 50,000 Miles Ownership Update

    4 years of ownership and 50,000 miles and still loving my Tesla. I would buy it again despite the issues below. The Scottsdale, AZ and Tucson, AZ service centers have always been speculator. Facts: 2014 Model S 85 RWD with coil suspension 46 months of ownership and 50,000 miles Initial...
  14. smsprague

    [proposed] Class action lawsuit against tesla - door handles unreliable

    200 miles from my warranty expiring and my first door handle failed yesterday. Driver side rear passenger - presents and retracts but does not open the door.
  15. smsprague

    Clunking sound is costing me a bundle to fix out of warranty

    I agree with you on Mercedes from my experience, but I think Tesla may have a completely different client base. I meet more owners of Tesla’s coming from a Pruis or Acura’s than BMW and Mercedes. I think a lot of the Tesla customers are not ready for the repairs and cost of ownership that...
  16. smsprague

    Near annual replacement of 12V battery is typical according to Tesla Service Tech

    The day before I made an appointment for my 50K service. Must be karma.
  17. smsprague

    Near annual replacement of 12V battery is typical according to Tesla Service Tech

    Getting my original replaced tomorrow. 44 months and 49,000 miles.
  18. smsprague

    Anyone have the seat covers from evannex.com?

    I really like the padding - made my June 2014 Model S seats much more comfortable for my wife and I. I used the install at Costa Mesa as sn excuse for a mini vacation to So Cal. But I only had to drive from Arizona.
  19. smsprague

    Anyone have the seat covers from evannex.com?

    The back pockets are an option on the Wet Okole. Note: The Costa Mesa store will install the seat covers for free if your in the neighborhood. I called and ordered the covers from them and then stopped by and had them installed. Took about 2 hours - tipped each of the 2 installers $20, they...
  20. smsprague

    Bugs in Tail Light!

    I had my 2014 taillights replaced at about 2 years in for bugs in them. Almost 2 years on second set no bugs so far.
  21. smsprague

    Sun Roof or All Glass Roof?

    I like my pano roof - but has mostly been broken in my 4 years of ownership- so all glass.
  22. smsprague

    While Teslas fail at "Cars and Coffee"

    I have pretty much always gotten a great reception at Cars & Coffee in Arizona. Only once a Porsche guy tried to start an agreement. He asked me if I liked my grocery runner. I did not get he was trying to insult me because the Tesla is only good for running errands. I just told it was great...
  23. smsprague

    Why the price difference?

    That’s how I got mine for around $400. Has worked great for 3+ years.
  24. smsprague

    Sunroof or all glass in AZ summer heat?

    3 summers in Tucson heat with sunroof no issues. Tinted windows but not the roof.
  25. smsprague

    Tesla Navigation is Terrible.

    Is there a way to use Waze on the Tesla screen for navigation? I use a site for Waze but it just shows traffic and police.
  26. smsprague

    Supercharger getting mostly Chademo speeds

    Bad as usual.
  27. smsprague

    Supercharger getting mostly Chademo speeds

    I mean at least 110 kw.
  28. smsprague

    Supercharger getting mostly Chademo speeds

    I get similar results at the Casa Grande AZ super charger. I use it about 2 times a month. This started late last year. On the same trip I also stop at the Cordes Lakes AZ super charger and alway get st least 120 kw. Kinda frustrating.
  29. smsprague

    What are the best arguments you've heard NOT to get a Tesla S/X/(3) ?

    I have a 2014 Model S with about 45,000 miles. I would buy another, but I caution people on the following. Poor fit and finish compared to modern cars like an Acura. I am very easy on my cars. My car has the following issues: Fabric on A Pillar drivers side is worn off on bottom...
  30. smsprague

    Tesla Math/Affordability

    Don't forget the high price of Tesla yearly maintenance. About the same as a $100,000 plus car not a $40,000. Good thing is you now the cost going in. Compared to my $45,000 MDX, my Tesla is extremely expensive to maintain. But as I said I new this before buying.
  31. smsprague

    Superchargers in California will be clogged in 12 months, unless?

    I am not holding holding my breath.
  32. smsprague

    Superchargers in California will be clogged in 12 months, unless?

    Owning my Tesla in Tucson for 3 years, I have never needed a Supercharger in town. I just top off in Casa Grande if needed. Granted you can only go west or north in a Tesla from Tucson. You can not go east without taking a crazy route. I agree about driving to Texas but it would be nice to be...
  33. smsprague

    Superchargers in California will be clogged in 12 months, unless?

    Nice thing about Casa Grande is that it's never crowed and gives a high rate of charge. Only once in my twice monthly trips over the last year from Tucson to Prescott have I gotten a low rate of charge.
  34. smsprague

    So I got my car back from service and the app is stuck in "Vehicle in Service"

    This happened to me on my last service visit. Took Tesla a few days to close the work order and then the mobile app started working again.
  35. smsprague

    Are these problems only on my Model S?

    #3 TuneIn issue is what I experience in my 2014 Model S.
  36. smsprague


    I am happy with mine and I think it is a good improvement on the base system. Given the chance for a do over I would just have ordered the upgraded sound.
  37. smsprague

    Degradation at 94.000 miles

    Another data point. My 2014 MS 85 is about 2.5 years old. 38,000 Miles 337 Wh/mi lifetime average 262 miles on a 100% charge when new 255 miles on a 100% charge now Charge to 80% each night 204 miles on an 80% charge Car is garaged 100% charge about 4 times a month Supercharge about 5 times...
  38. smsprague

    How important is pano roof?

    I have the Pano in Tucson, AZ for over 2 years. Have never noticed the heat from the roof, even in our extremes (110 degrees). I am 6'2" so I am near the glass. I tinted the other windows put left the pano alone.
  39. smsprague

    The "Is Tesla Going Bankrupt?" thread

    I was never worried. But if the purchase of Solar City goes through, I would be concerned.
  40. smsprague

    They said "you can't stay on 7.0 forever. .."

    I agree 100% but unfortunately I upgraded my non AP Tesla. I now have a big red car in the middle of the dash that does nothing. I am told it shows brake lights but with the car being red I can not tell. Still a great car though.
  41. smsprague

    Rear seat cover ideas?

    I had the Wet Okale guys at the Costa Mesa store do it. They install for free.
  42. smsprague

    Rear seat cover ideas?

    I am very happy with my Wet Okole covers. Helps with my wet Golden Retriever.
  43. smsprague

    NVX Subwoofer Install with pics

    Here are some pics of my install.
  44. smsprague

    NVX Subwoofer Install with pics

    Around $1,600 out the door
  45. smsprague

    NVX Subwoofer Install with pics

    The guys who developed it will do the install. Not quite Orange County, but not that far. They did mine, very professional job, took about 5 hours. There are a few places to eat within walking distance. They will let you check out the progress as they go. Sonic Electronix 9631 Topanga...
  46. smsprague

    What to tell Discount Tire when they change my tires?

    I bought road hazard tire certificates for my new Tesla from Discount Tire. I also replaced my tires with them. Multiple rotations no issue. The first time they showed me the work order print out. It shows jack points, torque values and even had a warning to check with customer if they have...
  47. smsprague

    Pirelli P Zero

    As a note to my earlier post - I have 19 inch rims. My watts per mile with the Michelins was 333, with the Pirelli 335. No out of balance issues after 8,000 miles, rotated tires after 5,000 miles.
  48. smsprague

    Pirelli P Zero

    My Michelin's wore out at 25,000. I have about 8,000 miles on the Pirelli P Zeros. About the same watts per mile. P Zeros seem a little louder, handling seems similar. I am not a aggressive driver so may not be noticing the handling. The P Zeros give me a better launch. I like the P Zeros...